‘The Naked Gun’ was not a documentary

Here’s a note for APD and T. Casey Brennan, the latest…er, character she’s dredged up to interview on Mel Ve’s fake TV network: the idea that people can be secretly brainwashed through hypnosis and then sent out to act as programmed assassins is utterly ludicrous, psychologically impossible, and very very silly.

Granted, it’s formed the basis for several movies—Captain America: Civil War, The Manchurian Candidate, The Naked Gun, and The Parallax View, for example—but (now brace yourself, Angie, this is going to come as a shock) those movies are fiction. Pretend. Made up. Not real.

Just like T. Casey’s tale of having shot John F. Kennedy…in 1964:

As regular HR commenter Justin Sanity points out:

The “Captain America: Civil War” scenario sounds more like the mythological “Monarch Project” “programming” to me.

There was no “Monarch” sub-project in MKUltra – that entire concept was just a sick fantasy, primarily promulgated by habitual fantasist Ron Patton & habitual lying con-artist (and far-right extremist) Fritz Springmeier.

G.H. Estabrooks repeatedly claimed, (first published claim in 1943 I believe), that he could create through hypnosis Intelligence ‘couriers’ or deep cover double-agents with “split” personalities. They would be totally consciously unaware of their “true” identities and missions, believing themselves to be a fictional personality scripted by their Intelligence controller, except during debriefing and re-assignment.

At those times, the controller would “trigger” their true personality/identity with code-words known only to him or her.

Estabrooks eventually claimed that he HAD done this, on behalf of the American military during WW2, but there are of course no records of these alleged split-personality missions, nor any mention of them by anyone else who would be expected to know about them during those times.

There are declassified memos discussing an unnamed researcher-contractor (it’s Estabrooks) attempting to “sell” this hypnosis split-personality idea to American military and Intelligence programs (with himself cast as project leader and hypnosis “programmer”), and the many reasons cited by the administrators of these programs for not wasting their money or resources on this concept.


There was some US Intelligence/Military sponsored experimentation related to hypothetical military applications for hypnosis, under ARTICHOKE in the early 1950s, (such as – if you “command” a person to shoot someone they know and like, under hypnosis, will they really carry that out?), but nothing like a “Manchurian candidate creation” program.

The “Church Committee” report was published in 1976, followed by Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearings focused on MK Ultra in 1977 and publication of their report.

Then there was John Marks’ excellent “The Search For the Manchurian Candidate” in 1979, which brought a wealth of related information and details not only about the research but also about MK Ultra-related “operations” carried out in the US and abroad, into popular knowledge for the first time. (A lot of information about MK Ultra sponsored research had been “publicly available” for a long time before this, in the form of research papers published in academic journals – although the authors’-researchers’ involvement in Intelligence/military projects would not have been explicitly stated and in some cases the scientists themselves were unaware at the time that their “work” was surreptitiously paid for and commissioned by intelligence/military).

But in the 1980s and 1990s a torrent of mis-information about these subjects was generated and circulated through various social/professional communities, including psycho-therapists and their patients, (and several professional victim claimant conspiranoids like Cathy O’Brien/Mark Hamilton and Cisco Wheeler/Fritz Springmeier, issuing newsletters and bulletins subscribed to by SRA-obsessed professionals and mental patients), feeding off and building upon one another’s fantasies and rumors. ALA, the infamous compendium of crapola known as the “Greenbaum Lecture”, and delusional “victim narratives” derived from it such as Claudia Mullin and Chris DeNicola’s “testimony” at the Human Radiation Experiments Hearings.

What’s fascinating is that despite the complete lack of any evidence that hypnotic mind control could create “sleeper agents” or anything of the sort, the idea has taken root in the conspiraloon community, to the point where someone like T. Casey Brennan can spout his ridiculous lies with impunity.

So it seems that The Naked Gun was not a documentary after all. Though “Queen Elizabeth” does look rather fetching in that diamond tiara.



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  1. I’m fascinated by an Intelligence Service who would take someone who was apparently insensible to do an assasination and ‘drape’ him over the gun and when he pulled the trigger he doesn’t think he hit the president. If you want the president dead don’t you send someone who can stand up straight, never mind shoot properly?

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    • I’m still intrigued by the fact that in one of his interviews, T. Casey said the assassination took place in 1964. Shouldn’t the guy behind one of the most significant events of the 20th century know what year it happened?

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      • Yes, that’s part of my argument as well: the man is a fraud, and anyone who listens to him for longer than a couple of minutes (besides Angie, that is) can tell it.


      • @Spiny – you aren’t thinking ‘conspiratorially’ enough (Good lord! That’s actually a legitimate word!) 🙂
        The Matrix was NOt a work of fiction, it was a divine transmission from the true and Hidden God, revealing the true state of reality and humanity’s plight, but only a Neo will have ears to hear…
        T. Casey is a Neo, obviously…and so he perceives the really true reality – hidden from the rest of us by our universal brainwashing blindness. JFK actually died in 1964, we are just programming to mis-remember the real date. By the fnords, of course.

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  2. The one where someone who looks like a hippie talks about how they hate hippies:

    TCB: “If we gathered up all the hippies and just mass murdered them I think most people would support it…”
    Ashlee: “I do not agree with, like, mass murder. I’m not standing by you on that one…I will not.”
    TCB: (sings) “Mass murder makes me happy. Dead bodies make me happy.”
    Ashlee: I’m sorry. It’s the MK Ultra talking. Yeah that was the MK Ultra talking. Disregard that.”
    Ok, he’s probably joking.
    Ashlee, however, thinks you can excuse someone acting like an arsehole by blaming it on MK Ultra.

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    • There’s something very creepy about this guy hanging around young girls. He reputedly does this a lot.

      For anyone who missed it, check this out:

      “…T. Casey Brennan’s account was originally published as a work of fiction…by his mother. Since that time, he has come forward and filled in details and admitted that it is a work of non-fiction. The man himself is homeless – ‘partially retarded’ – his words (stemming from head injuries suffered from multiple stab wounds in 1975, in addition to the car accident in 2003), an individual who wears his hair in dreadlocks and goes about Ann Arbor Michigan with a group of young girls, acting like a 15-year-old boy. Unemployed, formerly somewhat known for his work in comic books, and his efforts to remove depictions of individuals smoking from comic books, he is also in a rock band called ‘Frankenhead’….”

      See the full article here:


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  3. Wait – ‘Naked Gun’ wasn’t a documentary? Tosh ‘n’ piffle! Next you’ll be telling me that Rosemary’s Baby, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, Race with the Devil, V, the Pelican Brief, Enemy of the State, the Omen, Tomorrow Never Dies, They Live, the Matrix, the Parallax View and the Manchurian Candidate were all made up too. Pffft.

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    • Oh wait – I see you’ve already dismissed the Manchurian Candidate and The Parallax View as works of fiction. I was right – the rot has already set in. Warren Beatty will weep if he hears about this and Frank Sinatra will be turning in his grave 😦

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    • EC saying that ‘The Naked Gun’ is fiction is sacrilege. What other cop comedies is he gonna diss next, I wonder? If he starts on ‘Dragnet’, it’s war! 😮

      “They follow the trail to an Orange County-based cult calling itself P.A.G.A.N. (People Against Goodness And Normalcy)…Friday and Streebek disguise themselves as P.A.G.A.N. thugs…and sneak into the secret P.A.G.A.N. ceremony. There they witness the masked leader attempting to sacrifice a virgin…They see the masked leader, while making a ritual speech, release the bat and throw the lions’ manes that were stolen from the zoo into a pit of water below. He then throws the Virgin Connie Swail wearing the stolen wedding dress into the same pit with the anaconda that was also stolen from the zoo…Upon arriving to the site with Police Commissioner Jane Kirkpatrick, they find no evidence of any ritual held there the previous night…”


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  4. For me one of the most disturbing aspects of the SRA-MC True Believer “subculture”, going all the way back to mid-’80’s satanic panic, has been their obsessive attempts to insinuate SRA-MC related falsehoods & fantasies into various forms of “public record”.

    Everyone here is likely familiar with the terrible tragedy of Carol Myers and her family, and how various SRA related falsehoods & fantasies about Carol’s life history AND her family members and their life histories, were blithely entered into Carol’s permanent patient records by her therapists – an outrage that her family members wouldn’t ever have known about if they hadn’t been so determined to uncover the truth about “what happened to Carol?” Not only did Carol’s therapists fail to make ANY attempts to verify horrific allegations, they also presumed to use her (anonymized) false life history as a case study supporting their personal SRA fantasies and professional SRA pronouncements. And Carol Myers was just ONE patient out of how many hundreds (thousands?) in UK and North America over the last 30+ years “diagnosed” with an “SRA” or “RA” or “MC” history. How much unverified nonsense has been permanently recorded this way – and is the failure to obtain verification really accidental? Or could it be a deliberate, albeit unspoken,strategy to create the false impression of “objective, factual data” supporting SRA-MC mythologies?

    Similar surreptitious outrages against reality, involve the submitting of “reports” or “testimony” containing SRA-MC related rumor, urban legends, or fantasized victim narratives to formal governmental/UN hearings and committees. The testimony of Valerie Wolf, Claudia Mullen and Chris DeNicola (Ebner) at the 1995 Human Radiation Experiments Hearings, was a particularly blatant example of insinuating falsehoods into public records – and I believe it was calculated & deliberate.
    Valerie Wolf was a “freelance” social worker and self-professed SRA-MC therapist at the time she purported to be “treating” the other women, who would later have her “license to practise” revoked because of unprofessionally personal relationships with her alleged “patients” and presumption to provide treatment that she was totally unqualified to administer. I believe Wolf was the instigator of this little scheme.
    In any case, Mullen and DeNicola’s false victim narratives are rife with falsehoods easily traced to earlier sources. They both claim to have been subjected to “trauma based” mind-control programming by the very same Dr Green (alias Dr Geenbaum, alias Mengele by some accounts) who featured prominently in the Greenbaum Speech fantasies.
    By this date, 1995, the CIA mind-control conspiranoids had become aware that a Dr L. Wilson Greene had been in charge of Camp Detrick’s Special Operations Division, which was responsible for instigating and overseeing the MKUltra programs. But this Dr Greene had a very different and thoroughly documented life history, from the ridiculous fantasized life history of the imaginary – EVIL – Dr Green(baum) recounted in the Greenbaum Lecture, which had Greenbaum a doomed Jew in a German concentration camp who “joined up” with the Nazis to invent satanic child rape & torture based mind-control programming, and later brought to the US through Operation Paperclip. The real Dr Greene was an American, never in a concentration camp, and not personally involved (as a practitioner) in any of the MKULtra sponsored experimentations. The real Dr Greene died in 1973, Mullen & DiNicola have Dr Green torturing them right up to 1984. And on, and on, goes the parade of false info in their testimonies.

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    • I’m in touch with the daughter of an Australian immigrant psychiatrist (deceased since 1980s) who has been accused by the absolutely repulsive Fiona Barnett of being the perpetrator of Aussie MKUltra mind control and trained by Mengele.

      The fact the poor man fled the Nazis means nothing. His living relatives are highly distressed by this utter creep of a woman who continues to falsely accuse just about anyone as soon as they become a bit prominent in the media. Same goes for the descendants of a much loved deceased politician whose grandson became the victim of bullying at his school with his beloved Grandad being called a ‘pedo’ just because, as kids will, they read it on the net.

      The nasty piece of goods Barnett lashes out at anyone who dares to question her and accuses them of being in The Cult and of being a pedo etc etc blah blah blah.

      Needless to say she is promoted by the evil Angela Power-Disney, a child abuser herself and a friend of known convicted pedophiles. I’m a great believer in Karma- something bad will happen to Power-Disney because of her disgraceful crimes against innocent people.

      She skates on thin ice with her constant quoting of the Scriptures. If there is a Heaven and Hell you can be sure the Door Bitch St Peter will grab the scrawny old bitch by the neck and boot her off the red carpet and onto the down escalator (there is no ‘up’). Besides there’s a No Fucking Smoking sign in Heaven.

      As for Neelu Berry- the sooner this nasty batshit crazy woman who is obviously dementing rapidly, is locked up in a psychiatric unit the better for society.

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  5. The absurdity of using the phony “MKUltra mind control” rubbish when you wish to assassinate a person like JFK so you can alter history when there are 10,000s if not 100,000s right-wing willing fanatics who will gladly kill for their beliefs is such a fantasy.

    JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King and so on may well have been victims of dastardly plots where the real masterminds escaped scot-free but why put such a deadly event into the hands of a so-called mind controlled robot when he/she just might flip out at the wrong moment and shoot a vase or a waiter?.

    The journalist John Pilger was in the room when Robert Kennedy was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan but while he says there may well have been another plotter and Sihran had glazed eyes he was subsequently found to be suffering paranoid delusions. Pilger doesn’t think it was anything more than a lunatic murdering someone for their deluded beliefs.

    Or as in the radio program I listened to just yesterday on the Chilean coup organized by the CIA but perpetuated by fascist generals like Pinochet, these are deadly serious events done for real reasons of power and control. Nothing is left to chance and the notion of using a weak minded idiot to do the main deed when 100s will do it, knowing they can walk away and never get caught, defies reason.

    Why on earth use so called hypnotized or mind-controlled people when you can achieve exactly what you want with trained killers who have no qualms about what they do.

    These morons like Angela Power Disney who falsely claims to be a “trained journalist” when Cheeta the Chimp could produce a more factual account than her, and who currently idiotically perpetuates a “satanist” tale about Hilary Clinton’s aide when even Clinton haters Fox News admit they mis-read the story are people devoid of any imagination and have no depth of intelligence. Their life comprises of tid-bits & gossip they scoop up from surfing the net (lazy fucking c*nts).

    Just as they perpetuate the false narrative of the Rothschild family controlling the world and owning the world’s assets when there are a 100s far wealthier billionaires ( Evelyn de Rothschild comes in way down on the Forbes Rich list with about $1.2B)… there are about 6 Aussies far richer & Carlos Slim is possibly the world’s richest and I’d guarantee Vladimir Putin may have a few billion salted away.

    Honestly if there were any of the Medici family still around they would accuse them of controlling the planet. Morons.

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