Whatever happened to Abe and Ella?

Things are mighty quiet around the Hoaxtead Corral these days. The barn door is hanging from one rusty hinge, swaying in the breeze. You can hear the wind whistlin’ through the hay in the back forty, and every now’n’then a tumbleweed rolls on past, but that’s purdy much about it. [EC: you’re not writing a Western film script. Knock it off. -Ed.] [Oh. Right. Sorry, don’t know what came over me. -EC]


Anyway, you get the idea. Ever since the first spate of arrests back in mid-September, when some of the more virulent Hoaxtead mobsters realised that they could be next, there’s been a mass ditching of Facebook and Twitter accounts, and a real reluctance to post further threats and harassment, for fear of the long arm of the law.

Not that we’re complaining, mind. This is what we’ve been hoping for, ever since Sabine “accidentally” sent Ella and Abe’s videos to Henry Curteis of The Tap Blog, and set off an online firestorm.

Quiet is good…except when it comes to writing about Hoaxtead and its slimy denizens. Then, quiet can become a bit of a challenge.

So just for a larf, we thought we’d take a peek over on Abe and Ella’s blogs.

Did you know they have two? No, neither did we. There’s no appreciable difference between the sites that we can see, other than the cover pages: two different pictures of RD’s children. Everything else seems pretty much identical. Bit of a waste of bandwidth, if you ask us.

As we scrolled through, we had the distinct feeling of walking through a ghost town. On both blogs, the most recent post went up in mid-July:


Yep. They’re appealing the IPCC report, as they didn’t like its findings. Hardly surprising, since the IPCC found that their complaints were invalid, except in two rather minor instances. Not exactly the grand victory that they’d been hoping for.

Over on Twitter, things looked almost as lifeless: Abe posted his last tweet over a month ago.


And not a word since then.

To be sure, we’ve heard a few half-hearted rumblings from YouTube, where Abe pops up from time to time and tries to do one of his old epic rants…but by and large, the fight seems to have gone out of the gruesome twosome. Their hearts just aren’t in it.

And no wonder: no one seems interested in their story any longer.

In the ever-shifting conspiritainment landscape, the audience has wandered off in search of…brains….braaaaaains….. [NO! NO ZOMBIES! -Ed.] [Oh, come on—just one? -EC] [Absolutely not. -Ed.]

Fine. Where were we? Oh right…Abe and Ella’s audience has wandered off in search of the next blood, sex, and gore-filled bit of conspiritainment, leaving two of the originators of the Hampstead SRA hoax high and dry, abandoned by their once-adoring audience of gullible half-wits.

We wish we could summon up even a little bit of pity for them.

Wait, what are we saying? No we don’t.



60 thoughts on “Whatever happened to Abe and Ella?

  1. If things are as quiet as you say, in the above witty piece, perhaps this would be a good time to give UK friends a peek at my work in commercials:

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  2. Perhaps Abe really has killed Ella this time, or the other way round. Either way, they are due to separate one way or the other around about now. Interesting times: when Ella comes forward with her ‘he forced me to do it’ spiel. Or perhaps she won’t bother, having been unceremoniously dumped by everyone in her life.

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      • Plenty of evidence of Abe’s domestic abuse in the past, child protection authorities were well aware of Abe, that is why the detective Steve recognised Abe. He was violent in the past, both with partners (ex-wife landed up in hospital…) as well as former step-children have come forward with testimony about his cruelty and beatings…small children pissing themselves etc. The children in this case obviously also corroborated this once they were out of Abe’s reach and safe.

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    • Perhaps one of Abe’s drug deals went bad and they are both buried in the Moroccan desert?

      I rather hope not though. I would like to see them stand trial.

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      • So would I, FS. My only concern would be what might happen once their sentences were up—would they give it another go? But still. Probably worth the risk.


    • If I were Ella and ever wanted to see my two kids again, I expect I might try something like the “he made me do it” excuse. However, she’s never shown any signs of love or care for those children; why start now?


  3. This hiatus provides a perfect opportunity to “tackle” that longstanding underskrift issue.I find Lenor best (other fabric conditioners are available).

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  4. I only came to this thing about three weeks ago and in watching the YouTube videos online I noticed a comment by an account called ‘Ella Draper’ and I could not believe that this person had the audacity to keep stoking this drama. I responded to the comment along the lines of ‘You have abused your children, gambled them, and abandoned them for their trouble. You are a disgrace.’
    These two annoy me the most of all. I cannot stand what she has done to these children.

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    • First, welcome! It’s good to see new faces around here. If you have any questions at all about this very strange and often ridiculously complicated case, please just ask. You might also find the FAQ pages useful in piecing together what happened. You’ll find them on the black bar at the top of the home page.

      As for Ella, you’re right: she’s a disgrace, both for allowing her children to be used and abused the way she did, and for failing to put their interests foremost, as any good parent would do. People who knew her when she lived in London have said that Ella was always cold and distant with her kids, doing things like leaving them outside in their underwear when she felt they’d been naughty. So I suppose allowing Abe to torture them in order to get them to tell a story of cult ritual abuse was just one step further for her.


      • She has done all of this just to hurt some people. It’s awful, it really creates a demand to see them arrested, especially after she has managed to flee the country.


  5. Old Abe & Ella out of steam and support. I bet they wish they could return to the UK now but they’ve sure messed things up for themselves and i for one a, very pleased about that.

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  6. When Ella Draper and Abraham Christie fall silent, it is a useful marker that the SRA hoax of Hampstead is ended. Shame that no efforts seem to have been made by the legal authorities to track and arrest Draper and Christie.

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    • I would be very surprised if Abe or Ella were given custodial sentences, I would imagine that DC Martin would love to see this case wrapped up seeing as his name has been dragged through the dirt, but there’s not a lot they can do.

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      • With Abe’s rap sheet I would have thought Custody was a given.

        Not sure if Ella has a record in this Country but her Child Abuse of the Children warrants Custody.

        Though I’m not sure it’s her fault the images of the Children were circulated far and wide.

        Angela Power-Disney definitely needs to see herself in the Dock, though with the way she yaps on I bet the Police investigating her want to get away as quickly as possible and all her alleged crimes never make it as far as the CPS or whatever it is called in Ireland.

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  7. EC: Maybe this is the right time to congratulate and thank you and all the others involved in setting up this blog and writing to bring some form of justice to those affected in this case. You have spent much time on helping in this case, in ways that are unrecognised. Acknowledgement of pain and suffering is an important step in the healing of all, including those who were unfortunate enough to come under the radar of Abe and Ella. The justice system is lagging behind with the advent of the internet, and the consequent impunity of those who have flee the area of jurisdiction that could deal with them. This has brought new challenges that have left victims high and dry. Thus, the writing on this blog has, I am sure, brought some measure of relief to those who have been affected. Thank you, EC.

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    • Thanks so much, Anna. Our team deserves most of the congratulations, as they’ve stuck it out for a year and a half, tracking all aspects of the hoax and finding evidence that we’ve been able to report here. It’s been an intense experience, as most of us started as complete newbies to the world of conspiritainment, and had no idea at the outset what we were getting ourselves into. But I think we’ve all learned a great deal along the way—not the least of which is the power of community.

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  8. Ella appears to have been silent even longer than Abe which I think indicates just how little she really cares about seeing her children. I believe Abraham pops up from time to time because he hates the fact his lies were not successful, and has some misplaced anger at RD. Though their silence will also have a lot to do with the lack of response they gained from their own channels and blogs, and the fact they have fallen out with so many of their supporters.

    The fact they offered no real response to APDs claims regarding Ella, suggests to me they are very aware that their game is up. And that the conspiracy crowd are happy to weave them into the narrative whenever it suits them. They have become pawns in their own game.

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    • You make a really good point, dave. No reaction from Ella, at all, to APD’s claims about the films she or someone is supposed to have seen with Ella molesting a child, really is an eye-opener. No reaction, no sign of life whatsoever. What happened to their nutritional webinars?


      • I do wonder what they are up to. Whether they are supporting themselves while abroad, and if not, who is?
        Whether they are living in their own accommodation or living with someone else. I can’t imagine living with Abe for a day, let alone this time.

        I had forgotten about the nutritional webinars. I now remember they were advertised on Abe’s old blog. Although I am glad that his old blog was removed for the sake of the children…etc, I must admit I did enjoy commenting on it and watching him desperately trying to delete everything because he didn’t know how to block people.

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        • It is not difficult to envisage Abe crossing the wrong character(s) and ending up as fish food.Its just the drug infused,deluded path that sicko is on and certainly will not end well.If they are both still out their and together I would not be overly surprised to learn they are somehow involved in the drug/sex market in one way or another as they dont appear to have much to offer in legit land.

          We can but hope that no more children get caught up in their dispicable web of shit.

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        • Maybe the whole hoax was in part due to their inability to just be happy with each other, they need an outside enemy to hate lest they attack themselves. If that’s the case then they could well already have split up.


    • Yes, that’s a really good point, Dave. Given how determined they were, even a few months ago, it seems really odd that there’s been literally no response at all from them about Angela’s (patently ridiculous) allegations.


      • Oh, Saskia—I still remember when butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. “No, I’m not a true believer…I just went down to see what was happening…”. Uh-huh.


        • Yes, I remember that – it was just days before she descended on the alleyway round the back of the school with Butlincat, Neelu and Christine Sands, praying to rid the school of demons, agreeing with Butlincat’s claim that various deceased Hollywood stars had been reincarnated as school caretakers and agreeing to come back and secretly film the school the following Wednesday. Her place on the perps list is well earned, so let’s hear it for Sasky!

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    • Ah, Angie’s blindlingly accurate predictions strike again? Er…no. Sorry, Blondie – no martial law, no illegal third term for Obama, no snow, no freak monsoons, no Rapture. I want to say ‘close but no banana’ but actually you weren’t even close on any of them.

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