Who wants to be a YouTube Hero?

Since almost the very beginning of the Hampstead SRA hoax, a major problem has been the massive proliferation of Hoaxtead-related videos on YouTube. Volunteers have devoted hundreds of hours to the thankless task of reporting videos that violate Mrs Justice Pauffley’s original court order, and YouTube’s terms of service. But while many videos have been removed, they seem to pop back up just as quickly.

That’s why we were conditionally glad to hear that YouTube is launching a new scheme which will offer points and rewards to users who report videos and comments they believe violate community guidelines.

Superficially, the ‘YouTube Heroes’ programme seems to signal a change in the Google-owned video platform’s approach to policing illegal and/or abusive videos and comments:

While YouTube already allows users to report abusive or offensive videos and comments, the new scheme will let them earn rewards for reporting others.

Rewards include access to a “heroes dashboard”, workshops, and video chats. Users will also have access to “Supertools” which will allow them to flag numerous videos in one go.

While we think the YouTube Heroes scheme might potentially be a baby step in the right direction for those of us who have been battling Hoaxtead, we cannot wholeheartedly endorse the programme, for a couple of reasons.

Become the unpaid Google employee you always dreamed of being…

First, we know full well that Google and YouTube have the capacity to identify and delete illegal videos, as they have done this in the past.

It ought to be a rather simple matter for a developer to put together a sorting programme based on keywords; what the social media giant appears to lack is the will to continue sorting, flagging, and deleting videos that name RD or his children, or the children and families Ella and Sabine named as being “in the cult”.

And second, while the new YouTube Heroes scheme offers to reward users who participate, in effect they are engaging their own users in unpaid labour, and giving us the task of tracking down, identifying, and reporting illegal, harassing videos…which YouTube ought to be able to eradicate with no help from us.


Ultimately, it seems to us that the YouTube Heroes programme could help us do something we already do, only a little bit more efficiently.

But more important, it helps YouTube continue to evade its duty to keep its corner of the internet free of Hoaxtead’s filth.


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  2. Is Sabine back in Court on 7th October as was posted yesterday or 17th October as Neelu mentioned on APD’s debacle of a “tv show” lol?


  3. I agree with El Coyote. Not just for the reasons mentioned but also because it strikes me that someone with things to hide could easily pose as a ‘Youtube hero’ to get real and legitimate documentaries investigating CSA networks taken down from Youtube.

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  4. Another pathetic knee-jerk reaction from Queen Bitch (posted at 2am this morning, about an hour after EC’s post), proving once against that she “never reads that Hoaxsted [sic] blog”:

    Hands up if you think she studied/vetted/analysed Alex Jones’s article and checked its veracity before she posted it. Hello? Anyone? Helloooo? OK, hands up who thinks she saw EC’s article, threw a shit fit, Googled it and shared the first article she found about it. Hey, one at a time please!

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    • In the Bible it says (not sure Angie is up to this part yet) that Satan will return to Earth to fool the people in the guise of Jesus and will be surrounded by his evil angels.

      That really describes the Hoax Mob Cult to a tee. They weave in Bible Bashing with their false accusations and continued harassment of innocent child victims.

      Whereas their opponents, like those who write on Hoaxtead are really just saying “for God’s sake stop publishing the names & images of innocent children”

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  5. On a related matter, may I take this opportunity to thank whoever the Twitter hero is who got Kane Slater banned?

    And the funniest part is I don’t think he realises yet – he’s still whining about his low number of followers:

    Oh well, Kane, you’ll probably catch up in about 6 months, the time it took you to cotton on to the fact that your ‘David Cameron Eats Babies’ page was blocked in the UK, despite people telling you! LOL 😀

    Oh and by the way, I notice you have post titles such as ‘S**** P***** GANG-RAPES BABIES’ and ‘S******* B** GANG-RAPES BABIES’. Just wondering how one person can commit gang-rape. How does that work? Actually, don’t bother answering.

    PS: you really are an utterly disgusting, revolting, sick fuck of a man, aren’t you.

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  6. I still believe there will be MEPs (and UK MPs) who would be sympathetic to a crack down on Google ( and hence Youtube, Facebook etc) since they passed the Right To Be Forgotten law .

    After all the EU is now testing it’s muscle with the demand Apple pay Ireland $14.5B in back taxes (I’m amused the Irish government is crying foul- can image the Irish people- including APD – would welcome the payment). I think this is the EU telling these tax dodging mega-corporations that the power is with Brussels and not the corporations.

    This seems like more Window Dressing from Youtube. As EC knows I’ve discussed how I’ve been active in getting Google to remove defamatory and harassing websites in Australia where they are deemed to be publishers but it’s a long and arduous process and Google take forever , often ignoring genuine requests. They seem to make it as hard as possible and it seems deliberate but more likely a matter of few staff and multi $$$Billion profits so they don’t give a damn.

    ## One thing I and others have done religiously : always inform Google in writing via recorded delivery mail as well as via their complaint’s process – as in a court it gives Google no way out by claiming they were not informed- and they do try this on.

    And then the websites pop-up again even after court orders and restraining orders are breached, based in some other country like Iceland ( but Australian, British law still apply as to such sites being published in court prohibited countries such as Oz) but the whole long debilitating process starts all over again.

    # and when court restraining orders are issued as they have in Hoaxtead links are also meant to be removed – links being the real thing you want removed as people can write any tosh they want but if it’s not listed there is little to worry about. But try even getting Google’s attention to do this which they agree to do, and it’s like banging your head against a wall.

    And meanwhile Google make multi-million $$s profit daily so eventual fines, libel payouts even a team of top lawyers & QCs they use in court cases is merely a blip on the profit radar.

    It seems to me that Brexit may have inspired the rest of the EU to act and be tough and I think they are preparing an active campaign against the appalling tax dodging of corporations whose greed impacts on citizens who often have no idea in what way.

    I think people need to contact all MEPs and gauge their sympathies towards getting tough with Google etc.

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    • I won’t get too far into the politics, but the reasons for Brussels taking this stance have nothing to do with justice and everything to do with greed. You really wouldn’t want to be trying to afford to live a life in Eire. And as a nation its identity is being subsumed into the United States of Europe. So much so that I’m aware one of our Landlords here who invested in a property in Co Clare some years ago, with hopes of retiral there; he is now selling up as he now feels he could never live in his ancestral homeland. I’m told that in Eire its over €1800 to tax an old Jag and nearly €400 to tax an old VW Polo – and this guy has a small collection of ‘retro’ cars. Well that would be that hobby gone! Then there are the new water charges, and constant other interference from Brussels. – As he says, they’ll be driving on the right next!

      Against that background it’s unsurprising that their ‘government’ should rail against outside interference. Although the other side of the coin, and part of the problem, is that their greed and desperation took them to that position in the first place! – Many people here in Scotland look at the ‘Celtic Tiger’ and take warning from it. My Landlord, who also happens to be quite staunch ‘small n’ nationalist, is giving serious consideration to moving to Canada, New Zealand or possibly even Australia. As he says, replacing one parcel of rogues with a different and possibly worse parcel of rogues is no solution!

      If the EU are ‘flexing their muscles’ against Google and the like, it’s because they’ll be trying to figure out some way of getting their own hands on the cash, and won’t want that pitch queered by local arrangements.

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        • I think that’s the problem my Landlord has, it’s not shifting…. I spoke to him this afternoon and he was saying he and his wife bought it in the early 2000s. But his idea of retirement is getting himself holed-up in a big shed restoring old classic cars; he says his current collection would cost him about £6K a year in road tax alone! – It’s well over TWO GRAND to tax an oldish Range Rover apparently! He suspects Scotland’s stuffed too so is off! I’ve family in Eire myself, and they seem to have quite a tough time of it. The EUs been an absolute bloody curse for anyone who isn’t a multi-millionaire it seems.


          • Well he actually lives here in Scotland at the moment, but I think his point is that if he moved over permanently (as was the intention) he’d have a problem. And I don’t think he’s one for ‘loopholes’, more of a ‘straight down the middle’ type. – Certainly one for the ‘dotted ‘I’s and crossed ‘T’s – OC but not D. 😉

            Besides which, I can see this working with one car, half-a-dozen? And you’d need a UK address to register them at. Besides, I’m not sure that’s the only issue. As he said; you want to be able to walk half a mile for a pint of Guinness, not 0.80Km for 0.57 of a litre. I visit rarely myself, but can see the place losing its identity and having it replaced with the ‘Eurovision’ version. It’s very sad.


  7. Thank you for the post EC. I agree it’s just not good enough but I will give it a try! I agree with GoS on all of the above. With experience now of extensive take downs, I can attest that reporting mechanisms are wholly inadequate: WordPress reporting systems down for months; standard automated ‘this doesn’t violate our community policies’ responses, it seems no matter the complaint and when they clearly do – unless their community policies encourage death threats or abuse. How can SM companies justify offering a product that facilitates criminal activity and not take some responsibility for it. Where is the corporate responsibility department? Where are the morals? Why is it the lowest common denominator?
    Don’t even get me started on the tired defence that it’s about freedom of speech. I think we all know that there is a line that is already drawn and enshrined in law around what is right and what is wrong. For me it seems that there is a complete lack of willingness to apply this online whether by the SM companies themselves or indeed law enforcement agencies. In this particular case, that this hoax continues to be propaganda for haters, seems very wrong indeed. And why is SWMNBN not required to take down content that breaches a whole host of laws? And why, if it is so easy to search, is it not easy to take down illegal content?

    Just getting that off my chest…better now.

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    • Thanks, TN. The internet has become a jungle, it seems, and the argument that it’s about ‘free speech’ just doesn’t wash any more. There’s a difference between free speech and harassment/libel, not to mention death threats, and the SM companies know this very well, but choose to pretend they don’t.

      I agree, too, that some people who are within the reach of British law should be compelled by that law to take down (and keep down) content that breaches laws and endangers children.


      • Agreed 100%, EC. Free speech does not extend to slander, libel, defamation, data protection breaches, malicious communications, incitement to violence, harassment etc. And the hoaxers who say it does seem to change their minds pretty quickly when the shoe is on the other foot.

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    • I share your frustration.
      It’s Freedom of Speech when they claim to be a US company but then when it comes to paying tax they are an Irish company (an empty office) or a local company in each zone but all paying non-existent “loans” back to the parent company based in Lichtenstein.
      It’s become so bad that the Australian Tax Office had to pay back to Rupert Murdoch $800M a few years ago in what he claimed was ‘unfair’ tax even though he makes huge profits in Australia but we can never really find out how much because News Corp is HQed in Delaware which has the most secretive corporation laws on the planet.
      Meanwhile after the terrible events of 9/11 the UK & USA threatened tax havens commonly used, like the Caymans and so on, with dire consequences if they continued to host the funds & corporations of terrorist organizations and they complied.

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  8. Google’s (YouTube’s) only interest is in protecting its revenue streams. Its willingness to show contempt for British laws, British court orders and the safety and future of two particular children is an illustration of this. But it’s not the only evidence that the platform is quite content to exploit anything and everything so long as it generates traffic.

    This latest ‘scheme’ is infantile in its form and cynical in its intent; another shabby-shill pretence at responsibility. ‘Heroes’ deserve ‘glory’? Really? – ‘Come and have your pathetic ego massaged’? Whatever happened to knoning the difference between right and wrong and being able to do something about it. Historically Google (along with many other platforms) has been pretty obstructive about this. Dressing up that obstruction and perhaps gathering a few hollow statistics and PR headlines along the way won’t help.

    “Don’t be evil” quoth the parasite?

    Google IS evil! And Hypocritical – and an active cancer that will ultimately excuse further attacks on freedom of speech through their failure to exercise responsibility for that right. And their abuse of it merely so they can coin it in.

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  9. Ok, serious note now.

    Unfortunately these types of things tend to have high dependancies on alhorithms and are open to massive abuse. On Facebook the report feature is massively abused. Instead of shutting down problematic/illegal content it is instead used by conspiracy theorists to shut down pages that debunk their fantasies.

    Recently the Facebook page “We Love Vaccines and GMOs” was shut down by anti vaccine trolls by mass reporting of the page. A Facebook algorithm kicked in that completely deleted the page. There had been a massive campaign by the anti vaccine crowd to mass report the page.

    So it’s just as possible that instead of the hoax perpetuating content being removed, that the hoaxers will mobilise and it will be the channels of those exposing the hoax that end up being shut down. Whilst I’m in no way suggesting that the content banned in the Pauffley ruling should be left online unchallenged, the sort of restriction on freedom of speech that youtube are trying to implement here has downsides.

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    • They do, but that doesn’t justify their failure/refusal to investigate real issues, and deal with them in a non-robotic way. If algorhythms are being abused then they are being abused by the proprietors of these sites themselves. – And that’s often the case; that dishonest and/or incompetent management leverages easily-manipulated statistical analysis to justify and/or abdicate responsibility for harmful outcomes. In my experience interacting with the ‘human’ side of any of these organisations is an exercise in frustration. Because they work with the agenda that problems are to be made go away (by any means possible) rather than actually resolved; and that’s something you find creeping into ‘front facing’ services generally.

      So no, in my book, they don’t get to hide being the ‘computer says’ mentality. They remain a dishonest organisation run by dishonest humans; and clearly causing harm to the lives of innocent people troubles them less than losing profit. So I repeat, Google IS evil! And Hypocritical. – Although far from unique in this regard.

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      • I have a friend who is an online developer, currently on hiatus and taking on some small projects while he looks for his next big one. The other day he was telling me about a project that he was commissioned to do: it would involve searching YouTube for videos using a series of keywords, to compile a largish database of videos that his client might want to access in one go. My friend shrugged and told me it would probably take him a couple of hours using Ruby on Rails, and said it wouldn’t really be worth his while to charge for it.

        I only mention this to point out how incredibly easy it would be for YouTube to round up every last Hampstead video and delete the lot—and if they had to do that every couple of weeks using an automated programme, it would deal with the YouTube aspect of Hoaxtead almost immediately.


        • If people aren’t familiar with it, I recommend Private Eye’s ‘Malgorithms’ column, which exposes the utter farce of online algorithms, specifically those that select which adverts to show based on key words that it finds on the page. For instance, if the news article is about a hundred people being killed in a car bomb in, say, Nice, it’ll automatically display ads for funeral services and package holidays to Nice etc.

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  10. The problem I have with it is that the people most dedicated to YT, and censorship of others comments, tend to be the people that deserve to have their videos flagged. Just look at the way CCN deletes questions which don’t play by their “rules”. The conspiracy crowd is large enough and dedicated enough to have responsible and truthful videos flagged. So will YT still have final judgement on what is appropriate content, or get in the habit of deleting material flagged up by any prominent flagger, even if they are a barking mad conspiracy nut?

    What exactly does YT consider inappropriate anyway?…..Aaron Dover has a confidential police video which has been ruled inappropriate by a court of law for the reasons of protecting the privacy of two young children; stopping paedophiles leering over them talking about sex; and to stop the spread of untrue stories regarding innocent people accused of murder, rape and cannibalism. It also has Aaron openly discussing and encouraging murder in the comments section. If that hasn’t been removed then what does it take?

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    • Another claimant that the idiotic Oz 60 Mins (of agony) based it’s ridiculous show on so beloved of these Hoaxers like Power-Disney & cohorts.

      Included was a former driver for the Australian High Commissioner who claimed he had driven “VIPs” to Elm Guest House & Dolphin Square for ‘pedophile parties” in the official Rolls Royce except Australia House politely pointed out that he had never been employed by them except for 2 days only as a fill-in driver and they didn’t actually have a Rolls Royce at the time , rather a Mercedes and one would think a chauffeur may know the difference.
      The previous month they had featured a glowing report on the ghastly ‘pedo hunter’ the arsonist Stinson Hunter who once burned down a school not bothering to check if anyone was inside at the time. Local police criticized the show’s producers for promoting a dangerous criminal vigilante.

      Of course recently the Oz 60 Mins (of agony) bungled an attempted child kidnap in Beirut which resulted in them paying out $Millions in compensation and bribes with Lebanese police still investigating whether the show’s participants should be charged (even though they were set free) and the US producer originally imported to Australia by Kerry Packer to set-up the local 60 Mins (of agony) franchise claiming all 3 programs had reduced the good name to gutter journalism and probably will be the cause of the eventual demise of the show.

      ## the woman in question is currently on bail – for what we do not know- but she is moaning about her bail restrictions. Like many of these faux campaigners she tried to set up an “anti-child abuse charity” but it went no-where,

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  11. True to form, the day it’s announced Sir Cliff Richard will still not face any court action Angela Power-Disney falsely accuses him of proven lies she found on the internet.

    The fact it was revealed that one of Richard’s accusers was in jail after yet another conviction for child abuse and has a history of being convicted and jailed for raping boys does not bother Power-Disney.
    She aligns herself with, as so many of these Hoaxers do, with evil perverts, convicted rapists and abusers speaks volumes about her.
    There has to be something in this.
    How & why do they cherry pick who to accuse and who to support when many of those they support are the proven pedophiles. ?

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    • Oh for Crying Out Loud. I Skype with a relative in Lithuania, and pals in the US & UK and we get fantastic reception. If CCN is a media “network” I’m the Queen of England.
      # oh Gawd, I’ve given the game away now. Bloody Corgis distracting me.

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    • It is possible to be made ill by low sodium levels – this is usually a side effect of certain medications. I wonder if this tells us something about Neelu’s medical history?

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      • It is. It’s also possible to be poisoned by salt. I’m happy to express the opinion that much of Neelu’s misfortune has to do with substance abuse and that much of this may include the abuse of her pharmacological knowledge and skills. ‘The edge’ that finally broke her being the tragic death of her niece.

        What is remarkable about Neelu is that this substance abuse seems to have robbed her not only of her mind but her education. – You can understand most of the uneducated morons that involve themselves with this sort of thing spouting the nonsense they do. The woman is literally ‘wasted’. – Almost a sort of chemically induced dementia.


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