Neelu comments on Sabine’s plea…sort of

Well, wouldn’t you just know it? No sooner had we finished writing a post here about how none of the Hoaxtead mob had so much as blinked at the news that Sabine had entered a plea of guilty and had been sentenced to 12 months’ conditional discharge for having violated her restraining order, than we discovered that Neelu had just posted a video on that very subject.

If we didn’t know better, we’d suspect it was a plot to discredit us.

Anyhoo…we assigned one of our team to watch the video. Here’s their summary:

Agent K here. Why do I always draw the short straw on these things? And who used up the last of the coffee? As soon as I’m done here I’m lodging a complaint, see if I don’t.

All right.

So Neelu is saying she’s going to court next week to find out whether she’ll be charged, but she allows as how there’s been one teeny-tiny development this week: Sabine was in court, and the judge said that it was a minor offence, or not intentional or something, and has given Sabine a 12-month conditional discharge.

Neelu is lying through her beaver-like teeth here, by the way. The judge didn’t say that; he said Sabine was acting in defiance of the law. It was Sabine’s own barrister who called it a minor offence, and…well, he would, wouldn’t he?

Neelu goes through her usual palaver about how the restraining order isn’t real because there was “no case to answer” (not true: they were found not guilty, and we’ve explained about 100 times that the RO is indeed valid in these circumstances). Oh, and now she wants to know who made the complaints: “The real thing is to find out who is alleging they’re harassed”.

Blah blah blah covering up for abuses of human rights blah blah abusing process of law blah blibber blabber committing perjury yadda yadda yadda…

Oh, here’s a good bit: Neelu reveals how she got nicked last month. Apparently she went in to see how Lee Cant was doing, and the cops picked her up in the police station waiting area! They handcuffed her and locked her up in the same cell from which they’d just discharged poor Lee.

And then—oh joy!—they put Neelu through a mental health assessment. Can I hear ‘amen’?

She says she told the police officer who recommended the assessment that he was impersonating a psychiatrist. (Hint to Neelu: when undergoing a mental health assessment, don’t admit that you have delusions that people are impersonating other people.)

Turns out that the reason the assessment was recommended was because of some papers they found in Neelu’s trolley…which had been drafted by EDWARD W. ELLIS, EQUITY LAWYER. (Sorry for the all-caps. That is actually how he talks.) As it happens, those papers were actually meant to be served on the police, but for some reason they refused them, can’t think why.

So at this point Neelu says she informed the mental health team that she didn’t require their services (snort), that she was a qualified pharmacist who specialised in mental health, and that she had successfully overseen the discharge of dozens of patients into the community.

You know what’s weird about this bit is that for a few seconds there, she actually sounded lucid. You could sort of see who she used to be, before she went round the bend. Sad.

…And then she went right back into “she didn’t believe the mental health team were acting honourably, and she’d be issuing them with cease and desist orders and charging them with treason, etc., etc., etc.”

Oddly, she said the mental health team looked “pretty dazed” when they walked out, and said they’d notify her about their decision. Neelu told them she wasn’t mentally ill, and that she didn’t require the presence of an appropriate adult during her questioning by the police. She then explained how people are kidnapped and held hostage for telling the truth. She put the interviewing police officer on notice of treason, on account of the IPCC report, which she claimed said that they had failed to investigate RD’s children’s allegations.

I cannot actually tell here whether she’s lying or just plain bonkers. Has she actually read the IPCC report?

I’m starting to despair here. And whoever used up the last of the coffee and didn’t replace it, if I catch up with you there will be severe consequences. Just saying.

Neelu is now saying that the restraining order was “predetermined, it was just to show off that they’re still in charge, these routine false prosecutors,that hijack the system, because we didn’t get any justice. It’s like going out in the street and restraining everybody, just to show off that you can do that, without law, without cause, without any injured party”.

I swear, she actually says this.

Oh, bloody hell. Now she’s saying that the stuff posted was all in the public domain, so there’s no way that anyone can allege that any order has been breached. And none of the judges will want to deal with any breaches of the restraining order, especially given the outcome of Sabine’s hearing on Monday…Say what?

Bunch of bunkum about how Edward Ellis’ hearing for committal on Friday last was illegal because “there was no law”…erm, except for, you know, that whole civil restraint order thingy…but who am I to argue with Neelu?

Oh, and here’s some advice from Neelu: if someone comes to your door and they don’t have a warrant, call 999 and report it as a kidnap. If you don’t phone 999, you’ve consented to being kidnapped, she claims. I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works, but hey, she’s been “illegally kidnapped” more often than I have, so what do I know?

Well, folks, there you have it: the one public response to Sabine’s brand new criminal record is…well, non-existent. Neelu didn’t once mention that her friend had pled guilty. It seems like a rather large omission to us—after all, it could have implications in her own case, should charges be laid against her next week.

But that seems to be the Hoaxtead way. See something you don’t like? Close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears, and shout, “Treason! Remedies! Dishonour! Thirty trillion pound lien!” until it goes away.


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  1. Well if as Neelu says she isn’t mentally il,l does that mean she doesn’t claim any state benefits for mental illness?

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  2. By a bizarre coincidence, both Neelu and Angela – both of whom “never read that vile Hoaxtead blog” – have now commented on Sabine’s guilty plea, just hours after that nice Mr. Coyote wrote about their lack of reportage thereon. Small world, isn’t it.

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  3. Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity…

    5 hours ago:

    1 hour ago:

    Incidentally, Christ knows (pardon the pun) what the lying bint’s banging on about there. The post I had removed was the one where she was harassing Martin Royce:

    Unless she’s had TWO posts removed, which is almost too delicious to contemplate.

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    • Typical- she can’t help but lie by implying all those places she visited where on the one visit when we know she returned to Ireland and then claimed to have traveled back for the non-existent rally. Which is bullshit.

      An example of sociopath behavior and you will note that since we have begun caller her the sociopath she is, she has suddenly begun using the word herself. Sociopath liars like Angela Power-Disney are never disturbed or upset when they are busted on a lie because they lack empathy.

      Their minds tick over almost like a computer as they invent another lie to cover the one just exposed but they are devoid of normal feelings in this process which is why she can keep going.

      Speaking of mental health : Patrick Culinane was also assessed by a psychiatrist for a court case and the shrink concluded he had a ‘narcissistic personality’ but true to form Culinane rejected this and wrote back to the psychiatrist and said , no it’s you who are the narcissist.

      I was just speaking to a UK friend who was describing his ( self-admitted) stay in a London mental health unit which he quite enjoyed as it reminded him of boarding school but he says most of the other patients had been sectioned and his psychiatrist said that was because they had become violent.
      Is this true?
      If so it means the person we know who has been sectioned may well be there because of threatened violent action.

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    • Whoops. I accidentally BCC’d it to a blogger who put it up without consulting me. It wasn’t my fault, no one saw me, you can’t prove it.


    • A lot of people in mental health institutions and prisons need rescuing. Is she going to organise a mass jail break?
      She went through the files of these people in the mental health institution. Uhh? did she break into the unit’s records office at night?
      One girl was locked up because she was going to have her hands lopped off under Sharia Law?. Where? Hendon Magistrates Court?

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  4. Found it!
    Dedicated to each & every Hampstead SRA believer: “When you believe in things you don’t understand, then you SUFFER! Superstition ain’t the way”. The whole world is laughing at your ignorance. Take it away, Stevie –

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    Neelus videos should carry a Mental Elf warning.A normal brain risks seriously flipping inside out and strangling itself if subjected to extended exposure.

    An urgent secret CIA union meeting as been convened and hereby formally secretly requests agent K be granted a few secret days rest and recuperation together with a large bundle of secret CIA welfare vouchers for the aquisition of some particularly strong espresso coffee or perhaps a large bottle of JD prior to resumption of duties.

    Failure to do so could force secret agents to throw down their secret snooper secret toys out of their secret CIA prams and get somewhat generally miffed and stuff (secretly).

    Other than that thoroughly stirling work chaps and chapesesses.

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    • Poor Agent K is currently in a quiet room, attempting to chew through his or her own wrists. This after we broke it to them that there was a second Neelu video. I’ll pass along your sympathies.

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    • Well said, Mik.

      I believe he’s been promoted and is now Special Agent K.

      And contrary to what the hoaxer crew claim, he is NOT a cereal killer.


  6. Angie/Neelu – next time you stop by, could you talk me through the mechanics of how Sabine would appeal against her own guilty plea? Thanks.

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    • Sorry, I appear to have forgotten to post the screenshot with that comment. Here it is, so people can see what the hell I’m banging on about, lol:


    • OK, nostalgia fans – here’s Angela NOT casting a spell on Ricky Dearman…

      5:12 – “I just speak to Ricky Dearman…I just speak to every curse that you’ve spoken over me and Sabine and Neelu and Rupert, Jake…er, anybody else, you know, Kris Costa, anyone else that’s put their head above the parapet – I just send those curses BACK to where they came from, in Jesus’ name. You can’t mess with the Son of God without getting BADLY burnt.”

      16:30 – “Tick tock…Brrrrroohooo…I rebuke you in Jesus’ name. May the Lord rebuke you. May the Holy spirit BROOOOOD over you with such conviction that you are on your knees.”

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        • No, EC – you’ve got the right dude. The entire point of Jesus was the forgiveness of the human race (if you believe in that sort of thing). Curses are the complete opposite of what he stood for. I’ve tried so hard to explain this to Angela but she just doesn’t get it. But then, we are talking about a woman who thinks the Republic of Ireland is in the UK and that Suriname is in Brazil.

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        • Yes I believe Jesus was more the turning water into wine sort of guy rather than arsing about with curses and shoite which was sooo BC.

          Angelas “curses” are simply self generating globules of spite,hatred,and loathing bouncing around like pinballs in her dysfunctional malificent head.Their only means of escape is when she opens her gob or has proximity to a keyboard.

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    • “I just use the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT but it is effective and probably frightened the SHITE out of him / them”

      Yeah, Ange – we’re all shitting ourselves.

      If you do the ‘Double double toil and trouble’ one, I’m moving to Suriname for my own safety.

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    • Honestly, does she really think that spewing a bunch of words she neither understands nor practices will have any earthly effect on anything? I’d respect her more if I thought she was actually a practicing Christian. She’s a hypocrite of the lowest order.


    • I don’t find quotes from the Scriptures offensive but this bloke had something to say about it : “The Lord says, ‘These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. ’” (Isaiah 29:13).

      He/she is talking about the sin of hypocrisy but unlike this mob I would never accuse someone of that although the words Angela, Power and Disney come to mind.

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  7. Well Roger it does seem you have triggered Angie to leave even more “trails” of slime about the place.I feel sure Angie will be spewing forth even more invective slipperyness for us and her viewer during tonights Chasing Fuknows waste of broadband as a result of your efforts(7-9pm ish).

    Meanwhile Angie was spotted only recently attempting to infiltrate the local Lanzerote bag lady scene.

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      • Angie obviously has had a full professional makeover job done there Spiny to conceal her increasingly grotesque look.Lose the black gloves and fag,and hey she could be be in for a night of passion with some passing drug addled waste of space who cant even pour piss from his boots with directions written on the heel.Fair play.

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        • “He could be be in for a night of passion with some passing drug-addled waste of space who can’t even pour piss from his boots with directions written on the heel.”

          Hey, leave Rupert out of this! 😀

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  8. The ever prolific MK`s devils have knock out yet another quality “incontrivertable “exposé of hoaxers abject shit.

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    • So Angela Power-Disney is claiming someone she knows paid £3K to obtain child abuse material.
      Several crimes there: illegal hacking, buying & possessing child abase material, seeking out & viewing child abuse material, not reporting a serious crime to the police knowing there is evidence of that crime.
      Has Angie reported this to the Garda?.
      Can someone provide a link to the video where she makes this claim as I’m happy to help her along and make a report to CEOP.

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  9. And now over to Angie’s hillbilly mate Steph, who hasn’t quite grasped the concept of quotation marks 😀

    The comments in question, which are direct QUOTATIONS from Angela’s video rant:

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  10. Shes not a happy bunny about Roger and her posts being taken down lol Now on to Neelus video about Sabine and Angie going to say her piece on the matter afterwards.

    In an attempt to preserve a degree of sanity I shall watch some folk kicking a ball around and falling over a lot.Good luck any brave souls persisting.

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    • Looks like an Alien. Visitor from the Galactic Federation?.
      As you know that despite all the unbelievably clever scientists on the planet and amazing people among us the Aliens choose to visit Princess Ved, Angie and the late Tory Johnson.
      Which says an awful lot about the Federation’s taste.


      • Does look a bit like Gabriella although she was talking about a young couple sharing to get some cash in before she hits the buffers.There will be a fiddle involved somewhere,that is a home banker as it is all Angie knows.

        Maybe young couple are police undercover agents or mad psychotic satanic cannibals.Now theres a thought Angie eh? (Snigger).

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          • Fat controller in sex change train wreck shocker .

            The Reverand Awdry estate have so far declined to comment as to how this episode has found its way into the public domain,however Ringo Starrs agent on being woken by the news at 3am advised our reporter to ” **** off .

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