Abe & Ella: Have they conceded defeat?

Ah, bitter irony! While Kristie Sue, Sonya Van Gelder, Angela Power-Disney and their cohorts attempt to breathe new life into the Hampstead SRA hoax by trying to claim that it’s “proof” of the  Pizzagate fake news story, the original hoaxers have thrown in the towel and gone home.

A quick scan of the internet shows that Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva Draper, who tortured and coerced two children into making lurid allegations about ritual abuse, murder, and cannibalism, have all but vanished into obscurity.

Their two blogs, which they moved to a server in Iceland to protect them from UK laws that protect the children’s right to anonymity following allegations of sexual abuse, have not been updated since July 2016. And even then, Abe didn’t even bother to try to make the two posts different:


freethehampstead2-blog-2016-12-11On Twitter, Abe hasn’t been seen since late September:

abraham-christie-twitter-2016-12-11And even the formerly effervescent Drifloud has only been posting intermittently. This one is dated 7 December; his most recent post prior to that was dated 24 October:

drifloud-twitter-2016-12-11We understand: it cannot be easy holding up your end of things when the very people who drew you into promoting the hoax for them have gone off to smoke dope and work on their tans in a Spanish village.

Abe does rouse himself from time to time to post embittered responses to anyone who critiques his YouTube videos, but by and large he’s lapsed into silence on his YouTube channels as well:


hampstead-cover-up-youtube-most-recent-upload-2016-12-11In fact, his last known video upload was on September 25, just a few days before he gave up the ghost on Twitter.

We did notice the other day that Ella had updated her Facebook account, finally acknowledging that she’s “in a relationship”:

ella-gareeva-facebook-2016-12-11It looks as though she’s decided to leave behind her sordid past, her children, and all the people whose lives she tried to destroy, and simply swipe to a new page as if nothing had happened. No muss, no fuss.

As one of our team pointed out when we first saw this update, what can you expect from a woman who quietly returned to London to retrieve her dog when she was on the run from the law, but who has never even tried to contact her children since she and her lover hightailed it to Spain when they knew the cops were onto them?



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  1. They will only be defeated when they are arrested and brought to trial for what they have done to those children, and the lives of the people they accused. Maybe in the long run there may also be a workable solution to redevelop their relationship with their kids.

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    • You’re right, allowing them to simply fade into obscurity seems unfair. We do know from the IPCC report that they are both wanted on child abuse charges in the UK, so the only way they’d be able to come back is if they were willing to face the courts. As for developing a relationship with the kids, I for one would not like to see Abe anywhere near another child so long as he lives. I don’t know whether it’s possible for Ella to be rehabilitated to the point where she’d be able to have contact with her children, but I think that at this point that choice ought to be left up to them. I have a feeling I know what they’d say if asked. Keep in mind that when Ella tried to get them to write letters to the judge asking her to return them to their mother, they both refused. And this was despite Ella making threats about their dog, within hearing of the visit supervisor.


      • What sort of threats were made regarding the dog? That she would hurt the dog? Or that the dog would hurt them?
        It really goes to show that most crime is a mistake, most of the things we need from society at large are only available if we play by the agreed rules. Being on the run forever is a poor existence.

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      • Ella sold her rights to motherhood the moment she elected to collude with a pychotic drug addled lunatic to abuse her children in a ploy to pervert justice.

        With any luck both will beam aboard captain Kirks next 5 year mission and baldly get lost seeking out fast food in a strange new world where there is no delicious cheesy topping or radio transmission whatsoever.

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  2. Drif louds tweet about pizzagate is quite telling, this bunch of idiots who make out they are child abuse activists only seem to care about big conspiracy headline cases, that and their infighting shows that it isn’t about kids at all, its one big ego trip.

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    • Yes, they’re mostly interested in trying to promote “big name” fake news/conspiracy headlines, to make themselves look “in the know”. It’s pathetic really.


  3. The RD kids can at least know they can be with people who will give them love and security rather than live in daily fear of being hit with spoons or faced with threats of burial alive in the desert by Ella and her psychotic friends.

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  4. I have felt for a long time now that Abraham pops up from time to time just to stick the knife deeper into RD. I think Abraham, using his own twisted logic, views all this as being RD’s fault, rather than his. That he feels RD has got one over on him, and enjoys seeing himself as some kind of ‘Nemesis (Green)”, rather than any real attempt to help Ella see the children again.

    I also think Ella hasn’t really cared about getting her children back from the moment she left, and only got more involved in interviews…etc because people were pointing out that it was always Abraham speaking, so he influenced her to be more vocal. I imagine Ella felt the same way when her other son decided that he wanted to go live with his father.

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  5. That Christie Sue is a stupid bitch, people like that who have no judgement should be as far away from abused children as possible, you point out the impossible parts of the so-called cult but she doesn’t listen, I would love to see her sued for endangering children. Those kids could’ve gotten over this and had a normal life but Christie and co are doing their damned best to stop them forgetting, their teens are gonna be hard.

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    • She’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. One wonders how she’d feel if it were her 3 precious children whose pictures, personal details, and intimate sexual details were spread across the web for all to goggle at and comment on? I think you’re right that she’s well overdue for a lawsuit.


      • A video came up in my youtube thumbnail yesterday, it was the jaquie farmer one with the altered voice, in it she slanders a teenage girl whos surname begins with a U, I looked on facebook to see if she is still there and shes only about 18, what a thing to do to a young kid, that girl could’ve killed herself. (thankfully she didn’t)


  6. How do we know whether Ella is not in a NEW relationship??? Seems possible to me. Ella, we know you read these pages…..have you got rid of that scavenger yet? I wonder if the UK police are going to press charges for that RAPE attack many years ago. If the lady in question made a report to the police at the time….ooooh….he’s in for it when he tries to come back.

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      • It’s just a guess, but I think that Abe was the driving force. Although Ella presumably wanted to cut herself and the children off from Richard, Richard did mention that Abe seemed to personally dislike him. Abe is motivated by vengeance, he hates it when people think badly of him, and he also seemed to have more of an interest in abusive paedophilic cults.

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  7. Just went to watch Mel Ve & Hope Girl’s latest riveting whingefest, currently going out live:

    Before you click on that, though, bear in mind two problems with this ‘Facebook Live’ broadcast:

    1. There’s no facility for rewinding to the beginning.

    2. They can see the names of everyone who’s watching. Please be aware of that if you’re using your real Facebook account and wish to protect your anonymity.

    Personally, I think I’ll wait for MKD’s edited highlights instead 😀

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