Rupert Quaintance to face 7 charges

As regular readers here know, on 13th September 2016, Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV was arrested at the home in Erith where he’d been staying since his arrival in London the previous month. At that time, he was not charged but was placed on bail pending charges. His bail return date at that time was 22 December.

Reliable sources have now informed us that yesterday Rupert was formally charged with seven offences.

We have not learned the specific nature of the offences, but we are told that he will be in court to face charges on 21 December.

We will bring you further updates as they come in.

Meanwhile, we’d like to remind our readers that once a person has been charged with an offence, it is illegal to publish anything which might conceivably prejudice their right to a fair trial. Therefore, we would ask you to avoid discussion of Rupert’s guilt or innocence, as well as any speculation regarding the process or outcome of the trial. Thanks very much for your co-operation.

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71 thoughts on “Rupert Quaintance to face 7 charges

  1. Angela Power-Disney who encouraged a US national to travel to the UK is ramping up the fake news about the Podesta brothers, pizzagate etc.

    For the umpteenth time, anyone can go to Scotland Yard’s website and read that the photfits the fruitloop mob are claiming resemble these brothers are in fact, photfits of ONE man from 2 different eye-witnesses which confirms what police around the world have now known for decades: eye-witness accounts can vary so significantly that they mist be treated with caution.

    Not only that The Met do not regard this man as a suspect, rather they regard him as a POSSIBLE witness who could have seen something. He is also a German national.
    For a crazy lady who dares to call herself a journalist this old bat won’t even do the slightest real investigation, she just surfs the net for fake news that confirms her prejudices. How dare she lie that she was once ‘young journalist of the year’. I posted this on her FB page and asked her to provide more details of her journalist career. Removed within 30 minutes and blocked.

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  2. Yes please keep us posted as to what these charges may be and court dates etc. And of course anyone charged including Rupert Quaintance is innocent unless a court decides otherwise, and deserves to be treated so.
    I wish him well- the court process can be a harrowing experience for anyone including witnesses. Let’s ensure British justice is done and seen to be so.

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    • I would have thought that ‘innocent until proven guilty’ applied to anyone who had been accused until a court prove otherwise… For instance someone accused of being the leader of some madcap cannibal cult, or folk accused of being a part of that cult. Especially, I would have thought children deserve to be considered innocent until proven otherwise.

      It’s a terrible punishment to be forced out your home and forced to move to the other side of your country. To have your career and livelihood swept away. Or to be robbed of your childhood innocence or indeed for a parent to have to explain things to their child that they had hoped not to have to discuss for many years yet. – All harrowing experiences for which I have every sympathy.

      The innocent who have had their lives wrecked I wish well, those who caused the pain – hell mend ’em I say!

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      • Agree. And it’s a problem isn’t it?. While us and those falsely accused must follow the law these hoaxers break it at every turn.

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  3. Another one for the death threat collection, EC/Scarlet.

    But remember, folks – WE’RE the trolls, not them! 😀


    • That’s not the first time Sonya has encouraged death threats and/or harassment. She’s been spreading blatant lies and slander for nigh on two years and enthusiastically egging on the harassment of the innocent men, women and children of Hampstead since the outset. She may even have been one of the peripheral instigators of the hoax. She is a very sad, lonely, desperate “person” with no life who gets her kicks from trying (but failing) to wreck other people’s.

      Oh and she avidly reads this blog, so hi Sonya! Mind if I ask you a question…?

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    • Yet more false allegations of threats and intimidating behaviour coming from here but we are yet to see any evidence of this. The only people who make threats and try to intimidate people are the fruitloops and we have plenty of proof of this.

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  4. Thanks for the Update on Rupert Q! FYI, Another Sandy Hook Hoaxster was arrested pursuant to a federal indictment in the Southern District of Florida. Lucy Richards allegedly made vile threatening calls to a Sandy Hook parent! Finally! This is the most serious criminal charge so far for a Sandy Hoaxer! Keep up the good work and pressure on these outrageous liars!

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    • You’re welcome!
      And yes, this is excellent news indeed. I’m glad to hear arrests are finally being made in that case. Troofers need to understand that they are harming actual, live people with their vile actions.

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      • “Nigger Kike Jew bastard fag tranny cunt…”

        Blimey, at least make up your mind, luv!

        “And what are you going to do about it? You can do absolutely nothing.”

        Yeah? How did that work out for you, Lucy, you worthless piece of shit?


  5. Crikey, I wasn’t expecting that many charges. Rupert could find himself in some serious trouble.

    Hopefully Lucy Richards will face similar and be jailed for that call.
    Pozner is one parent that did come forward and try engage with the conspiraloons. And now he is one of the most hounded and harassed. In terms of pizzagate, James Alefantis tried to stand and reason with them and that just led to accusations that the ‘interview’ was staged. That video has attracted even more nuts and he ended up with some loon entering the pizza bar with a rifle. Which is now being called a false flag. Yet the conspiraloons always complain that people won’t come forward and answer questions.

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    • Yes a troofer who did more than the keyboard warriors and actually went there with guns to save children only to give up to police after finding no evidence is now being called a false flag!

      It will be ironic if this ultimate troofer is targeted for abuse and called a shill, I wonder if it makes his view change of the troofer movement that he is part of? Being a loon, probably not!

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      • I was thinking the same thing, Jack. I can actually find it within myself to be a bit sorry for the guy; he bought the troofer lies, hook, line and sinker; and when he actually went and acted on what he’d been told, they suddenly turned around and started denouncing him.

        I noted that one of the first things they hit upon was that he once played a role as an extra in an obscure indie film; apparently this is enough evidence for the nutters to decide he’s a “crisis actor”! He was also once a volunteer firefighter…I wonder whether that makes him also a “crisis firefighter”?

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    • Is she playing that “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue” game where the constants take turns to utter words with no connection between them?

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  6. I’m bearing in mind that Rupert is presumed innocent of all charges until proven guilty in a court of law. That’s how civilized people do things…(hint to Hampstead liars, scammers and nutters). Whatever happens on December 21, I’m reasonably sure that Mr. Quaintance will not be visiting the UK under any circumstances in the future.

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    • That’s a pleasing thought PA. He’s not the sort of tourist we want visiting this country.


  7. Pissing myself at Arfur, Kristie Sue, Sonia and Alanson’s attempts at detective work 😀

    Their butt-hurt is pretty entertaining too, hehe 🙂

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    • That reminds me, have you noticed how the hoaxers all want to give the world a good view of their nose hair? Maybe they have a side line in nostril porn for nose fetishists? It would explain how Angie can afford her booze and fags.

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    • A lawyer writes:
      “Does Anybody Know If I Can File A Defamation Case Against The Editor In Chief Of HOAXSTEAD?”

      Yes indeed you can. But I need a few details first. Are you highly respected in the UK and do you think Hoaxstead has damaged that reputation and prevented you from making a living?

      If the answer is ‘yes’ & ‘yes” then we are happy to assist your defamation case. How soon can you fly to the UK as we will need to meet you in our London office to take on the case?. We are very near Piccadilly so we always recommend out-of-town visitors stay at The Ritz Hotel which is reasonably priced at only £1200 a night. We also require a deposit against our costs. At least £50,000 initially and once we near the end of that sum a further $50,000 will be required. You would be surprised how quickly the costs add up with our highly experienced defamation lawyers (£650 per hour) , the hiring of a private investigator to discover just who the Editor In Chief of Hoaxstead is, his/ her assets and so on (£800 per 4 hour shift- probably a fortnight’s work).

      # our initial inquiries show that the Editor in Chief lives in squat in Islington despite the fact he/she is also an MI5 / GCHQ operative but do despair, he / she has assets which we could seize if you win your case. He / she has a suitcase with some pretty tragic fashions, a toothbrush and an electric razor and a 17 year old Mini Minor so he /she can kiss all that goodbye.

      We estimate overall costs will be around $220,000 ( not including airfares / hotels etc) which we doubt you could recoup as the Editor in Chief is liable to declare bankruptcy but it’s your reputation that is at stake and how can you put a price on that?
      Kind regards Mr Arthur Kaoutal
      Dewey, Cheatam, and Howe Solicitors

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    • Lol, those ancient Egyptians know a wrong ‘un even when seen through the eyes of the Sphinx.


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  9. Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV could be up before the judge tomorrow (21 Dec). The year on this article might need to be changed from 2015 to 2016:

    “As regular readers here know, on 13th September …” (amend 2015 with 2016)


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