David Howard’s polygraph fixation: A brief history

If you’ve followed the Hampstead hoax for any time at all, you’ve very likely run across a person named David Howard. Mr Howard doesn’t make cogent (or even incoherent) arguments for or against Hoaxtead. Instead, he tends to pop up like a demented cuckoo clock, interjecting “Google [name of person Mr Howard doesn’t like] polygraph test!” in random online conversations. Strange behaviour, but then this is Hoaxtead. We’re kind of used to that.

We have wondered about Mr Howard from time to time, concluding that aside from his apparent polygraph-related Tourette’s-like behaviour, he’s mostly harmless.

But a few weeks ago, one of our team members did a bit of poking about online, and discovered a side to Mr Polygraph…er, Howard, that we could not have possibly guessed. It turns out that he was involved in a high-speed car chase in his home state of Missouri, which had far-reaching effects.

We’ll let the legal case analytics site Ravel tell that story: david-howard-1-car-chase-2016-09-08Let’s just note that the original criminal charges were filed in August 1981.

david-howard-2-2016-09-08Yes, you read that right. In the early 1980s—35+ years ago—Mr Howard was fighting for his right to use polygraph evidence in court.

He was a feisty feller, we’ll give him that:

I’ll crucify them. I’m a helluva man…. They’ll interview me through my cell. ‘Sixty Minutes,’ films watching everything. So do as you please. I’m a helluva man… I will use the lie detector….They’ll build a statue to me in Washington, D.C….

We have no doubt he was indeed a “helluva man”; we’re trying to envision how this announcement must have gone over with the appeal judge.

A bit later, though, he was less ebullient, and begged the trial judge for help:

david-howard-3-2016-09-08And at one point he seemed to veer wildly into…well, we’re really not sure how to characterise this one:

david-howard-4-2016-09-08‘Bizarrely obsequious’ seems to just about cover it.

You might not be terribly surprised to learn that Mr Howard decided to represent himself at trial, despite a psychiatric examination which offered a diagnosis of cyclothymia. While we have generally understood this to mean a mild form of bipolar affective disorder (aka manic depression), the court understood it as “an insecure person who attempts to over-compensate for his deficiencies when under stress…Howard displayed a very positive attitude about his own ability to prove his innocence of the charges against him without the aid of an attorney”.

david-howard-5-2016-09-08Again with the polygraphs…and a healthy dose of paranoid delusion.

In fact, Mr Howard had developed a belief that the police, prosecutor, and judge were conspiring to frame him, because he’d taken a polygraph exam that ‘proved’ he hadn’t intended to injure the state troopers during the 1981 car chase. He believed that this ought to be sufficient to secure a dismissal of charges, and grew quite incensed when this didn’t happen.

Two successive lawyers who’d been hired to represent him withdrew from the case, and Mr Howard refused to co-operate with the state-appointed public defender, who grew increasingly frustrated with his client’s behaviour. At the first trial, the public defender asked the Court to either order another psychiatric evaluation, or allow the defender to withdraw from the case to let Mr Howard defend himself without counsel, as he clearly intended to do:

In the context of this offer of proof, I would offer to prove that he is—with respect to me, has refused to discuss the case with me unless I go to the F.B.I. office in Rolla, Missouri, and submit to a polygraph examination. I would offer to prove that he is—when I tried to call, talk to his father to discuss his behavior with his father, Earl Howard, that he has answered the phone and refused to let me talk to the father, because I had not contacted the F.B.I.

Mr Howard also accused the public defender of taking part in the conspiracy against him. The defender continued:

He’s announced that he is probably going to be a hero because of his efforts in order to make polygraphs admissible in the courts of this nation and that he, in all seriousness, believes that he is going to be elected as the new head of the F.B.I.

We could be mistaken, but we don’t recall ever having heard that the head of the FBI is elected to that position. But that’s not all:

david-howard-6-2016-09-08Yes. Bumper stickers about polygraphs. We are beginning to suspect that Mr Howard could very well give Neelu a run for her money.

While the public defender tried his best to convince the Court that Mr Howard’s behaviour was bizarre enough to warrant a new psychiatric evaluation, his pleas fell on deaf ears:

The trial court allowed Howard to conduct his own defense at trial, with the public defender standing by as amicus curiae. Howard’s self-proclaimed qualifications to represent himself were that he was a “good republican”, and that he had watched Perry Mason on TV a few times.

Well sure, why not?

During the trial, Mr Howard refused to allow the public defender to assist him. This led to some bizarre exchanges. For example, during the questioning of one of the state troopers involved in the car chase, the trial judge asked Mr Howard whether he had further questions of the witness. Mr Sterling, the public defender, tried to intervene, with no success:


Mr Howard told the court he had no evidence to present in his own defence, but that he thought that would be all right because the judge was a “republican” and would be “fair”.

When informed the court was not going to testify for him, the defendant said, “Well, I’ll tell my story, I guess. Might as well. Can’t dance.” The court thereupon suggested he discuss his testimony with the public defender but the defendant said he had nothing to discuss.

The trial continued in this vein, and eventually resulted in two counts of contempt of court, for which Mr Howard was jailed; and in the appeal trials, Mr Howard continued obstructing the court, refusing to co-operate with the long-suffering public defender, and generally making a mockery of the judicial system.

Reading the case summary, it occurred to us that Mr Howard’s character, if fictionalised, would have made a highly entertaining episode of a courtroom drama—Silk, perhaps, or Boston Legal. As a real-life story, though, we can’t help but think it sad: Mr Howard appears to have clung to some of his delusions for decades, and it seems that his frequent interjections in discussions amongst the Hoaxtead mob are a sorry echo of a disorder that has plagued him much of his life.


124 thoughts on “David Howard’s polygraph fixation: A brief history

    • Yes, I noticed that.

      It seems that these days, rather than inventing his own personal conspiracy theories involving the police and courts, he’ll latch onto any conspiranoid nonsense that drifts his way on the foetid waters of the internet. Interesting that he still clings to certain motifs though: polygraphs, the FBI, right-wing politics.


      • Ringworm of the body is a skin infection caused by a fungus and commonly known as athletes foot or Jock itch.Household pets such as dogs and cats can pass the infection to humans,Ferrets, horses, rabbits, goats, and pigs can also spread ringworm to people.

        Personally is sounds like something even more disgusting which I wont go into here other than to suggest sitting down could prove uncomfortable after a visit from the little blighter.

        Either way one helluva appropriate handle.

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  1. By the way, ‘Ringwind’ is a name given by conspiraloons to a conspiracy theory that the Lockerbie bombing was a plot to assassinate an an army officer called Major Charles Dennis ‘Tiny’ McKee.

    Interestingly, it was covered by serial loon Aangirfan back in 2008. And guess who posted several responses underneath, with the same icon as Aangirfan himself:


    Just throwing this out there but is there a vague chance that David Howard could in fact be the sooper seekrit blogger himself?


    • Hmm. Is Aangirfan obsessed with polygraphs? Because I don’t think David Howard can go longer than about 3 minutes without mentioning one.

      By the same logo, do you mean the stylised orange B? That’s the logo Blogger gives to commenters (same way WordPress assigns random glyphs to our commenters).


      • The wretched Aangirfan of “some people say” (he/she should continue..”but I couldn’t possibly..”) which is the coward’s way of repeating an accusation for which there is absolutely no evidence.
        Another very weird and obsessed blogger who seems to maintained a 24/7 running commentary of every known conspiracy on the planet.

        I always picture these obsessives as the type who when the police break into their apartment- the walls are covered in their increasingly hysterical drawings of frightening winged creatures along with 100s of photographs of the hapless Filipino housemaid next door or some female newsreader who they believe is Beelzebub re-incarnated… and then they find the latest one with a knife sticking out of it and a big red crossed lines.

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    • Did a radio show. Forgot her microphone. Such a pro! I’ve feeling that that nice Mr. Kerr might have something to say about this.

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      • Hell, even I have a thing or three to say about it. The words ‘incompetent’, ‘halfwit’, and ‘WTF?’ come to mind for starters.


      • LOL! Given that the bloody thing’s made of Lego and she doesn’t know how to use it anyway it makes no difference…. She should upgrade to one of these…..

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    • She’d never forget those bloody fags though.
      Angie must have a severe addiction as she can’t get through a one hour show without lighting up several cancer sticks. She must be puffing away all day. Isn’t she scared of throat cancer or does she think that if she got it, a few joints would cure it?
      Those gaspers probably also explain her quite throaty voice but how can she afford such an expensive habit?

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      • Angela is milking the state benefits system for every penny she can get, that is how she can afford the cigarettes.

        This is achieved by claiming she has all these Mental Health diagnosis’ she gives herself.

        It’s all a complete con.

        There is absolutely no need for her to be on any Disability Allowances of any type.

        She has shown she is perfectly capable of “working” on a “tv” show twice a week.

        I’m not sure of the names of the disability benefits she’ll be on but I can guarantee that it will be every possibly one she can be on plus Carer’s Allowance for her son, puh!

        That she cares for her son is easily seen to be false, as he’s rarely with her on her gallivanting to Lanzarote and England.

        Plus I bet Angela is buying masses of Cigarettes and bringing them back from Lanzarote, even though there is a limit of 200 per person. Why would she bother to pay any heed to that?

        As we all know she’s a liar, a fake and a scamming fraudster.

        She’ll be getting all those cigarettes via fraud.

        It’s what she does.

        I’m still waiting for evidence of the Ella Draper disclosures Angela made on Monday gone.

        They weren’t allegations but stated as FACTS.

        Is Ella aware of what Angela has said, as I can’t find any comment from her on the matter and I’m not sure she is even aware of what Angela broadcast on CCN?

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        • She’s clearly a chainsmoker, so I reckon she gets through about two packs a day at about £10 a pack (that’s £140 a week, folks). She can also afford 200 euros (£170) per month for her spot on CCN (which she often can’t even bother turning up for). And she manages to pay for several flights a month between Spain, Ireland and the UK.

          And yet she’s still claiming benefits and begging the public for cash.

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          • I reckon she gets through 4 packs a day, an 80 a day habit.

            Even on her “show” she must smoke 10 in 2 hours, perhaps someone has an accurate figure?

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          • At risk of sounding obsessive I noted she got through 11 fags during a 2 hour broadcast and I probably missed at least 2 during a walk around my garden to collect my senses.

            It is plain for all to see Angie has got “milking the system” down to a fine art and will continue to do so until such time as she is thoroughly investigated.No doubt the frequent “loss” of digital devices is very handy dual tactic to periodically remove activity trace and very handy insurance payout.She probably justifies all this to herself in various ways and considers it a victimless crime.It is not, it is common theft from honest,hard working people and reduces funds available to those in genuine need.

            The woman is a loathsome low grade slime.The good news is everything catches up in the end.

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        • I noticed last night that someone made a comment to Abraham (via YT) about what Angie has claimed. There has been no response so far.

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    • Angie is suhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathy_O%27Brien_(conspiracy_theorist)ch a liar, her stupid MK ultra mind control story is lifted straight out of Cathy Obriens bullshit book, Angie has copied her claims almost word for word.

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  2. Silly man. Doesn’t he know Ben Matlock was a far superior defense lawyer than Perry Mason.

    I’ve been watching a few episodes of ‘Unusual Suspects’ on Youtube about US real life crimes.
    In a couple the chief suspect passes a polygraph test but are later convicted by conclusive DNA evidence.

    While the CIA regularly polygraph their workers it’s only a part of a comprehensive process that includes psychological tests and so on.
    It’s pretty obvious : a truly evil or mad person who can convince themselves they are innocent could probably pass a test easily.

    For a man obsessed with lie detectors David Howard seems ignorant to the obvious : polygraphs track blood pressure and other aspects of the bodies reactions to questions. But those things are controlled by the brain so an extremely disciplined person could control their body’s responses.

    Now if there was such a thing as a brain probe & detector that can read the contents of the brain it would be a different matter. For a bunch who claim Satanic cults rule the world they themselves are easily influenced by Voodoo science

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    • Yes, one interesting thing I read some time ago was that while most people experience faster heart rate and higher blood pressure when they are lying, people who’ve been diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (i.e. psychopaths) experience the opposite. They become very calm and relaxed when lying, which I would imagine would skew the p0lygraph results. As you say, polygraphs are only one test used; and that’s a good thing.


    • I have just invented a much cheaper and more effective apparatus to determine if Angie is telling porkies.A tiny movement detector is attached to her gob area and a series of loud klaxon noises generated when activated.Industrial headphones provided for health and safety purposes.

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    • And yet guests on the Jeremy Kyle show practically get hanged off their lie detector results. That’s one show that should be taken off tv for demonising the less well off.

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      • Well polygraphs probably work in most cases but the problem is they can never be considered 100% accurate.
        It’s why the CIA when (I think) every 2 years test their own agents they do a whole series of tests with psychologists and so on to try and determine the true character of their own staff.

        And of course, several CIA agents have turned out to be Russian agents having been ideologically ‘turned’ or just selling secrets for money & doing so for decades having apparently passed every type of test they are given.
        And the CIA are not stupid.
        But this lot are including Mr Howard.
        # I despise those Sandy Hook hoaxers.

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    • How do the neighbours know visitors were coming out “late” after 12. Were they carrying out an exit poll with clipboards and stuff?The visitors may have been bang on time as far as anyone knows.Honestly,havent these folks got their own beds to go to? Nosey bastards.

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  3. Google Tony Cypriot polygraph test
    Google Neelu Berry polygraph test
    Google Rupert Quaintance polygraph test
    Google Angela Power-Disney polygraph test.. insert any name you want etc etc ad infinitum
    Anyone can play that game.

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  4. Google Ruperts latest Canine buddy polygraph test.
    Google Tony Cypriots aunties neighbours polygraph test.
    Google Power-Disney bent as a nine bob note polygraph test
    Google jesus wept,bring on the sodding rapture poste haste polygraph test.

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  5. Well done to whoever discovered all that information on David Howard. He reminds me so much of Neelu!
    Very amusing post, EC.
    The guy has driven me crazy on YT for a long time now, with his stupid polygraph comments. I always wondered just who he was.

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  6. Having seen David comment over Youtube for a considerable amount of years, I found this very interesting. I had also imagined him as a harmless nut. David and Neelu would certainly make one ‘helluva’ couple.

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      • Don’t celebrate just yet : they may be Lizard aliens from a universe far far away and could be laying eggs in remote caves outside Oldcastle and Culpeper : 1000s upon 1000s of eggs that will hatch one day. You cleanly paid no notice to the warnings of the noted seer Tory Johnson.


    • I think he’s more the sort of big, strong helluva guy that would suit Angie…..

      Now she’s done with her toyboys that is.

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        • ….Well, made in a dungeon anyway.

          We hear Neelu is thinking more along the lines of resuming her career in the ‘alternative pharma’ industry. She’s decided to cash in on her ‘Ayesh Brough’ looks. Filming of her new promotional video is progressing well. The ‘new Nigella’ needs to remain single so as to spark the interest of her male audience.

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    • The productive CCN Exposed with a whirlwing tour of Rupert the beggar from Culpeper.

      Rupert in the rock and roll industry?FFS He cant even drum up cash yet alone play the damn things.

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      • A man of many talents and master of none.

        He chortles away that he keeps getting “trolls” as an audience ( of 9) without realising what he’s saying about himself….sane people avoid him.
        He “could cure cancer” but he can’t and he doesn’t realise that is the problem. he can’t do anything.

        Talk about a pair who live in a fantasy world, reinforcing each others delusions. I’ve seen this syndrome before and especially if you have been part of the real media (as bad as it is) : people who have had a smidgen of fame and think doors will fly open and the world awaits them. His minor success with that nutter Alex Jones has made Rupert think he has ht the big time.(it’s one of the objections I have to BGT & X-Factor – the illusion of fame they give to contestants, many who have good voices but then so do dozens of church choirs). The old Opportunity Knocks never built up such false expectations among contestants.

        It reminds me of when I was 7 and at school and the teacher said there was contest to design a poster for Coca-Cola and the four winners would receive a crate of large bottles of Coke. I went in and won and duly got my crate of Coke (was sick twice after drinking a whole bottle). But i thought I had achieved something sensational only to soon find out that only 4 people entered. Everyone’s A Winner !.

        Poor Kung Fu Panda Roopie thinks all this attention from a coterie of deranged ratbags is part of his trajectory on the road to the Academy Awards or Michael Moore type fame with his “documentary” (mockumentary?).
        I wouldn’t mind but his galling arrogance just pisses people off -already has among the Hoaxers).
        But he does a tripod.


    • Aha! So thats what Quaintance III got up to in his formative years before he met Karen.I can feel a Jeremy Kyle Quaintance special coming on.

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    • A lot of Americans say ‘I’m part this’ or ‘part that’ and I always speculate about which part of them they’re talking about. Like most people in the USA and UK Rupert probably has several lineages. A few years ago I had my DNA analysed and found out I was 30 percent Scandinavian. Since then I’ve been wearing a metal horned helmet. It keeps the rain off and I can store sweeties in it.
      Nobody Norwegian has so far complained and if I find out I’m causing offence I’ll go back to my balaclava.

      In Rupert’s case though it’s a bit different. He doesn’t know that you don’t get to wear a headdress just because you’re a bit native American.

      “The headdress is reserved for our revered elders who, through their selflessness and leadership, have earned the right to wear one. It’s a spiritual garb, not just cultural; it’s not merely an addition to one’s attire. Wearing one, even an imitation headdress, belittles what our elders have spent a lifetime to earn.” — Simon Moya-Smith, citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation.

      And that’s just one of the reasons.


      So, while Rupert thinks he’s entitled (as usual) he just isn’t.

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      • The racist ratbag Pauline Hanson newly elected to the Oz senate & currently on an anti-Muslim campaign had her DNA analyzed and they found her family originated from Turkey. Poor thing hasn’t got over it.
        The USA is crammed with fruitcakes like Rupert who claim all sorts of ancestry from Europe except sadly there is something about mid-America that turns the remnants of European culture in their DNA into red-necks who think pissing on an old church is re-discovering their ‘roots’.

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    • says the woman who married a paedo so she could stay in america, who paid £1000 to import a toy boy on the pretense of fighting paedos. and who im sure has done things that would even make mick jagger blush. But it wasnt her fault, it was all down to mind control

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    • Amazing ignorance.
      Vaz is not “in charge of policy on prostitution”, he is chair of a committee.
      Of course she means May may be a man as the ignorant Troofer dimwits claim Michelle is and there is no evidence re the last PM and the pig. Just one man’s claim who has a vested interest in demolishing Cameron.

      Just more real evidence that Angela Power-Disney a suspected charity scammer simply surfs the net seeking out websites (published by lunatics)that confirm he per-conceived prejudices.

      I think we all may surf the net looking for websites that may agree with our views but I know I’m always just seeking alternative views as I know from personal experience how the media (especially Britain’s tabloids) distort any tale and can make Black=White if they think their readers may like that angle. (certainly the whole Brexit /Remain “debate” exampled how destructive the UK’s media has become when they are unable to explain the consequences or provide an intelligent debate, as difficult as it may be, taking or not taking, a certain path may result in).

      I think Power-Disney’s claim to have studied journalism at Warwick University is absolute bullshit as even the most partisan journalist will retain certain aspects of their training but she exhibits none. In fact I doubt she ever went to Warwick (she could have been a cleaner there for a while) and I would go to the trouble of checking with them except we do not know whether Power-Disney is her real name. I suspect it isn’t.

      Just as she has stolen Cathi Morgan’s script holus-bolus, so has the tedious Fiona Barnett, the trio having been raped and abused by only famous politicians and celebrities but never the old codger next door or the bin-man. But Morgan got in first and has found a market while the other two well & truly missed that financial bus.

      Also a further sign of a psychopath : the complete inability to invent an original scenario, they just steal others hard work who create a fiction that has paid dividends lie Morgan’s.

      She does know doesn’t she that Jesus supposedly traveled with a bunch of men, spending all their time together? . When is this bloody Rapture supposed to begin- i so want them to take her away. Or did she miss that bus as well?


  7. Anyhoo…. We waz wunderin here at the office how Angie got on at hospital? And how Mel’s appeal for some new ‘broadcast equipment’ was going? We hear a rumour that half a shedload of useless old crap (but with plenty of flashing lights) was recently sent across the North Sea.

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    • Is she doing an Icke?.
      That Lizard Con-man claimed to have a “TV Studio” in London (a rented room above a butcher shop in Wembley) and proudly displayed his expensive broadcasting equipment only to have a real TV technician point out that said equipment was so dated the lot was probably picked up at auction for less than £100 as it was useless. Same technician even estimated the carpet tiles on the floor of this phony studio were the wrong type and estimated the entire room cost about £140 to carpet- more expensive than the “broadcasting equipment”.

      But Icke managed to con hapless True Believers into stumping up around £200K for this illusion (although insiders say he did a ‘The Producers’ and got far more knowing the scheme would collapse and the funds disappear into an Isle of White back account) and the poor mugs who handed over their pitiful savings would never be the wiser.

      As always with this mob you get 2 lots : the really crazed and fixated : and the con-artists which Power-Disney is and as always that old maxim “Follow The Money” rings true each and every time.

      Whenever new ‘revelations’ come out of Angela’s mouth it means a new con is being created and marks are being set-up for a money grab.
      Problem is she is so pathetic at it as is Rupert Quaintance who I reckon has blown his sad trip to the UK as the handful of rusted on supporters seem to be melting away.
      They are small time grifters, unable to ever come up with a really good money making scam. They could well take to mugging old ladies for their pension cheques (or has Rupert already started with APD?)

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      • Filling a shed full of crap, painting the inside green and dressing the tables with random junk is a ‘standard’ technique among the hoax crowd. – I’d heard some more substantial figures floating around the TPV project. And to be fair, what I’ve seen of it is a tad scrappy… But rather more than £100 worth!

        Are you maybe thinking about this?


  8. OMG it took me half an hour to get to the bottom of the comments! Just wanted to tell you this gave me a real belly laugh, going back to the rest of it now: ‘Instead, he tends to pop up like a demented cuckoo clock, interjecting “Google [name of person Mr Howard doesn’t like] polygraph test!” in random online conversations.’
    I just KNOW it was fun writing that, too!

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