New crop of Hoaxtead videos ‘underwhelming’: Reviewer

Our intrepid film reviewer had his hands full yesterday, with new releases emerging from Angela Fag Ash Disney, Arfur the Barbarian, and a newcomer to the Hoaxtead scene, Jimmy “Gryffindor Forever!” DracoSlapper. To be honest, we had to bribe our reviewer with extra buttery topping on his popcorn, but he did manage to sit through the lot…albeit not without a great deal of moaning.

Let’s start with Angie, whose latest offering, Chasing Rainbows Episode 8,459,314 started with a promising intro: Not only was Angie going to give us the real low-down on what happened between her and Mel Ve of CCN, but she announced she’d be commenting on the situation of a certain American of her acquaintance. Tantalising stuff indeed! First, though, Angie offered to clear up the remaining questions asked of her by someone called “The Inquisitor”, who she suggested might be someone who does not have her best interests at heart. Ya think?

This film has a few highlights—Angie stating her support for the deranged psychopath Aaron Dover, despite his threat to set her on fire, for example. And the drunken song she mumbles halfway through…low comedy, but comedy nonetheless. And then there’s the point where she accuses Canadian fraudster Kevin Annett of rape.

Even that, though, isn’t enough to salvage this low-energy clunker. The video never comes close to delivering on its initial promises: there’s not a word about CCN, nor about any mysterious Americans who might have travelled to the UK at Angie’s behest.

Our reviewer gave this one two thumbs down and a single rotten tomato. He reported that it scored 28—close to the maximum—on our patented Yawn-O-Meter™.

Next up: Arfur the Barbarian with a new variation on a theme that’s growing very old very fast: *KNOCK* *FKN* *KNOCK* *+hoax£EATH*.

“This fine example of experimental film was literally painful to watch,” our reviewer reported. “And I kept thinking of things I really ought to be doing around the house…but Mr Arfur’s dedication to his craft shines through, and his longing for the giant hedgehog called Spiny Norman is almost palpable. Despite Mr Arfur’s hard-man act, one really cannot help but feel for him. He clearly adores Spiny Norman, and speaks in great and loving detail about what he’ll do when they are reunited. Even though some of the sexual acts he describes really have no place in a family-rated production, I felt I should give this one an A for ‘Effort'”.

One thumb up, half a rotten tomato, and a relatively low score of 15 on the Yawn-O-Meter™. Best enjoyed with the alcoholic beverage of your choice, which you may wish to quaff each time Mr Arfur shouts, “KNOCK KNOCK!”

Finally, the new kid on the block, and by “kid” we mean “thinks Harry Potter was a documentary”: Jimmy “Gryffindor Forever!” DracoSlapper’s first Hoaxtead effort is worth a look, if only for the hilarity factor. The moment when you realise that he actually believes that Danielle LaVerité is in fact RD…well, let’s just say the popcorn went flying, and our reviewer still hasn’t recovered. (We were unable to link this video, as it contains defamatory material, but don’t worry, you’re not missing much.)

“It’s light, fluffy, and as terrible for your teeth as spun sugar. This one isn’t really salvaged from utter mediocrity by its thoroughly deranged premise”, writes our reviewer. “Someone ought to send a copy to Miss LaVerité, who just might be persuaded to revive her old ‘Top Tosser of the Week’ skit in its honour”. That said, our reviewer admitted that he skimmed through the video at double speed. We recommend you give it the same treatment, if you bother to watch at all.

Two thumbs down, five rotten tomatoes, and the Yawn-O-Meter™ burst into flames in protest.

p.s. It has come to our attention that Rupert Quaintance has been participating in interviews with a number of U.S.-based video makers. We will not be publishing these videos, and we would ask our readers to please refrain from commenting on them here, as we don’t wish to interfere with the course of justice and Rupert’s right to a fair trial. Thanks very much for your co-operation. yawn



87 thoughts on “New crop of Hoaxtead videos ‘underwhelming’: Reviewer

    • Dan Le Man as my good friend once trolled her. She could well be anyone under all that botox. Although never mention the possibility she has such treatments. I don’t think she ever forgave me for questioning why her face doesn’t move when she talks.

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  1. Hard to know where to begin with Angela’s blatant – and proven – lies in this video. Some of them are outlined in this thread:

    To summarise:

    She DID make death threats to Mr. Dearman.

    She has never received any death threats from any of us.

    She has never shown proof to the contrary, even though she claims to have done so on many occasions.

    “She’s backtracked on the ‘Young Journalist of the Year’ thing and is now claiming that she said she was only a finalist!”

    She’s lying about having ADHD.
    (See ‘Diagnosis in adults’ section)

    As for Annett, her “proof” for this extremely serious allegation that she’s publicly made against him appears to be…er…the fact that he stopped talking to her. Yup.

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    • I agree there is no way Angela Power has ADHD.

      It’s just another scam to get disability benefits.

      She’s obsessed with this Hampstead hoax, she’s got enough attention to give to that.

      All her mental health diagnosis are bull, she says whatever to get the £££.

      You can’t go calling anyone a rapist unless they have raped you or been convicted in Court,

      It is long overdue that Angela was arrested.

      There’s a mountain of information for the authorities to take their pick.

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      • Echo your thoughts entirely there FA.The devious cow oozes unearnt entitlement from every pore.Nothing is ever straight forward with her and if theres an earner to be had she will snatch it and hang the consequences to anybody else.When caught red handed she simply defaults to total denial,deflection and effectively seeks sanctuary behind biblical malinterpretations and virtue signalling.

        I am not sure about mental health labels but as a human being Angie is rotten to the very core and about as skewed as skewed can be.Perhaps the ADHD she refers to is Angelas Disgraceful Hatefilled Distortions.The only cure for that is humility and sincerity but unfortunately Angie was at the very back of the queue when those were being dished out.

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    • Apparently Angie always looks for the good in everybody. Hardly, she seems to think that everybody is a paedophile.

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  2. LOL, he’s turned on Melissa now, who’s one of his most loyal sycophants! 😀

    Does this mean she loses her “warrior woman” status?

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    • I reported this but apparently, planning to launch a terrorist attack on London doesn’t breach Facebook’s community guidelines. Ho hum.

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  3. At the end of the day if all Arthur is doing is making videos about the posters on this site then more power to him. He thinks the attention and exposure is a good thing. I do too. Arthur is his own worst enemy. He reminds me of that old Indian ad hominem….aimed at Nobody in particular…’ he who talks loud, says nothing’.

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  4. Activists? Talk about an over misused word by these dills. Making videos is not being an activist.
    She asked him straight out did he rape a Native American squaw or prostitute? And wonders why she never heard from his again.
    Miss Diplomacy.

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  5. I’m at the point where I feel that giving Arfur attention is a bit like poking a stick between the bars in the zoo and watching the bear get angry. It won’t be long before he films himself committing another crime and the police pick him up and he gets free bed and breakfast again.

    What is that woman in the background thinking, letting her child hear this?

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    • I’m afraid I agree, Miss C. Arfur is a sad case, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
      Interesting, though, that these days he seems to be among the best the Hoaxtead mobsters have got. I’m sure that must mean something. 🙂

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      • With Arfur at the helm as lead spokesperson things must be getting rather desperate over at Hoaxmob HQ.

        IMHO Arfur stumbling bladdered to the lecturn spewing ever increasing gobshoite possibly represents the hoax rigor mortis stage firmly setting in.There will for some time no doubt be failed attempts to revive this appalling scam for attention/clickbait etc but in some bizzare regard
        Arfurs presence can be celebrated as he nails down the last vestiges of credibilty this ill conceived dispicable scam never had.

        I certainly wont be buying him a pint for his endeavours though.

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    • I am sure there may be some Neeluistic verbal abominations out there that may rival the degree of incoherance displayed by Juans seemingly random word arrangement.However I will not be entering this particular challenge as over the years I have become rather accustomed to using my arse to sit on.

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    • ANGELA POWER DISNEY: Solve all your uploading and you tube issues at a stroke by simply taking up knitting instead.No one would ever notice and your grandchildren will get to wear stupid wooly hats more often .

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  6. The Arthur El’Hawayek Facebook account, seems to be gone. (If someone could kindly check that out to confirm) It was there this morning, as I had checked it out. No word as to if he removed it or FB. His other accounts…Arthur Charbel Kaoutal + Arthur Kaoutal are still there, but there are no new comments from him on those accounts.

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      • Emergency over lol The Arthur El’Hawayek FB account is back up/open again.

        In other news 🙂 just noticed that Arfur donated €168 to Angie’s Gofukme account, 11 day ago. He owns her now. lol Not sure what kind of return he’s actually going to get for his investment though. I suppose he can always watch her smoke it all away, in one of her YouTube video’s, or listen to her talk about the €3 pint’s she galloping down on a Friday afternoon, at that Irish Bar in Lanzarote. Truth be told, it will probably be a bit of a turn on for Arfur lol

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        • Already reported. And I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that Farcebook doesn’t have sexual harassment as a reporting category 😦


    • “80 million thousand hits on YouTube”
      Wrong on so many levels (not least of which are the facts that there is no such number and that actually, he’s barely hitting triple figures).


      • Actually, you make a good point. He is genuinely mentally ill (and he mentions something about missing his mental health appointment). I think I’m gonna leave him alone now, for his own good.

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        • I think that’s a good idea. He sounds as though he’s struggling to cling to whatever shreds of sanity he has left, and I don’t think we ought to be contributing to his troubles.

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          • Indeed. I’ll leave him be, as I don’t want to be responsible for pushing him over the edge. But for the record, ignoring him appears to wind him up more than baiting him! He’ll soon forget me, though – our love was never to be 🙂

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          • Also, as we’ve seen from the likes of Relayer and Autumn Forest, even being exceptionally polite to him and asking him genuine questions about his views drives him into a frenzy.

            I hope he gets the help he needs.

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  7. Just to be clear, Beth Jockney (aka Bea Cat) has not flipped sides.

    Beth, if you’re reading this, please could you clarify whom Hoaxtead Research has defamed, what they have said that is defamatory and on what basis you’re claiming it to be defamatory (i.e. what your evidence is). Thanks.

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    • Also, Beth, putting aside the fact that naming the children is child abuse, shouldn’t you at least know the correct names of the children? If you’re sure enough to involve yourself in a hate campaign against the people of Hampstead, shouldn’t you be sure enough to know the names of the children you’re professing to represent?

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    • And Beth, could you tell us why your ahem mate Power Disney is allowed to libel people all she wants?

      No shred of evidence to support her allegations.

      What has happened to the big Ella reveal?

      We haven’t forgotten that.

      Why she has deleted videos that she thinks/KNOWS incriminate her and why she is no longer supporting Rupert just because he would not go through with her sexual advances towards him?

      Why she has thrown so many people, including yourself Elizabeth is it, under the bus and yet you still support her?

      Are you so desperate for friends or you want somewhere to stay in Lanzarote again?

      Power Disney is not a good woman, don’t be so desperate.

      Get out of the house and meet a few people, you might find some nice people out there, alternatively get a few cats.

      Don’t forget to answer the questions JOCKNEY REBEL.

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  8. Arty has gone off the deep end thank to APD, CCN, Krusty Shoe and the rest filling him with fake support and using a mentally ill man for their own agenda. I have removed anything to do with him from my videos as although he says a lot of vile things that he shouldn’t being nice or nasty to him hasn’t helped him either.
    Another scalp for APD to wear around her vile turkey neck. It wasn’t that long ago Angie was going through her own personal crisis and crying on youtube and being this troubled. She should just offer support and drop the fake conspiracy bullshit about injections and government corruption to help this man through his troubles.

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    • A very pleasant video, with extremely excellent advice for Arfur.

      I hope he listens and realises the people here are trying to help him.

      Arfur if you’re reading or anyone else that thinks Power-Disney is a nice caring person.

      Meet her, you’ll realise she is not nice at all, she has her own Agenda and is not to be trusted.

      Arfur and anyone else vulnerable, Power Disney is not and will never be your friend, she is a USER of people, she’ll take what you offer her and then discard you.

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    • That’s just how Angela Power rolls.

      She gets enormous pleasure out of destroying people even further.

      She is well away that she is playing him, she’s an expert at playing men especially.

      Another of her entitlement issues.

      She thinks she is allowed to do it.

      Well she can, but she needs to face the consequences when the Old Bill come a knocking, just like they found RQ in Erith Angela.

      What’s your address again?

      Or should I say All of your addresses.

      The one in Oldcastle and the one in England too.

      Do you have any other addresses you use?


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