The Sandy Papers: She’s no space cadet, she’s Starfleet Command

Last week, this blog received an email from Mel Ve, co-owner of the Conscious Consumer Network (CCN). Attached to that email was a transcript of Skype texts between Mel and Angela Power-Disney, who was sacked from CCN in January. We’ve been bringing our readers excerpts from that transcript, in an effort to better understand the dynamics of what went on behind the scenes.

Yesterday we received another transcript from Mel: this one contains the Skype conversations between Mel and Angela’s American protegée Sandy Goodridge-Bergen, who was sacked from CCN just before Angie was. Mel’s cover note stated that she’d removed sensitive financial information from the transcript, as she doesn’t want anyone taking advantage of Sandy for her money. We agree: we think the following will illustrate just how vulnerable Sandy is.

Early warning signs

From her first Skype convo with Mel, Sandy seems a little…off:sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-10-30-1We realise that Mel and Biggi are used to dealing with people with an extreme “new age” bent, but when Sandy alleges here that “there’s a good chance (she’s) being manipulated”, and that she “wasn’t too keen on subliminals being flashed across Biggi’s screen” during an interview, she’s exhibiting delusions or hallucinations, in addition to something psychologists call “ideas of reference”.

When Sandy claims to have seen something flashing across Biggi’s screen, that’s either a delusion or an hallucination—essentially, a non-real event that was created by her own brain. And when she says she’s “being manipulated” and refers to the illusory “subliminals” as somehow relating to her, she’s showing that she has ideas of reference. Ideas of reference describe the belief that innocuous or ordinary is somehow directed at the individual. While many normal people can exhibit these symptoms in the absence of mental illness—during a high fever, for example—we’d suggest that it’s an early warning sign of mental illness.

That said, Mel tries to calm Sandy down, offering her support and trying to reassure her: sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-10-30-2Sandy describes the “subliminals”, and admits that she “see(s) things other people don’t see, such as beautiful orbs of energy in the sky that float and move gracefully back and forth in the sky”. Okay, so visual hallucinations, then.

The next warning shot comes a week and a half later, while Mel and Sandy are discussing whether Sandy can respond directly to the text comments during her shows. Mel shares a comment that was received but deleted: sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-11-11-1While this could conceivably have come from anyone, Sandy says she knows exactly who it is: it’s her daughter’s best friend, pointing out that Sandy has drug addiction issues and has become estranged from her daughter and grandchildren. Sandy reacts with seeming indifference. Later in the same conversation, she says that the commenter “has her kid in the program too, same as my daughter”. By “program”, she means “MK Ultra”, the programme she claims to have been forced into:sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-11-11-2One might think that a mother and grandmother would be deeply distressed at the thought of her daughter putting her grandchildren into a programme that is alleged to engage in horrific psychiatric torture and mind control techniques, but Sandy seems quite nonchalant about it, as though announcing that her daughter likes milk in her coffee. She then changes the subject to discuss the show she’s planning for the winter solstice festival. Strange.sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-11-16Again, Sandy shows more delusions (“they listen to everything we say”) and ideas of reference: she thinks the son of the man she cares for put an American flag up on the garage in some sort of gesture aimed at psychically attacking her.

Later the same day, Sandy texts again. Angie has told her she looked either exhausted or high on her last show; what does Mel think? sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-11-16-3Mel tries to offer some practical advice, tactfully explaining that “being fresh and balanced” (i.e. not high as a kite) “helps to control rapid eye movement and blinking”. sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-11-16-4Later that day, Sandy reports that she has started seeing “creepy stuff in the paneling”. Strangely, her phone cannot seem to pick it up…quite possibly because it’s not there?

A couple of weeks later, Sandy is once again focussing on the “creepy” paneling in the house where she’s staying: sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-01-12While we have become accustomed to people who claim to see “occult symbolism” where none exists, it’s really not something most normal people do. And in Sandy’s case, her messages seem to be filled with references to strange delusions—such as “getting super downloaded today”. This seems to refer to her belief that some unnamed person or persons can read her thoughts and “download” them without her permission.

Again: not normal.

The Skype transcript is full of conversations in which Sandy barrages Mel with demands for support, interspersed with bizarre claims:

sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-12-13-1 sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-12-13-2 sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2016-12-13-3

Looking back over the transcripts, it’s very clear that Sandy is a very troubled person. She’s emotionally volatile, requires a great deal of time and attention, and seems to have some symptoms of serious mental disorder.

We should say here that we don’t think Mel should necessarily have had the insight or knowledge of mental illness to flag Sandy, take her off the air, or get her the help she needs. Anyone who has ever lived with someone with mental health problems or addictions will confirm that it’s incredibly difficult to know how to react in a truly helpful way, and Mel was clearly trying to do her best by offering support.

Tomorrow: The final meltdown, and how Angela helped nudge things along. Stay tuned! the-sandy-papers

145 thoughts on “The Sandy Papers: She’s no space cadet, she’s Starfleet Command

  1. Not sure how much good this attention will do to Sandy’s already paranoid mental state. The big heart little heart thing is something I bet she only knew about since Pizzagate. It is the Unilever/Walls symbol that has been in use since 1998.

    Pedophiles (Girl Lovers) only adopted this because of the symbolism of the adult being the big heart and the child the small heart. Also that the symbol relates to ice cream which appeals to children and blends in. This is only a political pedophile symbol most pedophiles online probably don’t know or care about the logos.


    • I understand that concern and agree that it’s important not to further aggravate her. I had to think carefully about whether, and how, to present this material, for that reason. However, I also think that Sandy has been made aware that many people think she is mentally unwell, so this cannot come as news to her.


  2. “beautiful orbs of energy in the sky that float and move gracefully back and forth in the sky”
    We call them the Sun and the Moon.

    One of the real downsides to the internet is that those with mental illness can link up and encourage each other in their delusions.
    Mel Ve is correct to point out about people’s children or grandchildren and future generations being able to access false information about a relative. Unlike poison pen letters net libels are there forever. Can you imagine in 100 years reading that your great grandmother was in a “pedo Satanist baby eating cult”?.

    I know we carry on about APD and she also has relatives who are innocent of her actions but I think it’s a public service to put on record her many hurtful lies.
    There is one case I know of where Oz’s resident “MKUtra survivor” the endlessly accusing Fiona Barnett who says she was abused by every recently dead celebrity also claimed a highly respected deceased political figure led a child murdering cult that hunted children in forests etc etc (just like APD claims) and his grandchild became the victim of vicious and cruel taunts by his school mates after one came across Barnett’s lunacy on the web.

    The poor boy became so distraught his parents had to move him from that school and away from his pals. That’s just one case I’ve heard of. There may be dozens.

    Recall also it was MP Ken Clark’s son who read on the internet garbage about his dad perpetuated by the ridiculous Ben Fellows (who is always amazingly happy & smiling for an alleged abuse victim when the spotlight is on him). Although the subsequent case against Fellows collapsed ( I think it was the wrong charge : criminal harassment was the right one) probably Clarke Jr was also thinking about his own children and future generations.

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    • “Mel Ve is correct to point out about people’s children or grandchildren and future generations being able to access false information about a relative.” That comment is not by Mel but her reposting a comment made on Sandy’s last show allegedly from Sand’y oldest daughter’s last show.

      In her Miles Johnston interview she mentions that they won’t let her see her grandchildren so that is not new news to me. In that interview she is also grinding her mouth a lot not sure if nerves though.

      It might be this one.


      • It wasn’t Mel who pointed it out, but by making this material available to us she gave us a glimpse into Sandy’s reaction, or lack thereof. I had to think long and hard about whether to write about this, but in the end decided that looking at it from a mental health perspective could possibly help Sandy, and would make people think about those who share their alleged “MK Ultra” experiences. It’s sad that Sandy has been cut off from her family, and I hope she’ll get the help she needs, sooner rather than later.

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    • Yes, all the falsely accused of Hampstead will live with this for a long time to come. Those who accused them have moved on, but others have taken their place, and now the families are left to protect their children as best they can. We know of one child who has been approached by paedophiles based on this hoax–as with your friend’s son, this is only one, but there may very well be others.

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  3. Interesting psychoanalysis, EC. It’s a veritable education coming here.

    It worries me that Angela has got her claws into Sandy. The damage that that woman invariably metes out to the vulnerable and the mentally ill is not to be underestimated, as she has repeatedly demonstrated. I pity the fragile souls who are unfortunate enough to blip on her radar.

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      • I’m not a psychiatrist either, but I’ve dealt with a few mentally ill people in my time, and I’ve had to learn some of the signs. I wouldn’t necessarily go so far as paranoid schizophrenia with Sandy, but I would say she has some sort of delusional disorder, along with her drug addiction issues. She really needs to see an expert, who might be able to help. Dual diagnoses like that can be hard to treat, but not impossible.

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      • “Downloading my thoughts.”
        “Poisoning my food.”
        She’s even seeing subliminal messaging which isn’t there.
        I know someone with schizophrenia who said those exact words when he wasn’t taking his medication.
        I agree she needs to be assessed, or at least try and get off illegal drugs, some of which could result in the same experiences she finds herself going through on a daily basis.


    • Angela has an unerring radar for the vulnerable and mentally ill, and I have no doubt that she’s got some plan in mind vis à vis Sandy, as well.


  4. The lack of self-awareness displayed by the Troofhoaxer™ community never ceases to amaze me.

    I mean, here’s Mel ranting at Sandy, urging her to think about how she’ll look to her grandchildren when they grow up and decide to Google her. But my God, can you imagine Mel’s grandkids Googling Mel? Seriously, how would you feel if you did a spot of Granny-Googling (as one does) and stumbled upon your nana sitting in a giant throne banging on about how the World is secretly run by shape-shifting dragons who live under the ground, how black people should have been grateful to be given their own post office queues under Aparthied and how there must be a baby-eating cannibal cult in Hampstead because the buildings look a bit creepy? Sheesh!

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    • Plus, as Sam rightly points out, Mel should think about the innocent people of Hampstead whom she’s accused of being baby-raping cannibals. What will their grandchildren think when they hear Mel’s accusations about Granddad and Grandma?!


    • WOW Liza… I don’t even have children and have no intention of having any, so chill, no hypothetically traumatised grandchildren here for you too get your panties in a twist about.


    • In fairness, Mel was not urging Sandy to think about how she’d look when her descendants Googled her, but letting her know that a commenter had made some serious allegations about her.


  5. By the way, bearing in mind Sandy’s fragile state of mind, I think it’s shameful of Mel to make such nasty comments about Sandy’s daughter refusing her access to her grandchildren.

    On a related point, did anyone notice that when Mel popped by yesterday – with plenty to say about most other questions put to her – she failed several times to answer the question about whether she regretted repeatedly urging Sandy to commit suicide? I guess that’s one despicable act for which she cannot find an excuse.


  6. To be fair to Sandy, her description of staunch American patriots as “fanatical slaves that will hold on to their servitude no matter what” is pretty damned accurate and rather eloquent, imo.


  7. “I hope you understand my reaching out to you. You and Biggi are all I have at this point.”

    This is clearly a cry for help. In my humble opinion, this is the point at which alarm bells should have started ringing for Mel and she should have recognised the need to tread lightly and sensitively around Sandy.


    • To Mel’s credit, I think she did her best to be supportive and kind to Sandy; more to come on this, but my sense is that she wasn’t aware of the depth and breadth of Sandy’s illness until it was too late.


      • Thank you El Coyote, that is unfortunately the truth of the matter. I had no idea of just how severe Sandy’s mental health issue was until I got to work with her in-depth we did. She would often end our discussions that we had on Zoom or Skype with comments like “I can’t wait for it all to be over” or “I am looking forward to going back to the galaxy” or some other suicide insinuating one liner, which were nothing more than cries for attention. I have no time for that kind of energetic vampirism… If someone wants to kill themselves, let them… I am here to work with those that want to survive and thrive. I know it was probably not the best thing to do to have told Sandy that if she wants to kill her self she must do it, but I was so sick of her sucking energy out of me by wanting me to tell her “no, don’t do it, we love you, we need you, the world will miss you if you are gone.” I am hoping this will give some insight into what went on behind the scenes and what I went through at the hands of Sandy and Angela, who have made me out to be the the issue, when I have offered nothing but support in every way.


        • “I have no time for that kind of energetic vampirism… If someone wants to kill themselves, let them”

          Woah! 😦


        • “comments like “I can’t wait for it all to be over” or “I am looking forward to going back to the galaxy” or some other suicide insinuating one liner, which were nothing more than cries for attention. I have no time for that kind of energetic vampirism… If someone wants to kill themselves, let them… I am here to work with those that want to survive”.

          Thanks for clearing that up Mel. Sandy’s mentally ill cries for help were energetic vampirism and people who want to kill themselves should just do it. Wow great advice, maybe a job in mental health would suit you better, the Black Widow of psychotherapists.


        • Mel, not giving a shit about a friend of yours saying she’s going to kill herself is bad enough. But repeatedly urging her to do so is a whole other matter. So I ask for a fourth time: do you regret doing so? Yes or no?


          • I don’t know much about Sandy but this time of attitude to mental health is very backwards for someone who claims to be trying to make the world a better place.


        • Mel, can I have my bolt cutters back, please. I think I left them at your place a few weeks back.


  8. When Mel, Angie and Sandy discuss Sandy’s previous “rude” guest and her wandering eyeballs, I think this is the show they’re referring to:

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  9. EC, in the third screenshot up, there appears to be a bit missing at the end, where Mel starts to quote MKD. It might just be the word ‘her’ but I’m wondering if we’re missing anything juicy.

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  10. Just wondering – seeing as CCN charge such high fees to all their broadcasters, it is essentially a business. Does anyone know whether it’s registered as such and pays taxes to the Dutch authorities?


    • It is a registered business and it is set up in an offshore trust as I am a South African citizen living in Holland and I am legally entitled to do that. The fees are not high at all, and our broadcasters pay for a service we provide, which by the accounts of our most professional broadcasters, is an invaluable one. Now why don’t you stop whining Spiny Norman. You seem to have a real problem with people trying to make a living and survive. When did that become a crime? At least we am not claiming benefits. We work very hard for the little that we get and even then, we still struggle to pay all the bills that needs to get paid to keep this project afloat… so just back the fuck off mate. You have no idea what it takes to run a project like this and how we are set up. You cheap pot shots at me and what I do only show what a nasty monster you are inside.


      • Woah! Where did that come from, Mel? 😮

        I have no problem with people making a living. Where did you get that from? And where exactly did I accuse you of committing a crime? I merely asked a question – I didn’t mean to touch a nerve. That was just an added bonus 😀

        It does, however, make one question your frequent claims about not being in this for the money, when you’ve just openly admitted that you’re running a business. #Jusayin

        As for telling me to “just back the fuck off mate” and calling me a “nasty monster inside”, I think that is what you yourself would call trolling (and you have blocked us for far less). I refuse to retaliate, though, as I won’t stoop to your level.

        For the record, here is my original question:

        “Just wondering – seeing as CCN charge such high fees to all their broadcasters, it is essentially a business. Does anyone know whether it’s registered as such and pays taxes to the Dutch authorities?”

        I’ve reposted it for all to see that I was not whining, that I was not rude in anyway, that I was not attacking you, that I did not question your right to make a living and that I am not a monster. This is a free and independent blog that supports free speech and I have a right to ask such questions without being met with a torrent of false accusations and ad hominem abuse. #jusayin


  11. I see Spivey has a new go fund me page. CHRISTOPHERS RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. He’s got 4k costs to pay now in total.

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  12. Kristie Sue – several years behind as always – has just “revealed” the McMartin Pre-School case on her Farcebook page. That’s the case that everyone else (except that weirdo Dave Shouter) gave up on years ago. The case where all the kids grew up and admitted they’d made it all up. Yip.

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    • Speaking of Shouter, I was wondering why he’d suddenly stopped talking about us for the last few days. I now realise it’s because he’s in love:


    • Yes, the children in the McMartin case grew up to tell of how they were browbeaten into giving the “right” answers to the social workers who questioned them. One man said he knew that what he was saying wasn’t right, but he was an obedient kid who liked to please the adults around him, and when he said nothing had happened they seemed very displeased. Only when he began making up fantasy stuff like “we went for rides in spacecraft” and “the teachers were witches and flew around on broomsticks” did the adults around him seem satisfied, offering him praise for being a “good boy” and “telling the truth”.

      Now, imagine that with Abe and Ella and a few metal spoons heated up on the stove, and you’ve got Hoaxtead.

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    • #SickBitch

      And there you have it, folks – Ricky Dearman has the same physique as another innocent man from the 80s. Therefore, they are both baby-raping cannibals…er…or something. Go Detective Costa! :


      • Oh Ricky, if only you had the same physique as Arfur – then you could qualify as one of Kristie’s “big teddy bears” instead of a baby-eating satanist. D’oh!



          “The McMartin Preschool connection

          Far away in California, Jackie McGauley was one of the McMartin Preschool case parents. She claimed that her daughter had been abused by the owner’s adult son, Ray Bucky. McGauley also happened to be best friends with Judy Johnson, the McMartin mother whose claims about her young son Mathew being sodomized—and she suspected, by Bucky—are often cited as the origin of that case.

          There has been a lot of analysis and speculation about Johnson’s mental health, possible addiction problems and parental competence over the years. Sometimes she is depicted as a delusional hysteric, whose fantasies of child abuse supposedly fuelled the original Satanic ritual abuse panic.

          This is not the objective truth of the matter, however. The truth is that Johnson’s friend Jackie McGauley was, by her own words, the real “SRA typhoid Mary” of the preschool/ daycare/ foster care SRA panic. [6]

          In fact, the most likely perpetrator of whatever abuse Johnson’s son and McGauley’s daughter might have suffered would not be Ray Bucky; it would be the boyfriend Jackie McGauley had at that time. McGauley and Johnson’s children were frequently play-date visitors at each others’ homes, and sometimes unaccompanied by their own parent.

          It is very plausible that both McGauley’s child and Johnson’s son were occasionally looked after, in McGauley’s home, solely by this boyfriend when McGauley was out of the house. And unlike Ray Bucky, for whom no objective evidence documenting a sexual interest in little children was ever presented, McGauley’s boyfriend left behind a copy of the infamous “Lollitots” CSA images magazine amongst other possessions in her house after they broke up.

          That’s objective evidence. McGauley did accuse this boyfriend of molesting her daughter, prior to when she believed that Bucky must have done so, but she never mentioned that this boyfriend would have had unsupervised access to Mathew Johnson as well.

          McMartin parent meets ‘Michelle Remembers’ shrink

          Jackie McGauley met with Dr Lawrence Pazder [author of Michelle Remembers], early in the investigation, and states:

          It is true about Pazder introducing the idea of SRA to us. Some read his book later, I never read it through. It was Michele’s case and I don’t particularly like to read stuff about other people’s cases. Larry was introduced to a small group of parents in early 80s by 20/20 producer Ken Wooden who did the series on our case. Ken did a whole show focusing on satanism (some words I refuse to capitalize.. like satanism and ted just out of principle.) Larry went back to Canada but Ken talked extensively to parents about the idea of satanism.

          Jackie McGauley organized the first “SRA child victim’s parents group”, which she called “Affirming Children’s Truth”, and held the first lay-led for-profit conference on the subject. By 1987, McGauley was living with clinically paranoid “satanic abuse and murder cults are everywhere, and they run our society” retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson.

          John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson were buddies, they worked together on the Larouche cult publication, “EIR Special publication on Satanism”, in 1990.

          According to Jackie McGauley, the Nebraska ladies—Kathleen Sorenson and Kristen Hallberg—“were at my place in 1985 or perhaps 1984. McMartin broke in 1983”, and “The Nebraska ladies heard of our conference and flew to L.A. to attend. They happened to stay with me at my apartment. The details of their case was just another case to me. I didn’t even understand their entire story”.

          But that, of course, was because they didn’t have their own story to tell at that time. Kathleen Sorenson & Kristen Hallberg didn’t have their own “child’s SRA or elite pedophile ring allegation stories” to tell until 1986.

          Learning to guide children’s allegations

          So what were they doing in McGauley’s apartment, attending “Affirming Children’s Truth” meetings, in 1984 or ’85? They were there, learning how to manipulate children into telling you what you want to hear from them, how to guide and shape the child’s fantasy stories so it appears they are making exactly the allegation that you want/need them to make”.

          Jackie McGauley/MacGauley is the “McMartin mom” who commissioned the excavation, fronting for her boyfriend Ted Gunderson who was perpetually broke. Affirming Children’s Truth preceded Believe [US] the Children, which was really Kathleen Sorenson’s baby and collapsed not long after her death.

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    • When RD’s children grow up, if they should ever have occasion to say anything about their ordeal in Morocco, I expect that people like Kristie Sue will continue to insist that they really were sexually abused by a cult, but have now been brainwashed into covering it up.

      This is the problem with conspiracy theories: no matter how much evidence one produces to show that something could not have happened the way the troofers say it did, troofers will just invent a new story to explain why the old story was really true after all. It’s a never-ending cycle of fantasy upon fantasy, and honestly I don’t think there’s much point in arguing it with them. The best we can do is keep speaking the truth, and know that the vast majority of people are neither as thick nor as deluded as the average hoax pusher.


  13. Turns out that Alanson’s post about the “terrorist Jews” was beyond the pale, even by Farcebook standards.

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    • lol Liza. Oh dear. It look’s like Angie is about to set the Abba God on CCN. It’s will be “Waterloo” for Mel and Biggi 🙂

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    • Dear Angela Power Disney.
      God has given up on you. It is doubtful any angel would touch you with a barge pole let alone march to war for you. Satan has dibs on your soul, yes, I am going to be there to drag you off to Hell with me when your time comes. Stealing food out of the mouths of hungry African orphans; backstabbing everyone you come into contact with; hypocrisy; greed; vanity; thieving; dishonesty; pride… the list of your wicked sins weigh heavy on your soul. The demons are going to have an eternity of fun with you in Hell.


    • Thanks, AF.

      My MI5 and Mossad connections help too, to be fair.

      Don’t forget to screenshot that one, Kristie Sue.

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  14. I don’t know what’s worse. Sandy’s fruity language or Ann’s suggestion to share Angela (seriously, Ann – you can keep her):

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      • LOL, wouldn’t that be a doozy! Sadly, though, she’s merely referring to Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath.

        By the way, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Heath allegations turn out to be complete bill-hooks?

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    • Aww, poor old Spivey. LOL

      By the way, should he not be asking what happened to the funds raised by the one that was taken down? I think it had reached a grand, hadn’t it?

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      • Perhaps he was reported to GoFundMe as trying to raise funds to pay a court penalty arising out of his criminal conviction. Isn’t he on a good behaviour bond?

        I don’t know what their policies are but it seems to me that if people could use this method to pay for penalties issued by a court it defeats the purpose of the law being able penalize people for their illegal actions and this would be highly immoral.

        It would be a shame if he were reported again.

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        • Is Spivey breaking these rules:
          7. the promotion of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases;
          12. the defense or support of anyone alleged to be involved in criminal activity;
          16. credit repair or debt settlement services.

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    • Better still Angie take the rest of your life off.Sorry just remembered you made that choice in your formative years and have been blaming everyone else for the consequences ever since.

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      • She could always go on another 30 years’ maternity leave (if the booze ‘n’ fags are kind enough to allow her that long).

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  15. I may be reading too much into this but I get the feeling Jason’s a little annoyed with me. Call me paranoid but it’s those little signs, you know…

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  16. I feel for Sandy. Seeing inexplicable things, believing people are doing things as she suggests must be genuinely frightening. I’ve known people who have experienced similar delusions. Not good.

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      • Oh my God. Steve was an old friend of mine who used to crash on my living room floor. His heart attack was nothing to do of course with the copious amounts of drugs he took.


    • Hahahahah

      When Belinda started on her StarChild fundraising for mysterious purposes, got in with the Exopolotics Nibiru intergalactic negotiations believers, she didn’t realise some truly believe it and want to live in her secret underground bunker.

      Funny AF.

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  18. The exploitation of the mentally ill by the hoaxers is one of the vilest aspects to this whole thing.

    Did anyone see this article:-

    I remember coming across comments made by this guy on an internet forum a few years’ back. Tbh, my impression at that time was that he himself was suffering from mental illness, but there may have been method to his madness, as it were.

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