Lies, half-truths, and confabulation: What’s Angie’s real game?

Wouldn’t you know that when Angela Power-Disney posted yesterday’s “Answering the Inquisitor” video, in which she offered replies to the many questions she’s been asked by those who’ve noticed that none of her stories add up, she’d come up with even more lies to explain the previous lies?

No surprises there, but we really didn’t expect any actual truthiness from Angie; we think she lost track of the truth many years ago, and now just blurts out whatever happens to pop into her tiny mind.

What interested us about this effort, though, was the sub-text: why did Angela finally decide to offer answers to questions we and others have been asking her for over a year? Why now?

And why did she need to dress up in a sheer evening gown covered in fancy glittery stuff, all over a leopard-print bra, to do it in?

(Bonus question: who can identify the ring on her right hand? We’re sure she’d tell you its a “very good copy”, which she’s been assured by an appraisals specialist would fetch thousands at auction. But a very good copy of what famous bauble? Answers on a postcard, please.)

We don’t delude ourselves that Angela has finally decided to come clean, bare her soul, and start fresh, cleansed in the pure sweet dew of the truth.

No, she’s up to something, and we think we know what it is: Angela is on the pull.

Think about it: why else would she want to offer seemingly honest answers to difficult questions, which have been hanging over her like a foul miasma for so many months now? Surely she has a new gentleman caller on the horizon, and she’d rather that his view of her not be tainted with allegations that she is a liar, a thief, a malicious gossip, a slanderer, a purveyor of online harassment to innocent people, and a charity scammer.

Why else would she feel compelled to insist that she had no designs on Rupert, when she’d confessed in a heartfelt letter to Rev. David Chesoli that she was “falling in love” with the brash American? And why would she need to specifically point out that she’s been celibate for the past 11 years? Or that she’s had 11 proposals, 3 engagements, and so forth?

One doesn’t usually offer up one’s romantic resumé while tarted up in see-through attire, exotic undies, and flashy fake jewellery, unless one has one’s beady eye on specific prey.

Whoever the unlucky gentleman might be, we have some advice: Run, as fast as your little legs will carry you!

And if you can’t do that, lie face down in the foetal position, and cover the back of your neck with your clasped hands. We understand that this is the approved defensive manoeuvre when in the presence of a cougar.



85 thoughts on “Lies, half-truths, and confabulation: What’s Angie’s real game?

  1. I’m in shock! Someone should wrap a blanket round me and make me cocoa!
    What with Arfur telling everyone the date of his last leg-over and now Angie (almost) doing it too. Is it in fashion to talk about when you last did the horizontal hula?

    Personally, I can’t remember. All I get these days is hot tongue, cold bum and burnt breakfast. 😉

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  2. Arthurs so desperate for attention now Norman and everyone else has lost interest in him that hes frantically messaging everyone to say how he is bringing proceedings against HOAXTEAD for the post about him admitting then denying to have done time for “fiddling”

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  3. Is that supposed to have been filmed in Lanzarote?
    If so, was Rupert in Lanzarote with her when the vid below was filmed, the room looks the same to me?

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  4. I notice that in the video ‘answering the INQUISITOR part1’, at 12.15 she answers the question of her video evidence showing Ella’s alleged child abuse by saying…’MI6 have a dossier………….and we’re tracking that!

    On another note she and Arthur as a couple doesn’t bear thinking about. I can imagine a short telephone conversation…Angie; ‘talk dirty to me Arthur’. Arthur; ‘talk dirty, I’ll give you Beirut 1984 love’

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  5. Ghosty has been saying it over and over but does anyone listen? She’s in Ireland not Spain. The decor is a giveaway.
    Captain Mainwaring Wins First Prize which is a free lawn mow from Arfur/

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  6. This latest video of hers makes me so angry, the first answer she gave regarding the so-called “evidence”, every reason she offered, has been explained with excellence or disproved.. so many times on this blog.
    The so-called disclosures, the non-existent tattoos, Dr Hodes’ Medical Report, etc.

    That’s supposed to be her evidence of baby munching child rapists in Hampstead???

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  7. Angie is probably trying out her wardrobe for her date with one or both of the 2 Cuban Musicians tomorrow at the bar.

    It’s also possible there were some men/women there who took her fancy and she has arranged to meet them tomorrow.

    That’ll be unbeknown to them though.

    The seductress is going on the prowl.

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  8. I wouldn’t be angry Jake, she cannot provide what she does not have. That was the first video of Angela’s that I have watched right through and all she did was waffle. She really is pretty thick. Is that how any normal person would address those questions, having had time to prepare? I think the galling part might be that she knows fine well the whole thing is a sham.

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  9. Arthur was the first person that came to my mind as well. Both have been celibate for a long time, both love to smoke, both have no awareness of how others see them and both are clearly delusional.

    Maybe Angie realises just how many people don’t trust her anymore and how many people have turned on her. The video being a way to try win back trust by attempting to appear open and honest. Unfortunately for Angie, she appears to be a habitual liar, and probably doesn’t even know the truth anymore.

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  10. I am not commenting on any ongoing trial proceedings….
    In the video linked to above, Angie says (video 33m30sec) there are “charges of harassment and, eh, conspiracy to incite violence”.
    The video that Angie encourages us to watch by Vinny Eastwood is here:
    [video removed as it could constitute contempt of court]
    According to Vinny Eastwood (1m12secs) there are charges of “harrassment with the intent of violence”
    He then appears to know what evidence there is for supposed charges – either he has intimite knowledge of the police case/system or he is making up nonsense. What is more likely?


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  11. If Abe and Ella discovered functioning consciences with pangs of remorse resulting in turning themselves in along with fly on the wall,24/7,surround sound HD video footage of their sick fabrications and signed confessions etc etc this would make no difference at all in Angie world.

    She would enter default mode of everything being orchestrated and manipulated by “mysterious dark forces” and of course Abe and Ella had become paid CIA crisis actors blah de blah.

    If her “Arsehole of the year award” came with a first prize trip on the tardis(other time travel apparatuses are available) and she got to see first hand what really took place then Angie would claim “undeniable proof” Davros had simply unleashed a reality bomb(or something).

    Angie has constructed an impenetrable buffer from reality as facing up to the terror of her situation and glimpsing what she has become is a ditch of skeletons too loathsome to cross.She possesses neither the will or grace to contemplate such a crossing.Situation terminal:Stardate log:02022017.

    Hashtag:If it does not fit the narrative it is not real.

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  12. Re; The medical evidence…

    I would have asked Angie why Ella felt it necessary to give the children enemas. She may not know that vegans and vegetarians can have real problems with constipation. All of the other stuff just confirms that Draper and Christie abused those kids.

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  13. Very misleading video. I won’t say more than that. EC might want to remove the link if he is being super cautious. I don’t want anything that is posted on here to end up disrupting any judicial processes.

    On the plus side, it makes its point without robbing us of half an hour of our lives [nudges Angie in the ribs].

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  14. Angie gets pregnant to get a green card,a one night stand with an “arsehole”,then a 2 night stand with an “arsehole”.Forgive me if I am wrong but I am seeing a pattern developing here.

    Now its not a huge leap of logic to conclude that there is a common denominator “arsehole” in the equation and one that callously manipulates others to suit her short term ends and subsequently complains about the resultant consequences which obviously must have absolutely bugger all to do with her(anyway she is busom buddies with some omnipotent pal who runs the universe so thats always handy).

    Don’t blame it on the sunshine
    Don’t blame it on the moonlight
    Don’t blame it on good times
    Blame it on the boogie

    Praps I am being overly harsh reaching such conclusions but I f*****g doubt it.

    Her day of judgement hearing is going to take forever trawling through all her shit ,one can only hope heavens HQ databases are up to it.

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  15. Let me get this straight – Rupert and Vinny are anti establishment but when one of ’em gets in trouble it’s time to write to their Republican Congressman, who incidentally attended the Princeton Theological Seminary, where men and women are “prepared to serve as faithful Christian leaders in the church, the academy, and the world.”
    I don’t understand why they don’t go straight to Trump? I’m sure he’d sort it out.

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  16. THE VIDEO NEEDS REMOVING as it contains peoples names and details. I have saved it for evidence that JF posted it online including screenshots and archived the page.


  17. I have alerted air traffic control at both Lanzerote and Oldcastle who will be keeping close tabs on the developing situation.

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  18. I had always assumed, in my naivety, that it was the enematic (I invented that word) procedure that might have caused some scarring, when in fact it might just be proof that the kids suffered severe constipation due to their austere diet.

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  19. I have never met anyone that has given their kids enemas. I always put Ella’s use of them down to being just part of her general weirdness. But after thinking about it, it does indicate a problem with the kids.

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  20. Mental constipation can be defined as a blockage of solid ideological conviction through which reality is completely unable to pass.

    Well as soon as the lab boffins can produce a handy enema for that we can all go home.

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  21. Yeah Trump could come and pay Rupee a visit when he comes over to England.

    In fact he could represent Rupee, that would be a scoop.

    I bet Angie would come over and support Rupee then.


  22. She knows it’s all bollox having to make up that Ella nonsense.

    Angela has nowhere to go so is hanging on with this hoax.

    If Belinda et al make up another one, she’ll may up and disappear over to that one.

    I wonder how much she receives in donations?

    I can’t believe that she can raise 1000 Euros a month in donations.

    I’m 99.99% sure she receives benefits in one form or another.

    I’m puzzled that she is able to rent her house out to her own sons.


  23. I thought she was even worse in the past.

    All poor, poor me.

    And she looked worse too.


  24. Perhaps Angies is trying out different clothing styles in preparation for a new career in the webcam girl industry. I believe there is a market for women of all ages.


  25. It is a real shame that Patrick Cullinane is no longer with us as i’m positive he would have offered his services to Rupert in the courtroom.


  26. Please keep reporting posts and photo’s to Facebook as they do listen sometimes. This was a photo of RD along with the usual nasty lies about him.

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  27. Seems it is possible to close family under certain criteria assuming Ireland follows closely to UK policy.

    Where a landlord rents another property to their close relative

    There is no legal rule which prevents close relatives entering into a legally binding agreement to pay rent and claim Housing Benefit where they do not occupy the same dwelling. The authority would again be looking at whether it is a commercial agreement and whether it was set up to take advantage of the Housing Benefit system.

    I suspect one of Angies “urgent” legal summits may have been in regards how to best milk this particular cash cow.
    Wouldnt be overly surprised if her need to be seen “elsewhere” has a bearing.What is gauranteed is that the loathsome scrounger will be maxing out on the nipple of the welfare system in every which way.

    It will all end in crocodile tears though.


  28. I don’t think she’s meant to stay at the property though as she’s now the landlord and she’s clearly been doing that.

    I wonder how much rent she receives?

    She’s got some front.


  29. Surely Neelu could channel him through some portal behind a screen or something.Where are your friends when you need them?


  30. I do recall seeing a video of Neelu and chums burying crystals near a court building before, perhaps that crystal is the portal that will allow Patrick Cullinane to appear and do his work.


  31. I think I’ve got the gist of what Angela is doing now.

    She buys her Council house cheaply (being a long standing tenant and thus gets a large discount) with “damages” money from a negligence claim.

    She rents her house out to her 2 sons and at least 1 of their girlfriends for an amount that covers her rent of the Lanzarote property and leaves money for her to live on.

    She then sublets one of the bedrooms until she realise people on here have got wind of that and might inform the owner of the Lanzarote property so she gets rid of them quick.

    Being a devious hag she begs for money from the gullible to pay her bar bill, where she is on the look out for a meal ticket.

    They’ll be other scams she’s up to.

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  32. Where’s all the other law experts?

    Nelly, Deborah Mwhatever, Sabine, Kevin Weaver etc.?


  33. Oh crikey, that’s something that would be right up her street.

    She could always wear different masks to go incognito.


  34. 👺😡He👿🐓would be 💣 best off not coming anywhere near my lawn, the w⚓️!!!!! ➤🏥


  35. I got 23 notifications from him tonight. Again, I didn’t read them. Last I checked he was going around telling people that he’s the son of God and that he’s been sent to Earth to rid the World of putrid satanic dogs.

    He was also still trying to win Angie over by telling her he’s Jesus. But I think even she doesn’t think Jesus looks like that.

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  36. If her mum and Dad were so bad to her, enough to sue them. Why does she have their picture on her Myspace page???? Hmmnnn…

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  37. EXACTLY and there’s also the photo with her Dad where she looks really happy with him. The one where her head is on his shoulder and they both have massive grins.

    It’s all lies regarding the sexual abuse.

    Angela loves the sound of her own voice, obviously has done all her life, there is no way by know she would not have said exactly what she alleges he did to her.

    There has been absolutely ZILCH.

    The man did nothing sexually.

    She feels he has let her down as a father but I reckon she had quite an idyllic childhood compared to many people her age.

    On a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being the worst, Angela’s treatment by her parents would be probably a 9.

    It’s BOLLOX.

    Angela is still one big spoilt brat.

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  38. Yes that’s the photo with the Dad that she alleges sexually abused her as a child.

    I think definitely NOT.


  39. It’s all about the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY with Angela being the manipulator to get what SHE WANTS.

    Her parents didn’t play ball and she’s very, very angry about that.

    She’s scheming at the mo to get money without a shadow of a doubt.

    Someone like that with nearly 60 years experience of using the system is NOT GOING TO STOP.

    She abuses all her family for financial gain, Mum, Dad, 4 sisters, 1 daughter, 2 sons and no doubt her extended family and ahem friends, neighbours, charity personnel, dr.s, hospitals, etc…….


  40. Angie considers herself “entitled” to everything and the notion of earning anything by legitimate means and through considering others has passed her by.The disease of “being owed” has crushed any possibility of humility and has cost her and others in her sphere dearly.


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