Hoaxtead mob up in arms over Sabine’s guilty plea

Hoaxteaders across Britain and around the world have risen up in indignation at the news that their friend and colleague Sabine McNeill entered a plea of ‘guilty’ to charges of having breached her restraining order during her hearing at Blackfriars Crown Court on Monday.

Haha, just kidding. In fact, no one has said a word (at least not publicly) about her startling turnaround. A quick tour of some the Facebook pages of some of Sabine’s supporters reveals a surprising lack of interest in her latest encounter with the law.

Sabine herself has had nothing to say on the matter, which is perhaps not surprising. It must sting to be forced into an admission that one has fucked up quite so royally.

Her friend, mentor, and paymaster (because “paymistress” just sounds wrong) Belinda McKenzie, who can usually be counted upon to offer some commentary on such things, remains silent:


Angela Power-Disney, who couldn’t stop blathering about poor Sabine when she was in police custody for 43 hours at the end of August, is uncharacteristically discreet now:


And what of the gaggle of Hoaxtead mobsters who accompanied Sabine and Neelu to court last summer? John Banks, who actually cracked a smile for this photo with his friends after the trial, has said not a word:


And what of the usually garrulous Tracey Morris, who posted the above shot last month? Nope. Nada. John Taylor? Nothing, unless you count pictures of chemtrails, or of women with bountiful rear elevations.

Even Neelu, whose bail return date is rapidly approaching, has had nothing to say about her “partner in crime’s” legal situation.

Why is no one saying anything, you might ask? Our guess is that Sabine’s friends have sniffed the wind and discovered that it’s no longer blowing in their direction.

We know the Hoaxtead mob is keenly aware of recent arrests that have taken place, and they must understand, as we do, what Sabine’s guilty plea means: she may or may not truly believe in her own culpability (our guess is not), but pleading guilty to this offence is tantamount to admitting that the hoax is officially dead.

And not before time, we say.

Addendum: Just as this post went to press, we discovered that Neelu had put up a video commentary which refers to Sabine’s day in court on Monday. We’re currently attempting to decipher it, and will have a full report here soon. Stay tuned….picard-no-comment

42 thoughts on “Hoaxtead mob up in arms over Sabine’s guilty plea

  1. I’ve just been putting the feelers out for signs of hoaxers getting animated. All I found was this. Well, at least someone is animated about SOMETHING, though Christ knows what it is – it’s just really nice of Kane to put so much effort into entertaining us. It can be quite expensive these days to go to a zoo and watch monkeys throwing their own poo out of their cage at random passers-by but good old Kane does it for free…

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    • Mr Slater – why would anyone want to belong to the Illuminates of Thanateros? You don’t even understand that the very name of that organization was selected to be a satire and a joke, do you? Or that – as an outgrowth of so-called “Chaos Magic” – the original point of the group was to have a “magical order” that had no mandatory programs of study or practise, and made no demands that its members demonstrate any form of “attainment” whatsoever. It was an occult society for slackards who wanted to impress each other by pretending to tap their “natural magical abilities” while performing “ceremonies” concocted from their own imaginations, for each other’s entertainment.

      Not that the original organizations, which the Illuminates of T. were a parody of, were ultimately any more meaningful or purposeful. The Golden Dawn and Crowley’s OTO did have rigorous programs of study and practise which could take years to complete, (Crowley even demanded mastery of all the physical and mental disciplines from Indian yoga traditions), but NO persons who were members of these communities ever “caused change to occur in conformity with will” through supernatural means, either.

      You can attend a Gnostic Mass every weekend, and perform every magical rite ever written, and you will still be unable to perform supernatural feats of “magick” or “psychic power”, because THERE IS NO SUPERNATURAL CAUSATION. The physical laws of the universe, or “the laws of nature” if you prefer, absolutely preclude supernatural causation, and to believe otherwise is simply ignorance or superstition.

      “The cult that kills and eats babies” is what some Romans believed the early Christians were – because their ignorance of Christian beliefs & practice caused them to misinterpret the Eucharist ceremony and charitable adoption of abandoned infants. That’s where the idea of such a cult came from.
      There’s nothing to be gained through murdering infants, nor through cannibalism, unless you happen to be a band of Neanderthals on the brink of extinction. You cannot become immortal, or gain magical or psychic powers, you cannot become a mind-controlled “super-soldier”, nor can you call upon or control imaginary supernatural creatures like “gods” or “devils” or “aliens from Alpha Centauri”. None of these things are real, all of it is ignorance and superstition.

      I’ve been hanging around here for a long time, and I’ve never seen a hint that ANY of the Hamstead SRA cult skeptics here are stupid enough to believe in superstitious nonsense. But a lot of your supposed friends do, Mr Slater. In fact, the Hampstead BELIEVERS have professed to believe in just about every STUPID and IGNORANT supernatural fantasy that I can think of. Maybe you should be looking in the mirror for your “cultists”, Slater.

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  2. I’m guessing that Angie is nervous about getting animated about anything at the moment. I think I might have rattled her somewhat, hehe…

    I’m confidently predicting another “Why the hell am I getting punished for harassment while all of Dearman’s socks keep getting away with it?” rant any time soon 😀

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  3. Mmmm…..there are still some hangers-on so it’s not completely dead yet, but it certainly is whimpering its way towards oblivion. A few more arrests would do the trick and finish it off I reckon.
    My spidey senses tell me to just have patience…..

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  4. “Doors kicked in”, Tracey Morris? Doors kicked in? Seriously? When the fuck did that happen? Oh wait – it didn’t. Try to tell the bloody truth for once in your life, you lying mule-faced tart.

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  6. Satan Hunters as animated as a corpse full of maggots. Had Sabine McNeill been the martyr and pursued a no guilty plea to the conclusion, they would be all talking about McNeill being put into a MKUltra facility (prison.)

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