IPCC Appeal 2: What happens now?

This week we’ve been discussing the IPCC’s response letter to Ella Draper’s appeal of the first IPCC investigation of the September 2014 police investigation of the Hampstead SRA hoax. (Got all that?) The response letter was posted by several people, we’ve now discovered; the first known post dates back to 29 November 2016, but the hoax promoters and supporters have really made very little of this partial acceptance of Ella’s appeal, probably because it didn’t go the way they wanted it to.

For starters, the substance of the appeal acceptance letter can be boiled down to, “There is insufficient information for me to properly assess this…appeal”.

This is hardly the ringing indictment of the investigation that people like Kristie Sue Costa imagined when they set up their ill-conceived series of petitions, which, had they not been removed thanks to our readers’ efforts, would have tried to demand that the IPCC force a re-investigation of the case:


This, of course, would have been laughably unrealistic, as the IPCC states very clearly in all its publications that its role is not to re-open investigations and keep at them until the police arrive at the outcome the IPCC complainants want. In fact, they don’t re-open investigations at all; they merely look back over completed investigations to determine whether certain things could have been done better.

So sorry, Kristie Sue, but the partial appeal acceptance says nothing whatsoever about the reliability of Dr Hodes’ findings, which were neatly disposed of by Mrs Justice Pauffley during the fact-finding hearing in March 2015. It does mention that there are discrepancies in the police timeline concerning when those reports were received, but there is no issue taken with what the reports contained.

Sorry, tattoos are off-limits

As for the hoax promoters’ demands that “identifying marks and tattoos” on the falsely accused ought to have been investigated, the partial appeal acceptance letter states quite firmly that this is not at issue:

ipcc2-27-01-19-1The case manager states, “I understand that the officers had concerns about arresting a large number of suspects especially when various pieces of evidence provided by the children had proved to be incorrect or untrue”. So much for the hoaxers’ dreams of getting a chance to closely and carefully inspect the privates of a lot of innocent Hampstead residents. Not going to happen, sorry.

No search warrant at the church? Here’s why

Despite Angela Power-Disney’s imaginative claim that she spied blood on the floor of the church when she visited it, there has never been even the slightest speck of evidence that anything untoward happened in the church. However, that hasn’t stopped the hoax promoters from braying about search warrants and “proper searches”.

In the partial appeal acceptance letter, it’s clearly explained (again) why no warrant was required:

ipcc2-2017-01-19-2In the original IPCC investigation last spring, it was explained that the officers who conducted the search of the church discovered that the building was completely unlike anything described by the children, “on a structural basis rather than just fixtures and fittings alone”. In the opinion of Ms Alderson, the IPCC case manager, it is “understandable that a forensic team was not deployed given that your children’s accounts were undermined by the fact that the church did not and could not fit the description they had given”.

We don’t expect the hoax promoters to believe this, of course. It doesn’t fit with their dearly held belief that the church contains drawers full of baby skulls and a refrigerator full of baby leftovers (for sandwiches, one presumes).

The swimming pool allegations: Sunk without a trace

ipcc2-2017-01-19-3Another complaint addressed in the partial appeal acceptance letter is the fact that the children did not explicitly withdraw their allegations about the having been gang-raped in a cubicle at the Finchley lido. Anyone who has read the original IPCC report will recall that an officer went to the swimming baths and measured each area where abuse was alleged to have taken place. From this, it was “determined that it would not have been possible for the allegations to have been true”.

This is still the case if not all the alleged abusers were in the cubicle at the same time. In his statements about the pool, the little boy does state that there were 20 people in the cubicle at one time. Given the measurements of that room, and the fact that there is a gap between the top of the walls and the swimming pool deck beyond, which would have meant that anything taking place in the cubicle would be completely audible on the pool deck, Ms Alderson concludes that this abuse most likely did not happen.

Next steps

This partial appeal acceptance letter states that the IPCC will require that the MPS offer further clarification on a number of the points raised.

That’s it, that’s all. No re-opening of the case, no re-investigation.

Furthermore, once that has occurred, the IPCC is very clear that no further appeals will be accepted:

ipcc2-2017-01-19-4We do confess to stifling a giggle at the thought of the MPS contacting Abe and Ella directly to ask them about the actions they need to take; even more hilarious is the idea of Abe and/or Ella contacting the police directly to demand that they shake a leg and let them know what’s going on. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that conversation!

So that’s it then, really. Some parts of Ella’s appeal were accepted, a great many others were rejected, and aside from yet another report further clarifying matters, nothing of consequence will happen.

We do wonder why Ella and Abe were so insistent that this be pursued: surely their solicitor must have informed them of the potential outcome? At any rate, this does seem to help explain why they have been so silent of late. Even they can’t help but realise that this is the end of the road.


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  1. Sooo, Kristie Sue and the hoaxers were so pleased with this report that they effectively covered it up for two months! LOL. I wonder how much it upsets them now that that nice Mr. Coyote has published it, warts ‘n’ all. Kristie Sue’s desperate attempts to spin it in the hoaxers’ favour are hilarious 😀

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    • Yes, she’s doing the usual hoaxer thing of relying on a single sentence from the partial appeal acceptance—”I have decided to partially uphold your appeal because I do not agree with the findings of the investigation”—and hoping that no one bothers to delve too far into what, precisely, the case manager does not agree with about the findings of the investigation.

      (BTW, you might recall that last spring Kristie Sue was highly amused because she was convinced that the IPCC investigation report was not, in fact, the investigation report. She does seem a bit confused about what’s what, doesn’t she? Sometimes it’s hard to discern her genuine confusion from her disingenuous statements.)

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  2. We, the concerned citizens of the World, believe the children when they state categorically that they were violently coerced into lying to the police by their mother’s criminal boyfriend Abraham Christie.

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    • Yes indeed. The same children who stated categorically that they hated said criminal boyfriend Abraham Christie, and who also stated that they would not be willing to go back to live with their mother so long as said criminal boyfriend was still in the picture. “He’s the worst person I ever met”, said one child. Funny how the hoaxers tend to overlook that.

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  3. Any chance that that nice Mr. Christie will come running back to the UK to clear up all the points raised in the IPCC report and to rescue his children in a ‘Taken’ stylee? Should I hold my breath?

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  4. All Public Domain Information.









    Click to access 48ad7330f41f5917a270f099e4a74202.pdf

    Click to access c89b885868b9cda9fdc4198e52b76346.pdf

    Click to access f18301da472c26b0562f7b4a68fc5716.pdf

    Click to access 75ea1249ad51b6275e672a55c982e652.pdf

    Click to access 546bc471baaab6d0fd8bcd46e7bcd52f.pdf

    Click to access e0ea1673ab24165b80b64861520162d7.pdf






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  5. 😀 LOL, Kristie Sue’s anger over all this is palpable and as always, she’s resorting to slander, truth-twisting, lies and unfathomable “logic”:

    Someone did indeed post Neelu, Bellender and Sabine’s addresses earlier tonight on the thread she’s referring to (well, re-posted them – Neelu and Sabine published their own addresses in the first place, lol) but it’s clear for all to see that it wasn’t ol’ Spiny!

    But hey, we’re all Spiny, right? And all Ricky Dearman. I forgot that in amongst all the hoo-ha of being told (so far this week) that I am also Yannis, El Coyote (which I took as a compliment), “Ricky’s mate”, Julian Vaynes, Ghost of Sam (again, took it as a compliment), a journalist and an MI5 shill. Hey, I hope I’m getting paid for all this shape-shifting, Kristie Sue!

    And her “detective work” on why she thinks I’m Ricky Dearman still cracks me up 🙂

    By the way, does anyone know what IPCC report she’s referring to when she says that “Ella’s complaints are being re-investigated by the IPCC”? I must have missed that one – I was too busy reading the one above, which says (to borrow EC’s wording) no re-opening of the case and no re-investigation. Silly me.

    And as to why she thinks Kane Slater’s video is by me is anybody’s guess. LOL

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and and politely disagree with Kristie Sue and ask her to provide evidence of her extremely serious allegations against innocent members of the community. Or, as she calls it, subject her to “MAJOR harassment”…

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      • Angela wanted to blame you Sheva because she feels threatened by your decades of experience, over her 2 years of pure fantasy.

        She simply didn’t like someone that she knows is far, far more knowledgeable than she will ever be threatening her self imposed position.

        Kristie Sue also knows Angela is bullshitting about this Ella tape.

        As usual Power-Disney is trying to divert from herself, just like she has now introduced Tracey Morris into the frame to push the fantasy tape to try and dilute her lies.

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    • @Spiny, LOL! They’re all going nuts out there. I’ve seen KSC all over the comment threads trying to spin her crazy narrative. The IPCC isn’t responsible for getting a re-investigation started.

      Good luck to Ella or any legal time who are crazy to work for her getting the Police to do a re-investigation. LOLOLOL!!!!

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      • Oops. I was on this old thread as I was reading through on the IPCC report for comment purposes.
        My above comment relates to today though.

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      • No, the silly cow has absolutely no idea what the IPCC does. We’ve tried to explain but perhaps we used too many big words. Might need to call in our Merkin translation team.


  6. Interesting how she feels free to support hoaxers who post names, addresses, phone numbers, and email contacts for families with children in Hampstead. But mention her details and it’s all-out hissy fit time.

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  7. #BAM

    This is on his back-up account, by the way. He’s on a ban from the other one due to the post we reported a few days ago, hehe 😀

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  8. Glad to see Facebook finally starting to cull people like him
    Glad I no longer live near him, gladly people like him are a very small minority in Oz

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  9. That would do her a real favour.Angie being deprived of some of the entitlements she takes for granted will help prepare her for the day a heavy door slams behind her.Sterling work Sooper.

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  10. Maybe Kristie Sue could start a petition demanding that the UK authorities do more to locate an extradite the prime suspects in this case, Abe and Ella. That would keep an investigation going.

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  11. Did someone say that Ella had given the children enemas? Ella said this, or did the kids say this?
    Enemas, pee-drinking, eating/drinking processed marijuana…I’m thinking we’ve got almost the entire catalog of quack 19th century health fads, ala the Kellogg clinics. Can we assume the two missing elements? The alleged benefits of nudism/nude sunbathing, (which would have given the kids detailed knowledge of adult naked bodies), and self-stimulation via sex toys, (the kids would have found ‘plastic willies’ among Ella’s posessions) – ?

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    • I suspect those children were being exposed to a lot of things that were inappropriate for their age whilst Abraham was living with Ella. I imagine it wasn’t just the evident malnutrition they suffered that was remarked upon at school. Of course Abraham just decided to turn everything around and get the kids to project all the violence and prevention that he brought to the home onto the people who had actually been doing their best to help them. Immature and vindictive behaviour, exacerbated by being off his head on various substances most of the time.

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      • Yes, I remember that as well, Sheva. Abe seemed to think it was perfectly fine to “break the kids down” in order to drag information out of them…but he didn’t coach them, oh no!

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  12. Why is that often those that claim to know the Troof turn out to be some of the dumbest people incapable of doing proper research, simple fact checking, having an open and free discussion or even investigating all angles?

    The problem is that these people then ruin the credibilty of REAL Cases and scandals.
    For example the MKULTRA obsession. MKULTRA and various other similar projects carried out by the CIA actually happened, the CIA were forced to release some of the documents due to all the court cases, a lot of them from Canadian Citizens. Yes they did use biological, chemical, psychological, and trauma based techniques to alter behaviour and psychological patterns of an individual, but this does not mean that every Hollywood Celebrity, Pop Singer, Politician and suspicious activity known to man is down to MK ULTRA.

    MPD/DID (Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissasociate Identity Disorder) which is said to be down to victims experiencing extreme trauma in early life. The Mind can only take so much, and as a form of escape the person creates separate personalities. Now this is hard to prove and doesn’t mean every case has anything to do with secret government experiments and can be related to other mental illnesses. It is all to easy to claim to be a Mind Control Victim and also difficult to prove in real cases. I don’t believe for a second that when the CIA got a slap on the wrist, admitted to destroying or not releasing most of the documents did they suddenly decide to stop. You can read about this on the CIA’s Official Website if you so choose to look into this.

    Now to REAL cases of Government, Military, and International widespread abuse of children, Human sex trafficking I recommend a few excellent books which I have if anyone wants to read more.

    NONE of these are Conspiracy Theories.

    “A CRIME SO MONSTROUS” by Benjamin Skinner – Which goes into human slavery and the sale of children from Haiti and other poor and developing countries wracked with corruption, poverty and preyed upon by Wealthy Nations.

    “For our purposes, let’s say that the center of the moral universe is in Room S-3800 of the UN Secretariat, Manhattan. From here, you are some five hours from being able to negotiate the sale, in broad daylight, of a healthy boy or girl. Your slave will come in any color you like, as Henry Ford said, as long as it’s black. Maximum age: fifteen. He or she can be used for anything. Sex or domestic labor are the most frequent uses, but it’s up to you.”

    “I didn’t make up these descriptions and conversations, though they read like a perverted travel tale. They were recorded in October 2005 in Haiti, and like slavery itself, they can only be absorbed if you think of them at a distance. But in Haiti as elsewhere, a slave is no metaphor.”

    “IN PLAIN SIGHT – The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile” by Dan Davies, an incredible book from a man who kept a dossier on Savile growing up and got to interview the man extensively.

    “Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile, OBE; Knight of Malta, Knight of the Vatican, ‘Special’ Friend of Israel; Honorary Royal Marines Green Beret, Honorary Doctor of Law and Honorary Assistant Entertainment Officer at Broadmoor maximum security psychiatric hospital; miner, scrap metal merchant, inventor of the disco; racing cyclist, wrestler and marathon runner; pop Svengali, radio DJ and Top of the Pops presenter; charity fund-raiser, highly paid business consultant, hospital administrator; confidant of prime ministers and princes. Most famously, though, Jimmy Savile – fixer of things.
    There was so much I wanted to ask him even though I was already familiar with many of his stories thanks to the steady growth of my Savile Dossier. What I really wanted to find out, though – over and beyond whether he genuinely hated children, why he never married and if his relentless charity work was a bid for atonement for some awful sin in his past – was where the border existed between the public persona and the private man. The latter appeared to be someone few, if anyone, really knew.

    In other words, what or who lay beneath the shell suit, the jewellery and the cigar smoke? And where better to start than at the beginning.”

    “THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL” – by Nick Bryant. The most comprehensive and upto date Investigations into the Pedophile Rings Operated by Lawrence King’s Franklin Credit Union a 40 Million dollar Scam that was a front for child sex abuse and blackmail of Politicians, Law Enforcement, Journalists, and Government elites in Washington DC. King got children wherever he could, from those that fall through the cracks of the care system (Children that have being in the care system at some point are many times over more likely to have suffered abuse)that end up on the streets, children in foster care and also Boys Town. Involves corruption and cover ups by not only the courts at every level but also the CIA, FBI and Media.
    Yorkshire Television made a documentary about the scandal for the Discovery Channel that was never aired. The English TV Station was made the money and all copies were ordered to be destroyed. Former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson (RIP) was sent a copy anonymously which he released.

    After making contact over the 7 years of researching Bryant did for his book he made several contacts in Law Enforcement and intelligence Agencies and after recieving the sealed Grand Jury Court Documents, researching the claims that Johnny Gosch is Jeff Gannon made by the Mother Noreen Gosch and encouraged by Gunderson, Bryant has recently claimed Gunderson was either dillusional, a disinformation agent or both.

    Nick Bryant was the man who got hold of the Epstein Flight logs and the infamous Little Black Book.

    Conspiracy of Silence – Yorkshire Television Documentary about the Franklin Scandal that I think everyone who hasn’t seen it, needs to watch at least once in their life if they have an interest in how these networks get away with operating at the highest level.

    (For a Bit of a back story – The Only Conspiracy Theorist included)
    Interview with Ted Gunderson ex FBI Agent who in his own words after retiring became a “Magnet” for cases involving Satanic Abuse. I respect Gunderson but I think he is a key player in the Satanic Panic Movement. https://youtu.be/oWOhbAvCiIc

    “The Dutroux Affair” Documents concerning one of the most shocking Pedophile rings. Operated in Belgium and has all the hallmarks of ineptitude and corruption of authorities on a staggerering level.

    “An Open Secret” – Truely moving and excellent documentary on Young actors that were abused at the hands of Pedophiles in Hollywood. Very sad, but essential viewing.

    A site with a good rundown and timeline of previous scandals and arrests.
    “The Deep Back Story to the Worldwide Pedophilia Ring”

    Last but definately not least, evidence of a man clearly obsessed with Mind Control techniques who implemented this unnatural disorder to torture other peoples children.
    Displays so many traces of abusive and controlling behaviour it is what horror films are made of.

    This clip from the same video demonstrates the same point, I believe:


    • You seem sincere, so I will strive to be polite.
      There is no naivete about CSA related issues here.
      There are levels of depth, to researching these issues. You may believe that your understanding of them is quite thorough – would you be willing to challenge that assumption? Could you accept that you might still have more to learn?

      Your choices of “cases” to highlight, may say something about you, and you may not realize this.
      There certainly have been many instances, in the UK, in North America, in Europe, where several adults “conspired” to sexually exploit-abuse children in various ways – over the past 100-150 years. Generally speaking, the “cases” that have outspoken self-professed “survivors” seeking to publicize their life history, are the ones that are LEAST believable or most problematic.

      You can find many historic CSA “conspiracies” through this database:

      You didn’t choose to highlight any of the police operations listed in it. Can I ask why? Do you know why?

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      • Thanks for the link. There are so many cases of abuse that don’t get much publicity or are only mentioned because they feature people in the public eye. I should of made it clear I was talking to people who come here who believe in the Hampstead cover up and these are examples of highly publicized case that they have being specifically using in reference to both Hampstead and Pizzagate.

        You don’t need to be polite, thank you for pointing out things I did not cover. The one’s I posted are entry level ones that appeal to the casual and may make them look into court documents and less popular cases.

        Most of the court documents and information I have looked into are American based but if you have some good links I am interested in learning more. The main ones I know a little about in the UK, Ireland and islands around there are the care home scandals in North Wales, Jersey, Ireland, Thatchers Government and PIE, The Australian scandal Bindoon where thousands of British children were sent across.

        Project Spade in America, the Bosnian scandals involving PMC’s covered in “Outsourcing War and Peace”, Eastern European, The UNited Nations acceptance of NAMBLA back in 1993, Kinseys sex studies, The FBI stinger operations on Boy lover groups, Children of God/Family International cult.

        The ones on this site which is somewhat sensationalist covers some UK scandals I have looked a bit into. http://whale.to/b/pedophilism_h.html

        Maybe it does say I don’t know about a lot of scandals but then again neither do most people. I’m not claiming to be any kind of expert on this subject, I just know how misinformation can be clung to be conspiracy theorists and repeated in circle jerks of blogs and forums all quoting each other.

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      • I understand what you are both getting at but there is a reason any child abuse on a large enough scale is able to operate and get away with it for long enough. Criminal organisations have to be funded and also protected by someone or something and just like drug dealers or low level criminals those higher up the ladder often get away unscathed or have better lawyers and bank accounts to make it go away.

        Exactly the same as the mafia where law enforcement struggle to make any charges stick on the crime bosses.

        Take that Project Spade mentioned, nearly 400 children rescued, around 350 arrests covering 50 countries in a multi million dollar enterprise. This had to be funded and very well protected. Teachers, doctors, police officers, clergy arrested.

        Take the hollywood one posted and the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) they had massive donations of millions of dollars from some very well know investors funding the enterprise which was bound to fail due to production costs and the lack of internet connections speeds required to watch there online tv network.

        The rich pedophiles can afford to get someone else to procure children whilst they stay at arms length. Same with the many care home abuse cases, the have to be protected to operate without getting caught for sometimes even decades because as soon as any victims complain they are ignored or punished as the organisations do not want to lose the funding of these famous and wealthy donors.

        If people want to truly stop this there needs to be a no nonsense attitude and accountability at the very top. Once this happens there will be less cover ups and hopefully they will have to lead by example.


    • I’m pretty good with this IT stuff and can quite easily point her to the GO AWAY function. It involves turning off her laptop, y’know – the one that keeps getting stolen, lost, broken.

      I can even tell her where to stick her Memory sticks and her Amazon Wishlist.

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      • 16 gigs? LOL I remember that that seemed like so much storage!
        And yes, I’ve never seen anyone as accomplished as APD when it comes to having things mysteriously lost, stolen, or vapourised by the Illuminati. She’s definitely in a class of her own.

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        • If she is running her operating system and storing all the videos and bullshit she makes on her Memory stick then 16GB isn’t really that much compared to a modern PC or Laptop hardrive. I imagine she saves the Sooper top secret files on the memory stick so when she moves to Lanzarote she can continue her VERY important work exposing the satanic illuminati freemason devil worshipping cults she seems so attracted to.

          No point focusing on regular child abuse cases that people don’t know about and won’t donate money for her to “campaign” for. She’s doing god’s work remember.


  13. This is how Conspiracy Theories work.

    HOLY SHIT!!! I Think I Just Found The SMOKING GUN in The Hampstead Cover Up!!!



    Conspirator’s in the Real Hampstead Cover-up and framing of the Father.

    Abraham Jemal Christie

    Ella Draper-Gareeva

    Angela Power-Disney

    Kristie Sue Costa

    Have you noticed how all the main Hoaxers Have Three Word Names? Three is the about of sides on a Triangle! Guess who likes to use triangles as Symbology? You guessed it the Freemasons and Illuminati!

    Now let’s look at their names! Abraham is a biblical name, and CHRISTie. dRAPER is very suspicious and points towards RAPE.

    ANGELa, Luccifer was a fallen angel, Power-The Dominating force (MK ULTRA/SATAN), DISNEY, well we all now by now Disney was a massive racist and also hid subliminal images in his movies that were pornographic and suggestive. Clearly not this persons real name, so why did they choose this? well it appeals to children!

    Now KRISTie another version of Christ, Sue means to profit from someone else, and Costa is Mafia organised Italian Crime Mob. Costa Del Sol is also a haven for British criminals.

    But that’s not all. Oh No, there’s much more, much, much more!

    Let’s look at Abraham Christie the main suspect in the case. Mr Christie has been proven in the Medical Documents as a child abuser, by the two children as Child torturers, named in the Court Documents as an evil man and abuser of kids, and widely reported in the Media for the same think.

    He owned a company called Hempstar Dynamics and also fed this to the children as shown in hair samples taken from the two kids. They even call him “Papa Hemp” in the videos a name that he made them call them even after only knowing them for three (Illuminati) months before he began his spree of Torture, abuse, sadism often beating the children bad enough to give one child a perforated ear-drum. He also woke them up at all hours, drugged them, beat them with ladles, threw them up against the wall and controlled their minds by making them repeat his warped tales of satanic sexual abuse, baby killing, child sex, agressive verbal slurs and bulling even calling one child a C-Word.

    Now where have I heard these sort of things before? sounds very familar doesn’t it? That’s right the MK Ultra and various other Mind Control projects operated by the CIA who got these techniques from Nazi war criminals like Joseph Menegle (sp?) brought over to America after WW2 in Operation Paperclip. The Nazi doctors were well known for their cruel and vile torture experiments on Jewish Concentration camp victims. Guess who else hates the Jews? That’s right the Hampstead cover up suspects named above.

    MKUltra victims often claim the have received the same types of sexual abuse Christie talks about, they also used psychological, physical and drugged the victims so they could shatter their Mind to learn codes words and repeat tasks. Some of these people became Data banks for the CIA whereby they could recall incredible amounts of information at the drop of a hat. Sounds just like the Hampstead videos, right.

    So now we know Abraham is obsessed with MK Ultra and knows much of this world. Clearly he is a handler for the victims of Mind Control and uses this torture and abuse for POWER and to command his victims.

    Now let’s move onto ANGELA who is admittedly in her own words a Mind Control victim. Is Abraham her handler, and uses his POWER through subliminal message encoded in DISNEY movies and images of CHRISTie and CHRIST have proven to be a method used by MK ULTRA CIA Operatives. Now we know Angela is very religious and often talks about God in her many videos dedicated to him. ABRAHAM was one of Gods sons and she clearly sees him as a leader and CHRISTie like figure. She also reports often misplacing Laptops and various other items which must be when she loses track of time during change in personalities triggered by watching the DISNEY channel, when blacked out she resorts to her alternate personality which is little more than a scamming bitch.

    Another thing that is very telling is that she constanly complains of being under surveillance, many MK ULTRA victims talk of this as the CIA handlers monitor them constantly and are never far from their Muse. Now this poor lady has moved around a lot and has lots of different timelines to her life as shown in her Education, location and job descriptions. Some of these are impossible as they overlap and have been proven to not fit with History such as the O2 Academy which wasn’t built when she says she was there. Another good example and damning evidence is her believe in Lanzarote not having an extradition treaty with the UK, in her other dimension Lanzarote was actually a separate state created in 1939 to provide a neutral safe haven for those who didn’t want to go to war.

    I believe she may be in a time loop or experience alternate dimensions through her multiple personalities, often incorrect memories are inserted by the handler to confuse the victims of trauma based mind control. One of her alters spends a lot of time watching and reading about this in order to understand these problems but doesn’t realise by watching the Videos and listening to Christie’s voice and looking at the images actually triggered this fragmented psyche and can and will bring on other personalities that enable her to do his bidding.

    It’s sad that she doesn’t realise this and she is essentially his victim and puppeteer to try and get him off his crimes.


    PLEASE SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE YOU CAN SHE NEEDS TO KNOW. Everytime she gets triggered her orignal personality slips further and further away from her until soon it will disappear completely.

    On a lighter note Mind Control based trauma is very popular in Ireland, how else can you explain Jedward?

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  14. Well, I don’t know too much about MK Ultra or mind control or Jedward, but I do agree that there is a high degree of antisemitism and hatred among this group of conspirators. So perhaps choice of a North London community is no accident. And whether controlled by Christie, another or not, it’s clear the core group of perps are connected and organised – Hoaxtead has been ‘joining the dots’ for some time and any insight on the original planning of this hoax would be of interest.

    I completely fail to understand – given it’s widely evidenced in court and legal documents that certainly Christie (and likely Draper) are child abusers and likely a danger to others – are not actively being sought by the police. And why on earth are all these public bodies – IPCC and the like indulging them.


  15. @wanqsteadtokerzajchateskids –

    I’ve been researching the issues, topics & cases that interest you, for 30 years.
    In the early days, circa late 1980’s – early 1990’s, I worked with local and national police investigators through something called The Integrated Intelligence Unit. These were senior detectives, whose job was to gather information, verify it, analyze it and communicate it to the front-line police officers involved in active investigations.

    The blog linked below, is where you should begin your education in the truth about all of these matters. The information you will find there represents research at a significantly deeper level than what you have been exposed to:

    Your understanding about much of what you posted, is a bit confused. I’ll give you a crash-course, by correcting some of your misunderstandings. No offense intended.

    There were no MKUltra projects involving the creation of mind controlled drug mules, pornography models, sex slaves, or assassins. No MKUltra projects involved the forcible creation of multiple personalities, not through trauma nor through any other alleged means. All of the documented, acknowledged and compensated, victims of MKUltra experimentations were adults at the time of their unwitting involvement and none were made to participate in violent, criminal or sexual activities.

    MPD/DID ‘patients’ do not have alternate persons/personalities (“alters”) sharing their body with them. It is not true that children who experience intense trauma, “split off” new personalities as a coping mechanism. In fact, that is impossible. So-called Alters are co-created by a therapist and their patient at the time of “treatment”, and are a delusional mental game process that they both agree to invest belief in.

    There is no credible evidence that Jimmy Savile was involved in any pedophile rings.


    “…the Pedophile Rings Operated by Lawrence King’s Franklin Credit Union a 40 Million dollar Scam that was a front for child sex abuse and blackmail of Politicians, Law Enforcement, Journalists, and Government elites in Washington DC. King got children wherever he could, from those that fall through the cracks of the care system (Children that have being in the care system at some point are many times over more likely to have suffered abuse)that end up on the streets, children in foster care and also Boys Town. Involves corruption and cover ups by not only the courts at every level but also the CIA, FBI and Media…”

    is 95% falsehood, rumor and urban legend. That IS a conspiracy theory, and one that has been used to promote false accusation of SRA and fraudulent belief in SRA.

    “Conspiracy of Silence” was Tim Tate’s attempt to make a documentary about the imaginary Franklin ring. It was never aired, because it contains innumerable slanderous & defamatory accusations, which the producers couldn’t provide any documentation to support.

    “The Dutroux Affair” is another infamous web of conspiracy theories, and again is used to promote unfounded fears of & belief in SRA. One of the most prolific disseminators of these conspiranoid falsehoods was eventually convicted of sexually abusing child relatives and possessing a massive hoard of child sexual abuse images.

    The “whale/b/” site is ALL ABOUT promoting unfounded belief in SRA and other paranoid conspiracy theories. It was run by a notorious fantasist, internet stalker, and paranoid conspiracy theorist. Everything on it is saturated with fantasies and falsehoods.

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    • Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences and pointing me in the right direction. As my other account password got lost probably Illuminati, I will come clean about the point of my waffling about MKULTRA and conspiracy theories.

      These are not things I personally believe in, these are things THEY, and by they I mean conspiracy theorist and people pushing the Hampstead Cover Up Agenda. The whole point was to post information for those people coming here that don’t believe in Facts and common sense, not for people who know what they’re talking about like yourself.

      My first experience of Hampstead came a couple of years back (probably when the videos were leaked) from someone posting youtube links on a sports themed off-topic forum. I viewed one of the short video’s and could tell like anyone who has more than 2 braincells to rub together that the prompting, coaching and sheer enthusiasm of all involved did not ring true to a real case of abuse. Not only were those videos vile and implausabile in content in reeked of genuine abuse by those filming with alterior motives.

      This did not correspond with my own personal experiences of my sister going through an abuse case that included other older girls as well. The last thing you want to do is talk about and be filmed re-living sexual abuse let alone going into lurid detail. I know how this can actually change a persons who personality, outlook on life and even down to the people they hang around with and the way they dress.

      I gave the Hampstead case no thought again as it was obviously not real in any way, noone else believed it on that Sports forum either. I forgot about it until recently reading into the Wikileaks and Clinton corruption and this case was being posted about again.

      Pointing out to people the obvious bullshit didn’t go down very well and they kept asking for sources and me to explain beyond my own personal opinions on the videos, I think the phrase was “scars don’t lie”. There whole opinion is based on the videos and doctors initial assessment. So I looked into the newspaper articles and also looked at the court documents and the timeline of the events involving the boyfriend coming into the childrens life and less than 2 months later he is being aggressive on school ground with the children. Social services have been involved before with the mother on several occasions and she admitted to needing help. Three months in, post-Christie’s arrival and he’s telling his brother in law the children are part of some Satanic Cult and that they will be ready soon. He then takes them to Morocco for a month in which at the airport and on the plane he records more prompted and coerced videos.

      The Interviews occur and as soon as the boyfriend is out of the picture the children feeler safer and come clean that he is behind it all through horrendous physical and mental abuse. In this part they are much more relaxed and natural they are not in a panic and hurry to get everything out as quick as possible. Most of the police interviews are of them of describing houses and interiors that they would have extensive knowledge of from having gone to the school and just general layouts of homes they have lived in or visited. The Satanic stuff is completely ridiculous and the claims that every teacher, every member of staff and all the people that the mother had greivences with such as the father, teachers, police, social services are said to be involved. every school in the area is involved and it is all some massive area of Satanic abuse. Funny that the mother chose herself to move their and chose the school, bit of a coincidence SHE picked one that was part of the fathers Cult.

      The other doctor looked at police photos and concluded any abuse that had taken place was inconclusive, if it had happened it was recent which points at the boyfriend as the father only saw them every 2 weeks for 4 hours if at all and they had been away for the past month. The father hadn’t seen them for 3 months iirc.

      The original doctors motives are very suspicious as she wanted repeated examinations even before a panel and using reflex dilation techniques that were used incorrectly in past satanic child abuse cases. She looked in my opinion to want to make a name for herself as one who uncovered some mass satanic cult.

      I came here to find out a bit more and get some evidence as practically every other websearch just comes up with blogs, websites, forums, video channels, social media accounts all quoting the same bullshit and each other.

      Anyway please correct me if I have got some parts of the case wrong as I was working on a timeline from the reports a while ago then thought why bother the Cult of Hampstead Troofers don’t care about child abuse and facts just cherry picked parts, they believe the courts are covering up, the police are covering up, the media are covering up and so on.

      Just look at whats more plausible a mother with a history of child neglect and a custody battle where the farther has recently been allowed to see them, an untrustworthy boyfriend who comes on the scene with a history of abuse and drug problems, and Hampstead in Born soon after.

      Is the father coming to the school everyday for sex with them and many other members where they sacrifice babies, hoslding parties every night of the week with hundreds of teachers and staff members involved in a normal sized house in a residential area?
      Or is it the nutcase who has just come into their life who can tell over skype by the sound of the fathers voice he is a pedophile? And the Car parked in the drive, the Jaguar they describe as belonging to the teachers and the house where he and other abuse them sounds exactly like their own Jaguar in the mothers driveway.

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