What makes the Hoaxtead mob tick?

A couple of weeks ago we passed the second anniversary of the day Sabine released the videos of RD’s children online, kicking off the social media firestorm that would become Hoaxtead. At the time, no one except the original hoaxters realised that an online smear campaign had begun, which would affect the lives of dozens of innocent, unsuspecting people—families, teachers, clergy, ordinary business-folk—all of whom would discover that overnight they had become the targets of people they’d never met.

Something that comes up in almost every conversation about Hoaxtead is, “What sort of person would support something so obviously malicious and false?”

We’ve had two years to think about it, and while we still cannot fully explain what would drive someone to accuse people they’ve never met of the most horrific crimes imaginable, we think we might have a kind of framework to help us understand the Hampstead SRA hoax just a bit better.

In fact, we’ve made one of those Venn diagrams we all loved to draw in primary school to illustrate our point:


At the risk of grossly oversimplifying matters, we think the primary characteristics of the Hoaxtead mob may be boiled down to three main types:

  1. Fraud artists—these are people who are well aware that their activities are wrong with a capital W, but receive some sort of gain from them. For someone like Belinda, it might be the ever-present “Donate now!” button that inspires her to keep going; for someone like Abraham Christie, it’s the promise of donations, as well as the opportunity to hawk his wacky theories about cannabis.
  2. People with mental illnesses of one sort or another—these are the Hoaxteaders who exhibit clear signs of various mental illnesses, whether they be paranoid delusions (Neelu), manic episodes (Arfur), or similar issues.
  3. The sincere but gullible—these are the people who got roped into the hoax by watching the original videos of the two children, but rather than wondering why they seemed so utterly cheerful about the horrors they described, immediately believed that they were, in fact, the victims of a cult of baby-murdering, child-raping cannibals. In this group, we would include people like Kristie Sue Costa, Jim McMenamin, and Sonya van Gelder.

Then there are the people who fall into the overlapping zones between the three main types. We refer to this, overall, as the “Danger Zone”:

  1. what-makes-hoaxtead-tick-2While a personality disorder isn’t technically a mental illness, but rather a “pervasive pattern of behaviour” that puts them at odds with the rest of the world, we’ve played a bit fast and loose, and dropped certain Hoaxtead mobsters into the overlap between “fraud artists” and “people with mental illnesses”. Thus, we find someone like Angela, the poster girl for narcissistic personality disorder, or Sabine, who we consider an excellent candidate for histrionic personality disorder, in this section of the diagram. These people are dangerous in that they tend to have little empathy for anyone but themselves, and feel no compunction about promoting the hoax, since it offers them a sense of purpose and belonging that they can’t seem to get any other way.
  2. Some Hoaxtead mobsters make excellent sidekicks to the fraud artists who run the show. However, lacking the ambition or cunning to take a lead role, they are content to believe whatever they’re told. We call these people “fraudster sidekicks”, a category that includes the ever-fulminating Deborah Mahmoudieh and the prolific yet painfully gullible Kane Slater, among others.
  3. In the intersection between “just plain gullible” and “mentally ill” we find some of the saddest cases—those who believe in things like eight-foot butterflies and pendulum dowsing. These people are arguably the most vulnerable of the Hoaxtead mobsters, and the most in need of (dare we say it) compassion. We’d include Barry Lyndon, Lee Cant, and Penny Pullen here.

We’re well aware that like most taxonomies of this sort, our neat little Venn diagram is a bit of a blunt instrument, lacking in nuance and subtlety. But we’ve found it an interesting exercise nonetheless, and hope it will be of some use in trying to understand the personalities behind Hoaxtead.


102 thoughts on “What makes the Hoaxtead mob tick?

    • I first got involved in nancy lieder and her planet x BS over at godlike productions (anything but godlike lol, also riddled with spyware so dont go there unless your system is locked down tight) many years ago, and have sort of continually expanded my coverage of the wackos, liars and just plain `what the???’ types (eg never went to the moon, the flat earthers, the all space is an illusion etc etc)

      Sadly pizzagate (which brought me here) is still alive and well at places like glp, david ick(y), ats and the others like it, and the absolute `glee’ which some posters in particular descend upon such things still fascinates (and horrifies) me

      So I like to pop in here to `center’ myself and to see that altho there are some extremely nasty people out there, there are some nice people to offset them

      Thumbs up

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      • Good to have you here. 🙂 GLP is one strange place–the few times I’ve ventured there it’s seemed pretty bottom-of-the-barrel. You’re right about that sense of glee. It’s been apparent amongst the Hoaxtead mob as well, I suspect because their underlying assumption is that the world is a terrifying and disempowering place, and rape fantasies involving cults that abuse children fit perfectly into that paradigm.

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        • davidicke has a whole subforum dedicated to child abuse, problem is half of them would be quite happy to see the justice system completely dismantled, and the other half are convicted crims themselves imho

          A quite disturbing thread from there


          Quite happily promoting vigilantism, and all quite happy to `get a rope’, never mind actual convictions or trials etc

          Shows how easy it is for people like APD and Sabine to get people riled up, then they like to stand back and watch as others do their dirty work, problem is when people go off half cocked, they often (mostly imho) get it wrong and slander innocent people (often ruining peoples lives forever) and in the end, make actual real offenders more difficult to catch and prosecute and make it less likely for real victims to come forward and get justice


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            • Yes, that thread was truly epic. Towards the end it became a bit more balanced, as those who could see through the lies they were being fed began to assert themselves more. There’s a great deal to be said for thinking for oneself and not just placidly accepting that things are the way we’re told they are.

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          • From the David Icke Hampstead thread: “What happened to that primary school? Was it actually real or was it filled with Sandy Hook type children/families?”

            Where do you start answering something that begs so many questions in the first place!

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  1. Very insightful analysis of what draws people into supporting the hoax, EC. And spot-on, methinks.

    And I wonder what keeps people rabidly supporting said hoax even after they’ve realised – deep down, at least – that it’s all bollocks. Mel Ve, I’m looking at you.

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    • I think sometimes there is a phenomena some people enjoy causing others distress just because they can. They would say “it’s only words – it doesn’t really matter”. David Irving, the holocaust denier took that attitude, and I think quite a few on the Alt-Right do too. Personally I think it is a sign of gross immaturity. Ultimately the truth does matter as words can lead other people to actions. We are very lucky that no lives have been lost as a result of the Pizzagate hoax.

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      • http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/12/05/man-with-rifle-arrested-at-dc-restaurant-targeted-by-fake-news-conspiracy-theories.html

        from the article

        Published December 05, 2016 FoxNews.com

        A North Carolina man armed with an assault rifle was arrested Sunday inside a popular Washington D.C. restaurant that became a center of conspiracy theories driven by fake news stories that went viral before the presidential election.

        Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, of Salisbury, N.C., was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, according to a statement from D.C. police.

        Investigators said Welch entered Comet Ping Pong in Northwest Washington shortly before 3 p.m. and pointed his rifle at an employee, who managed to flee and notify police. Welch then fired the gun into the floor.

        The gunman was arrested without incident and no injuries were reported. Two firearms were recovered inside the restaurant and an additional weapon was recovered from the suspect’s vehicle, police said.

        Comet Ping Pong’s owner and several employees were deluged by threats from social media users after several fake news stories claimed that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief John Podesta ran a pedophilia ring out of the restaurant. The story was spread using the Twitter hashtag “Pizzagate.”

        D.C. police said Welch told officers in a post-arrest interview he went to Comet to “self-investigate ‘Pizza Gate[sic].'”

        How `words can’t hurt anyone’ is pure BS, words to the wrong people can cause incidents like this or get people arrested (right Rupert???)- how close was this to yet another gun massacre- egged on by the people who like to bring you BS like angie and co?

        `Pizzagate’ is still huge in the conspiracy circles- godlike productions has currently close to a dozen threads on pizzagate on the first page alone, all this over a fake news story that was thought up by a (imho) deluded Trump supporter that claimed children were being sold as pizza toppings by Hillary Clinton!

        The result is at least one attack by an armed man on an innocent restaurant, filled with customers and possibly more to come as the `fake newsers’ continue to egg the conspiracy sheep along.

        The only good thing is that it has brought purveyors of such rubbish (like APD and her ilk) out from under their rocks and into full public view, and hopefully the courts will accept that public opinion has changed and start actually handing out more appropriate sentences

        (sorry to be so long winded)


    • I think there’s actually a psychological explanation for that, having to do with “sunk costs”: once you’ve invested so much time and energy into “proving” to yourself that something is true, even though it’s not, it becomes very difficult to accept that everything you’ve done has been wasted. It’s much easier to cling to the incorrect belief, even though some part of you knows that it’s wrong, as the alternative would be to start from the beginning again.

      I think most people have done this at one time or another—I think it explains why some people stay in very bad relationships, for example, or continue to work in jobs they loathe.

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  2. Pssst. I’ve located a category 2 hoaxer and am keeping him under 24-hour surveillance.
    You ain’t seen me, right.

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    • There is nothing in that article to suggest Bridget is Charlotte. Also Kris gets freaked out about the two men taking “adrenaline from a fresh adrenaline gland” A lot of people take adrenaline but it looks more like amyl nitrate, especially as the tag says …with gay drugs and…

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    • Actually that’s quite fascinating. I had lost track of the ghastly Bridget York and wondered who the horrible Biddy Baboon was.

      I had a run in with York about 7 years ago. She is an exceptionally vicious loony who can be extremely nasty with her conspiracy claptrap. I was even moved to email a very good friend who is a fashion journalist living in Paris to ask if she had heard of her. She hadn’t but said she would ask around.

      Couple of weeks later she responded : Yorke was a model who had some limited success who was now a ‘fashion designer’ moving in an odd circle of mutual admirers that included numerous South African ex-pats. Her fashion career is somewhat non-existent and an indulgence as she has has inherited money from SA. But my pal who is very straight laced and extremely well connected with the real Paris high end fashion industry said the few she knew who had encountered Yorke say she is despised as a crass newcomer who with many others have invaded Paris and think they are somehow in the ‘scene’ when they are so ‘lower-deck’ (as my snobbish pal puts it).

      She described how Yorke moves in a sort of ‘entitled’ crew who think they are somehow at the heart of the Paris social scene but who are regularly refused entry to events during Fashion Week and mainly because although the French may appear snobbish, they value good manners and genuine creative or eccentric people but absolutely abhor those who think have these elements but are basically boorish and too grand.

      I did say my pal was a snob ! I reckon her name of Biddy Baboon is a Freudian Slip.

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  3. The problem with the mentally ill hoaxers is how they insist on wasting police time. Arfur has today again called them telling yet another Chief Inspector about the Hampstead case and Fiona Barnett, etc. (after first wasting the time of the Police Receptionist and a Police Admin Employee.)
    I don’t think it will be long before he is Sectioned.. but then, I thought the same about Neelu and that failed to happen. She is another one who wastes people’s time reporting conspiracy nonsense.

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    • Yes disappointing that Princess Neelu who really is verging on the batshit crazy has not received the help she needs but actually I’m now feeling a bit sorry for Arfur.

      Clearly he needs help badly. He hasn’t really been horrible, certainly has jumped on the Satanic bandwagon recently and I must admit : in other circumstances I think I would actually find Arfur quite an engaging character.
      APD of course, in her unique way has infiltrated Arfur’s head and played Merry Havoc with a bloke who is possibly on the verge of his 19th Nervous Breakdown.

      I think Spiny Norman (my fierce rival) has actually been a positive for Arfur as he has engaged him in a way that Arfur, who for his faults, isn’t a horrible person but clearly a passionate person looking for a cause. The fact creatures like APD have drawn Arfur into their own creepy web of intrigue and horrible defamation’s, to me, shows Arfur is looking for a cause- any cause- and is highly vulnerable despite his attempt to appear as a Hard Man.

      # It was pretty obvious the Inspector who Arfur spoke to is fully conversant with Arfur’s history and actually showed an admirable concern for Arfur’s health. I hope his case workers give him the help he needs.

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      • I can’t say I go a lot on Arfur with his HRH Cunt lips, Clit quotes or his aggression when he calls over his nephew and nieces but he does have a certain warmth to him in other ways.

        I wish he’d wise up that Power-Disney is a nasty bitch, manipulating him for her own nefarious reasons.

        She seems to like that word, grrr…

        Poor ole Arfur isn’t up to speed on the Hoaxtead case, not surprising considering his recent incarceration.

        Isn’t it a crime to manipulate people like him?

        It is clear Power is doing this and it’s about time she lost her frigging Power and hold over these people like Arfur and JC.

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    • Yes agreed.

      I find Neelu especially irritating as the woman is far from unintelligent and is doing it deliberately.

      People like her that waste the time and tax payer funded resources make me sick.

      About time she was financially charged at least, that would soon put a stop to her time wasting.

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  4. Great post! It’s taken quite a while for regular readers to understand who these people are what motivates them. The above puts it in a nutshell and nails it!

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  5. In the ‘Just plain gullible’ space you have those who don’t understand how the world works so they think it’s possible that a whole school could shut down for ‘sex on Wednesdays’ and nobody would notice or report it, that social workers en masse would agree to individually profiting from adoptions and this would never be reported in ‘Community Care’ or other publications, that people would be ‘sectioned’ or imprisoned for being whistleblowers and not because they have a problem or have committed crimes and that all those who work in the system collude in this and never kick up a stink when they see it happen.

    It never ceases to amaze me that some people will believe just about anything that fits their pre-conceived ideas and yet never actually bother to find out how things are run.

    Bottom line is they become prey and useful idiots for those in the ‘Fraud artists’ category.

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        • Back in the 70`s if anyone in class slightly misbehaved our woodwork teacher would shout “right thats it” and promptly lock himself in the supplies cabinet until the end of class bell rang.He was like Basil Fawlty on acid.I can still make a mean mortise and tenon joint to this day though.

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          • I know things are different now, but this one made me laugh out loud. I did have a typing teacher who used to mutter to herself constantly. If you got close enough to hear what she was actually saying, it would be things like, “Goddamn kids. Who raised these imbeciles? What, you lived in a barn all your life?” and once, memorably, when the fire alarm went off, “Oh fuck me…ALL RIGHT, EVERYONE GET OUT”.

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    • well the hoaxers wouldn’t notice because they never went back to see. They preferred to turn up when parishioners were going to church and scream and shout at them.

      Just like Neelu who claims she saw dozens of baby carriages being wheeled in but didn’t- for once- film this event and it never entered her stupid head to go back on another Wednesday to film the regular baby delivery.

      Of course children are only essential to these ratbags as a hook to hang their insane claims on and are a reason to get together and have a life. Real live children- they couldn’t give a stuff about.

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    • It might have started as vengeance, but I think most of the time she is too high to care. She hasn’t given any indication for some time that she really wants her children back – she seems to have forgotten entirely about the eldest one. I think nowadays, if she feels a little sad, Papa Hemp just makes her another smoothie and all her worries melt away.

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    • Good question, John. I would put her in the Danger Zone between mentally ill and fraud artist. Prior to this case coming to public attention, she had a long history of attempting to smear RD with various false allegations (all rejected by the courts), as a way of cutting him out of the children’s lives. As well, she was reported on various occasions for child neglect—this was one reason she and Abe included staff at the school on their hit-list, as the school had called social services when they discovered the children were terrified of Abe and were digging in the bins for food.

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  6. Excellent diagram EC, and your analysis of the “danger zone” is spot-on. My own take on narcissistic types is that they make the most intractable enablers as they are simply unable to admit to a mistake or any kind of wrong doing. They need an endless supply of pawns/fodder, and because of their psychological peculiarities, they can tolerate any amount of rebuffs and rejections and exposing. They’ll just finesse their act a little more and move swiftly on. Above all, they need attention and admiration.
    HWMNBN and APD are examples of this.

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    • Omg within a few seconds I laughed.

      Maybe I’m being a bitch but Angela swam 6 lengths!

      I probably did around 100 today, maybe more.

      Glad to hear she did some housework that day.

      My she has a huge conker.

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        • Doubt it was 6 straight off, the pool was probably about 10 metres long and it probably took her about an hour.

          That “show” is a right spectacle.

          I laughed really loud when she mentioned FORNICATION at the beginning. She must be dreaming of RQ.

          Ah diddums…

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  7. Strangely I was thinking about it this morning. Mainly because we are witnessing the clear downward spiral of Arthur and it had me thinking about how the likes of Angie, Belinda…etc are happy to use mentally ill people to push their agenda.
    I think there should be a separate category called the Araya Soma,lol.

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    • I think Araya would belong straight in the middle, where all three circles overlap. Nutty as squirrel poo, vicious and in it for the glory, and believes anything she’s told. She is the über-Hoaxteader.

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    • One person? But you’ve used a few different names haven’t you in the past?. You did learn some tricks from convicted forger Andrea Davison.

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      • She said in her latest video she’d never seen Abba but she’s seen Jesus. I’m sure Agentha, Bjorn, Benny and Frida are devastated. 😀

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        • She’s related to Anni-Frid, was a Benny groupy six years before he’d ever released a record, dated Björn when she lived in America and got chased through a forest by Agnetha five years before she was born. Keep up, mate! 😀

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          • She also wrote Waterloo and strummed a few notes to Bjorn when on holiday in Sweden in 1973. Imagine her surprise when she sat down to watch the Eurovision Song Contest on TV in 1974.

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  8. Arthur’s latest video, where he is speaking to someone from his Mental Health team is painful to watch. The man isn’t well in the slightest.

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