Wesley P.P. Hall trial starts next week

Long-time Hoaxtead observers will likely be familiar with “violent yob” Wesley P.P. Hall, friend of Angela Power-Disney and diligent promoter of the Hampstead SRA hoax…that is when he’s not up on various charges—nearly 50 at last count.

As we discussed in a post a couple of months ago, Wesley is thoroughly disliked and mistrusted by legitimate social and environmental activists in the north west, most of whom no longer fall for his claims that he is “turning over a new leaf”…a feat he announces every few weeks, come rain or shine.

Although he runs a number of Facebook pages, not only in his own name but as “#OpDeatheaters” and “#Hampstead #OpDeatheaters”, Wesley has a very sensitive approach to the normal back and forth of social media: he instantly blocks anyone who disagrees with him or indeed anyone who questions him (and there are many).

In fact, some say one of Wesley’s few remaining friends is fellow yob-ette Emma Leyla Mohareb, whose popularity rivals that of Wesley’s. It seems they share a few hobbies in common: screaming at those who disagree with them, alienating those they claim to be “helping”, and of course sharing defamatory lies about Hoaxtead:


Such a nice couple.

So it’s with some pleasure that we announce that Wesley is due at Manchester crown court on Tuesday, 13 December, where he’s to face charges of possession of a weapon and Section 39 assault. A reader passed us this poster, which is currently being shared amongst people interested in Wesley’s fate: wesley-3-1
In fact, we believe a Facebook page has been set up for those interested in attending Wesley’s trial. We’re sure many people in the north west will be eager to attend this case, and will want to pack a lunch and head to court!

If anyone happens to be going, please feel free to write in via our Contact Us page, and let us know how it goes. We’ll be all ears.

Correction: in an earlier version of this story we wrote that the trial would take place on Monday, 13 December 2016. Of course that should be Tuesday, 13 December. We did not create the poster announcing the trial, but should its creators wish to amend it we will be happy to repost it.

Update: We have now received an updated version of the poster, and reposted it here. wesley-pp-hall


47 thoughts on “Wesley P.P. Hall trial starts next week

  1. This creepy looking career criminal almost gives credence to the 19th Century notion there was a born criminal personality.
    Meanwhile someone is making a banner because as we have seen with all these members of Morons Are Us who rampage and fulminate about ‘pedos running the country’, judges usually pop outside the court and look at the protestors and think “gosh, the defendant must be innocent , I must tell the jury to acquite because the banner says so.

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    • I did a bit of checking and this is saracasm and people having a laugh at Wesley’s expense. The ‘event’ to ‘support’ Wesley was apparently put up by those who are more than a bit suspicious of him. T’is a good old northern joke!

      I’m told that Manchester Street Angels (who support the homeless) were in operation and then Weasley came along and started ‘Manchester Angels’. Hence, he used almost the same name when he started his organisation. Funny that isn’t it. Where have I heard this before?

      I’m also told that Emma (seen out and about with Weasley on occasion) regards this man as her ‘mentor’. Bless her. If this is the case she’s no doubt following his lead when she illegally posts pictures of the Hampstead children. Isn’t she aware that she’s now in breach of a Court Order or doesn’t she care? Does she WANT the London police banging on her front door at 5am? Answers on a postcard of Manchester Town Hall please.

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  2. This prosecution seems good news to me. I have always felt that people who commit crimes against persons, involving violence or the threat of violence, ought to be top priority for prosecution and proportionate incarceration.

    On a different topic – Chief Constable Mike Veale of Wiltshire Police was quite impressive in his video statement about Op. Conifer, I thought. Comes across a very professional, committed and upright fellow. His comments about the public SRA info leak from his investigations certainly gave me a new perspective on that. Thanks for re-tweeting that announcement!

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    Last night, in what proved to be a gripping and closely fought contest, Costa beat Ward by two bitch-slaps and a knockout .

    She now moves into the quarter-final, where she faces Bronwyn ‘Machine Gun’ Llewellyn. Costa’s team lineup now includes Huggins, Grainger and van Gelder (despite the latter’s ego injury, sustained in her 5th round rant-down with Power-Disney).

    Meanwhile, Richard ‘Attention-Seeker’ Sharp will be yelling childish abuse from the touchline.

    So let’s go over live now to the Farcebook Stadium in Trooferville for the latest action…

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  4. Thanks for the ringside update Spiny.This could go right down to the wire with all sides using their wealth of experience of being complete and utter tosspots.Betting exchanges have the Costa team as slight favourites for the title owing to bonus points collected for randomly disapearing up their arseholes at will.

    Quite remarkable.

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  5. Weasley strikes me as one of those repeat offenders that doesn’t just attract trouble, but actively seeks it. Hopefully he will face a stiff sentence. Though I very much doubt it will do anything to change his behaviour in the long run.


  6. Just another common-or-garden lowlife crook as far as I can see; very typical of the sort of vermin that has infiltrated and help disarm many forms of activism. I am amazed that they seem able to ‘take in’ relatively normal people for at least long enough to provide them with the requisite handout.


    • I’m struggling to follow what the bloody hell they’re banging on about. Have they given up punctuation for Christmas or something?


  7. 54:14 – “I think he [Patrick Cullinane] has been kidnapped, with collusion from some members of his family.”

    Yep. A vile attack on grieving family members, without a hint of emotion, just to keep herself in the limelight. I am starting to understand Sam’s point about this woman possibly being a sociopath.

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  8. As proof of how dangerous these hoax accusations can be, a man has been arrested for entering Comet Ping Pong (pizzagate) with an assault rifle. The conspiracy crowd are already claiming false flag.

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  9. Christ, they must be getting desperate over at CCN now that their presenters have started to desert them. They’re really scraping the barrel for stuff to fill their “live” schedules with now, starting with this tired old discredited documentary that’s been on YouTube for years (and has been discussed here before):

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