Sabine’s amazing technical skills

We were watching one of MKD’s recent videos, featuring a clip in which Mel Ve interviewed Sabine McNeill in early 2015, when Sabine said something that made us roar with laughter. At about 2:27, she states (without the slightest trace of irony), “Well, I was one of the first to use computers for communication and I started to publish websites, and the most popular one was ‘Victims Unite!’….”

One of the first? Really?

That’s funny, because when we took a look at the domain name for that blog,, we saw that the domain had first been registered on the 2nd August 2010.

Now, call us foolish, but it seems to us that “using computers for communication” has been around a wee bit longer than six years. In fact, some of us recall “using computers for communication” as long ago as the late 1980s/early 1990s.

Something else struck us when we looked at that entry on some of you might recall that Sabine told Angela Power-Disney, in hushed tones, that she was quite certain that RD, who they both believe runs this blog, was spending a great deal of time in California.

San Francisco, to be exact.

How did Sabine know this? Well, she looked up Hoaxtead Research‘s (publicly available) IP address, plugged it into an IP geolocation app, et voilà!

If you’d like to try this little experiment yourself, here’s how: go to a site like Who.Is, which maintains a registry of information about registered domain names. Plug in the domain for this blog:; then click the button for “DNS Records”.

hoaxteadresearch-ip-addressThe IP address for any website on the internet is basically just a numerical address that tells other computers where that site can be found. In this case, it’s located on a server that can be found at or

Now, take either of those two IPs and plug them into a geolocation app. We used IP Location Finder, but there are plenty of others—Infosniper is another one we like.

When you do this, here’s what you’ll see:

ip-location-for-192-0-78-13-sf(IP Location Finder gives you results from several geolocation apps, which is why it’s coming up three times here.)

So. Based on this information, Sabine is quite right: the IP address for points straight to San Francisco.

But here’s another little experiment you might like to try: let’s find the IP address for Sabine’s own Victims Unite! blog. We plug the domain name into Who.Is…

victims-unite-ip-address…and we find that it’s located at or Plug one of those addresses into IP Location Finder…

ip-location-198-181-116-9-sfUh-oh! Looks like Sabine McNeill lives in San Francisco too! What an astonishing coincidence!

But maybe we did something wrong. Let’s try another of Sabine’s blogs: National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse. Mercifully, Sabine chose a shorter domain name for this site:

national-inquiry-ipOMIGOD!! This time, the IP address that comes up is the very same as for Hoaxtead Research! Could it be that El Coyote and Sabine are, well, closer than they like to let on?

What can this mean?

The clue can be found on the geolocation results page. It gives the ISP (Internet Service Provider) for the IP address as “Automattic”. For those who don’t use WordPress blogs, Automattic, Inc. is the name of the company that owns WordPress…and hosts its servers.

In San Francisco.

Yep. Sabine thinks that because our blog is hosted by WordPress, we are physically located in San Francisco. We assume that she’s never bothered to check the IPs of her own blogs, which would place her in the Golden Gate City as well.

No matter where in the world a person might be located, if they use as their blogging platform, their blog will be hosted on a server farm in San Francisco. Scarlet Scoop, El Coyote, Sabine McNeill, Belinda McKenzie, Peter Bellett, Maurice Kirk, the Musa Family…all their blogs are hosted by WordPress, and all have IP addresses that originate there.

Wouldn’t you think Sabine might have already twigged to this, given that she claims to have such longstanding, in-depth tech experience with “using computers for communication”?

Then again, have you ever known her to be right about anything?

Sabine-believing impossible things 2016-04-26

59 thoughts on “Sabine’s amazing technical skills

  1. Hahahaha! Brilliant, EC. I got a real kick out of this one. What is it about HoaxteadTroofers™ that they have this intrinsic inability to lie convincingly? They seem to approach covering their tracks with the same lazy attitude as they approach “research”.

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    • Thanks, SN. To be fair, I don’t know if it’s actually a lie when the person is just too dim to realise what they’re really looking at.


  2. Greetings from San Francisco, everyone.

    By the way, can someone let that nice Ms. Disney know that we’re no longer in Washington?

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    • LOL! Not sure where she got Washington from, to be honest. My guess would be that someone commented on one of her blogs, she decided it must be us, ergo RD is in Washington. 😂


  3. This one’s going out to Prisoner no.7463…

    Oh sorry, jumped the gun a bit there. I mean this one’s going out to that nice German lady who came round to fix my internet a few weeks back. Apparently, she needed the money. Did a cracking job too. Pity about the missing silverware, though.

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    • She had a similar theory that placed RD in Wesley’s Café at Westminster, as well. Why so specific? Well, she’d received a blog comment from someone she thought was RD. Tracing that person’s IP address she found that it geolocated to “the UK” (probably the person was masking their address). Looking at the geolocation map, when you zoom in on “UK” it takes you to London…to Westminster…to Wesley’s Café. Oh, Sabine.


  4. Angie would refer to Sabine’s foolishness as ‘forensic computer analysis’, and of course, it will have been carried out by hackers from Anonymous. Just like she does when describing Charlotte Ward’s bungle using sameip and IP info detective.

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    • Yeah, I still crack up when I think about Charlotte solemnly explaining that a DNS was a “very special kind of IP address….” Erm, not exactly.

      A DNS is a domain name server, an internet service that maps internet domain names to the IP addresses they represent. The internet is actually made up of numeric IP addresses; domain names, being alphabetical, are easier for people to remember. The minute Charlotte claimed differently, it was clear she was lying. Or just too bloody lazy to look up what it really was.


      • Reading this blog must be the only place the fruitloops get information that is actually true and not just made up by some random internet idiot.

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        • LOL! Yes, shoutout to all our Hoaxtead mob readers–we know you’re out there, and we know why you rely on us for actual news! 😉


  5. Sabine touts herself as a “Mathematician, software designer”.She has made quite a name for herself in that breakthrough calculus whereby she proves in her head that 2+2 very rarely actually equals 4 unless she is dealing with housing benefit or disability allowance payments.

    In an attempt to be charitable in the festive period the “software designer” part of her CV may relate to some kind of home knitting enterprise she operates as a handy sideline(cash in hand of course).

    If her yarns were not so damaging to innocent folk they would have have us all in stitches.

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  6. Time for “state-sponsored” action against Sabine and her Blots on the Landscape! Connect the Blots! That smirk on her face during sMel Scree’s intro is priceless! Very funny Spider meme Spiny!? Yah.

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  7. MK`s Devils as ever have the CCN grifters well and truly in their sights.

    Rupert makes the briefest of cameo appearances @ 1:27


    Angie all but mugging her last remaining viewer for some cash for ash.


    Ever behind the curve,CCN have undertaken a major rescheduling exercise by replacing Angie shoite with Pizza shoite.

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  8. Anyone else been getting fake death announcements (accompanied by sick pics) on their Farcebook sidebar? So far I’ve had Sean Connery, Richard Branson and Stephen Hawking.

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  9. Lets not forget Sabine’s “book”, the ISBN number on that was for a real book (not Sabine’s)


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      • Yes that is a truly remarkable work of literature particularly if one finds oneself absolute gagging for a dump in the middle of Copenhagen.

        P.N remains very much at the cutting edge of convenience technology currently developing a 3 wheeler mobile shithouse aimed primarly at the pointless campaigners who hang about outside public buildings all fucking day market.

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    • Well, I’d say this proves that Kristie Sue Costa is a CIA shill working with that nice Mr. Coyote to spread disinfo’. Spread the word, people!

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      • Oh fine, you’ve finally caught us. Time to admit all, I suppose.

        Sabine McNeill, Kristie Sue Costa, and Hoaxtead Research are all in on this thing together. We hold weekly meetings—Tuesday mornings at 10:30, bring your own coffee—where we plan the week’s disinfo campaigns. EC, of course, lives in the hills surrounding San Francisco, so must take the BART in for these meetings; however, he wears dark glasses and a trench coat so as not to be too noticeable.

        We started the Hampstead hoax together (using Abe and Ella as crisis actors, naturally), in hopes of cashing in big-time with donations from the easily gulled, but it’s never really panned out. That’s partly because we agreed with Belinda (who I think you’ll find also lives in San Francisco) that we’d pass along a substantial share of our ill-gotten gains to her, for money laundering purposes. If you’ve wondered why the MEK has gone a bit down-scale recently, you have your reason.

        We’ve never seen fit to allow Angie into our little group, primarily because she’s congenitally unable to keep a secret. Also she’s a back-stabbing bitch, but that’s secondary; so are Sabine and Belinda, but at least they know when to keep schtum.

        We’d appreciate it if you’d keep this little secret to yourselves, of course. Wouldn’t want it getting round to the conspiranoid community in general that we’re in this together. Shhhh!


        • Excellent, EC. I’m glad I joined your secret gang now. That’s both Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons sorted now. This is doing wonders for my social life.

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          • Look, SVW—we only let you in because Kristie Sue insisted. For some reason she seems to think you’re a fine person. So don’t go taking liberties, got it? You’re here on sufferance.


        • Yeah, don’t invite Angie along to your coffee mornings – she’ll have it away with your jewellery when you ain’t looking!

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    • Saw that earlier, funny! Though went wide eyed at the comments.

      McCann trolls to Savile/VIP allegations to Hampstead to Pizzagate.

      People think it won’t be noticed. Trauma vampires who like winding themselves up into a frenzy.

      I’ve also noticed who exactly is sucking up to who. Posting on David Icke forums isn’t a qualification for IICSA. Reposting every sodding conviction in the news doesn’t make you an expert.

      I’ve also read some of the anonymised accounts from the Truth Project run by IICSA. I don’t want to be too quick to jump to conclusions about people, but there’s a couple of people who “remembered” after therapy. Freemasons mentioned, and ritual abuse I think was in an account given by someone. There’s a danger in taking everyone at face value. Perhaps it was a big group hug session. I’m not knocking it, I can see people could find that helpful. My nightmare is if these way out there unsubstantiated accounts lead to government guidelines or laws I have to live with and have an impact on my life.

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  10. “The Confessions of Thomas Quick” documentary is available on Netflix, north america.
    A must see, for understanding medntal health professionals capacity for self-deception.

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  11. Did anyone ever work out was this was all about?…. which Sabine’s fans think is as earth shattering as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

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    • Fortunately those fans are as normal as you & I (?) and one even uncovered a satanic cult in the local bowling club using Sabine’s 3D Metrics.

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      • I scoff too soon : something very odd about the East Dorset Indoors Bowls Club as it’s really located in Denmark, a well known hive of Satanism.

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        • Hmm.Anyone else noticed West Dorset Indoor bowls club have been quiet of late?And what is it with Copenhagen anyway?The Danish flag is evidently false and made out of Naan bread and plain for all too see.Everyone should take to the streets and superglue themselves to lamposts until someone does something.

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  12. “Could it be that El Coyote and Sabine are, well, closer than they like to let on?”

    EC you sly old dog! Get in!


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