Sabine’s ongoing battle with her landlord

We all know that Sabine McNeill has more than a passing acquaintance with the UK courts: magistrates, Crown, and High Courts, criminal and family. You name the court, she’s been there, either as a litigant, a defendant, or a McKenzie friend. But we recently learned that Sabine’s love of all things legal extends even into the Central London County Court, where she’s been a regular since the mid-1990s.

Here’s a judgement against Sabine, dating back nearly 23 years—apparently for non-payment of rent:sabine-rent-arrears-1994-03-07

Yes, she was living on Goldhurst Terrace even then. Her landlord, Mr John Hunt, was represented by his solicitor, while Sabine apparently defended herself, to no avail. The judge declared that Sabine owed Mr Hunt £2,538.93. But this was only the beginning.

sabine-arrears-judgement-2013-06-10According to this judgement, rendered on 6 October 2013, Mr Hunt (operating under the name of his small house rental business, Winstonworth Limited) was granted permission to enforce the 1994 judgement! In other words, Sabine had somehow managed to avoid paying that original court-ordered payment for nine full years.

Ah, but that is not all. Not by a long shot.

sabine-rent-arrears-third-party-debt-order-2013-11-26By November 2013, the case had become a bit more complex: Lloyds Bank had joined the fray. And the sum was creeping upward: from the original debt of £2,538.93, it had grown to £3,681.43.

You’d think that this growing debt might persuade Sabine to just pay up and have done with it. You would be wrong.

In typical Sabine fashion, she began launching appeals…

sabine-rent-arrears-appeal-judgement-2015-04-29…and in typical Sabine fashion, those appeals kept crashing and burning.

Does this wording sound familiar?

  1. The Application is totally without merit and is dismissed.

  2. Permission to Appeal in respect of the First Appeal is refused and First Appeal is found to be totally without merit.

  3. Permission to Appeal in respect of the Second Appeal is refused.

  4. Upon the Defendant having issued two applications held to be totally without merit, the Defendant be subject to a limited civil restraint order in the terms attached.

That’s a whole lot of “totally without merit”.

By the way, a limited civil restraint order is generally issued when a person just. Will. Not. Stop. Making. Appeals.

limited-civil-restraint-orderThis is only a small taste of the court documents that tell the story of a woman utterly determined that she should not have to live by the rules that govern everybody else. Sabine has always had various sources of income, including social benefits from her Council and a stipend from Belinda McKenzie, yet she has managed to avoid paying her landlord the money she owes him, for well over 23 years now. She continues to enjoy tenancy in a very nice flat in a very nice neighbourhood, despite this ongoing dispute.

All of this makes us wonder: Sabine complains of “harassment” which she believes comes from the Hampstead community. She claims that this alleged “harassment” has damaged her relationship with her landlord…but somehow fails to mention that her landlord has carried a debt for her since the mid-1990s, and has seemingly been unable to pry her out of her tenancy. Hardly surprising that the man hoped he might be able to leverage Sabine’s fleeing from the law in 2015 as a golden opportunity to turf his obstreperous tenant.

We wish him better luck next time round.



109 thoughts on “Sabine’s ongoing battle with her landlord

    • That’s a really good question. My guess is that whenever he starts eviction proceedings, she takes it to court and launches appeal after appeal. But I don’t have the particulars of that.


  1. Pseudo-legalistic jibber-jabber & bibble-babble is the secret Master Cheat Code for all aspect of life!
    [singing] “This I know, for Kevin Annett tells me so…”

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  2. I thought the only sure way to get the tenant out of your property was to say you needed to live in the property yourself.

    I know the landlord wants his money but if it was me I’d forsake that and get the problem tenant gone.

    Maybe as she has lived there so long the law is different, I’m not sure.

    Why haven’t the bailiffs been around to seize her goods to be sold in lieu of the money owed.

    Sabine is one pain in the neck.

    Why can’t she bog off and live in one of Belinda’s rooms/flats?

    Sabine and Angela have a lot in common.

    They are both attention seeking, spoilt brats, who take the piss and want everyone else to pay for them.

    The landlord needs to keep pursuing this.

    Sabine will always have somewhere to live, with all her disabilities I’m sure the local Council will find her a nice Older Persons Sheltered Accommodation Flat with a shared bathroom.

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    • I have to point out that the Pope is no longer Gods representative on Earth, that position has now been taken up by Alexander Meadors. This is not in dispute as she has the Emails from Prime Creator to prove it.

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      • Oh! You mean AlexandRA Meandors 🙂
        Hmm…that’s not what Goddess looked like when I met her decades ago, in a psychedelic haze. Actually, She was a rather rotund Black Woman. She told me that She was also a lesbian, and a Jew, by the way…

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  4. Interesting –
    “Michael Dugher, the Labour MP and former shadow culture secretary, has already launched an inquiry for his party into how “false” news stories circulate online.
    He recently wrote: “The only people who have anything to fear from this inquiry are those who are deliberately spreading stories they know to be untrue or those who are turning a blind eye to it.
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    An inquiry into “fake news” is set to be launched by an influential cross-party committee of MPs within months amid fears the phenomenon is undermining democracy.

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    • It is undermining democracy, as it’s impossible for most citizens to tell what’s real and what’s fake, at least at first glance. Fake news both relies upon, and begets, ignorance—and that’s antithetical to democratic rule.

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  5. It would be interesting to see what the latest record is with regards CCJ’s against McNeill.

    Don’t forget but it has to be an exact match to the spelling of the name.

    Its possible for anyone to search a persons record for County Court Judgments using the Government website:

    I must admit the 9 year old debt seems rather strange – normally such a debt is regarded as “time expired” six years after the date of judgment

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    • Yes, it struck us as peculiar as well. Amazing that this thing has been allowed to drag on…but it seems that’s what Sabine and her friends rely upon in the courts: just keep appealing and foot-dragging, and win by attrition.


      • The very same courts they claim are ruled by the Freemason Satanist Rothschild Baby Eaters. When they win they boast about it but when they lose it’s the corruption in the courts.

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      • Can also be a trick (one of the oldest in the book) used by defendants / grifters to render court documents invalid. Change a letter in your name on an official form in the old days before computers and the ‘mistake’ continued down the line and you became a different person.

        Ask Angie, I’m sure she has read the book.

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        • Another fact I have recently discovered after pursing an Irish citizen giving pals in Oz hell: still in the UK changing your name officially is just a matter of filling in a affidavit and having it witnessed at the local town hall and that document is all that’s needed to change your name on bank accounts, driving license etc so you can build a new identity within the month.

          But uniquely unlike any other country- no records are kept of the name change. I am amazed the government hasn’t realised this.

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  6. Article on time limits for enforcing Judgment (Remember McNeill was resident during the six years after the judgment was made):

    Litigation Solicitor, Roger Cheves, looks at time limits governing enforcement of court judgments

    It is a common misconception that if you have obtained a court judgment for payment to you of money, you are home and dry and can take your time over enforcing the order. Not so; there is a little-known rule in the Limitation Act 1980 which requires that money judgments must be enforced within six years of being awarded. There is, additionally, a further twist to the story. Logic (and when has that ever had anything to do with the law?) suggests that there is nothing further the judgment creditor can do to enforce the debt beyond that time period; but that’s not necessarily the case.

    S.24 of the same Act states that:

    An action shall not be brought upon any judgment after the expiration of six years from the date on which the judgment became enforceable
    No arrears of interest in respect of any judgment debt shall de recovered after the expiration of six years from the date on which the interest became due.
    All well and good so far, but then the courts had a further look at the subject and in a case called Lowsley v Forbes the House of Lords added a further dimension. This was a case where the claimant wished to enforce the judgment 11 ½ years after the date the judgment was given, when the defendant returned to the country, having left, it was alleged, in order to avoid the effects of the judgment.

    Their Lordships ruled that the legislation prevented the claimants from starting a fresh action, but that execution of the existing judgment did not count as a fresh action. Therefore the claimants were able to take enforcement action. It was crucial to this case that the claimants did not know the defendant’s whereabouts and they were not aware of the location of any of his assets. Had they been in possession of such information, it is unlikely that the court would have permitted them to pursue the matter after such a long time.

    The court did rule that, notwithstanding, the limit of being able to claim only six years’ interest did still apply.

    Permission will be required from the Court to attempt to enforce after 6 years have passed and the Court is likely to enquire carefully into the reason why there has been such a delay before making its decision.

    The defendant may also challenge the enforcement on the basis of delay. He will have to provide compelling evidence of the extent of prejudice to him as a result of the delay.

    In summary, there are cases where a judgment can still be enforced beyond the six year period. It would be unwise, however, to delay and action to enforce a judgment should be taken as soon as it becomes possible to do so in order to increase the chances of success.

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    • Yes if you can avoid a judgement for long enough – I think it might be 12 years if the judgement was in favour of money paid to a government body then it becomes a losing battle to enforce it and too costly if it’s against a ‘man/woman of straw’.

      My pal the former PI who reads this column regularly and had a side business serving summons & debt collecting always used to update me on the amount at which a creditor will cut off action to avoid further costs and considering it then became a tax deduction.

      But I can’t understand how she can avoid a debt to her landlord. If she’s a protected tenant I’m surprise he hasn’t offered a sum to live. On 2017 prices I reckon she would get at least £50K but the landlord may be hoping nature takes it’s course given her age,

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  7. I would say Sabine is a protected tenant under older laws- whereby if she had two consecutive leases she was able to apply to be a protected tenant and the courts are very reluctant to remove a protected tenant.

    Landlords of course know that if they could remove the dreadful welfare leach (google street view and you will see it’s not only a lovely neighborhood but a nice old style mansion flat building) her flat would be in the million pound range on the open market.

    Most people under those sort of leases go out of their way to avoid getting in arrears but not the Moaning Minnie Sabine O’Neill who insults and defames the neighborhood that hosts her and accuses the inhabitants of vile crimes against their children.

    I should think there would be queue of people to toss a brick through her window or abuse her at the bus-stop (not that I approve).
    Considering what she has dished out to those who live around her she’s gotten off lightly.

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    • If the Tenancy is Pre 1989 it will be a Regulated Tenancy with a registered rent. There are very limited mandatory grounds for possession which are unlikely to apply here.

      With the more common nowadays Assured/Assured tenancy rent arrears can be a mandatory ground for eviction, under Regulated Tenancy it is at the discretion of a judge.

      I bet the Landlord would love to see the back of her.

      Interesting that they are looking for a third party debt order, they must believe she has assets.

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  8. Surely its time for Sabine to gift humankind with her memoirs entitled “Totally without merit” an entirely unwholesome mis-adventure of a scummy existence spent skimming and scamming.

    She may even reach an audience up there with CCN in the heady heights of low double figures.

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  9. Angela is a spoilt brat, seeking attention.

    Complains of neglect by her parents in that video when she was in her 50s and the Mum and Dad were at least in their 70s. Jeez…

    Probably stems from being part of the Irish twin scenario and being the middle sister of 5 girls.

    She just wasn’t special enough.

    Well shame that Angela, stop wallowing and get over it…

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  10. Speaking of which, I was scouring her old posts for things to report (I’m still determined to get her closed down), when I came across these. Are they in any way useful or revealing?:

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  11. I’m not cheering on Sinead too much yet, though – I’m 18 minutes in and still trying to work out whether she’s an anti-Semite or not. Plus she said something near the start that hinted she may be a Holocaust denier.

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  12. The post below was made by Sabine McNeill in December 2013 – seems the bailiffs probably did get what was owed at that dare (or at least part of it)

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    • Must have been a partial payment, as some of the court documents we found are dated after this post.

      How interesting that Sabine was also “victimised” by her former employers at CERN–sounds like they disputed her workplace injury claims.


      • Sabine is always the victim of something and never admits that she is being treated in a certain way because of something she has done. She’s always the poor innocent party in her mind and never takes any responsiblity for what she does.

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      • EC – In the UK a partial payment does not satisfy a Court order – so there is no need to reapply for another order for the missing part of what is due. Enforcement is surprisingly easy if the debt is greater than £600 (including costs)

        Its often regarded as more effective to have the Judgment “made up” – that is transferred from the County Court to the High Court. Its a relatively low cost procedure (less than £100) and the High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEO) have much greater powers than the County Court Bailiffs. Often the HCEO are paid on results rather than a salary (as is the case with the County Court Bailiffs) and as such are very keen and resourceful to get what is due (plus their very expensive fees)

        I must admit the sequence of the events all seems rather strange, but every thing connected to Mcneill and Co. is.

        Out of interest, why did the person pass the “documents” on?

        There can be no doubt that Sabine owed her landlord money, her own publications show that – a bailiff cannot act without a Court Order for such debts (see the bit about her mum’s car), so the Court will have been satisfied that the money was due.

        Will Sabine make an attempt at claiming deformation to try to bring this blog down? Nothing would surprise me with her.

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        • Yes, it’s really no big secret that Sabine and her landlord have been involved in ongoing disputes; she’s admitted it herself. What I find interesting is her delaying tactics, which seem to parallel the tactics she uses in her other court cases: keep them tied up with meritless appeals, and postpone things as long as possible. Ultimately the law will catch up with her, of course.

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  13. Loving this comment on Sabine’s blog – was it from a naughty Hoaxteder?

    I’d like to share ur post but I’v run into a problem, jimmy savile did not play the child catcher in chitty.

    I know this is small considering but I don’t want that small thing to undermine or discredit ur other important points.

    Getting things right here is too important, as I’m sure u well know.

    Integrity is obviously of the upmost in situations like this & it wont take much of an excuse for people to write u & the whole situation off as seems to b hapnin.

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    • Actually I have been projecting some human decency onto them – which is why I am so totally disappointed by their shameless criminal behaviour. They really are a bunch of shameless crooks.

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  14. Arfur finally admits to being a druggy:

    Likes to beat up drug dealers for selling drugs to kids…but is happy to buy drugs from them, thereby helping to finance their child endangerment. Ho hum.

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      • Thanks! It has already had “errors” problems. Very minor, probably software conflicts – it is a ‘factory refurbished’ with manufacturer (not Microsoft) programs on it. I expected bugs and I’m not worrying about it. It was dirt cheap, and for the first time ever I’m allowing myself to treat an electronic device as a disposable-replaceable item. It’s just my internet cruiser anyway.
        My real computer, the one I use to control everyone and everything on the planet, is a clone of the one Max had in the movie “PI”, (you can catch a glimpse at about 34 seconds into this trailer), and yes- I do have the Ming chip installed.

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      • “He” is, ultimately, a pathetically stupid person.

        I highly recommend the movie “PI” (NOT life of PI, although that was good also) to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Other than the ‘hero’, Max, the computer is my favorite character in the film. Its not a villain, but it could certainly be a ‘monster’. Very creepalicious. If it was in your basement, you wouldn’t want to be alone in the house, and Max is crammed into some little bachelor suite with it…

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    • This mob really have it in for Kinsey and are intent on blaming him for child abuse because he presented scientific studies on human sexuality which for them, means he invented it.
      They make quite ludicrous claims that child abuse is some sort of recent phenomena that came out of the 60s/70s liberalization.
      Child abuse in every form has been happening since man emerged from the swamp. All that’s new is we have ways of reporting and telling people now. Like the internet which has also given the crazies a voice as well.

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          • @Sheva – the subject of Kinsey’s sources of ‘data’ is very complex and inherently controversial, I think.
            What the Institute says about that, in the link I gave you, is factually correct:
            “Kinsey did not carry out any experiments on children, nor did he hire, collaborate, or persuade people to carry out experiments on children”.

            That is all true. However it is also true that Kinsey collected information from persons who, in the course of confiding their sexual life history essentially ‘confessed’ to having committed sexual crimes, sometimes involving children. It is also true, that a few persons with truly obsessive pedophilic compulsions sent him (unsolicited) very detailed accounts of their serial abuse of young children. Kinsey maintained a scientific professionalism and detachment about all of this, and his ability to do this made him one of a very few persons who could have collected, collated and analyzed this information from 100,000 + random persons.
            Kinsey apparently felt obligated, to extend the same guarantee of confidentiality to any and every person who responded to the Institute’s solicitations for sex life histories, whether they were properly done through formal interviews or not.

            Today, in many countries, Kinsey could have and very well might have been prosecuted for failing to report informant’s confessions about child abuse, regardless of any guarantees of confidentiality. Lots of people have a lot of different opinions about all of this.

            For me, the question would be – is there anything of a practical nature to be gained by publicly speaking out on the subject of Kinsey’s research? Not that I wish to, or ever would, discourage anyone from expressing their heartfelt convictions. However, it seems to me that the Kinsey Institute has both the principle legal & moral obligation to do that, if it needs to be done. I’m not sure how much good the contribution of ‘outsiders’ like us could do?


    • Mel, from the Old English mealy, related to meal, where the root of threat word is melu, to grind, like grinding a grain, a big smashy grindy destructive rock thing that makes flour that can kill people and make them dance. St Vitus remember him. The poison. Mel is a poison that makes people dance till they drop dead. Learn more languages Mel, is that Mel as in miel, like honey? Mel from a Sanskrit root meaning upon. Smashing sweet tasting poison killer imposed upon us?

      Anyway, now the era of post truth has dawned, there is no longer a way, a path, to knowledge, which is to study, we can all just read shit on t’intenet and bullshit.

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    • Mel’s videos about etymology are major bullshit and as a linguist they make me wince. Her ignorance on the origins of the English language, considering she’s attempting to present herself as an expert, is jaw-dropping; and pretty much everything she presented as fact in yesterday’s ‘Dragonology’ video was pure speculation and conjecture, easily debunked by checking the origins of those words on a site like Etymology Online. Utterly cringe-worthy stuff.

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    • Yes why would you want a University that only “goes one way” like teaching the law or medicine when they could have included lectures from Common Law Layer and Talmudic Expert Patrick Cullinane or invite the local Witch Doctor in to tell prospective doctors that boiling up a brew of bat’s blood and chicken entrails will make amputated limbs re-grow.

      She has obviously found the truth inside her but be warned about taking that route for within the brain of Mel surely lies madness.

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    • Angela hasn’t provided proof of her claim that she has a University Degree so will probably agree with Mel after all Mel is allowing Angela to do the “TV Show” for free or does Angela have to pay it back when her social security giros come through.


      • There are websites that would allow us to check, for a fee. You would think that Angie might be able to come up with a degree certificate or graduation photograph as proof – unless for some reason she doesn’t have one.

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        • Oh i realise that, i meant that it should be no problem for Angie to provide proof. As you say it’s not worth cash being spent on it when we already know the answer.


  16. As we’re in awards season, I was wondering whether we should start handing in nominations for the Conspiranoid Awards, aka “the Troofies”. If so, I wish to nominate Alfred Labrador Webfoot for the “most convoluted attempt to join the dots” award…

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    • Marvelous isn’t it?. The Kidman claims started by the hideous and nasty Fiona Barnett (who was only abused by the rich, powerful and famous) now weaved into the pizza rubbish.
      And they call others ‘sheeple’ when this mob’s “research” consists of believing the front page of the National Enquirer and errr, that’s it.

      2 months ago they’d never heard of a pizzeria in Washington, now they think they’ve discovered it.

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    • Wouldn’t the ghastly old crow really have thought she had finally been touched by a Brush With Fame and kept that photograph proudly displayed on the mantelpiece only to have her solo celebrity incident crumble before her eyes..
      Probably had to rip out that chapter from her award winning autobiography.

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