Hoaxtead mob: Get your stories straight

Recently, a few of us were sitting around talking about why it is that so many of those who support the Hampstead SRA hoax simultaneously seem to believe that the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings, in which a 20-year-old man fatally shot 20 children aged between six and seven years old as well as six adult staff members at a primary school in Newtown, Connecticut, was a hoax.

Many Hoaxtead pushers are huge fans of the “deeply unpleasant” (a judge’s description, not ours) Chris Spivey, who in addition to claiming that murdered soldier Lee Rigby never existed, has also been quite adamant that the Sandy Hook killings were a staged event, put on by the Powers That Be in order to defeat the powerful gun lobby in the USA.


Here is a question for Spivey and the other sickos who think the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, but Hoaxtead was real:

How can you believe that it was possible to have crisis actors ‘play’ an entire school full of children, and their parents, and the emergency responders who tended to them, without a single one of those people (a large number of them small children) ever accidentally letting on that the whole thing was play-acted from start to finish?

Think about it: those who question the veracity of the Sandy Hook tragedy seriously claim to believe that 20 children, hired by the government as ‘crisis actors’, pretended to be dead. Faked bloody wounds. Allowed themselves to be carried, limp and lifeless, out of the killing zone. Had the unbelievable self-control not to giggle, or cry, or even open their eyes for hours, while chaos was unfolding around them.

Never once did a six-year-old decide he had to use the toilet RIGHT NOW, or a seven-year-old decide to open her eyes and peek at what was happening.

Others, chosen to play the physically wounded, or severely traumatised, played those roles perfectly, remembering exactly how to cry convincingly, to look appropriately shell-shocked, to say the right words to those not ‘in on the hoax’.

And not a single one of those children, now aged 10 or 11, has ever said one single word to anyone about this unbelievably strange event. Not one. Ever.

Astonishing, no? Not only did they all learn their roles and execute them perfectly, but they all had the self-control and training to avoid blurting out the truth to anyone, for nearly four years and counting.

Contrast this with the Hampstead hoax

Despite believing that a group of American children could easily, one might even say effortlessly, fake a huge, public massacre without breathing a word about it, Hoaxtead mobsters utterly refuse to believe that two children, aged eight and nine, could possibly be bullied, abused, sleep-deprived, and tortured into memorising a script about having been subjected to the most horrific sexual abuse imaginable.

No, no, not possible. They couldn’t have been coached. It had to have been real.

Even though this same group of people will stoutly maintain that it was perfectly possible for a much larger group of kids to memorise scripts that would have taken far more coordination, cooperation, and self-control, not to mention the ability to remain tight-lipped about it for years afterward.

Two groups of kids. One group—the younger of the two, no less—perfectly able to adhere seamlessly to a script; the other, older, but completely unable to memorise a script, even under extreme physical and emotional duress.

How can the Hoaxtead mob claim to believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax, but Hoaxtead was completely real?

Simple: People like things that reinforce their own beliefs. And both these events bolster the personal belief systems of many conspiracy theorists.

Those who think Sandy Hook was faked believe that the government (or the Powers That Be, or someone) has a vested interest in convincing people to give up their personal freedoms. In the United States, this translates to “they’re coming for your guns!” It’s all part of the dastardly plot to deprive people of freedom, whilst tightening the grip of the government on an unwitting public.

And those who think the Hampstead SRA hoax was real believe that the Powers That Be have a vested interest in terrorising, sexually abusing, and ultimately indoctrinating young children so that they will grow up to become members of the ruling elite themselves. The rallying cry behind all this is “They’re coming for your children!” And to the Hoaxtead mob, it’s all part of the dastardly plot to deprive people of their freedom, whilst tightening the grip of…wait, haven’t we heard this before?

Ultimately, those who believe in these lies—that the ghastly murder of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook was faked, or that there are baby-eating, blood-drinking, child-raping cult members lurking in the shadows of a leafy North London community—don’t care that they appear to contradict one another. It’s not about what’s rational or even plausible; it’s about what makes these people feel that their deranged personal world views are valid and right.



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  1. So let me get this right. The kids at Sandy Hook were really good actors who learned their parts well while the kids in Hampstead couldn’t possibly have been acting. Erm?

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  2. There’s one dad who has been fighting these Sandy Hook ghouls for years. You know what some of them want? For him to dig up his dead son and show him to people commenting on the Internet. Not even joking. Reminiscent of the record your genitals and post it demands. Totally unreasonable, totally nuts, wouldn’t satisfy them anyway.

    I feel so sad for the families and community, for the whole thing.

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    • That dad is a good example of what happens if someone does try to engage the conspiracy crowd. The man went online and was willing to answer any questions and also provided a birth certificate and never before seen pictures of his child at various ages. The dad had to give up because instead of asking questions ,they bombarded him with abuse and started the whole ‘dig up his grave’ nonsense.

      I think the most crazy claims are by a guy calling himself ‘Crisis Actor’. Crisis Actor claims that the children are not dead. That the powers that be took images of the Brady Bunch when they were young and used those for the Sandy Hook children. That was until he discovered that he actually knew some of the children and they are still alive and well. Apparently they lived in his neighbourhood. He also claimed that the councils head of works for the school was played by the late Christopher Reeves at an FOIA hearing for Wolfgang Halbig. He also now accuses Halbig of being involved. They were once working together. They also bang on about a ‘Grand Jury’ coming. So many parallels with the Hoaxer mob.

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        • Seriously disturbed publishing those post mortem photos. I’m losing patience with giving some of these nutters the benefit of doubt that they may be mentally ill. They well may be but many can be seriously nasty and vicious in their madness.
          It reminds of years ago when I was tasked with looking after an aging aunt who proved a veritable nightmare in her 80s ferrying her to shops, doctors and so on. The doctor said one day as I said I guess it must be part of the aging process as he found her a nightmare as well but he responded : “she was probably nasty when she was a little girl, nasty in her teens, nasty in her middle aged- basically she’s just a nasty person as people’s characters don’t change”.

          Applies to so many Truthers and hoaxers- nasty vile and abusive people who have made the Internet a playground and megaphone for their dark souls.

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  3. Yes, that’s right—I’d read about that father and the insane demands of the ghouls. It really is the same sort of demand, and we know damn well that even if he dug up his son, had him DNA-tested and whatnot, the ghouls would claim he’d faked it somehow.

    Again, it’s not about the facts, it’s about wanting their beliefs confirmed, and going to great lengths to be sure that happens.


  4. One question that I’ve often asked the Sandy Hook conspiraloons – and that not one of them has ever been able to answer – is what would the motive be? To convince a nation that seems to have a gun massacre every bloody Tuesday that guns are dangerous? Yeah, that makes sense. There are only 13 thousand gun murders a year in the US, so obviously there’s a real need to engineer another one just to nudge the ‘fors’ in the next ‘Are you for or against gun control?’ survey from 55% to 56%. Yeah, that’s logical.

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  5. To claim that Sandy Hook is a false flag is so outrageous that you’d have to be deluded in some way to make the argument. Either that or you’ve never been outside much and don’t know how the world/people/institutions work. Have to say that when I started looking into this whole conspiracy thing I think I vastly under-estimated the number of people with mental health issues who were involved.

    In the meantime I note that Angie has been claiming to be a relative of Princess Di whilst Rupert is apparently connected to Prince Charles. Then I found this:


    I’ve done my family history and I can tell you now. If 58,563 people die I SHALL be Queen!

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    • You will be able to claim an apartment in the Getty Bunker in CA. Beware though, Camilla has first dibs on the royal chambers so good luck in that fight and remember, Charles may call on his relative Kung Fu Panda Rupert to fight you off. Oh forget- if he did you would win hands down.

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  6. ” If 58,563 people die I SHALL be Queen!”

    Queen as a one-woman band! Never thought of that, still with modern multi-track recording and everything it’s possible….. Won’t you have to join the existing line-up first though?

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  7. Whilst it would be wrong to speculate upon the outcome (such speculation could be argued as a defence against a fair trial) it is fair to publish the list for mondays hearing.

    Anyone else going? It will be interesting to hear the bail conditions. I understand that there is quite a lot of main stream media interest

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  8. Some interesting factual figures on child trafficking have been doing the rounds in Scotland today….


    “Nine children were trafficked in 2011. This rose to 32 in 2015, and 20 new cases have already been reported to the SGS this year.” – Of the 105 children trafficked in the past five years a quarter were enslaved as workers on cannabis farms…. That’s roughly the same amount sold into the sex trade.

    I find it quite interesting that people like Rupert Quaintance and Angela Power Disney are such strong supporters of the cannabis trade; a trade which quite clearly enslaves and abuses children just as surely as any paedophile does. – In terms of the harm they cause Rupert and Angie and others are obviously exactly similar to any consumer of child abuse images. – And, unlike her baseless claims, this CAN actually be proved.

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    • It’s not a surprise to me.


      They need to pay attention to the missing children again.


      And think, is this a trade they are happy to support as it exists now? Leaving aside legalisation arguments. This is the trade now.

      Things aren’t much better in the U.S.


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    • Very interesting and a very good point. Most people are aware of trafficking for sex, but I doubt it’s something that many cannabis users think about or even realise.

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      • Having grown up in Easterhouse, which has always been awash with drugs, and lost people close to me, I feel confident in saying that drug abusers are typically in denial about where their fix comes from and the extent of the damage it’s doing – and not just to themselves.

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        • It’s something I have always been aware of but trying to point out facts to some people can be fruitless and especially with this bunch who take the high moral ground : illicit drugs don’t just come from very nice people who would like their customers to feel high for awhile.

          It’s a trade organised by murderous international gangs who kill people at the drop of hat. Such as the cartels in South America who run the cocaine and marijuana manufacture & smuggling business.
          TV shows like Narcos can give the wrong impression that the death of one drug lord and his gang is the end of the trade. It was simply taken over by more sophisticated gangs but murder means nothing as we see in Mexico where dozens are routinely murdered in gruesome circumstances.

          As do the various Hells Angels bikie gangs who are as sophisticated as any corporation and while their outward appearance is a bunch of tattooed blokes on Harley Davidsons behind them are bent lawyers & overlords driving BMWs who run an empire producing ice and other destructive drugs.

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          • A typical setup here is a rented house loaded up with hydroponics and grow lights. Similar things exist in isolated byres. – I’ve heard of large scale busts in Ayrshire and West Lothian as well as up North. And been told that the Police will routinely, when they have the time send up the helicopter at night with its thermal camera running looking for ‘hot roofs’. Nothing as glamorous as biker gangs or South American drugs overlords. – The people involved are the lowest of the low. ‘Kray type’ Scheemie gangsters who are into anything and everything. It’s a seedy world. – That they’re abusing kids doesn’t surprise me. That scum like APD and Quaintance are trying to paint pretty pictures to draw attention away from this abuse just disgusts me.

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      • Fair point….. And we mustn’t forget the plight of children in places where life is cheap. But these cannabis farms are in byres and lofts right under our noses. And as the supposed concern of APD and her cohorts is the plight of children trafficked in Britain. – Yet they are advocates of one of the main sources of that abuse.

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        • It even annoyed me at one stage when these ghastly creeps gathered outside a church in Hampstead and filmed that screaming American harridan and that other priest abusing woman as a hapless vicar tried to get from church to home : they are so happy to film away or chat on their Apple Iphones (I know reality is that we often cannot avoid buying products manufactured under less than ethical conditions) but they don’t give a damn about the children of Chinese workers who work under terrible circumstances in Apple’s Chinese factory where Apple’s response to so many leaping to their deaths was to install a safety net.

          When the EU ordered Apple to pay Ireland €13 billion in back taxes because of their phony Irish HQ set-up, not a word from APD.

          Reality is the world is not run by a vast connected Satanic Baby Eating Cult but it is now verging on being run by powerful corporations who transcend borders and local laws and who risk being on the collapse of Capitalism and when 2 of the richest men on the planet, the right leaning Warren Buffet and the left leaning George Soros both claim this corporatism of the world is not sustainable we should take note.

          There is truth that this mob seem to have an agenda that waters down real conspiracies : where like-minded people act in a certain way that is not beneficial to the masses and they may not be be connected but have the same agenda to weaken government laws and regulations for one reason only- pure profit and tax avoidance.

          You mentioned before about Masons : my later father was a banker and joined the Masons but he always said it was to make business contacts. Knowing how incredibly starlight-laced and honest and a vegetarian decades before his time I doubt he ate a baby but if for example he was pulled over for a drink driving offence ( he never broke a driving law in his life) I’m sure the consequence may have been watered down if the local commander was a Mason friend. That is reality. And we have much evidence of Masonic influence among top coppers.

          But all these Truthers seem to have a common theme that Advertising Agencies know only too well : they make people so weary of conspiracies (real or imagined) and promote a feeling of helplessness among those trying to understand terrible world events (9/11, mass shootings in the US and so on) they can do what charity advertisers know can happen very easily : batter the public with adverts about starving African kids etc , much of the public may simply switch off because of a feeling of helplessness.

          If they call the public sheeple, it’s actually the Conspiracy merchants and Truther movement who should be called the Shepherds of those sheeple.

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          • It’s a funny thing that….. Apple products aren’t exactly banned at my place of work, but they’re very strongly disapproved of. These offices have basic services in with the rent including a thin client/server system – all PC based. Same with the graphics stations and edit suites which are bookable pool resources. Once upon a time media organisations were awash with Apple products, and you’d struggle to find a PC. I mentioned this to one of the Landlords a while back who told me there were four reasons 1) Apple are cunts, 2) We have engineers in-house who build and recycle as much as possible 3) Apple products are overpriced 4) Apple are cunts.

            I did mention the Masons Sam, and have older relatives who were Masons myself. My family is ‘mixed’ Catholic/Protestant which made us neither fish nor fowl where I grew up; though I went to a Catholic school and was baptised as such. The whole experience has made me devoutly irreligious .

            The Masonic lodges are just hubs of corruption and incubators of dishonesty. Up here in Scotland they are particularly tied to Sectarianism and in addition we have the ‘ultra low-life’ Orange Order (nothing but a violent hate-group) spin-off to contend with. There are similar groups and cliques on ‘the other side’ too, though these are mostly died-out. Their influence on local government and indeed the Police is as vile as it is far-reaching. But as much as they link themselves to religion and have these childish ‘mystical’ facets to them, laying claim to ancient and honourable tradition, they’re just a bunch of shoddy crooks at the end of the day. Nothing magical or mystical or decent about them. And like any tawdry gang they do try to suck in innocent members of the community. – You’ll see something similar in the dynamic that tries to suck kids from poor areas into street gangs.

            ‘Troofers’ are actually on the side of quasi-mystical corruption of this type; it’s what they promote. They do that by drawing attention away from the fundamental corruption and dishonesty that drives these organisations. They conflate legitimate opposition to corruption with a ‘belief’ in silly fairy stories – the Hampstead hoax being typical. Icke is a more obvious and ridiculous example. The Clown-Prince of shilling, he’ll tell you all about high-level Masonic influence and corruption. Then he’ll cause you to throw the baby out with the bathwater (or should that be with the broth in his case?) by calmly going on to tell you it’s because they’re all shape-shifting lizard people who flew the moon into orbit just like in a missing episode of “Space 1999”! – It’s basic misdirection!

            And yes, by this means many rational people are convinced to automatically dismiss concerns over Masonic/other group influence as just the rambling of cranks. For instance it provides corrupt politicians with the justification to dismiss persistent critics as ‘vexatious’. – Which is a very good way of burying legitimate complaints.

            We live in a world awash with corruption and dishonesty – made all the worse by a “truth movement” that seems to have been hijacked by people that want you to believe in fairies. The only ‘movement’ in relation to the truth the likes of David Icke, Alex Jones, Brian Gerrish, or Angela Power-Disney are interested in moving your eye off the ball….. And cashing-in in the process.



          • Hear, hear, Sam! I too believe that the world isn’t run by a mysterious cabal of Satanists, but rather by a (possibly even more mysterious, just because high finance can be so opaque) cabal of big business, which has enough combined power to exert control over various government bodies. Sadly, most of the troofers fail to grasp this, and concoct fairy tales and bizarre theories with which to console themselves that nothing is really their own fault, and it’s all down to the Illuminati or whatever. In doing so, they keep themselves blinded to what’s actually going on, while pretending to have X-ray vision. It’s a sad state of affairs.


          • What is it about people that makes them want to cling to fairy stories though? Particularly in an increasingly-secular, rationalist world? For the most part mankind has evolved beyond worshipping ‘big heads in the sky’ and externalising all its woes to how pleased/displeased they are. The people making coin out of this rubbish DON’T believe what they’re saying any more than a man in an old-time sideshow might actually believe his exhibit of sewn-together fish parts with a monkey’s heads is a real Mermaid.

            And THAT’s the point that the troofer-shill movement utilise. No, of COURSE there is no mysterious Illuminati cabal to whom the chosen through must pay homage. – Call them ‘Satanists’ if you must (they’re not of course). But they could be any ‘bogeyman’. – Shape shifting alien lizards? Really? Just how fucking stupid do you have to be to believe that sort of shite? They’re playing (up) to an audience of non-educated idiots, the sadly mentally-ill and those who have deep-fried their own brains through substance abuse.

            That cabal of big business you speak of EC, it’s not just big business but those ‘lesser fleas’ that mean we’re dealing with crooks at all levels. From ‘bad Apples’ to skanks scamming African orphanages to half-starved scheemies selling wraps of white dust that could be anything…..


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