Kristie Sue Costa, the defective detective

It’s a bit of a truism around these parts that Kristie Sue Costa is not exactly the world’s greatest detective. We first realised that when she started her blog, Dearman Does Hampstead, with an article claiming that pretty well everyone who didn’t believe in the Hampstead SRA hoax was one person, and that one person was…you got it, RD. To be fair, we think she nicked that idea from her former friend and colleague Charlotte Ward, aka Jacqui Farmer, but the fact that she couldn’t be arsed to do her own homework didn’t exactly elevate her in our estimation. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say in her part of the world.

So we were roaring with laughter yesterday when Kristie Sue announced quite solemnly that she had cleverly deduced the true identity of Bridget Yorke, aka Biddy Baboon.

Let us walk you through Kristie Sue’s astonishing deductive process:

  1. Biddy Baboon had a YouTube channel, but for some inexplicable reason (perhaps the fact that we outed her many months ago) she decided to change its name to Bridget Yorke.
  2. Bridget Yorke is Facebook friends with Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva Draper.
  3. Abraham Christie once addressed Bridget as “Biddy” on YouTube (because that was the name she was going by at the time).
  4. Bridget Yorke is originally from South Africa.
  5. In her old “Conspirituality” and “Eddy the Cat” videos, Charlotte Ward spoke with a South African accent. This is why she had to disguise her voice on her Hampstead Research videos, because of her distinctive accent. (Don’t laugh—Kristie Sue is deadly serious here.)
  6. Bridget Yorke hangs out with people who make jokes about amyl nitrite poppers giving them “adrenalin highs”.
  7. This clearly means that Bridget and her friends torture and murder babies, and eat their adrenal glands. (We are not kidding. She really said this.)
  8. Charlotte Ward/Jacqui Farmer has admitted to having had some sort of spiritual training, which means she is a Luciferian, which means she also tortures and eats babies.
  9. Ergo, Charlotte Ward/Jacqui Farmer is Bridget Yorke.

Let’s go back to #4/#5 for a moment, though: one of the ways in which we confirmed the identity of Charlotte Ward (back in the days when her real identity was a closely guarded secret) was by de-scrambling the heavily altered voice on one of her early videos. Here’s how that sounded:

She’s from where again?

As one of our team members said yesterday (between gasps of laughter), if that’s a South African accent, then we’re all from Bolivia. We think Charlotte Ward’s accent can best be described as “middle-class English”. We’re open to correction by any linguists who might be lurking out there, but we hear no traces of an accent from “Seth Effrica” in Charlotte’s voice.

As to why she felt it necessary to disguise her voice at all, we think that’s fairly self-evident: she was already known as a crony of Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, John “Butlincat” Graham, and Alfred Lambremont Webre; she’d already been involved in the Hollie Greig hoax, and didn’t need anyone asking uncomfortable questions about why she was teaming up with the old gang for another round.

Amyl nitrite ≠ fresh adrenal gland

We understand that Kristie Sue is but a bored housewife from Cape Cod, and she probably hasn’t hung around the rave scene all that much, but the young man pictured making the joke about getting an “adrenaline high” is almost certainly brandishing an amyl nitrite popper. Without getting into too much detail, inhaled amyl nitrite is believed to relax the smooth muscles in the body, such as the throat and anal sphincter. Poppers have nothing to do with torturing and/or murdering children. End of.

Flimsy evidence, even flimsier reasoning

Let’s put this on the record: we’re no fans of Charlotte Ward. The reason we wanted to ferret out her identity back in 2015 is that we needed to know who she was so we could report her to the police. We were disappointed to learn that Charlotte and Jacco were living in Paramaribo, Suriname, and that it was unlikely they could be extradited. However, we were able to hand our dossier to the police, and we reckon she’ll have to come back some time.

That said, Kristie Sue’s “evidence” that the objectionable Bridget Yorke is one and the same as the execrable Charlotte Ward is possibly the flimsiest yet from the Hoaxtead mob. Even if Charlotte had a South African accent (which she doesn’t), there are other South African nationals who’ve expressed support for the Hampstead SRA hoax. Mel Ve, for one. And the fact that Bridget, who considers herself one of the Paris “in crowd” (though it seems unlikely that she really is), should have a friend who makes comments about using poppers…well, let’s just say it’s not all that unusual.

We understand that Kristie Sue is pissed that Charlotte might have contacted us to let us know who ran the Dearman Does Hampstead blog. We don’t know for certain that it was Charlotte who did that, but we cannot say it’s impossible. Stranger things have certainly happened.

But when we wrote yesterday about people who are “just plain gullible”, who accept the merest whisper of a hint of a shred of evidence as though it proved their entire theory, and who don’t bother exploring alternative ideas or theories because they might contradict their dearly held beliefs, we must confess that we had Kristie Sue in mind.


103 thoughts on “Kristie Sue Costa, the defective detective

  1. Top write-up, EC!

    I love that she says she hadn’t heard of Bridget until recently and in the same breath says she’s been researching her for two years. At least I think that’s what she said but it was one her most waffly, incoherent rambles yet, to be honest.

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    • I hate to admit it but I couldn’t help chuckling at something Arfur said on one of his videos yesterday (and I swear I’m not making this up):

      “McKenzie’s Devils make very good videos. They have colour and sound – I don’t know how they do that.”

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    • Spiny..Angie’s obviously growing impatient that Arfur hasn’t been sectioned yet. I mean, what other reason would she have to attack Musa like that, other than to try and antagonise him into sectioning Arfur? Even Arfur is compos mentis enough to realise that it is not a very smart move to anger Musa, as all it will take to incarcerate him in a Mental Health Unit, is Musa’s signature on a form.

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      • I wish Arfur would see through her.

        She’s no Maternal Woman, not in a million years.

        I can only think that the reason people don’t realise what an evil bitch she is, is because they are too closely entwined with her and not detached enough.

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        • Totally agree with what you’re saying Fanny. Arfur, as we have seen from his video’s over the last few day’s, is just too far gone now, to be able to turn things around for himself. He now need’s assistance from Mental Health Services…big time, given the influence that Angie has had over him for the last while.

          Yeah Angie is most definitely not the Maternal Women type, She is more the Joan Crawford style of mothering, Mommie Dearest indeed. 😦

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      • Yes and she needs him to get sectioned, as it can then help to fuel her paranoid conspiracy narrative, thereby lending more weight to her GoFuckMe appeals.


    • But Arfur owns 100 acres of prime real estate?.
      Sounds like he is getting out of hand and his sisters want him removed. It’s more likely that the police will actually remove Arfur if he has no signed agreement and is bunking down with them.
      Could be a positive- he may get the help he needs. It’s most unusual to have a mental health worker you report to unless it was part of a court judgment or part of a parole agreement.

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      • I think it is part of a Court agreement GOS.

        Arfur mentioned on one of his numerous videos a few days ago to one of the Police something along those lines.

        Being in the UK I didn’t take too much notice I’m sorry to say.

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    • Poor Angie believes anything.
      Doubtful Arfur paid for the house.
      Did his parents not leave their daughters part of their housing estate fortune? That would not fit with Lebanese traditions where the daughters must be looked after.

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      • And the police cannot force anyone to evict someone nor would they ever as it’s a civil matter. But they do have the power to remove a person if they are a danger to the other residents.

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    • I do admire your tenacity.
      I dip my toes in occasionally and all I get is a torrent of abuse from old Arfur. I know that probably turns you on you Devil or are you being paid above union rates by the Freemason Cult? Can someone tell me is Spiny scab labour as he puts a lot overtime into making these fools look like dills.
      Has anyone else had an increase from the Rothschilds are you all still on 2/6p a week like me?

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  2. I couldn’t stop laughing at that post on DDH yesterday. It just proves KSC does what all hoaxers do and joins dots where they don’t exist to make ridiculous assumptions.

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  3. Agree Jake.A case of the devil making work for idle hands me thinks.Its not the dots they want to be joining but the friggin queue for the nuthouse.

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    • They’ve been joining imaginary dots again.
      This probably relates to an alternative news claim that the Clintons ripped off $millions donated after the Haiti earthquake and regularly travel there to kidnap babies ( I think on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet probably with Prince Andrew piloting) who are then stored in the basement at Buck House with all those kids The Queen nicked in Canada.

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    • Oh my God, Angie’s lies and perception of reality never cease to amaze me. Sometimes i think she actually believes her own bullshit!

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    • That’s a lie about infiltrating the church that day Angela. I saw you sitting on the right near the front. I was near the back on the left with another witness. Father Paul did not jump. I was watching you. Stop lying yet again. We had coffee with Father Paul after because we are more investigate journalists than you will ever be.


  4. Ah, there she is, supporting, encouraging and condoning Arfur’s calls for a terrorist attack on Hampstead. Bless.

    I think this may be one for the ‘Angie’ police evidence collection.

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    • It wasn’t me, by the way. She blocked me some time ago.
      Actually, let’s face it – it wasn’t anyone, which is why she’s never been able to stump up the screenshots.

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    • By haters, does she mean law abiding citizens. Ask her about the anxiety she has caused all the people through her false and unsubstantiated accusations. It’s okay for her to keep making things up though, of course. She’s a criminal blaming the victims for standing up to her crimes. Angela doesn’t want to be held accountable for her crimes. Absolute denial like a pedophile in the dock that doesn’t realise they have even commited a crime. She does what she want’s, sod everyone else.

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    • Arthurs youtube channel has been removed. He must have seen it coming as he has been on his alternative account today. Thanks to Angela Power Disney for the link in her liked videos, and also trying to say Arthur was smoking meth in her and Sandra Bergen’s video yesterday when it was really a Hookah/shisha pipe in a restaurant/bar. Scheming bitch. Sent him up the river twice more.

      That is where the other screenshot from earlier about “once upon the Cuckoo’s Nest” is from, and her weird comparison of Jack Nicholson in that role to Arthur’s predicament. Surely she is already taking of him being institutionalized. Talk about adding to a persons paranoia.

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