Hoaxtead mob in disarray

For some reason, we’ve had the song “There’s a Kind of Hush” going through our heads for the past few days. Perhaps it’s because the Hoaxtead mob seems to have put the brakes on its activities—the recent spate of arrests appears to have had a distinct chilling effect, not that we’re complaining.

We know, of course, that there’s a lot of mumbling and grumbling going on behind the scenes: the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™ rumour mill is churning even more busily than usual, as people try to determine who’s been grassing up whom.

Meanwhile, Abe and Ella have been desperately trying to dredge up some support for yet another kick at the can:


Hello to all,

There are plenty of us to fight, it’s a matter of uniting efforts and working out strategy.

The momentum is built up in the Hampstead Cover Up Case, public is actively involved. The energy could be used to help all.

Looking forward to the insights and ideas.

Love, Blessings,


Note that Abe uses Ella’s name for this one, knowing he’s pretty much persona non grata these days, even amongst the looniest of the conspiraloons.

And kind of hilarious that he’s “looking forward to the insights and ideas”. Wasn’t he Captain Mastermind? The Big Kahuna? The tiny man with the big plan?

Is Abe confessing that he’s finally run out of ideas to get this lumbering, creaking hoax airborne?

Well, never mind. At least the intrepid dogged mutt-faced Andy Peacher is behind him:


Can’t you just feel the burning enthusiasm emanating from the page? Phew. Careful you don’t scorch your fingers.

And dearie me, if that isn’t John Graham, aka Butlincat, bringing up the rear:


(Note to John: could you fix your email font, please? This one’s a bugger to read on-screen.)

For those without magnifiers at the ready, here’s the interesting bit (circled at the bottom):

…more outrageous cases will happen, as unacceptable as those that have already happened – but where is the opposition? The Hollie Greig group had 28000 members on facebook in 2010 before the dodgy admin of the group closed it down for no reason. Not all of those 28000 were prepared to put themselves out in certain ways as some might have been just sightseers, but still a big number was left who might – but never got the chance after the group was destroyed. Surely we need to fight as one specific tight single recognisible unit – the strength is in the numbers – the more genuine participants the better.

Yes John, there’s strength in numbers…and by our count you have approximately 50 supporters at the moment, and sinking fast.

Hardly a grassroots movement, especially now that the smell of fear is in the air. People have begun to realise that this isn’t a game: arrests are being made, and Hoaxtead mobsters are being called to account for their actions.

If we’d seen this sort of email traffic a year ago we might have been alarmed at the thought of a resurgence in the hoax. Now, though, we just smile and shake our heads.

Fill your boots, lads. See how far it gets you. russiandead


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  1. “There are plenty of us to fight…”

    Yeah, lol. And Abe & Ella are right behind you, people…about 1,200 miles behind you, shitting themselves in their sooper seekrit hideout.

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    • Yes, in the former ‘Costa del Crime’, as I recall. Small village, and of course Abe has managed to alienate his neighbours. To everyone’s surprise, I’m sure.


      • Yes i am sure that where-ever Ella & Abe are they will be feeling very lonely. I can’t see people that they meet would be interested in striking up a friendship with Abe & Ella once they realise what a strange couple they are.

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        • Yep, good point, AF. And you may recall from that Radio 4 documentary that their neighbours in Hampstead had them sussed from day 1. One guy they interviewed who used to live next door to them described them as “horrid”.


    • And these two are doing exactly what? Trying to flog a few t-shirts or a mug with Ella’s children’s images on them. Rather pathetic and sinister at the same time.

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  2. These groups may get as many as 28,000 “supporters” at some stage but 99.9% are just sitting at their PCs and delude themselves that surfing the internet and landing upon a Troofer website full of Neelu or Tory Johnson style wack-a-doody is either “investigating” “whistle-blowing” or being an “activist”. But it’s all rather faddish isn’t it?.
    Boredom sets in and they seek new excitements while leaving a trail of innocent but hurt and bewildered people who are told they or their grandfather slit babies throats every Wednesday.

    The witch hunts of old like Salem were similar with people’s blood lust so fired up they needed an endless supply of old ladies to string up but inevitably the focus turns back on the witch hunters themselves as paranoia sets in.
    Few reach the giddy heights that Hollie Greig or Hampstead have but in the end they are banging their head against a wall because the hysteria reaches it’s inevitable end and begins to fizzle out.

    It’s educated me but I guess it should have been obvious : there are so many bored people out there (millions of them?) ND the cunning ones ask for donations to keep up the good fight & like APD have to invent a new twist, a tantalizing tidbit such as her claimed Ella child porn tape to keep the hoax kicking along. to get a few quid rolling in.

    And for tiny handful of successful hoaxers like David Icke there are dozens that any donation is gratefully received, part pays an electricity bill and so on.
    Never forget that just like the ghastly Chris Fay was snatching at a £20 towards the end or even a free lunch, any donation that supplements their pension helps.

    There was one that got onto the Jimmy Savile bandwagon as well & who made all sorts of claims and managed to get as much as £1000 from one newspaper but the oddly named Wilfred De’Ath found himself charged with historic abuse although charges were dropped. People tend to forget that the De’Aths and APDs of the world are usually in a desperate financial situation and any ‘donation’ helps.

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    • To be fair to De’Ath (A Welsh name I believe) he did actually have a career in media – unlike Angela Power Disney – and actually was an (Oxford I think) graduate. The charges against him were of a spurious nature, from a woman who claimed he felt her up or something back in 1965. He claims to have been scared of Savile. Many people were. Of more interest on that score is I think Louis Theroux’s recent attempt to wriggle off the hook. Very weak journalism, even to the extent his ‘Duncroft’ witness is someone easily debunked. He who most surely took Savile’s shilling – will HIS career survive?

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        • I did EC. Actually I was vaguely aware of the inconsistencies from some of her previous posts and shocked when I watched the programme.

          The information those earlier posts of Anna’s gave has been cross-checked by a highly-trusted, credible, independent third-party; someone who did some of the original research that contributed to the original Savile exposé. In other words her criticism is extremely well-founded and Anna’s claims check out as 100% rock-solid. I’m told this verification was relatively straightforward – basic journalism. What’s wrong with Theroux then that (with all the BBC’s resources and his ‘big name’ behind him)he too didn’t have the fact that Kat Ward’s dates don’t add up and her story doesn’t stand up hit him like an express train? The rest of his piece was pretty much of a ‘big boy did it and ran away’ nature in my opinion. How did Savile’s patronage Impact on Theroux’s career? He being so approved-of by the cigar-puffing pervert!

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      • Joe, did you see the second interview with Janet Cope, Savile’s former PA? The vile woman was insisting Savile was innocent and that all his accusers are lying!


        • I saw the programme the other night and Janet Cope’s contribution. Savile WAS a nasty cruel and powerful bully (quite Trump-ish!) who held people’s livelihoods in his hands…. Did she herself not learn this the hard way? Quite where her loyalty springs from is beyond me. He was definitely thought of as a creepy pervert; she can’t ‘not’ have known this! And cannot possibly have thought these rumours were baseless.


    • I think this relates to a discussion we had here some time ago, about the ‘conspiritainment’ industry. As you say, APD has added a clever new twist to the ongoing saga, but like her addition of a jarring American cast member last spring, the new twist has come back to bite her.

      Loyal believers in the Hoaxtead Dramaz are gullible and foolish, but even they have limits. APD is rapidly losing her cachet as the ‘hot producer’, and the conspiritainment circuit is trying desperately to find a replacement for their daily dose of vicarious excitement.


    • I was there at the start ~ used by John Hemming,s MKF Chrissie, dumped her kids/emptied my ink 2 meet john G in london to hand out leaflets. They employed much trickery, i unwittingly enabled. SORRY.


  3. People like Angela Power Disney and John Graham are simply pathetic – trying to latch onto the slightest of extreme ideas to gain attention for themselves.

    I for one am pleased to see that the powers of the law has finally reached such idiots.

    One thing Angela Power Disney and John Graham forgot to mention was the new guidelines issued by the CPS yesterday for prosecution of internet abuse



    Come on hoaxers, do keep up with the world. Its no use trying a defence of you did not know.

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    • As with all new announcements in law hat involve a crackdown on errant behaviour that has got out of hand you can be assured police & the CPS will be eagerly looking for cases to re-enforce the power of the law.

      If I were them, and you can be sure police would have been advised a long time ago these new laws were soon to come into being, I would be seeking out a good test case that could guarantee maximum sensational publicity. Let’s say one that involved 4 or 5 people pushing a hoax (a Satanic baby eating hoax?) which has been dealt with by several courts and with restraining orders issued that have been breached. Even a visiting foreigner involved would help… an American?.

      I wonder if perchance police have such a case in mind?

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  4. Oh dear :
    Category 4: Communications which are Grossly Offensive, Indecent, Obscene or False

    “Some indecent or obscene communications may more appropriately be prosecuted under other legislation, which may contain more severe penalties, rather than as a communications offence. For instance, in R v GS [2012] EWCA Crim 398, the defendant was charged with publishing an obscene article contrary to section 2(1) of the Obscene Publications Act 1959, relating to an explicit internet relay chat or conversation with one other person, concerning fantasy incestuous, sadistic paedophile sex acts on young and very young children.”

    There is such a case that I read about somewhere that contains all those offences but I just can’t put my finger on it right now. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

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    • I remember hearing a few weeks ago of a small group of people who were arrested for something similar, I remember one of them saying he had been arrested for child abuse, something to do with posting pictures and videos of two abused children, I wonder if its the same case that you are talking about? anyway it should send a message that people can expect stiff charges.

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    • It seems that there is some typically wooly-headed thinking in play if that is what the CPS are floating.


      I’m told the situation is even worse here in Scotland as obscene publications are lumped in with a very vague act that covers such things as licensing Taxi drivers and second-hand car dealers, and making disused petrol storage tanks safe!

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    • Sam, I think you may be referring to the Jo Mjadzelics case. She was the girlfriend of Ian Watkins of the Lostprophets. I don’t even wish to describe the online conversations that they were embroiled in. Don’t even get me started on her. Suffice to say that Danielle la Verité and Chris Spivey were avid supporters of hers. I had a few run-ins with her at the time – I wasn’t buying her story that she was only trying to entrap Watkins, even if the court did.

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  5. 2016 is the year that the internet troll was made responsible for their online activities. The hammering of the Satan Hunters with recent arrests is a reflection in the change of attitude in UK society. I understand that a Satan Hunter of a a different SRA campaign of harrassment who is aligned to the Hampstead SRA hoax – Nathaniel Harris – has also recently enjoyed the attentions of police officers.

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  6. Isn’t it obvious to Ella what she should do?
    Tracey Morris is untouchable from any social services, court or paramilitary group. Simply contact Tracey and return to the UK. Problem solved.

    Though judging from Ella’s silence and complete lack of any heartfelt appeal, I suspect she is too busy enjoying the sun without any pesky children getting in the way. That or she is living among a German colony on Mars.

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    • Ella is living abroad in fear of her life. Luckily for Ella for 18 months the all powerful cult hasn’t been able to view her bank account to establish her location. The cult police officers are unable to provide IP addresses for the numerous comments and blog posts that Abe makes too.

      The cult are so widespread and powerful that they can make thousands of babies vanish, but can’t find two incompetent pot-heads sunning themselves.

      Funny that eh?

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      • Utterly bizarre. Can’t fathom it, myself.

        Nor does it make sense to me that while the All-Powerful Cult could, if they wished, take down every one of the people who stand against them, instead they’ve chosen to use a small WordPress blog (and not even the self-hosted kind with all the fun bells and whistles) to get their evil message out.

        Also, where is my pay cheque? I’ve been waiting for months now, and not a sign of it. The All-Powerful Cult really needs to step up its game.


      • Ah, but Abraham hangs hemp leaves outside the front door each night, and we all know that hemp leaves are to the Satanists, what garlic cloves are to vampires.

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  7. I happened to tune into one of Neely’s live broadcasts with Andy Peacher….some of these are archived on his website. It was ca 9-12 mths ago iirc. In this broadcast, which was NOT available via the link used to publicise the forthcoming event on Neely’s ‘Ved Ch…’ FB page, ie was ‘file not found etc’ ie ithad been deleted, and requests to see it went unanswered in the comments section under the post, presumably a fan of Neely in the of aforementioned post. Why did Neely not scrabble to get the goods and hold onto this new potential fan? Because Andy Peacher had inadvertantly praised Judge Pauffley in the recording, in the bit I happened to listen to, Pauffley had allegedly sat on another case Peacher he had been following. Andy commended Judge Pauffley for her intelligence and having been able to dissect the truth in this other case that somehow vindicated his client and, I think, therefore returned the child to the mother. Bit embarassing for Neely who was trying to show the opposite to be true, ie that Pauffley was part of the conspiracy to take children and give them to the fantasy Hampstead cult….Such good evidence of the truth could never be aired by a ‘truther’ (? how does she identify???), pity I was not recording at the time.

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  8. The climate is starting to change for the internet troll aka Satan Hunters. The types such as Neelu Berry, Sabine McNeill, Rupert Wilson Quaintance, Angela Power Disney, all metaphorically are the neanderthals of the ice age who now enter into a warmer age they are unsuited to. 2016 is the turning point when any internet troll is going to come up against a harsher reaction on social media or from the legal authorities from their internet postings. Also, the civil actions for financial damages are still to become as regular as the average car insurance legal claims, but these civil claims will become part of the socially accepted types of actions against internet trolls. I can predict that we will start seeing newspaper adverts inviting no win no fee services to victims of internet trolls such as Rupert Quaintance and those that supported him such as his mum.

    My latest blog on this matter:

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    • There certainly appears to be an increasing number of stories regarding internet trolls, the damage they cause and some appetite for law to intervene. One big problem as highlighted in this case, is people trolling from overseas. The actual social media platforms need to get on board if the problem of trolls is going to be tackled properly.

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      • Some moves have been made to address this, as our commenter Ghost of Sam will attest. As well, there has been movement behind the scenes to begin the process of civil suits for damages against several people who aren’t living in the UK. I think this is currently the most effective tool we have against the kind of abuse the Hoaxtead mob delivers.

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    • There are most certainly several groups forming to tackle on-line abuse and they comprise of MPs, MEPs, solicitors and victims along with other interested parties.
      The main angle is to force the net giants like Google to remove links as anyone can self-publish a website but if it can’t be found it lessons the damage.

      Recent court successes in various countries have spurred on others to take action and I expect a flood of civil court cases to follow each victory.

      Precedents are being created to aid this but one big stumbling block in the UK was a court case from years ago that determined Google (hence others like Facebook) are not publishers. However that case did NOT even address the fact of Google advertising : where Google rake in $billions in advertising but deny any liability.
      That matter was addressed in the Janice Duffy success against Google in the Adelaide Supreme Court.
      The judge was most unimpressed with Google’s defence that it was not a publisher while profiting from on-line advertising and likened it to a newspaper or TV station claiming it was not a publisher while accepting payment for adverts. That is why other internet giants had representatives closely watching her case this. He threw out Google’s defence.

      In addition this raised the liability of advertisers themselves : people tend to overlook the fact that when a newspaper in the UK is sued for defamation the plaintiff could also sue everyone along the line in getting that defamation out to the public from journalist, distributor, publisher, delivery truck driver, advertisers and newsagent but all that lot are usually indemnified by the publisher.

      Due to Google’s algorithm model ( and I don’t understand tech stuff like that) Google also tried to claim in the Duffy case it had no control over where adverts appeared but again the judge scoffed at that claim and said if the court accepted that defense it would be negating a whole raft of legislation that covered advertiser’s responsibilities. Big advertising agencies have already begun negotiating with Google etc to ensure their advertising does not appear on defamatory websites which is an unexpected headache for Google.

      One large insurer for instance was shocked to find it’s adverts appeared on a ghastly US website that publishes libels ( claiming the over-rated US ‘freedom of speech’ mantra) and charges victims to remove those libels- with the advert appearing alongside a host of vile defamation about that insurance companies executives & naming them.

      ## I heard only yesterday that Google (who are appealing) in the past week have quietly paid Duffy her damages after a court also ordered them to hand over a substantial “deposit’ on costs (which exceed the damages ten-fold at least) and significantly while Google had 2 QCs and a raft of lawyers representing them during the case, it now has one lawyer and a barrister going through he appeal motions which it will most likely lose.

      ### But of course these court processes take forever as in the Duffy case- 6 years and Google can throw $millions to defend an unwinnable case as it would recoup those $$ in one day.
      But it’s just a matter of time before class actions begin and lawyers sniff a fee bonanza by taking on the internet giants.

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  9. Angie’s frootloop special has been uploaded.

    Approach with caution, though – after 10 minutes of listening to the woman claiming she went to school on Mars and James saying he has a time machine activation switch in his pineal gland, I lost the will to live.


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    • Is this the woman who can afford to pop away for frequent holidays abroad? Even if it’s a friend’s place and she’s staying for free, cost of flights people.

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    • She’s an adult woman.

      Oh and I forget, an intelligent and educated one at that with a degree, according to her research.

      Just why should 10 people be paying 30 Euros a month to support her?


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    • To be fair she is not being untrue here : “continue working at what I do best” ie- bore 9 viewers (6 from Hoaxtead) witless as she rambles on about nonsense for 2 hours and gets through 3 packets of fags.

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    • 1. She’s begging for money
      2. She’s eating out at local restaurants??
      3. How the hell does she know what is going on behind closed doors and what people are going to be doing?

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    • Translation:

      She’s been hanging round the chip shop near the dogging fields of Oldcastle – and is pissed off that even the sub-human rutters there wouldn’t go near her with the proverbial ten- foot bargepole.


  11. I actually believe that the top image, signed Ella, is one of the very few times Ella has written anything that we have seen. The sentence construction is a bit weird, more like her special list and complaint about packed lunches. Murder, rape, not eating their packed lunch, was all of the same importance to Ella if anyone remembers!

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  12. Does anyone think the penny will drop with the hoaxers, there are all these people getting arrested, all surviving to tell the tale, no one killed although quite possibly not having had a pleasant experience at the police station, and yet Ella and Abraham sit far from it all, doing their thing, not willing to make an appearance?

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