Neelu’s latest restraining order breach

It’s been a while since Neelu’s last breach of the restraining order that was imposed upon her following her July trial, so we were probably overdue for another round…and sure enough, like mushrooms after rain, a brand new breach popped up on her Facebook page yesterday afternoon.

neelu-ro-violation-2016-09-07In standard Neelu style, the actual breach is preceded by a barrage of gibberish—in this case, she seems to believe that various local authorities in the UK have been issuing “licenses for sex slave industry”.

We don’t know how to break this to Neelu and her nutty followers, but the “sex slave industry” (by which we presume she means human trafficking, its more usual name) does not operate as a licensed industry. It is very much illegal, and is often linked to organised crime.

In fact, the sex industry Neelu is talking about here actually refers to sex shops, the sort of place where consenting adults go to purchase sex toys, vibrators, and kinky lingerie for those special moments. We know it will come as a terrible shock to Neelu, but such shops are in fact quite legal, and therefore do require licensing by local authorities, just as any other shop might.

What about the restraining order breach?

There, now that’s out of the way, let’s move along to Neelu’s latest restraining order breach.

Actually, it’s fairly straightforward:

Mainstream media is invited to revisit the allegations made by the mother of the two Hampstead children at 33 minutes of the YouTube video “Satanic Church Exposed”.

This is followed by a YouTube link which we won’t replicate, as we have no intention of further publicising this information. Suffice to say that it features Ella Draper reading her “witness statement”, repeating material that Neelu is expressly prohibited from sharing online.


3. Not to make public in any way, including on the internet by any blog or otherwise including by re-publication of material already made public before the making of this order;

A) Anything relating to any persons set out in paragraph 1 above.

B) Any allegations of cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism, at any time at or in relation to Christchurch or Christchurch Primary School.

(Emphases ours.)

Neelu has quite clearly done it again, as predicted; now, the question is how long it will take police to take action to enforce the restraining order. Stay tuned….



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  1. Tick tock, Neelu!

    You think you’re above the law but you’re not and you’re in for a big shock.

    By the way, since Angie stated “So am BANNING myself from fb after this for a couple days”, she’s put up 15 more posts. LOL

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  2. Jake’s sectioning is all part of a plot to stop him attending the protest on the 17th, you know.

    I actually didn’t know it was medically possible to be as stupid as these two clowns, so I’ve learnt something there.

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  3. Haha, another “class action” is in the offing, it seems.

    Alan will get way further than Neelu and Angie, though, as he’s said in the comments below the post that he may be hiring Patrick Cullinane as his lawyer. Hey, stop giggling at the back 😀

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  4. My thoughts on Neelu.
    Neelu has a personality disorder, but she is not crazy. Neither is Neelu a vulnerable individual being manipulated by Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie. Neelu is crazy, likes attention, is out of touch with reality, and uses her appearance of being mad to deflect attention that she really is a calculating devious beast who enjoys causing terror and confusion with her activities.

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    • I’m not sure what a personality disorder is.

      And don’t you have to be diagnosed with a particular type of personality disorder i.e. Borderline Personality Disorder?

      I think the Courts and the Police classify Neelu as a Vulnerable Adult, as I’m sure she had an Appropriate Adult with her at interviews with the Police.

      She certainly laps up the attention and seems to be getting rapidly worse…

      Agreed Neelu is out of touch with reality.

      Agreed she is calculating and causes confusion with her activities.

      I find her quite frightening as well with her appearance of the bulging eyes and I’m worrying about her reasons for all the different neck scarves, unless it is really quite innocent and only to cover up an aging neck…

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      • I am no mental health expert, but I know a mentally ill person from one who is playing the mentally ill card. Perhaps Neelu believes all the things she says and is doing, but she does it in a calculated and semi-official fashion. I think she might see herself as a type of legal eagle, so she dresses the part. She is eccentric rather than mad. The educated way Neelu talks, and her neat personal presentation is at odds with the stereotype of a mentally ill person.

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        • I agree that she is eccentric and remembering that eccentric people are not always lovable characters. I think Dr Phil or even Sigmund if he was re-incarnated would have a hell of time diagnosing her mental state.

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          • Anyone attempting to fathom the gist of Neelu`s meanderings is at risk of ending up in a padded cell.

            She is calculating but her calculations are not subject to periodic reality checks and this is leading her into increasingly obscure corners.

            Purely amateur psychology but some traumatic episode has lead her to distrust and retreat from the slings and arrows of reality into a comfort zone within the constructs of an imaginary internal universe.Something akin to hiding inside a post box viewing the world through a little slot.

            Whatever the cause of her descent,it not detract from the dischord and expense the resulting behaviour incurs and Neelu requires real restraint as the paper varity is evidentially ineffectual.

            Her bulging eyes are simply attempting to escape from her head and quite frankly I dont blame them.

            Neelu spotted recently:

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  5. Personally I think Neelu is a highly intelligent Individual who is very calculated and focused in her actions.

    SV – crazy is a good description, in the context of reckless rather than insane

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  6. I agree with that first sentence totally JW.

    Let’s hope the Police are swift in arresting her for this further breach.

    Maybe they will do the arrest tomorrow Friday 9th September, so Neelu can spend the weekend in Holborn Police Station as she seems to like the place so much.

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  7. Re neelu she could be suffering from a thyroid condition which can cause her eyes to bulge out and she might have a lump on her throat. I agree with satanicviews though.

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    • Also agree with SV, personality disorder rather than mental illness. The police hate having to deal with people like Neelu: they have the crazy but are not sectionable and are chancy to prosecute because of the confusion about their motivations and capacity. Mental health services get rid of them asap too, they cannot be treated because they are utterly resistant to it, and to any kind of intervention…. But Neelu is possibly running out of road here, I certainly hope so. Continual breaches of injunction will lead to prison eventually, it may take a bit of time but it’s inevitable. Tbh, I think it would be good for Neelu to have a few months inside a real prison rather than just the police cells.

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    • “Rupert will Skype with you and make you laugh and answer questions.”

      Seems rather inappropriate for a journalist investigating a serious matter.

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      • Angie must have run up a hell of a bill with him by now then.She will have to come to some arrangement with him I guess.

        I would happily pay a paultry $20 for the Rupert experience but would require him to be dressed in prison uniform with an 8 foot hairy cellmate salivating next to him.

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      • Do you have to pay $20 for the chat?

        I’d rather not, thanks for the offer Rupert, but no thanks.

        You won’t get any takers matey, you’ve bled them all dry.

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      • 18 months ago I was asked by a financial journalist pal to do some grunt work ( for pin money) on an article he was writing for an Asian financial magazine about the possible repercussions of Brexit.
        Being far too busy he needed someone to go to Canberra- for a number of reasons some European diplomatic people needed to be interviewed in person.

        I jumped at the chance – armed with supplied questions- as an excuse to go visit Canberra, a pleasant 2.5 hr train journey as I had for a long time been planning to visit the National Gallery.

        Likewise in Perth he got a colleague to do similar among the huge British born population – garner the views of at least 30 ordinary ex-pats in a variety of occupations from either side – Remain or Brexit. The 2 of us helping could be classed as researchers at most.

        Real investigations mean talking to dozens of people from all sides of politics and beliefs to try and find the middle ground. Real & ethical investigative journalists (as opposed to tabloid hacks) do not approach a subject with already fixed beliefs and look for ways to re-enforce those beliefs.

        Rupert Quaintance and Angie Power-Disney are propagandists and extremely bad ones at that. I think they are extremely nasty and dangerous as they appeal to rusted on lunatics.

        They would have been welcomed into the offices of Josef Goebels Reich Ministry of Propaganda with open arms. The only ‘journalist’ job Power-Disney (just what is her real name?) would have got was as a fanatical Jew-hating columnist on Der Stürmer.

        They think surfing the internet is “investigating ” (as do all the gormless Truthers) seeking out websites that promote their already fixed beliefs. Real investigative journalists know you must approach a subject with as open a mind as possible as they recognize a narrative may have been built up over time that is not necessarily the truth or factual.

        Of course these two fanatics would not dare approach anyone from the “other” side of the Hampstead hoax. Dweeb Quaintance would have got a bloody nose ( his claim to have pissed on a church wall is so petty) and Power-Disney would have probably had a bucket of water tossed over her. Their putrid & cowardly attacks upon an NHS nurse who enforced the rules given to her amply illustrate what cowards they really are.

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        • I absolutely agree, Sam. The job of a journalist is to be balanced and fair, not to decide on a view ahead of time, then run around looking for evidence to support it. Neither Rupert nor Angie approach even the standards of the redtops; they are, as you say, mere propagandists for the deranged and deluded.


    • “I have been working on the road for months. Fighting systemic pedophilia is taxing, to say the least. This project needs support to continue.”

      Is this guy for real???

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        • Surprised he didn’t repeat his claim to want to “rape a child” to see what it was like as a necessary job in his research.
          Likewise femme fatale ( not) Power-Disney can say she has to view child porn and snuff movies as a public service.
          Perhaps her colonoscopy is an attempt to see what child buggery is all about. Or did Rupert Kung Fu Panda introduce her to an exciting new erotic practice?.
          OK I’ll stop-sorry I know it’s nearly time for breakfast.

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          • I can think of one compelling reason that Angie’s claim to have seen material hacked from Abe and/or Ella’s computer would be a physical impossibility. Can you guess? 😉


    • I’m an American video journalist who has been called into help uncover the state of child abuse in the UK.
      You’re a what now?
      Since when has Rupert gone from YouTube buffoon to “video journalist”?


    • Can you imagine if an english person pee’d on an american church and bragged about it online? that person would be in a lot of trouble from authorities and the public. The fact rupert can do this without any repercussions shows how weak we are. Maybe other churches and temples, mosques etc should be informed of this, we have become a joke of a country when some foreigner can get away with this kind of thing.

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      • I agree that if anyone from here were to pull that kind of ignorant stunt in the USA there would be hell to pay; but I don’t think that a lack of retaliation (so far) makes us weak.

        Keep in mind that Rupert may or may not have actually done what he said: we have only his word for it, and so far he’s proven that that’s worth approximately nothing. As well, the church is covered in construction cladding for protection during its renovation, so even if Rupert did try to piddle on it, he would have hit boards and plastic sheeting. And finally, we do know he was in the vicinity of the church and school…but he made sure he went when no one else could see him. He took a couple of selfies and bolted back to his friends in Erith.

        I think Rupert will face consequences for his actions, but contrary to his boasting about Americans just going out and breaking people’s jaws, I’d rather see him face the force of the law.


          • Oh, the Americans are insanely protective of their various monuments, for sure. But Rupert personifies the “Ugly American” stereotype, in that he has no respect for cultures and countries other than his own. It speaks to a basic ignorance and lack of sophistication about the rest of the world, sadly.


        • “even if Rupert did try to piddle on it, he would have hit boards and plastic sheeting.”

          Not a huge leap of imagination to envisage significant potential for serious splash back consequences.
          Nowt like instant karma(snigger).

          Top tip for Rupert as he pi$$es his life away.

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  8. I think the police must be in a similar position to the people here. Trying to figure out how insane Neelu actually is and what can be done with her. It’s as if they don’t want to put her in prison because she is nuts, but can’t section her because she is not nuts enough.

    I hadn’t watched Angie’s show so was under the impression that she was just claiming that footage of Ella had been found. I therefore didn’t realise she had made claims about Russian mafia snuff movies and that this was all down to Ella seeking revenge for RD stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from her. And that it was found by a hacker who was paid £3000. A clearly bullshit and implausible story. Reminds of a story I once heard about a baby eating cult that put baby meat in school dinners and McDonalds. Clearly bullshit and even more implausible.

    I don’t like Rupert much but I do hope the doctors can remove him from Angie’s ass, it’s a terrible way to go.

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    • You know Neelu sends these “press releases” to legitimate internet distribution firms who then re-send them worldwide to 100s of newspapers and publications.

      i came across one about 2 weeks ago that she had sent out and they had published it- bookmarked the link meaning to go back to it but 90 minutes later they had deleted it.

      They publish first and then obviously as soon as they realise it’s highly defamatory they delete. They take a big risk though if it’s downloaded. It’s another example of how technology is outstripping the authorities ability to track real trolls. It’s also another reason the police should take swift action when there is a breach of the law or a restraining order is in place.

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  9. Angie : “You have to change your mindset before your body can respond to strength and wholeness, says the Lord.”
    “mindset”? She claims this is a quote from the Bible.

    Dear Rapture..please pretty please..take her away.

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    • I believe she’s misquoting the Lord: it should read, “And the Lord sayeth unto Angie, thou must changeth thy mindset before thy body can respond to strength and wholeness”.

      This is shortly before the Lord sayeth: “Angie, thou art an abomination in My sight. Kindly piss off and stop misquoting me”.


      • I’m getting to loathe this hideous lying hag. She surfs the net seeking out utter claptrap and posts it as fact and never bothers to check anything.
        She currently links to the ludicrous Lou Collins who prints basic lies that Hungary wants ‘out’ of the EU.
        She / it in turn is repeating internet propaganda that claims a discussion within an entity called the Visegrád Group which comprises 4 European countries that include Hungary want to retain their national identity and this means they want to leave the EU.
        The opposite is fact- the whole reason for the existence of the Visegrád Group is to work out how these 4 countries can further integrate themselves into the EU and Europe for the obvious reason of benefiting their countries.
        These people twist everything into a confirmation of their prejudices & hates. ( The EU of course being run by the One World Order Satanist Pedo Cult)

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        • Yes, this is why I think all schools ought to run mandatory courses on media literacy. As the definition of media has shifted radically over the past 20 years or so, and these days people need to have the skills and knowledge to be able to question what they see online. Hoaxes like this one will probably become more prevalent in coming years, unless we can find a way to innoculate people against knee-jerk belief in anything they see on social media.

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    • Angela is talking out of her a..e.

      Plenty of weights, never mind your mindset and you will get you muscles.

      Not that Rupert has bothered with any of that…

      He’s just a little weed…

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  10. “I’m an American video journalist who has been called into help uncover the state of child abuse in the UK. Activists are harassed and jailed. They even harass a 72 year old. I receive death threats daily. I have spoken with victims, parents, activists, and innocent bystanders who somehow have still become collateral damage.

    The state aggressively removes children from their homes at an alarming rate. If you’re rich they want your money and property. If you’re foreign and don’t know the system that well, that’s too enticing for them.

    There is a push, especially in Europe, to legitimize acts of pederasty. This is dangerous for families and especially for children and mothers.

    My job is to convey this to a Western audience. I have been working on the road for months. Fighting systemic pedophilia is taxing, to say the least. This project needs support to continue.”

    OK, where to start with the blatant lies! I make it 17…

    1. “Rupert Q is creating awareness of child abuse in the UK” <<< Quack quack oops!

    2. "I'm a video journalist" <<< Quack quack oops!

    3. "who has been called into [sic] help uncover the state of child abuse in the UK" <<< Quack quack oops!

    4. "Activists are harassed and jailed" <<< Quack quack oops!

    5. "They even harass a 72 year old" <<< Quack quack oops!

    6. "I receive death threats daily." <<< Quack quack oops!

    7. I have spoken with victims <<< Nope.

    8. "…parents…" <<< Nope.

    9. "…activists…" <<< Nope.

    10. "…and innocent bystanders…" <<< Nope.

    11. "…who somehow have still become collateral damage" <<< Nope.

    12. "The state aggressively removes children from their homes at an alarming rate" <<< Er…nope.

    13. "There is a push, especially in Europe, to legitimize acts of pederasty" <<< Bullshit

    14. "My job is to convey this to a Western audience" <<< Bollocks

    15. "I have been working on the road for months" <<< Nooooooooooope.

    16. "Fighting systemic pedophilia" <<< Utter shoite

    17. "This project needs support to continue" <<< Pffffft

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    • I hope Rupert hasn’t had death threats – if he has he should publish them and I personally will tell the offenders to wind their necks in. More importantly though he needs to think about going home and getting off drugs. Smoking cannabis on a regular basis isn’t making him ‘awake’. From what I’ve seen on videos it’s putting him to sleep.

      It speaks volumes that he’s in a rough part of the country, hasn’t been accommodated by any of the main players (who live in nice neighbourhoods) and is running out of funds.

      Do I see support for what he’s doing? Only from the deluded.

      He seems to have his mother’s support – disgraceful.

      All he’s doing is putting a spanner in the works for those people who are seriously working to end child abuse.

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      • Sage advise Mrs O.Indeed Rupert should support claims of death threats with evidence.His ill considered activities have negative consequences and impact on the lives of of other people and upon himself.No good can ever come of it.

        Ruperts antics may deserve ridicule and that he be held to account both by British and natural law but death threats towards him can never be justified or tolerated.

        Put up or shut up Rupert.

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  11. Looks like Rupert has now graduated from the Angie Power Disney Masters degree course in bullshit and scamming.

    Well done Rupert, looks like you got a first, mumsy will be proud of you (now)

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    • CCN still have 7:00PM Chasing Rainbows with Angela Power-Disney on their broadcast schedule although Angie did mention something about medical matters to attend to on today Probably ensuring she has the docs signature for various benefit payments to roll on.

      Be interesting what squirming and bullshitery she comes up with.Every shade of shit is available in Disneyworld atrer all.

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      • CCN now have Mel prattling on with some Manuel guy about “perfect choices”~(4 viewers including me).So looks like there is no dose of Angie this night.Never mind eh. 😉

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        • Fair play Spiny. I am a relative late comer to this tragi-comedy and not fully versed in the full depths of the various actors crimes against common decency.

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          • Appreciate that Spiny.Good to witness self righteous smugs being transformed into furrowed brows as blame game mode takes its grip.

            With this disperate band of failures though one can never predict which arch idiot is going to attempt a coup and don the chief idiot robe with some unique brand of unrefined twattery.

            In 1666 the Great Fire of London destroyed much of the centre of London, but also helped to kill off some of the black rats and fleas that carried the plague bacillus.The nursery rhyme “Ring-a-ring O` Roses” was based on this.

            350 years on and we have a plague of idiots spewing toxic shoite about infecting innocent lives. Perhaps after next weeks demo a new variant of playground song can be handed down to generations yet to be.

            Ring-a-ring o` rozzers
            A paddy wagon full of Posers
            A -taser! A-tazer!
            They all fell down.

            Heres hoping 🙂

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          • “The children are fed baby meat and drink baby blood…and …and there’s a shoe shop in Finchley Road which makes shoes from the baby skin,,and…”

            What a hilarious blast from the past. How did that Policeman keep from laughing out loud? The crap they coppers had to listen from the fruitloops every Sunday back then..

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          • Jim is superficially a likeable enough chap, but as you watch him over time you realise that he is in fact a snake in the grass. His opinions tend to shift with the breeze—he has ‘quit’ the Hoaxtead mob a few times, but always comes crawling back to them, probably because he hasn’t the cerebral capacity to work out that the thing is a hoax. And he is definitely subordinate to his wife Helen, who is quieter than he is, but wears the trousers in that house.


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