Update: Sabine McNeill in court this morning

As we noted on Friday, Sabine McNeill appeared at Blackfriars Crown Court this morning.

Regular commenter JW reports that a reliable source who attended court has stated that Sabine’s case lasted only 15 minutes.

She is listed to appear again on 7th October for “further mention” regarding Plea and Case Management. Her court bail continues unchanged as unconditional until the next hearing.

It seems reasonable to assume from this that Sabine did not change her plea, and will be proceeding with a plea of “not guilty”.

We’ll update as further information becomes available.


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  2. The fact that her bail is set as “unconditional” when she was posting rubbish about her bail status just before her hearing does not inspire confidence in the courts. The only thing I am ‘confident’ in is another fuck-up and others becoming emboldened by this to continue this hoax, and perpetrate others in the future.


      • It is….. However, there is no difficulty on commenting on past events or court decisions. Against the context of her ongoing actions the court’s decision today is unsatisfactory. And resultantly, I for one am quite happy to express ‘no confidence’ in that court.

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        • A misunderstanding I think about what bail is about: it’s not a down-payment on punishment imposed by a court which assumes the accused is guilty as charged. Bail conditions can only be imposed if the court is satisfied that it’s necessary to ensure appearance (well she appeared so that’s clearly not necessary), to prevent offences on bail or protect others. As regards those two grounds, she is already on a restraining order so bail conditions in the same terms would clearly be redundant. If further breaches of the restraining order were alleged by the police, that would itself be a ground for revoking bail. That is not an empty or seldom used power: for example Sabine’s friend Brian Pead committed further breaches of his restraining order while on bail for the first breach and was reamanded in custody until his trial.

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          • No misunderstanding about what bail is about at all. – Certainly not among the Police Officers and Paralegals that are in my circle. I’m able then not only to reiterate my own position of ‘no confidence’ but confirm that it is shared by several legal/law enforcement professionals. I don’t want to go into further detail as then I really would be lapsing into areas I shouldn’t. In general though these hoaxers are laughing up their sleeves at the courts!

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          • I’m with you there, Joe. The hoaxers claim to believe that the ‘powers that be’ have amazing powers to shut them down…and yet none of them ever seem to have to face the full force of the law for what they’ve done. Like children who aren’t given firm limits, they now believe they have unlimited rights to say and do what they wish.


          • That’s a useful explanation, SJones, thanks. This is my first close-up look at the legal system, so I appreciate knowing what I’m looking at. It’s a steep learning curve.


    • I’m listening in.

      I just don’t know why all these lot, Lee Cant, Neelu etc. don’t just give up with all they do and put it all down to experience.

      Why do they do all this and get themselves into more trouble?

      I know this is their life but they need to find something more enjoyable to do.

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      • “Why do they do all this and get themselves into more trouble?”

        Because they are being taught the lesson that there are no real consequences to their actions. The last time they faced the court was a complete farce. A festival of incompetence that must have been designed to fail. – Since then they have been ‘showboating’ and dining out on their twisted interpretation of the outcome. What is been proven is that the laws that should have protected those children in the first place, and the court orders that followed, simply aren’t worth the paper they are written on…..

        Trouble? What trouble?

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    • Neelu confirms her bail return date is 26th October – the date her Niece died… Give her some credit she did try to avoid giving the date, but said “My niece’s death date” well that was 26th October 2000. I hope the nice investigating officer does as she wants and stops the world to allow her peace (that is Neelu) when she wants it – after all that’s what neelu does to others, she gives them lots of peace.

      The rest seems utter waffle – she appears to simply try to defend herself from any possible charges by offering a defence on the internet.

      How stupid can a grown woman be?

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  3. I noticed that Hoaxteders are calling Satanists ‘Lucie’s’. So if you’re a Satanist are you an ‘I love Lucie?’. (If you’re under 50 you might need to google this….)

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    • And what does the fascist Araya think about the remaining relatives of Adolf Hitler who were given safe haven in the USA under assumed names.
      The entire family, brothers, sisters descended form Hitler’s half brother have taken a vow to never re-produce so the blood-line eventually peters our because they do not want descendants to carry the burden of being related to a man they consider beyond all evil.

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  4. To my shame, I fell asleep during the Neelu interview. When I came to, I was convinced that Jon Duane was Patrick Cullinane, lol. And my God, that guy looks rough, doesn’t he? Really going for that filthy unwashed tramp look.

    By the way, did you think tonight’s show was a real shambles? Atrocious sound and picture quality (with both frequently cutting out) and loads of pregnant pauses and misheard lines. The lowlight was when Duane said that Angie had mentioned Steve Martin in her interview with Miles Johnston. She reacted by freaking out and saying, “What? Steve Martin was interviewed by Miles Johnston? That’s really shocking! I’m stunned!” LOL

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  5. Sorry, Mik – I’ve only just realised that you’d already posted the link to the live show before me. I did check before posting but still didn’t spot it! I promise I wasn’t trying to steal your thunder. Long day at work, I’m afraid.

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