Journalism: Angie is doing it wrong

Yesterday we described a two-year-old video made by Angela Power-Disney, in which she viciously slandered Irish Gardaí whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe. Oddly enough, no sooner had we posted, than Angela put up another, even nastier video, in which she embroidered upon and embellished the false allegations she’d made two years ago. We won’t link that video here, as we don’t wish to give it any more credence than it deserves (and that would be in the negative numbers), but we do have a few thoughts about some of the lies she tells, and her excuses for telling them.

It all seems to boil down to Angela’s daft fantasy of herself as a journalist.

We do not think that word means what you think it means.

Close to the beginning of her video she says this:

Everything I say in this video will be without prejudice. It’s based on the journalistic principle and the Biblical principle which is much more important to me: out of the mouths of two or three witnesses, a thing is confirmed. So without prejudice I’m going to just confirm and clarify and reiterate what I know about Gardaí Sgt Maurice McCabe.

As several of our commenters yesterday pointed out, Angie has got the wrong end of the stick when it comes to the term “without prejudice”. She states several times throughout the video that she’s speaking “without prejudice” as though this will fend off any legal repercussions which might ensue from her malicious allegations. It won’t. All it will do is make the courts roar with laughter.

“Without prejudice” has nothing to do with “I can slander you horribly and you can’t do anything about it”. The phrase is only used in the context of civil lawsuits, when parties are attempting to come to an agreement in good faith. “Without prejudice” simply means that what they are saying cannot be held against them, as it is part of the negotiation process. Trying to claim that it’s some sort of journalistic thing is just plain ludicrous.

Two or three sources?

As for the idea that a journalist may report something as fact if it’s confirmed by two or three sources, this is perhaps even more ridiculous than shouting “without prejudice” every five seconds.

Putting aside the fact that the “two or three witness” rule in Deuteronomy was intended to avoid people bearing false witness against one another in the days before courts of law existed, if a journalist were to report, for example, that the Flying Spaghetti Monster had been seen by three witnesses heading along the Thames River in an easterly direction, they would quickly find themselves a) laughed out of the newsroom, and b) unemployed. For yea I say unto thee, three witnesses meaneth piss all in journalism.

Yes, there is a rule of thumb in journalism that two sources are better than one. But that’s because journalists are supposed to seek sources who can accurately and reliably represent both sides of the story they’re working on. In fact, the corollary of “try to have at least two sources” is “and don’t show your face back here until you’ve talked to someone from each side of the argument”.

The care and feeding of sources

While we’re on the topic of sources, we note that Angela waffles back and forth between calling her alleged source a “source” and a “friend”. Real journalists don’t do this. Real journalists are extremely clear about the distinction between friend and source, because real journalists care about such things as “getting the real story” and “ensuring that they cannot be accused of conflict of interest”.

A real journalist, for example, would not attempt to convince their source that they ought to try to remain in the country in the event that they felt their life might be in danger. That would be none of the real journalist’s damn business.

Gossip, rumour, and hearsay

Oh yes, and on the topic of gossip:

My third corroborating source came from America, originally from Mountnugent, his mother was from Mountnugent, he corroborated that his mother had been telling him for two years that something terrible was going on, it was not just drug dealing and murders and coverups and alleged paedophilia, but there was also racketeering and money, er petrol-washing, all sorts of just horrible gangster behaviour going on. But this person, and his mother who was originally from Mountnugent, emigrated to America, partly because of being abused at boarding school and being too ashamed to disclose about it, absolutely corroborated that his mother had been telling him that for the past two years.

Another thing real journalists don’t do: they don’t rely on hearsay, rumour, or gossip. Real journalists understand that there is a vast gaping chasm between “some guy’s mother told him something” and “a witness who was there said they observed something”. The former is gossip-mongering, not journalism. #jussayin


One last thing about sources: a real journalist would rather go to prison than reveal the name or identifying details of a confidential source. Real journalists cultivate sources very carefully, and one of the things that they must offer in exchange for precious nuggets of information is the absolute assurance of complete confidentiality.

Actually, that’s not quite accurate: real journalists must disclose the name and position of their source to their news room supervisor, because the source’s compact of anonymity lies with the news agency itself, rather than the individual journalist. This is for the journalist’s protection, in case of a police investigation or lawsuit.

But never, ever, no not ever, would a real journalist casually announce where a source lived, what they did for a living, who their friends are (or were), or any identifying details whatsoever which might reveal the source’s identity. A real journalist would not, for example, state that their source just so happened to live next door to a house where a criminal act is alleged to have taken place.

A real journalist would know this.

Angie does not.

You may draw your own conclusions.


96 thoughts on “Journalism: Angie is doing it wrong

    • Yep, I’ve been thinking that for some time and now she’s rather foolishly decided this Mc Cabe guy is guilty.

      Shouldn’t she add JUDGE to her list of Occupations, because she is the NO.1 Judge of the Hoax lot?

      I’m wondering if she is Teflon 2, Teflon 1 being Belinda.

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      • I think she’s a party of one when it comes to her fantasies about Sgt McCabe. In reality, I think she’s angry because a) his family has more money and community status than she does, and b) he is a real-life whistle-blower, while she is a gossip- and hate-monger who used to run a thinly disguised protection racket in Oldcastle.

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          • She might be one of those who are so used to lying they pass with flying colours.
            But why am I responding to you? You’ve stolen Arfur’s heart and turned your on-line affair with him into a Mills & Boon romance with Arfur such an obvious dashing hero.
            Are you his new Candle Holder? Do you know where that candle has been?


    • I think you’re right GOS.

      A restraining order might, just might stop her though and of course locking her up.

      A hefty fine and costs, maybe.

      Probation, a suspended sentence would mess her up.

      First though she needs to be arrested and charge.

      Teflon 2 seems to be slipping through the net…

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      • Yes I think she needs a restraining order.
        Mind you my solicitor here in Oz obtained an Oz type restraining order against an opponent of mine who turned his vitriol onto my lawyer when we won our case. Said (tough) lawyer ignored his internet ramblings but absolutely freaked out when the lights went up in the cinema after he took his 2 small children to see a kid’s film, and the bloke was sitting right behind him.

        And there is a problem here: the bloke has breached the order 3 times. Although the order does not mean the recipient has a criminal record if they breach it they can be jailed and then receive a record. So a very reasonable (and sane) person like my lawyer is very reluctant to actually take the next step which is extremely serious for the offender.
        This is the problem with sociopath or narcissist folk like APD. Normal people have all sorts of moral feelings that preclude them really going for the throat yet they have no such qualms. It’s a dilemma.

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        • I’ve been stalked in the past by 2 different people and I wouldn’t have had any qualms against reporting any breach.

          On one of the stalkers I obtained a County Court harassment order or something similarly titled against the 2nd stalker.

          He funny enough, because he is an arseole, defended it, which is pretty much unheard of. (Long story why.)

          Anyway it was the type of order that Ella got against RD.

          You did not really have to prove you had been harassed although I had because I was assaulted by the stalker (not that the Police cared, as he got to tell his story of the event 1st in part and he pulled the disabled card, which he is is NOT). I was actually bleeding from the assault but the Police said I could have done that myself!

          So when the Hoaxers used to say Ella had the harassment order, I know that my stalker could probably have gone and got one against me if he’d known he could. I did have Women’s Aid on board.

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          • I think you’re talking about a Non-molestation Order? How awful that you weren’t taken seriously.

            And yes, I think this is what the hoaxers claim was slapped on RD. They wave it about as though it’s proof of something, but all it proves is that Ella went to the police first.


          • Yes often these orders are obtained in court with both parties agreeing to abide by them without admitting liability. Courts encourage settlements.
            And again there is a problem: real stalkers & harassers just agree because they have no respect for the law and they have no intention of abiding by such orders.
            As many wives have discovered when attacked by brutal husbands.


      • I hope inspector Toby has plenty of popcorn and valium to hand when settling down to look at Arfurs you tube ramblings.
        If children in his family are now becoming “frightened” by uncle Arfurs cause célèbre then some order/injunction may be required to protect them from him. #jusaying.

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        • I agree, he’s not helped himself by making this call. Inspector Austin asked him the name of his Mental Health Case Worker, i think there will be some intervention now.

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        • “I’ve spoken to my mental health care officer and I’m on medication”. Officer :”good”.
          Actually Arfur’s eyes look rather strange.
          Given his anal fixation I wonder if Candle Holder has a different meaning for Arfur.

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      • I wonder if the policeman will watch Arfur & Angie threatening a London policeman who worked on the Hampstead case?
        Pretty disturbing really. Power-Disney seems to thinks it’s perfectly OK to libel police officers for doing their job and encourages others to do likewise.
        Thank God I’m back in Perth and missed what has been a horrendous heat wave in Sydney. Perhaps Arfur got a bit touched by the sun. A lot of people were and ended up in hospitals.
        Note the copper has to attend a house fire. It seems there are raging bush fires around the area as it’s a fairly tree heavy area.

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    • I can’t sit through this but tell me : do I get a mention or is that bloody Spiny Normal still top dog with Arfur?


      • I’ve only listened to part of it because it makes me cringe.

        I’ll have a listen now.


      • 11 mins of video.

        Arfur says to Policeman.

        Hampstead SRA case in London.

        Double Agent revealed himself to Arfur as the Candle Holder.

        Policeman thinks Arfur could be paranoid, mentions this a few times.

        Arfur says he is seeing Mental Health people etc.

        He wants to show Youtube videos to police.

        It’s close to exposing the Illuminati he says.

        Mentions the 2 children’s names.

        Reckons the candle holder threatened to murder him in a recorded phone call then sort of back tracks a bit.

        Policeman is going to look at videos on Youtube and phone him tomorrow.

        Mentions kilrush guitars supports rape etc. of children.

        Mentions Relayer but then changes subject.

        Mick Joffe, Kerrie Hawkins and some other people…

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        • I think we have been watching a slow melt down over the past few weeks.
          Yet another successful Angela Power-Disney production.

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          • What a foul woman Power Disney is.

            I hope the Australian Policeman checks out her messages to Arfur on You tube and Facebook posts to him.

            He can read in the above screenshot that she names the 2 children (a crime).

            Perhaps he will speak to the UK police and get the ball rolling for the eventual arrest of this horrid, vile, nasty, vindictive piece of shite that is Angela “I’m a snob, think highly of myself, so I have to incorporate my ex-husband’s name into my maiden name” Power Disney. Joker, it doesn’t fool me.

            I can only hope that unless she is protected because she is possibly a police informer, that the reason she has not been arrested is that the police are having difficulty in pulling all the strands of her crimes together and that is the reason for the delay.

            They don’t seem to have had too much of a problem in comparison with Lee Cant, John Duane, RQ, Sabine, Neelu et al. Not forgetting the sectioning of JC.

            APD is more prolific than most of them, if not all of them.

            Perhaps the difficulty in her flitting back and forth to Ireland, Lanzarote and the occasional UK trip is part of the problem?

            Surely it can’t be that difficult in knowing when her next flight is. She probably goes with the same Company, uses the same debit/credit card plus all Ports could be alerted.

            Btw I wonder if her landlord/lady in Lanzarote is happy with Power Disney intending to sub-let their property for at least the 2nd time?

            I doubt it.


  1. Angie seems to be harbouring under the delusion that she has been gifted some divine right to do precisely as she pleases and that mere human laws can be brushed aside willy nilly.Vigilantism and anyone who seeks to take the law into their own hands will ultimately feel its full weight.A very dim view is taken in regards to such flagrant arsoholic behaviour.

    The gaping hole Angie has been digging seemingly all her life has become an insurmountable ravine and I can only concur with Sam that this woman is way beyond redemption.She is reaping the results as anybody with functioning synapses (including her family)gives her a wide berth but I am far from convinced the courts will be quite so lenient when her day comes.

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  2. Faked fake news headlines;

    “Roseanne returns all the ‘dirty money’ she got from participating in the pedophile run MKUltra program called Hollywood” “I don’t want your filthy money, I’ve got a conscience”
    – nope, didn’t happen. What Roseanne really said: “Donald Trump will do something about the immigrants living off my tax dollars”

    “Roseanne condemns Mark Phillips & Cathy O’Brien because their fan base is primarily composed of the most vicious jew-slandering anti-semites since Hitler”
    – nope. Roseanne really said: “Cathy O’Brien is my bestest buddy”

    “Roseanne condemns the use of sex crime slander and false allegations of CSA as a political weapon, because the exploitation of sexual violence issues for political gain mocks the suffering of genuine victims that she cares deeply about”
    – nope. Actually, Roseanne was promoting O’Brien’s false sex crime slanders against Hillary Clinton, before the Pizzagate slanders (which she may have inspired). Condemn sex crime slander? she might say, Hell no, I invented it! I love false allegations of CSA, I’ve done that myself and it was great fun.

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    • Roseanne made a very Angie-esque tweet last year saying she had “0 idea if” a fellow comedian “was a sex offender or not, but there R MULTIPLE allegations”. I suppose the difference is that Roseanne has the money to pay for lawyers or settle out of court if she gets sued.

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      • Roseanne always was a puzzle to me. We used to watch her sitcom, quite religiously. The kids were little and it was acceptable family fare but with a bit of an edge. I liked that. But to be honest, what really drew me to that show was Roseanne’s blatantly unprofessional performance. The woman who played her sister was brilliant, as was John Goodman of course, even the kids seemed quite polished professionals. And then there was Roseanne, quite obviously reading her lines from a prompter slightly to one side of the camera, coming on slightly behind cue, sometimes captured giving deer-in-the-headlights blank stares before apparently improvising something that was merely smirk level funny. It was like watching a waitress dropped into a professional commercial production pretending to be an actress. How is she getting away with this? I used to wonder, and I felt compelled to watch it regularly lest I miss the ‘train wreck’ episode that I felt certain was inevitable.

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    • I think Roseanne is well into all the conspiracy stuff yes?
      Her ex-husband Tom Arnold has just been on the Oz I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Off Here & they did last night as the public voted him off.
      Is she a Trump supporter? How depressing. I think Roseanne not only was abused as a child but her lovers have done her over well & truly.


      • I have a different take on that, GOS. Roseanne always struck me as a waitress pretending to be a comedienne. After watching “She-Devil”, wherein she came across as a waitress pretending to be an actress, I said to myself – she’ll never get another acting job, which was prophetic. Then she had a talk show where she came across as a waitress pretending to be a talk show host.
        She attempted to re-make herself as an incest victim, in sympathy with Tom Arnold who may be a genuine CSA survivor, but her family members wouldn’t let her get away with that and she famously recanted years later on Oprah. More recently, she tried to remake herself as a politician and a presidential candidate.

        I think her empathy for O’Brien stems from all this. If people keep rejecting the “new me” you have constructed for yourself, you can become pretty bitter about that. Sound like some other people we know? And could make you very sympathetic to others whose false personas never got them anywhere.


        • The Hollywood version of “Life and Loves of a She-Devil” is one of the worst films I have ever seen. Treating the whole thing as comedy and stopping short to give a happy ending was a complete travesty. I loved the BBC version – black comedy/thriller/horror. I was rather surprised to discover that some American critics thought Roseanne’s version was better – must be a question of national tastes.

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          • I quite liked the film but the BBC version was superior. Can’t say I’ve followed Roseanne’s career with much interest and the few times I saw her ‘comedy’ show made me a fan of John Goodman’s.
            Strange woman.


      • @karnevilnine – yes, of course 🙂
        I’m using this account, so that Dipstick Shyster can have a name to associate with my postings – Ichabod Skrabibble. You can’t tell from the improper usage of quotation marks, dashes, etc., that its me? 🙂


  3. I had the most bizarre vivid dream last night. I was in a hospital meeting (I don’t work for a hospital) which was invaded by Belinda McKenzie and a gaggle of the hoaxers, who disrupted proceedings by spouting nonsense conspiracy theories. The staff all got fed up and walked out; one of the nurses said to me in a sarcastic voice “Well maybe Mrs McKenzie would like to work out how many bed pans to order herself!”

    Maybe my subconscious was telling me that all these people do is make life difficult for people who have proper jobs.

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  4. Great post! I watched the video and ended up spluttering and shouting at the screen “GOSSIP IS NOT JOURNALISM!” and then the neighbours asked me to shut up.
    Mind you, she might be up for a job with The National Enquirer.
    I can see the headline now. ‘Bigfoot Kept me as a Lanzarote Love Slave’…….

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  5. Excellent post and explanations on where Angie is constantly exposing her non-journalism experience, EC.
    She should read this post and LEARN!

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  6. She did probably try reading this post, then failed miserably and returned to her normal crap ramblings.

    Its more difficult to read than APD’s accredited Ladybird easy reading series three (For four rear olds…)

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    • “Richard Miller, head of the Law Society’s justice team, told today’s programme that the society was calling for a ban on McKenzie friends being able to claim costs in court cases, which he said would ‘help to spell out that a McKenzie friend is not a qualified lawyer’.

      Miller said: ‘They do not have the training that a qualified lawyer would have and they should not be regarded as being on a par. A lot of paid for McKenzie friends are acting as lawyers and advertising as lawyers even without the qualifications.’”

      That will put Belinda and Sabine’s noses out of joint!

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      • I didn’t know they could claim costs!

        All makes a lot of sense now.

        Cheeky mares, not bothered going to Uni to do a degree etc. but act the “lawyer” role.

        About time those lot retired anyway.

        I wonder if the DWP know Sabine has this income?

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  7. If you have access to BBCiplayer you can watch the entire segment which was featured on the Victoria Derbyshire Show of this morning.

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    • I wonder if they used the same MKUltra methods on Angie as they did with (crackpot) Fiona Barnett who says she was “combat trained” by age 6 with a “photographic memory” and with the ability of a top army sniper?.
      I know we should always be on our guard in these uncertain times so I’ll never pass a kindergarten again in fear a 6 year old Ninja style assassin will leap out of the shadows.

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    • She encouraged Jake… sectioned. She encouraged Rupert… arrested. She encouraged putrid Arfur… awaiting result.

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  8. “I’ve never gone to jail, prison, or had anything other than a speeding ticket.”

    Hmm, interesting, Kristie Sue – sounds like a description of RD. Oh wait – he’s never had a speeding ticket. My bad.


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