Sabine McNeill ‘stars’ in Portuguese video

Late last week, a curious little video was released by someone named Catarina Rodrigues. Not a name we know, but we’re certainly familiar with one of the “stars” of her new work: Sabine Kurjo McNeill. The title gives us a hint as to the subject matter: “The Ones Who Fight”.

The video opens on a melodramatic note, as a pre-teen girl is put into a car (clutching a stuffed toy, though she looks a bit old for such things) and driven away. Behind the car, her mother stands in the road, watching, while the voice-over of a child and a mother try to convey the confusion and distress of a child being “snatched” from her family. As a faceless person (social worker?) shows the girl through a doorway, a familiar voice—harsh, high-pitched, with a pronounced German accent—shrieks, “Nothing has changed in the UK! That’s why we are here today. We are here, CRYING for help…there are children SCREAMING to be heard….!”

And suddenly we’re in a European Parliament committee room circa 2014, with Sabine in her brown polyester double-knit suit, chin thrust forward and fists flailing at the desk in front of her. “If you don’t HEAR those children SCREAM…WHO…WILL?” [dramatic pause] [cue intro]

The nearly nine-minute-long video, produced by a young Portuguese woman, claims to be the first “in English on the practice of ‘forced adoptions’ threatening 154 Portuguese families living in the UK”, according to, an online news portal.

sabine-mcneill-video-2017-01-23-1Ah, this begins to clarify the matter. The “five children” are of course the Pedro family, one of Sabine’s “cases” which went distinctly pear-shaped when the parents were arrested for attempting to kidnap their children out of care, where they’d been placed following allegations of abuse.

Sabine, of course, was so delighted to see herself in a starring role that she felt compelled to comment:


Wait—did you say ‘attempted kidnapping’?

We did indeed.

In March 2014, reported:

Allegations of a UK “adoption scandal” went viral last week after a Portuguese couple whose children were forcibly taken into care last year were accused by police of their attempted abduction.

Carla and José Pedro spent the whole of last Friday in Grantham police station in Lincolnshire after having been taken into custody in the early hours of the morning, along with a Lithuanian couple.

Days before, the two sets of parents had travelled to Brussels with a 30-strong delegation of immigrant parents, petitioning the European Parliament over what they consider to be an insidious scandal involving judges, lawyers and social workers effectively “kidnapping” as many as 4,500 children every year – the majority of them from foreigners.

After the Pedros’ conditional release on Friday evening, Carla Pedro said of the allegations: “It’s all been invented. They (the British authorities) are feeling pressured by the news of us going to the European Parliament to denounce the forced adoptions in Great Britain.

“More than ever, we need the help of our government,” she added over the telephone to Correio da Manhã newspaper.

Further down in the same article, we find an interesting side-note:

This case has been cutting a swathe through national and social media, featuring highly on British-based websites ‘Victims Unite’ and ‘Stolen Children of the UK’.

“You can hardly believe what is happening,” online activist Sabine McNeill told the European Parliament last week. “The cases related during a three-hour audience shocked euro MPs,” affirmed CM. “The denouncements point to the existence of a scheme in the UK involving lawyers, social workers and judges to take children from good parents – the majority immigrants – and put them up for adoption, with the objective of feeding the industry surrounding adoptions.”

Erm….Victims Unite and Stolen Children of the UK? Familiar names. Can’t think where we’ve heard them before.

Oh, and here’s a shocker: on Sabine’s PedroFamily blog (yes, she really does have a blog for almost every occasion), we find evidence of her fingerprints on the alleged attempted kidnapping:


We understand that Sabine was eventually charged in the case, and is still on police bail as a result.

We weren’t surprised, either, to discover that John Hemming, former patron of Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill’s Association of McKenzie Friends, had a finger in the Pedro pie. According to,

The only British MP that seems to be supporting cases like this one is Liberal Democrat John Hemming who, as Chairman of Justice for Families, is said to have 2000 similar cases on his hands.

In an interview with BBC’s Panorama programme last year, Hemming said the best option for parents suspected of child abuse in the UK was for them to flee the country

“You can’t get a fair trial here because you cannot rely on the evidence being fair. It’s best simply to go if you can, at the right time, lawfully”, he said.

We’ve discussed here before why that is dangerous, bordering on criminal, advice, so we won’t get into it again. However, we’d urge anyone interested in the issue to have a look at that article.

What does Catarina Rodrigues really know about Sabine?

Back to Ms Rodrigues’ video: we wonder whether she is aware that the heroine of her piece was involved in trying to help a Nigerian couple retain custody of their children, whom they had been convicted of brutally abusing? Or that she was the prime instigator behind the Hampstead SRA hoax, in which two children were subjected to emotional and physical torture in order to extract “confessions” that they had participated in grotesque rituals involving child rape, murder, and cannibalism?

Sabine has a marvelous ability to paint herself as the heroic whistle-blower and champion of the down-trodden; we wonder whether perhaps Ms Rodrigues was seduced by Sabine’s self-aggrandizing rhetoric?

We’d like to think that if this young video producer knew the truth about Sabine and her cronies, she might have thought twice about giving her yet another platform in her video.

Update: On 26 January 2017, we noticed that the video in question had been made “private” by its producer.sabine-mcneill-video-2017-01-23-4

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  1. Unlikely. Sabine’s almost become a rent-a-gob. Wind her up and set her off. No critical thinking allowed. No nuance or revising of views. No reading of information that contradicts her set in stone opinions.

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  2. Catarina forgot to mention Sabine’s hatred of Jews and love of Hitler. Permit me to refresh your memory, Cat (the ‘fun’ starts at 34:11):

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    • Kudos to Relayer for being so mature, polite and level-headed. I trust Arthur responded in an equally grown up and respectful manner? Oh wait…


  3. Sabine also had bit parts in this Portuguese documentary:

    At 23:58
    Unless it’s the same one rearranged.

    I think the main message to take away from these is to not assume that someone claiming to be an expert in a documentary, is necessarily an expert.

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  4. WELL, WELL, WELL…It looks like we’re dealing with an Evil Cult of Transvestites. There is no possible way this recognition software could possibly be anything other than 110% TROOF.

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    • They haven’t joined all the dots- clearly Donald trump media spokesman “Sean Spicer” is Alex Jones who is really a crisis actor. Wake up Sheeple !

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      • Lol. There is a Conspiracy theory that Jones is the long time RIP Comedian Bill Hicks, I am not joking that i actually a theory, lol. Also Hicks mentions in a joke that when a new president is elected the CIA take them into a room and then play footage of the assassination of JFK from a different angle showing the real shooter. This is what some people think has made Trump come out all pro CIA suddenly, bahahahahaaaa.

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    • People here need to have established accounts to post a quick summary of why it’s all bollocks because they have been pushing every single past event to PieceofHate. Something like who films children they have just met talking about abuse and why is noone in the videos upset about a very serious crime. Why didn’t the boyfriend go to the police instead of taking the children on holiday to work on the story. Maybe a very edited compilation of the Jean Clemont audio without any of the sexual stuff would be a good idea. trimmed down to less than 10 minutes.

      I will be honest when I came here looking for other people who thought the whole thing ws bullshit I was lost in a maze of humorous videos about the hoaxers and couldn’t find many that point directly at the boyfirend and mother. Anything with creepy child torturer Abe coaching, timeline showing why the videos are bullshit (for simpletons), Abes abuse past, the mothers neglectful past, why the cult was created lean on MKUltra obsessed Abe. Quote extracts from court case but then other documents as the troofers don’t trust media, court, police etc.

      Point out the scammers and pedos involved. How silly and implausible it is and why. Children trying to get on with their lives and culprits fled not even attending court and haven’t been back since. The drug use, creepy abes voice being too excited about the whole think, why the doctor was wrong, the coaching/abuse, if they quote or mention the doctor state the timeline from the medical document if anyone still has it. The fact that Abe was being nuts and beating them and why he chose the social services (custody/previous mother problems), Police (abes and ella’s previous spats with them), teachers (same).

      Why did Ella move into area and choose a place where father is supposedly a cult leader? Realistic chances that the boyfriend who has done this before and is a monster vs some improbable baby munching cult with supposedly thousands involved everyday with no medical to prove mothers claims against the father. That long term abuse to anyone would be horrendous yet zero proof just some bad judgement and techniques that have been part of a child grabbing government operation before in the UK and USA of innocent parents.

      I trust you already have a prepared response or is it better to just ignore them and not make it all snowball?
      I’m sure everyone here knows much, much more than I do and has a better skillset to compile and deliver a short sourced debunking article for re-posting.

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      • You’re making some really excellent points here. Can I ask whether you’ve checked our FAQ pages (at the top of the main page of the blog)? If you have, it would be really useful to know what you think is lacking.
        We’ve been building that section for a while now, but we’re all very familiar with the case, and a lot of what we talk about is “inside football”—not really newbie-friendly.

        It’s been suggested that we put up either edited versions of the children’s videos or edited versions of transcripts, but this is an ethical dilemma for us: we really don’t want to compound the crime of violating the children’s right to privacy here. However, we could possibly do a dated timeline.

        Despite Angela Power-Disney’s claims that we are a huge operation run by paid professionals, in fact this blog is completely run by volunteers, so we do have limited time resources, since most of us have full-time jobs, families, and lives to lead. However, if it would be helpful for new people coming in to have access to a quick’n’dirty overview of the case, that’s definitely something we can work on.

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        • can you please remove the video I posted further down. I watched a youtuber video about her and have never watched her original video and just pressed play and it’s disgusting. sorry.

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        • Sorry I haven’t looked too much into the FAQ’s. I clink on one article and then loads of past links come up and then get lost in the maze. I have no inclination to watch any of the videos featuring the children or the disgusting parts which isn why I came here hoping there would be compiled versions of the main points without having to watch anything vile. Even the ones with filters on I don’t really want to listen to anymore of what is described. I think I have seen 3 videos total 2 short ones years back and then one of the Police ones leaked and turned off as soon as I got the jist of what was going on.

          I will have a look through the site. I think it may be a bad idea linking here on Reddit or Vote (sp) as people could flood the place.

          I had a look at the timeline which is excellent. I watched my first APD video on the Base thingy today from that Irish guys youtube, she didn’t believe a word she was even saying just kept turning her nose up whilst discussing things. Only could stand 10minutes of it. I started to feel sorry for her as she needs some therapy then watched a bit of some McKenzies Devils videos and can’t stand her. She has been gifted over 20,000 Euro’s in the last 13 months on gofund me. Tax dodge site if you ask me.

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    • That forum has groups that specifically cater to pedophiles. As soon as I found that out I deleted my account there. The problem is they believe heavily in freedom of speech to such an extant that they will not remove chld abuse sub groups. Reddit did have one until recently they got rid of it.

      One of the problems with having pieceahate located on Vote (sp) after the Reddit censorship. Another big issue is obviously the ass-backwards way of investigating and linking every event to it. The symbols released are used by political pro-pedo groups but they do not or very rarely match every triangle or swirl heart logo etc that people get huge upvoats for for posting.

      Example a logo found on a game that in no way shape, color of form matches the BoyLover Logo yet it gets over 800 upvotes on Reddit and over 300 comments, insanity.

      FBI symbols

      Click to access FBI-pedophile-symbols.pdf

      A simple search proves legal Pedophile groups use this logo.

      The code words that people are spreading are bullshit too made up on 4chan, doesn’t stop everyone saying that list is from the FBI on youtube and elsewhere.

      Guy pushing the agenda heavily.
      Channels has – 143,113 subscribers • 15,709,677 views

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      • They seem to be linking any triangle to the FBI report. I have noticed quite a few think the code came from the FBI or Wikileaks.

        I am not convinced that David Seaman truly believes in pizzagate. I suspect he is more interested in gaining donations. Something which many of the Hampstead hoax supporters have been doing.

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        • I agree completely. His videos for a long part were about losing his paypal funding account. Anyone who claims to be pushing Bitcoin and Buying Gold who doesn’t know how temperamental Paypal is doesn’t know jack shit.

          Shouting out that they are all pedo’s doesn’t help. not surprised that his account was temporarily suspended.

          [deleted at commenter’s request]

          And this hoax that came from Facebook photos.

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          • Can someone delete this I linked the wrong video. I haven’t watched the top one and it’s vile. Coyote please delete.

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          • Another dame with too much time on her hands. Her pals conveniently failed to take an IPhone video of all this action just like the prolific Spielberg like Neelu who films flies crawling up the wall but neglected to film the 300 baby carriages being wheeled into that Church.

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          • As that nice Mr. Hind is always keen to point out, the correct number of the beast is 616, not 666. So with that in mind…

            Angela = 6 letters
            Power = 1 word
            Disney = 6 letters

            😮 We’re through the looking glass, people.

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