Another Sabine protegé charged, remanded

One of Sabine McNeill’s lesser-known protegés, Peter Bellett, appeared at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court yesterday, entering no plea to a charge of unlawful wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to Michael Irons, a pharmacist, on 5 December 2016. Mr Bellett was arrested at Garnant Pharmacy, Garnant, following a knife attack. He will next appear at Swansea Crown Court on 6 January 2017, according to the South Wales Guardian.

In the comments section of the same article, one Sabine K. McNeill states:


Dear Editor and readers,

I have known Peter Bellett for many years, since he came to meetings at the House of Commons that I organised.

As a result, I published a blog for him – with his little book “Simply My Truth”: for him.

You may want to see Peter’s action in the light of his life’s experiences, and not just as an isolated incident, just as the pharmacist and the Mayor are portrayed here in the light of their professional activities.

Mind the Gaps: between short- and long-term thinking, the memory of social media and the quick pace of mainstream media!…

Yours sincerely,

Sabine K McNeill
Publisher of 33 websites promoting Open Justice

p.s. Hope the pharmacist recovers quickly from his stab wounds!

Haha, just kidding. Sabine didn’t wish the pharmacist a speedy recovery. We just made that part up.

Instead, she urged people to visit yet another of her websites, where Mr Bellett is portrayed as (surprise!) a “whistleblower” and victim of “organised white collar crime”.


We have no idea what happened at the Garnant Pharmacy, and it would be wrong at this point to speculate, but if we’re reading Sabine correctly, she seems to be saying that if the authorities had taken a conspiracy theorist’s ideas more seriously, he might not be facing charges today.

Garnant Pharmacy 5 December

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  1. Reading Sabine’s website I get a strange sense of déjà vu.

    In comments, and I have no way of knowing if there is actually any truth to him being investigated, and being investigated isn’t the same as guilt at all.

    “The only reason he lost the plot is because hes being investigated for an historic case of sexual abuse against a minor while he lived in Liverpool over 30yrs ago …He thrives when hes gathering bad news on others but falls at the first hurdle when the spotlights on himself ……this blokes always has been and always will be a big frigging joke….”

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    • Sabine isn’t calling for his immediate hanging out to dry and investigation into every nook and cranny of his life then, because of his supposed “whistleblower” status? I’m shocked I tell you, shocked.

      I wonder if there’s any truth in this supposed investigation. All a bit odd.

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  2. Peter Bellet, Sabine McNeil, Belinda Mckenzie and Maurice Kirk all have strong links.

    Peter Bellet was the TREASURER for the group….

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  3. No matter what crimes people commit with this hoaxer mob it’s always someone else’s fault. Personal responsibility is an alien concept.

    I swear if one of them deliberately ran a person down on the road they would be wringing their hands and claiming the driver was exercising his Common Law rights (on everyone’s behalf-The Sheeple) to disobey road rules while a selfish pedestrian taunted him by walking on a Zebra crossing.
    And then they would complain as he was being taken away in an ambulance the victim was a ‘drain on the NHS’ and the reason they had to pay unlawful council tax.

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  4. Never EVER give this mob an inch as they will take a mile.
    I so wish McNeill had received a jail sentence so her lying whinging arse was locked up for awhile. Apart from her ridiculous delusion that she is some brilliant website creator (my cat could create a website now- it’s so easy) that website she ‘created’ is full of the same old claptrap.

    I once contemplated a cruise on the QE2 and now we hear this bloke was a chef on there. Yuk.
    And this huge leap to join some dots from the ghastly Sabine:

    “We now know that Jimmy Savile was a murderous Satanist as well as a paedophile.” Oh really? who did he murder?
    “He spent a lot of time aboard the QE2, and was once kicked off the ship after allegations that he had attacked a 12-year old girl.-no- he was never kicked off the QE2 and this was a claim invented by one of Sabine’s conspiraturds).

    “Many staff members, and possibly other passengers, on ship may have been witness to Savile’s paedophilic ways.” – a tabloid invention but one that falsely accuses innocent Cunnard workers on zilch evidence.

    ”A WOMAN disappeared from the luxury liner QE2 while passengers partied during a pounds 2,000-a-head New Year cruise.” -no proof Savile was on that cruise- the QE2 was like a vast mini-city and even if he was Savile never attended parties and I thought he was obsessed by children?

    Quite apart from the fact if people knew how many passengers disappear overboard on cruises (100s each year) they would be shocked. Usually to do with being too drunk on cheap alcohol.

    Not defending Savile but just hate this old moaning crone Sabine McNeil who invents and promotes ‘false news”
    ## needless to say she defends the convicted criminal & scumbag Andrea Davison who has ripped off more people that fuckwit McNeill has had hot dinners and the ratbag claims her pal was a ‘whistleblower’ against ‘white collar crime’- something Davison has been involved in all her life.

    ### Once again we see the connections between the Hampstead Hoaxers and career criminals and convicted pedophiles is alarmingly close.

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  5. Hello – another common theme emerges if you read Peter Bellett’s “book”:

    “It was sometime in the early part of 1983, after a good night smoking exceptionally good weed and having a good night with the friends whose sofa I was sleeping on, that the first of a number of strange things happened. And it’s at this stage that I can only ask you to open up your minds, and make of it what you will, because once again I can assure you it is the ‘truth’.

    Naturally I can understand you might have doubts about what I believe happened due to the fact that I have admitted I was under the influence of drugs. And to be completely honest, that’s what I thought at first, and for a long time afterwards.”

    Nancy Reagan was right all along – kids, say no to drugs.

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  6. Interesting:


    AN Amman Valley pensioner has appeared before Llanelli Magistrates Court charged with stabbing a pharmacist at Garnant Pharmacy.

    Peter Bellet was arrested at Garnant Pharmacy, Cwmamaman Road, on Monday afternoon following a knife attack.

    Bellet, of Wern Road, Garnant, entered a no plea to a charge of unlawful wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to Michael Irons using a bladed weapon on Monday, December 5.

    The 68-year-old was told by magistrates on Wednesday, Decmeber 7 that he will next appear before Swansea Crown Court on January 6, and will now remand in custody.

    There has been no applicaiton for bail made.

    Mayor of Cwmaman Kevin Madge said residents have been left frightened by the incident.

    Councillor Madge said: “I am shocked with the news of an alleged stabbing happening in Garnant.

    “The whole community are thinking of the injured man, who has been a loyal member of the pharmacy for decades.

    “We wish the Mr Irons a full recovery.”

    The pharmacy is closed until further notice, but the doctors surgery remains open.

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  7. Would you believe it, the pharmacy is only 4 miles from the home of another of the Sabine clan – Meirion Bowen, who lives only 4 miles from where this happened…

    Must be something in the welsh water

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  8. Just highlighting another example of the dangers these conspiritaloons promote…

    “A woman who believes the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax was arrested and charged with making a series of death threats against a parent whose child was killed in the 2012 massacre.”…

    Lucy Richards, 57, of Tampa, was indicted on four counts of transmitting threats, the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Southern District of Florida announced Wednesday.…

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    • “They put me into a cubbyhole with no water, no bucket. And they left the lights on and the flies were everywhere,”

      Shame they didn’t leave him there.

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      • The heat and the lack of water finally got to him:
        “”They kept me there for four or five days… And every time the embassy rang, they would stand to attention with the phone and comb their hair,” he said.

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  9. Cue any moment now…

    should we begin the countdown to which one and when, a Hoaxer first claims to have always had knowledge of the brewing scandal over alleged child abuse in football clubs.

    My money’s on Angela Power-Disney as the first: the so-called #pizzagate affair has caught this lot on the hop but bubbling away right under their ignorant noses is the football club sensation.

    So much for the ‘investigative skills’ of plonkers like McNeil, McKenzie, Power-Disney, the creepy Spivey et all : not a word over the years from them about what appears to be 100s of cases of child abuse. And this bunch claim they have their fingers on the pulse as they screech and howl that they are “child abuse campaigners” yet this one has been totally absent from any of their rants.

    And why?

    Well I reckon this scandal will put whatever Savile is alleged to have done in the shade but I sense an extraordinary reluctance from the media to really push this scandal and one Big Reason is this : there are 100s of mainstream media journalists whose entire lives are devoted to sport and football. Each one of them could tell you what anyone in power in football had for breakfast, such is the case that football is a passion consumed by the vast majority of Brits on a daily basis.

    Every media outlet will sack the entire staff before they let a football writer go and they usually have unlimited budgets. So are they going to claim they never ever heard any gossip or tales of nefarious crimes being committed against children?

    Either they are amazingly ignorant or deliberately avoided rocking the boat and thus : had a hand in assisting what seems like industrial sized child abuse when any sport’s writer could have busted this scandal wide open years ago.

    And the Hoaxers who have never had an original thought?…their heads are still spinning over a pizza fantasy..are yet to jump aboard the footie club charabanc.


    • In the comments on a YouTube video some one says that one of the kids coaches names was on the Elms guest house list zzzzzzzzzzzz


  10. Sabine McNeill breaches court orders yet again:

    Sabine subscribed to Kane Slater’s Youtube channel in November 2016. His channel consists of dozens of images and videos of the 2 children in the Hampstead case, posted before McNeil subscribed so she cannot claim innocence to not knowing she was aiding in illegally breaching court orders by identifying victims. When will one of this bunch go to jail?


    • I’ve reported Slater’s channel to YouTube, as have a few others. Of course the more complaints they receive the more likely they are to act, so if anyone here is so inclined, you’re more than welcome! I usually report under the “child abuse” category.


  11. The book starts with stuff about his family before going to 1982 when he had just been released from prison. Then having left prison he started dealing cannabis with his friend. Bellett described the buzz you get from doing something you are not supposed to.

    His main complaint/allegation is that he was wrongly prescribed some angina drugs for about 12 years and that the doctors involved have covered it up, along with the police he asked to investigate the allegation.

    It would seem he discovered that he didn’t need the medication when a gangster friend, high on cocaine, told him that he didn’t need it. Bellett describes that the gangster friend had connections to the Freemasons and used those connections to run a background check on Bellett, discovering that Bellett didn’t need his medication. Bellett also describes hearing voices on various occasions and being told by that voice that he didn’t need his medication. Bellett was also on anti-depressants, still smoking weed and drinking. Bellett describes feeling better once he stopped his medication.

    I see nothing from his book that would justify attacking a chemist with a knife, so I do wonder what has happened since he finished his book.

    Not surprising that Sabine would support another man with a history of being in prison who uses violence to solve his problems, allegedly. Would Sabine still support him if the pharmacist had died?


  12. Oh dear, Angie – something up with your main account?



    😀 Aha…


    #STRIKE 3 😀

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  13. Just because it is in the news today…

    Remember that I said, earlier, one of the mistaken beliefs about SRA – still persisting in the minds of some professionals today – is the idea that alleged child SRA victims would be uniquely traumatized by their ordeal? So uniquely traumatized, that they must be considered a unique sub-category of CSA victims?

    Believe it or not, a well-known UK SRA commentator actually asserted to me, that children abused by persons merely role-playing themselves to be a reverse-Christianity satanic cult, would be more traumatized by that than the victims of this horrific crime:

    Well…bullocks, I say!

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    • I actually agree with these 2 receiving anonymity as they would otherwise be crucified in the media and in danger from the public.
      Their torture of these 2 younger lads sounded horrific and although we don’t know the full extent of the perpetrator’s own history it seems they came from horrible home lives.

      But do we ever hear from the Hoaxers a word about long term psychiatric and therapeutic help for victims?. I have never heard mention from one single one that genuine victims of abuse should be nurtured and cared for so they can return to living a full life as soon as possible even though it make take considerable time.

      Victims to them, real or otherwise are just pawns in their own sick fantasies. They are something to be used to promote what seems like a serious psychiatric illness and a belief the world is run by a Satanist cult. They screech endlessly about eaten or murdered children but I doubt they would give a real life victim the time of day. I think they are child abusers themselves. They name people who they claim are products of satanist abuse and if one dare to say otherwise they then attack that person as having been perverted and converted into The Cult.

      And in 99% of cases with these Hoaxers is a plea for “donations” for them to continue their ‘crusade’ (hopefully while on holiday in Spain) but never ever is it mentioned that funds should go to today’s kids who may be living in poverty.


      • “Victims to them, real or otherwise are just pawns in their own sick fantasies”.

        Quite right!

        I’m working on a discussion about false SRA-CSA allegations as a calculated political weapon.
        It will tie into Pizzagate, current media obsession with “the new populism” allegedly sweeping the Western World, historic satanic panic and historic SRA hoaxes.
        This will complete my self-imposed quest, (which I’ve been working on from time to time over the last decade), to atone for past mistakes – by sharing all the major SRA-related info I have hoarded in some kind of ‘public forum’.
        And then I’m going to take a looong break from serious stuff.

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