BREAKING: Desmond During arrested

We have learned that Desmond During, aka King Ishijah, was arrested Friday morning at his home in Stoke Newington.

Mr During is well known to Hoaxtead watchers for his multiple videos, Facebook posts, and tweets promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax and threatening RD. An Abraham Christie loyalist, he is possibly the only known owner of one of Abe and Ella’s infamous ‘Hampstead 2’ t-shirts.

Desmond During-t-shirt 2016-08-06

He also identifies himself as a member of the ‘Black Hebrew’ group, a virulently sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic Black supremacist sect which has been associated with child abuse in the past.

Mr During joins a growing list of Hoaxtead pushers who’ve been arrested in the past several weeks: Sabine McNeill, Neelu Berry, John Duane, Rupert Quaintance, and Lee Cant. Messrs Quaintance and Cant are due in court on 22 December, while Neelu’s plea hearing will be held on 26 October; we understand that Sabine’s court date will be in the first half of January.

We’ll bring you further updates as we receive them.

London Met police caps

85 thoughts on “BREAKING: Desmond During arrested

  1. Although being arrested is in no way the same as being guilty of anything, I hope people start to realise that doing certain things is not a joke or necessarily consequence free.

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  2. Did you try to read the whole thing, GoS? I did…it went on for paragraphs, each one worse than the last:

    I have been trying to contact the Israeli embassy . I looked the number up on the internet , and double checked the information on Google 5 times. Someone was controlling the screen , the screen I saw was a fake , giving incorrect information . I have been going to Churches , Policia , people and businesses asking people to help me contact the Israeli embassy .No one would help . The Cartel have been paying people off , and terrorizing people in the area. I finally found someone to help me . I was informed by the embassy of Israel if I was even really talking with them .They said that as I was not born in Israel , and had been held my entire life as a slave in the US military . I must return to the Amerikkkan consulate .I was abducted from Russia at age 1 , from my Russian- Israeli Jewish mother . I was informed of this by Jewish attorneys in the Supreme court . I spent my entire life enslaved by the US Military-CIA-US State department -Amerikkkan consulate (Nazis from Project Paper clip ) in their human slavery program MK ULTRA. The Amerikkkan consulate are heavily involved with human slavery, in an international criminal Masonic cartel. The Amerikkkan consulate is NOTHING more than a cover , for a rogue criminal intelligence cartel, that took over the Amerikkkan government ,during World war 2 .With the German Nazi -Free Masonic Top secret black op Project Paper clip. Many of the criminal ops in the sham cover of Amerikkkan consulate are using fake passports .Exactly like the ones the CIA issued to me , as a human slave . I was often forced through plastic surgery , with the new names and passports . I explained to the Mexican policia at the Amerikkkan consulate on calle 61 in Merida Mexico , that the fake passports and I.D ” s were so well done it would cost their country a fortune to prove they were fakes. I gave my own case as an example. The woman who posed as my biological mother, Platinum blonde haired blue eyed German Nazi decendent from Project paper clip , Carole Jean Starkey Nichols .Had a fake birth certificate for me signed off on by Doctors and nurses, who testified that she was their patient and had given birth to me … A Russian Israeli Jew- and half Chinese , There were women who testified they were with her when she gave birth to me . The blood tests and DNA tests proved other wise and these people all went to prison. The investigation was lengthy and expensive and required court battles to force Carole Jean Starkey Nichols through blood tests .
    The criminal ops in the Amerikkkan consulate are working with the CIA -Pentagon -US State department ,-Free Masons around the world , in a well organized highly sophisticated cartel , that trafficks children ,and young girls for sex and breeding , humans for organ harvesting and medical and surgical experiments , and runs drugs . This criminal cartel are carrying out acts of espionage and murder , under covers such as the Amerikkkan consulate , or through churches as Pastors and Priests , Nuns And Mother Superiors. The Amerikkkan consulate plays a crucial role in luring very rich targets , to third world countries .Where they are murdered or kidnapped and replaced with body doubles , who take over their vast estates . The Amerikkkan consulate are the CIA ( a Nazi branch of intelligence from Project paper clip ) . The Amerikkkan consulate run mind controlled slaves , ( CODE NAMED STEALTH BOMBERS ) around the world. The Amerikkkan consulate work with the US State department and their fronts for managing and controlling human slaves . Virtually all of the fraudulent anti -human trafficking groups , ( who all claim to be private , charitable non profit 501 c 3 , While being funded , staffed and controlled by the CIA-US State department ) work with the Amerikkkan consulate -CIA to railroad human slavery and child trafficking victims back into the hands of their slave traders. I dealt with them all , they railroaded me and I testified agaisnt them in the Supreme court , New York city 2011 in Judge Stanley Greens chambers , before NYPD , attorneys from the Simon Weisenthal center and FBI . ECPAT INTERNATIONAL-Carole Smolenski , Safe Horizons – Fiona Nathans , Sanctuary for Families- Shauna Limbs , GEMS , Stop child trafficking now , Children International , Sati Yetu Bronx NYC -Shelly Branscomb .All women are CIA ops working FOR traffickers , and against the victims. The fraudulent US STATE DEPT. run anti trafficking groups pick and chose what they want from the slaves caught up in a bust on the competition. The victims will NEVER get their freedom. The Amerikkkan consulate with the US state department and these so called private charitable non profit 501 C 3 anti human trafficking groups , ensure the high quality victims, those that are beautiful , smart , athletic , talented ONLY get New slave masters in the rogue criminal US government . The CIA has destroyed Mexico and Afrika .They have invaded these countries under such fronts as the Amerikkkan consulate , and Religious missionaries , pastors, priests etc . doctors, nurses , etc.
    The CIA murdered my beloved Afrikan orphans right in front of me , when I was still a young girl , although already a doctor practicing medicine and taking care of orphans in my beloved Kenya and around my darling Afrika .The CIA -US military raped one little Orphaned Afrikan girl in front of me , before they murdered her . They did this to drive me insane . Some of the CIA ops involved in this unspeakable evil , had entered Afrika as employees of the Amerikkkan consulate . I am calling on all countries around the world to start making arrests on these dangerous criminals , fronting as personnel who ONLY have limited capacity to hand out passports and Aid Amerikkkans abroad . They AID CIA OPS – ASSASSINS and Criminals .

    And so on. This is only the beginning.

    Would someone care to explain to me again how the Hoaxtead mob are not all either personality disordered or completely bull-goose loony?

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  3. I’m very pleased to hear about the update on Rupert and Lee Cant.

    I’m assuming they will both be in Court together on 22nd December and the reason for the delay in Rupert’s appearance is that the authorities are gathering as much information on him that they can.

    It seems such a long time from arrest to Court appearance.

    Do you have information on what Court the pair will be attending?

    And do we have knowledge whether Angela will be “On The Road” again to support her ex-boyfriend in Court or will she be spending sunny December in Lanzarote?

    I’m also assuming this Court appearance is linked to Angela’s “show” that also featured Sabine, Neelu, Penny and the guy that is a friend of Sabine’s who had zero to say?

    Will Rupert’s parents be attending and taking their errant son back to Virginia on 22nd December if he receives his passport back?

    Or will Rupert be spending Christmas 2016 in England?

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  4. “Would someone care to explain to me again how the Hoaxtead mob are not all either personality disordered or completely bull-goose loony?”

    You set an impossible task with that request EC.It would seem that to be initiated into the cult there is a requirement to:
    A) Be terminally do lally and have long since rejected objectivity as an option;
    B) Be unequivocally prepared to make a complete tit out of ones self ;
    C) Be ready to set fire to gas being generated by one fellows and then scarper as fast as ones little legs can carry one.
    D) Have complete disregard for the consequences of ones actions upon others.

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  5. Angela, there are not more children with autism now than in 1983, just more children being diagnosed due to the gigantic steps that have been made in awareness, identification and diagnosis procedures and services.

    I’d try to explain that extremely simple difference to you but, well, how can I put this tactfully? Look at it like this – if you were a pupil in my school, I’d be pushing to get you an education, health and care plan on the grounds of complex needs under the following categories: cognition and learning; social, emotional and mental health; and communication and interaction. So I think an explanation of a basic concept of journalistic research would be way beyond your academic capabilities. Sorry

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  6. can’t stand these anti-vax loonies. Very dangerous people. Also ignore proper research like the fact measles has now been eradicated from the USA because of vaccines.
    Every frigging thing on the planet is a bloody conspiracy.

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  7. Additionally Sally, isn’t it the case that they’re cherry-picking the definition of the word ‘autism’?

    This is a wide-spectrum ‘condition’ that can include people who are just ‘slightly 0-C’ (such as the kind of obsessive eye-for-detail researcher that makes a good Journalist) to those sadly debilitated to the extent they cannot function well. In 1983 the more functional part of the spectrum either wasn’t recognised at all or wasn’t included in general statistics. It’s only in the past 5 years or so that I’ve begun to see researchers and campaigners emerge who seek to identify and celebrate neurodiversity, raise awareness of it, and educate society as to how it might accommodate and gain from the neurodiverse. – Who are far more common than might commonly be imagined! That ‘1 in 88’ will now include many high-flying scientists and business people! Musicians, Artists, Writers….. Whereas the ‘1 in 10,000’ will still be those so badly affected they are effectively disabled.

    What vile people these are that would restrict progress for so many of our most talented and sensitive fellow humans? Truly sociopathic.

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  8. We don’t know yet about which court it will be, or what specific charges may have been laid. We’ll definitely update here as we find out, though!

    As for details, as always when cases are sub judice, we must avoid speculation for now.


  9. This kind of spurious argument reminds me of when I was a wee pup back in school. One day our teacher asked us to debate this proposition: “Since the invention of the telephone, the rate of cancer has skyrocketed”.

    Even a group of teens was able to figure out that in fact it wasn’t some mysterious force in telephones that was causing the seeming rise in illness, but probably a combination of improved early diagnosis, better public health reporting, and, depending on the cancer, certain environmental factors such as smoking that had caused the growth in numbers.

    And that is how I learned the important lesson that correlation is not causality. Apparently most of the troofers were away from school that day. Pity for them.

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  10. I agree, GoS. I’ve seen infants with pertussis, because the morons around them refused to have their children vaccinated. Without intensive medical care, the poor little things would literally cough themselves to death. And even with that kind of care, they still stand a good chance of not making it through the illness.

    Andrew Wakefield, the “doctor” who started the vaccination scare, has a great deal to answer for.

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  11. Yes, I agree. The concept of neuro-diversity is relatively new (though I remember reading about it in New Scientist several years back, and being fascinated by it), but I think it’s important to remember that we now know that we’re talking about a spectrum of human behaviour, some of which is quite adaptive.

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  12. Ah, now – not to defend her rant but I suspect the ‘Amerikkka’ thing may be deliberate. I confess I’ve used that one myself when making a point about the rampant racism that sadly seems to prevail across the pond.

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  13. Of course he was – until he ate all his playmates!! Coyotes are ruthless, as the hoaxers are finding out.

    Well done EC, keep up the good work, the results are filtering through and they are indeed good results.

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  14. Wasn’t he in the pay of the people making the single vaccines that the triple MMR vaccine was about to replace?

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  15. That is a difficult question Kane. How can you rescue thousands of non existent babies from being abused and eaten in non existent locations by non existent cannibals? Looks like you can’t!

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  16. You’re very kind Sally, thank you. But really, I deserve no credit for merely repeating what I have learned from people who have looked far more deeply into this subject that I have.

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  17. Confused here…… Surely ‘Welly Face’ Duane was due in court on the 22nd? Cant? Quaintance? En Masse? On what charges exactly?

    There is no restriction on reporting these details; the restriction is on speculating on the outcome and/or discussing the evidence – i.e. doing anything that might be argued could influence it.

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  18. I’m afraid we don’t know the charges yet, but I do understand that 22 December will be a busy day in the courts! (Sorry, still don’t have the exact location either, or whether the hearings will be joint or separate…but I’ll post as soon as we know.)


  19. Ssh, JW, we weren’t going to talk about that unfortunate misunderstanding in my early days. Still some hard feelings about that whole business, I’m afraid.

    Thanks for the kudos, but we really do what we do as a collective; I’m just the humble scribe. 🙂


  20. December 22nd is roughly the Winter Solstice in the North and the Summer Solstice in the South of this world. I did drop many hints to Rupert Quaintance that he would suffer a metaphorical Wickerman ending if he came to the UK. Seems my prediction has come to fruition.

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  21. At 1hr 10 mins: I presume Irish Coronor’s Courts are covered by the same laws as other Irish Courts:

    “no person, other than the Courts Service or a person authorised by it on its behalf, shall make any record of proceedings otherwise than by written or shorthand notes.” Recording of Proceedings : S.I. No. 354 of 2008, Recording of Proceedings : S.I. No. 99 of 2013, etc.

    Angie has just pubicly broadcast an illeagal recording made in an Irish Court.

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  22. That was my initial reaction too, EC. Tragically, however, after a cursory glance at his page I get the feeling he’s not joking!

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  23. Sometimes I just need to vent about something.
    Today my beef is that a preposterous, meaningless “paradigm” postulate from my socialist youth has been quietly resurrected and progressively insinuated into discussion about serious social problems like CSA.

    Universal Victimization… It’s baaaack! Arrrgh!
    The conspiranoids, (primarily), who are pushing New & Improved Universal Victimization aren’t openly using that terminology, and may not really understand that what they claim to be “uncovering” has already been described under that term:

    “The Forbidden Truths of Universal Victimization are extremely important for all aspiring Superiors to fully analyze, and to integrate to a core consciousness understanding of not merely personal True Reality, but to the nature of the societal matrix. So, let us briefly dissect this vital issue:
    Universal Victimization is rooted within the factual reality that every human being is an equal victim of organized structures, both sentient and malicious, and non-sentient and lacking all conscious intent. Society and government, and the sub-structures they create and deploy, such as religion and parenthood, are examples of sentient and maliciously intentional instruments of universal victimization. Nature and biology are examples of non-sentient structures which cause universal victimization absent conscious intent.
    Universal Victimization causes directly personal harm and trauma, this is a primary definition which must be embraced, in regard to every form and manifestation it operates within…”

    Hal Pepinsky, (Peacemaking), was a big proponent of UV. He was also an “all-day every-day” alcoholic and hopeless lost down the Ritual Abuse rabbit hole, so don’t take that as serious endorsement.
    Yes, one day we will all wake up to the universality of our condition, as victims of Illuminati CSA and mind-control trauma or something, and then we will cast off all of our pettty differences and social/political/ethnic divisions, coming together as one Humanity under the guidance of self-professed de-programmed Survivors – who will lead us all to the promised land!

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  24. Mel says, “Angela is very verbose”, as though that’s a good thing; what she doesn’t say is “a verbose liar who’ll turn on her own family if she thinks she can squeeze half a teaspoon of public attention and sympathy out of it”.


  25. Given Angie has proven herself to be an extreme habitual liar I can only conclude her father must be an absolutely wonderful man.Hats off to him after all the shit and disapointment this daughter has brought him.

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  26. Hi Yd…Tracey 🙂
    A new & improved, perhaps, (but still recognizable as the same old cah-cah) Universal Victimization paradigm is discernible to me in recent writing on various blogs & forums, and in some academic discussions and books. I don’t want to publicize most of these by citing them, forgive me. But here’s one of the “freed” genius Survivors waiting in the wings to guide the rest of us home. “Halleluyah!


  27. My, there’s an endorsement from Valerie Sinason.

    Makes me angry. “Cult therapists” I take to mean previous therapists who didn’t pander to this woman’s self indulgent rape and child abuse fantasies and instead wanted her to get to the bottom of what was going on and why she is the way she is.

    Dr Mengele pops up again. Busy man post war.

    Something you may not be aware of, and I think you may have raised something similar, the UK’s most vociferous Islamist extremist, the whole you can rape Yazidi slave children that’s great stuff, recently convicted, had a Twitter account, his very last tweet, in 2015, visible before the account deleted, #TedHeath was what he wanted to say.

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  28. Ms Hoffman had been a “Queen”, apparently. Funny how none of these memoir authors ever claim to have been one of the latrine-cleaning hum-drum “foot soldiers” that make up the bulk of any organization. She seems to have had some involvement with Alison Miller, who is also a very dangerous qua…fantasist. Miller encourages and publicizes patient’s ridiculously complex and totally unscientific “how mind control works/how I was personally programmed” fantasies. They have all been building the mental superstructure for an alternative universe-reality that they claim to inhabit and which of course is the “real” one – what WE experience is the delusion…

    It’s not just harmless fun, however. Aside from the dangers inherent to quack therapies, their promotion of the idea that therre are, (even, that there ever COULD be), “formulas” by which child abusers can employ child rape & torture to create customized child sex/murder slaves with specialized psychic abilities, has to be one of THE MOST socially irresponsible campaigns of modern times.

    I think I understood you, with the #tedheath reference. No, had no idea, but I’m never surprised when dangerously/murderously anti-social lunatics employ SRA mythology in their propaganda.

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  29. I just suddenly realised that the whole “father drinking the babies bottle” story is stolen from the film version of “Til Death us do Part” in which Alf Garnet does just that. Maybe Angie wrote the script for that – in between all the plays and film scripts.

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