Chris Spivey loses appeal bid, must pay £2,000 costs

Noted conspiracy blogger, the heavily tattooed Christopher Spivey, lost his appeal against his conviction for harassing the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby. When we last left Mr Spivey, he had been convicted of criminal harassment, and despite his wailing and moaning that he would be a “dead man walking” if he were convicted, received only the lightest of sentences: six months in prison, suspended for two years. Apparently failing to recognise his own good fortune and call it a day, he launched an appeal against his conviction in October 2015.

According to the Daily Mail,

Christopher Spivey, 54, claimed the murder of Fusilier Rigby, who was hacked to death by terrorists in London in May 2013, was ‘staged’.

Last week the former builder lost an appeal against a suspended six month jail sentence handed down at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court.

During the hearing Spivey, of Rochford, Essex, told a judge at Chelmsford Crown Court: ‘It was a fake event allowed to go ahead by the Government, aided by the security services.’

Spivey believed it was done to ‘whip up racial hatred’.

But Judge Christopher Morgan dismissed Spivey’s appeal and labelled his internet postings on his website as ‘malicious and oppressive’.

He added that Spivey ‘targeted’ Fusilier Rigby’s mother and sister and was aware of the risk they might see what he had written.

He said Spivey took no account of the fact the family were grieving.

Rigby’s mum compelled to testify

Lyn Rigby, mother of the murdered soldier, who was compelled by law to testify at Mr Spivey’s appeal hearing, described being terrorised when Spivey published her address and family photos on his (bizarrely expensive) blog:

She told the court: ‘We just couldn’t go out anywhere. We were frightened to answer the door.

‘It got to the point where my youngest got so frightened she would go around checking on windows and doors three times before she went to bed, over and over again.

‘It made us very frightened. I got very distressed over it as I thought we were being watched all the time.’

Mrs Rigby, who attended the appeal hearing via videolink, said she’d been threatened with arrest if she failed to attend, despite having delivered written witness statements during Mr Spivey’s trial.

According to The Guardian,

Rigby questioned why she and her daughter were made to attend the hearing via videolink from Bury magistrates court after they submitted witness statements. She said: “It’s horrific enough losing my son in such a violent way but to listen to this man’s twisted drivel was just heaping more misery on me.

“I didn’t want to go to court and when I told the police this they replied that me and my ­daughter Sara would be arrested and prosecuted if we failed to turn up. How was this allowed to happen? We’d already delivered written ­witness statements the first time round but on his appeal they demanded we appear in court to be questioned over and over.”

During the hearing, Rigby was visibly upset and proceedings had to be paused on occasions. “I was terrified and felt sick to the stomach. The judge had to halt the hearing several times because it was so aggressive and upsetting for me.”

It’s difficult not to feel sympathy for Mrs Rigby, who has surely suffered enough with the loss of her son. In The Mirror, she stated,

“I was trembling from head to foot , I was that scared. I thought I was going to pass out. I couldn’t even speak when they held up the photo of Lee’s killer covered in my boy’s blood.

“I just cried and cried and cried and even the court staff were visibly upset and distressed.

“How was I supposed to react? How do they think I feel about ­seeing a photo of a man holding a butcher’s knife covered in the blood of my murdered son?

“It’s horrific enough losing my son in such a violent way but to listen to this man’s twisted drivel was just heaping more misery on me.

“He published my address and photos of my house online and we were literally terrified to go out and were constantly in fear of being attacked by lunatics.”

While it seems like the ultimate cruelty to force Mrs Rigby to testify against Mr Spivey yet again, it’s critical to ensure a fair hearing, said lecturer in law Abenaa Owusu-Bempah, quoted in The Guardian:

“As a matter of law, if a witness refuses to give evidence at a trial, they can be compelled to do so. Compelling a witness to give evidence is not a decision that is made lightly. However, it can be necessary to ensure a fair hearing. As this was an appeal from the magistrates’ court, the entire case was heard again in the crown court.

“In difficult cases such as this, measures can be put in place to ease the burden of giving evidence, including via video link. It is important to seek ways to minimise the negative emotional effects of giving evidence. However, at the same time, it is necessary to take account of what is at stake for the appellant and the need to ensure that the original verdict was correct.”

Spivey: ‘I’m the real victim’

Mr Spivey’s original conviction on two charges of harassing Lyn Rigby and Sara McClure will stand, said Judge Christopher Morgan, who dismissed the appeal. At the time of his original sentencing, Mr Spivey was also banned from publishing any information about the Rigby family on the internet, and was ordered to pay £2,000 costs; his computer equipment was also forfeited. Last week, Judge Morgan left the original sentence in place, and ordered Mr Spivey to pay a further £2,000 costs.

According to The Mirror,

The Sunday People ­approached Spivey at his home and, appallingly, he showed no sympathy for his victims’ ordeal.

He said: “I think they should have appeared in person. I’m the real victim in all this. I’ve been ­convicted on unsafe evidence.”

Mrs Rigby, though, sees it differently:

“I wish Spivey had gone to prison for what he has done to my family. At the end of the hearing the judge asked if I wanted to say anything and I publicly told Spivey that he was sick and evil and that he had made life hell for my family.

“I can only imagine that he is so twisted that he wanted to somehow glory in the ­limelight of a terrible murder that had nothing to do with him. It’s the sickest thing.”


77 thoughts on “Chris Spivey loses appeal bid, must pay £2,000 costs

  1. What an idiot he is for appealing in the first place. Now he will have to beg his readers for more cash to pay his new fine.

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  2. No doubt that Spivey will soon be threatening his readers again that unless they start sending in their hard earned cash quickly then he will be forced to stop writing and it will all be their fault.

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    • I remember this, I was in Parramatta before and remember it clearly, thinking it would start a war, north parra had many bikies, they are real hard core, not like arfur and his wannabe friends

      And the stupid dick did it in front of witnesses, then pled not guilty… DOH

      (As for Mrs Rigby, my heart goes out to her, what a horrible thing for her to have to go through, surely there must be a better way for the legal system to work with people like her, she didn’t ask for some nutcase to make up bullshit about her child, she suffered enough without being forced to have to ‘prove’ he even existed, just because some floater needs some attention)

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  3. I’m sure that the DWP would be interested to know how much money Spivey receives in donations as he is in receipt of benefits and any extra money earnt by him should surely be declared to them.

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    • He reckons he’s not on benefits or even housing benefit.

      Just like Angela says she’s not on benefits.

      That’s only because the money they receive has been renamed to allowances, support, etc.

      Not sure what housing benefit is now called, but is Spivey saying he owns his grotty flat? Nah!

      He doesn’t pay out of his own pocket to live there, the State/Council or whoever pays for him to live there so it’s BENEFIT by another name.


      • Most people who are genuinely concerned about child abuse recognise Hampstead for the hoax it is, the vast majority of believers are conspiracy fans who don’t seem to have any judgement at all, hoaxes like this are detrimental to real victims as it makes it harder for them to be taken seriously, Angie and co are a bunch of fxxxing morons who are making the word survivor a fxxxing joke.

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      • I think a was given an E- for my ramblings. I cleaned it up a bit linking to the timeline on here but it was a waste of time. Comments were A few jokes about the misspelling, 1 accusations of being an agent of a (3 letter organisation – CIA, FBI) etc. Funny how I always get accused of that. Somehow they didn’t read it properly or I wrote it badly (probably a bit of both) and thought I was saying there are satanic Cults because I mentioned the Abraharms obsession with SRA. Also accused of mocking SRA and that it would have a detrimental effect discrediting (PG – Pieceagape) researchers. lol. Don’t know why they made that connection but all of these cases seem to be used as so called ‘evidence’. Oh well deleted it as it did more harm than good.


  4. Spivey is a complete joke.

    He fancies himself as a writer/journalist/”hard man”.

    From my research, lol, he writes too many words, rambling on and on.

    His comparison images are really laughable and way off the mark.

    He’s not a true journalist and

    he most certainly is not a “hard man”. LMFAO.

    He was by all accounts petrified when he first went to court a year or so ago, threw his toys out of the pram at the lack of support, but now has tried to hush up this appeal, as his facade was seen through.

    Spivey’s not a genuine CSA Activist, just someone like Angela that thinks he is important living in his little bubble.

    His tattoos are to give off a “hard man” image, which if he really was a “tough” guy he’d not brag about.

    The skin head haircut is because he has receded or gone bald, so he keeps his hair short.

    Spivey is a JOKER and another liar.

    Serves him right about the £2000 costs, good job too.

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  5. I wonder if this leaves him open to further prosecution by the victims of of other tragedies that he claimed were hoaxes? Being libeled and mocked when, for example, you have lost your legs in a fairground accident must be distressing. Spivey has been dishing it out for years. I hope he is going to reap what he has sown.

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  6. £2,000 costs seems very small and could only be a fraction of what this goose has caused to be spent.
    There should be a facility under law for those who are harassed to be able to seek financial compensation from their tormentors.
    But the advantage for these whinging, lazy welfare scroungers which gives them time to harass is that you cannot get a garnishee order against them.

    # The Spiteful Spivey isn’t even original. He’s so-called ‘crisis actors’ bullshit is a rip off of this fruitcake who claims everyone is an actor including current Oz PM Malcolm Turnbull who he says is really Anthony Hopkins.


    • Spivey has walked out of court laughing (figuratively speaking) Ive had worse punishment than that for shoplifting as a kid. He’s a scumbag, preying on a grieving family like that is evil.

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      • Drat,I need to replace this 2 hour void with something equally futile and annoying and yet stinging nettles are not out yet so thrashing myself with them is simply not an option.

        Oh well,I will resort to the “honest” version of Hopeless girls bullshit apparatus instead.

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    • “Financial constraints”?. What’s she on about? Don’t they do these car-crash interviews via Skype which is free? Didn’t pay her phone bill?

      Isn’t the Spiv on a restraining order to not mention this matter on the net? Plenty of other innocents whose lives they can try and destroy I suppose.

      I ventured near his website for a look see. Talk about keyboard diarrhea. The sleazeball has a long, long rant about the Mirror newspaper invading his privacy. Obviously never heard of the word irony as he decimates all & sundry with the usual ‘research’ which means surfing the net hoovering up conspiracy claptrap as he knits together a quilt of lies as he tries to destroy as many innocent lives as possible. Another example of the downside of the welfare state.


  7. Anyone else looking forward to Christopher’s Book coming out soon. Mine is already per-ordered. On sale at Woolworths, Our Price and Music Zone.

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    • “Course, I couldn’t give a f*ck what they write about me, although it certainly comes to something when a man cannot defend himself against such hostile, untrue allegations being read by millions of people who swallow every word hook line and sinker.”

      Indications are to the opposite (or why else is he writing his epic rant”; he also has no sense of irony.

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      • The usual collection of misfits and deranged boofheads who think the ‘sheeple’ are about to wake up & start a revolution or maybe just have another fag, 8 cans of Stella Artois & watch Celebrity Big Brother on the teeve.

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  8. Kristie Sue – stop making idiotic presumptions. Dun Johnson is fuck-all to do with us. Fact. Unlike your ragbag team of drooling cave-dwelling ug-monsters, we at HR do not do death threats. Ever. No matter how much you desperately try to pin that crap on us without any evidence or logic to back it up.

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  9. Somethings wrong with Christopher Spivey’s Website. I was reading one of his faboulous hard hitting articles and was so impressed I thought why not show this Brave Investigative Journalist some appreciation by making a donation through his paypal link.

    It won’t accept my deposit, I think his site must be broken.

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    • It gets my goat negative sums are forever being rejected by these donation sites.Whoever runs the internet needs to damn well sort it out.My Stanley faught in two world wars and for what?

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      • Appently F**K OFF is not a valid monetary donation either. What’s with these scammers.


  10. It would be nice to know how much Spivey makes in donations each month. The fine could be adjusted accordingly.

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    • I don’t understand why anyone would give a single penny to that man’s drivel. The only one I had a look through was the Jo Cox post and it went on forever and ever and ever.
      Utter nonsense.

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      • Not the expert at razor sharp insights is he? Starts with an attention grabbing headline, followed by some potty-mouth obscenities, argues the toss on the point for a while, then off the point for a while longer. Puts “humorous” captions onto press photos of grieving relatives, then uses his super software to “prove” that everyone in the news is actually someone else.

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        • The only bit that impressed me was the effort he put in to all the captions and use of the facial comparison software. Do you know what the name of the software? If it’s anything like the one’s I’ve seen online it bases a lot on the quality of photos facial expressions and very crude mapping of features. Like yes they both have a face pointing in the right direction, two eyes, a mouth and a nose and similiar skin tone.

          His logic is flawless though. Look here’s a very dark grainy photo of a bag, now here’s another picture in different lighting, look how it’s changed colour. Now look at how it is in shot on this picture, next from another angle it has vanished. Nothing to do with the lack of a timestamp on any of the pictures and they could be photos taken 10 minutes before or after.


  11. “Yet not only did she miss at least half of what went on, she certainly never once tried to speak to me, even after the verdict had been announced and likewise I never once saw her approach my barrister who at the end of the third day, bizarrely asked the judge to grant him press anonymity.”

    I can’t understand why any barrister would want to distance himself from such a fine and upstanding client…

    Falls down and rolls around on floor laughing
    I tell a fib

    Of course I can

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  12. Check out this disgusting comment from Kristie Sue’s “big cuddly teddy bear” Arfur:

    There really is nothing good you can say about this creepy little wanker, is there?


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