Frances takes a call…from Rupert

Every now and then we are fortunate enough to discover a fine vellum envelope pushed under the office door at Hoaxtead Research HQ. The contents, always precisely penned in a flowing script, never fail to amaze and amuse.

These letters, of course, come from our friend Frances Mulligan, a 7-foot tall lizard of indeterminate age who dwells in a tunnel in Hampstead. We’d like to share yesterday’s letter with you:

Dear Frances Fans,

Dear Mr Rupert believes himself to be a vigilante activist, recently arrived in London to kick paedophile ass. Frances understands he has set up a GoFundMrRupert account , not to help children in need, but to help Mr Rupert live out his fantasies in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Rupert has Food, Clothing, and Weed needs. Vigilantes cannot live off idiotic impulses alone, correct?

Mr Rupert contacted Frances this weekend, to brag about his work here. Frances bit her tongue and tried to stay quiet, but in the end, she had to respond.

The following contains excerpts from their conversation, transcribed from the audio Frances uses for all crank calls:


Frances: House of Lizard, Frances speaking. Who is calling, please?
Rupert: Another nobody making assumptions and acting on them.

F: Interesting. Pray, continue.

R: I stood in the street making myself very obvious and loud.
F: Frances does not understand how that helps do anything other than make passers-by think you are an annoying prat. Stop doing that.

R: If I’m such a loser, why is that [the wonderful, fact-filled, honest, Hoaxtead Research] website all about me?
F: Mr Rupert, please listen carefully and try to absorb what Frances is about to say. It is precisely because you are a loser, that you are spoken about on that site. You are in good company, along with other losers such as your HoaxMama Miss Angela, Neelu, Sabine, and Belinda. Do not think this is something of which to be proud.

R: Saving The World isn’t a club or a weekend retreat.
I am the journalist who will translate the British legal narrative from legalese into American English.
F: You are Saving The World? Frances begs to interrupt, by using one well-placed, necessary word: really? And you are a journalist? How fascinating, Frances would dearly love to see your credentials, and assumes you have a background in International Law. She would also like to see your Saving The World Cape, as you appear to believe yourself to be a super-hero of some sort.

R: If you don’t want to hear my mouth, don’t kidnap my friends and then follow police suggestions that say I can’t talk to my friend…
I can’t even interview people without you thinking I’m their best friend or something
F: Please clarify, Mr Rupert. Is he your friend or is he not? Plus, may we please get, as young people say, real? No one was kidnapped. By the way, friends don’t harass friends when they are ill, they encourage recovery and give them time to heal.

R: During my investigation into the current state of systemic UK child abuse & the actions taken against those who fight child abuse, I have uncovered:

-a narrative regarding law that goes back to 1689
-evidence that shows POTUS Obama as an international hero
-evidence that things are about to be shaken up globally
-evidence that power can and will be restored to the people
-police that like to lock up and abuse a 72 year-old activist
-police/CPS that like to take people’s children from them
-massive, mechanized, state sponsored child snatching
-crazy mental health professionals that do what the police say to
-Victims. Everywhere.

F: Dear Mr Rupert, Frances would dearly love to be impressed, but is too busy trying to contain her laughter. What you are saying has as much value as I have discovered that there are waves on the shore/pages in a book/olives in martinis. Just yesterday, Frances discovered that grass grew upwards. Imagine how proud she felt. What you are saying is vague, not true, and very, very silly.

R: I am now featured in a book.
F: How wonderful. You finally made it into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Not a moment too soon, as far as Frances is concerned. Frances wonders if they are dedicating a special chapter, Entitled Narcissists, to your life.

R: I clanked teeth with the dog. I am done with the dog.
F: Frances would suggest that next time, you try humans for your relationship needs.

After this final comment, Mr Rupert abruptly ended the call.

Frances went back to her nail polishing and gave him not even a second thought, except to wonder how all the Hoaxateers seem to have her telephone machine number. Most annoying.

Until next time, lovely Fans,

Frances Mulligan, a 7-foot tall lizard who dwells in a tastefully decorated underground tunnel in Hampstead, is a periodic contributor to Hoaxtead Research.


69 thoughts on “Frances takes a call…from Rupert


    William and Mary, 1688: An Act declareing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Setleing the Succession of the Crowne.

    That’s what he means by “a narrative regarding law that goes back to 1689” I wager.

    The Freeloons on the Land misquote it though and don’t get the context. This act is also known as the Bill of Rights 1689.

    This is the bit that gets them in a lather usually.

    “Grants of Forfeitures.

    That all Grants and Promises of Fines and Forfeitures of particular persons before Conviction are illegall and void.”

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  2. Let me get this straight. While Angie asks that people refrain from attacking personalities (what I call ‘being personal’) she has a good laugh while Rupert criticizes the appearance and professionalism of a psychiatric nurse i.e. someone who is WORKING FOR A LIVING and not living off other people’s hard-earned money. Screw the pair of them. They are as dedicated to truth as a Republican politician with a friend in he mafia.

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    • These characters generally DO have a problem with people who work for a living, contribute to society and achieve real tangible things….. It’s a projection of their own anger ans self-loathing because they are abject failures. Rupert (by no means unique) is one of those ‘entitled neds’ who imagined at one time he could just breeze into a lucrative position in life without actually putting in any effort. That was made worse by idiotically-indulgent person who told (still tell) ‘mommy’s little emotional cripple’ he’s a real person and can do no wrong…… The end result is someone inevitably failing at the basic task of being human.

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  3. Frances sounds like my kinda gal !

    Pretty soon Angie is only going to have one ally left : the total whacko Aaron Dover who when he’s not rambling on about Jewish plots, is calling for the judge in the Hampstead case to be “whacked” (I hope the police really taking note of this) and reckons the Paralympics are a hoax and don’t actually happen.

    Looks like this nutcase is in ‘exile’ in Thailand. He’s bound to come to grief there with that mouth of his. Last time I was there I got onto a bhat bus and sitting opposite was a 6′ Russian with a young Thai boy.
    2 Aussies opposite him began sniggering and one pointedly said “another fucking Pedo”. As the bus stopped the Russian got up with the boy- his son- and his Thai wife and smacked both Aussies in the face so quickly it was like lightening. I don;t like violence but it sort of felt rather good to see both oafs flat out on the floor. Perhaps Dover is another mouse in reality and a lion on the net.
    Accusing and insulting people when you live in Thailand can be painful. The price of two assassins on a motorbikes is about $200.

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  4. At least Rupert has a found a younger more attractive hound dawg with a semblance of loyalty.The Oldcastle one lets face was a rabid bitch,undomesticated,shat all over the place and constantly begged when it got low on fags and booze.

    Definately a step in the right direction for Rupert kind.

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  5. Good to know that something other than her own head is going up her arse for a change:

    By the way, since saying she’s “banning herself after this”, she’s put up 5 more posts. Couldn’t make it up, could you?

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    • I wouldn’t put it past her to fake her own death ‘at the hands of illuminati surgeons’ and spend the rest of her life pretending to be someone else courtesy of some fake documents made by her old pal Andrea.

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    • Self love and self knowledge=very high (what a surprise).
      Pineal gland is 90% healthy, perhaps Abe can help take it up to 100% for her.
      Lungs have suffered – no shit Sherlock.

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    • I didn’t think dowsing was mentioned in the bible, but it is – sort of – once:

      “…their diviner’s wand informs them; For a spirit of harlotry has led them astray, And they have played the harlot, departing from their God.” Hosea 4:12

      Seems to be spot for Angie too!

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    • Penny shoehorns Mercury toxicity into the reading as it is her expressed”burning issue”…lungs have suffered etc yawn.Throwing darts at random words from the dictionary is far more accurate.

      Further evidence(not that any is required) of the empty pouring into the void.


    • If Jake’s parents have any sense, they will keep him far away from any “Welcome Home Gathering” thrown by APD.

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      • Unfortunately Jake Clarke is an adult in the law, and his parents have limited say in what he does. Apparently Jake has been refusing to speak with his parents since his sectioning. Sadly, the end result for Jake, when he reunites with the gang, is another sectioning or jail.

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        • That really does show us the state of his mental health, SV.
          The fact he’s been refusing to speak to his parents and at the same time keeping in contact with APD is awful.

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          • I agree. I don’t know that there’s much his parents can do about it, other than know that they’ve done the best they can for their son, but I truly feel for them. It’s not easy having a child with a mental illness, and it must be even more difficult because Jake’s problems have been nurtured and encouraged by people who want to use him for their own ends.


          • If Jake is refusing the help of his parents then it is paramount that Power-Disney is not allowed contact with him.

            The sooner Power-Disney gets a restraining order against her the better for Jake.

            But who sorts that out? The Police, the Psychiatrists?


    • That is precisely 100% the opposite of what Jake needs when delicate steps are initiated to reestablishing routines within which he can function safely in the community.

      As ever the only needs being met are Angies in signally what a compassionate and virtuous Earth mother soul she is (not).

      Jakes parents or his key worker need to get an injuction out on Angie to have zero contact with him.I would envisage no problem gaining that in the circumstances.

      Outrageous,interfering women of the very highest order.

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      • If they need evidence of APD’s vicious nature then they could do worse than starting here.


  6. Those guys who want to build a wall to keep the Calais invaders out. They think Rupert Quaintance is more worthy of being in UK. I beg to differ, but who am I to understand the ways of our government agencies. Regardless, circumstances, such as lack of money and loss of support and the coming winter will get rid of the vermin.

    “Thank you for taking the time to provide information about a potential Immigration
    crime. Your information has been assessed, and I am writing to inform you of the
    outcome of our checks. At this time we cannot take any further action on the
    information provided. This is often for one of the following reasons:

    * The information may already known to us and has already been considered

    * There may be insufficient information provided to allow a clear line of

    * It may be that after initial research that no offence or crime was detected

    If you have additional information about this case or another case which you think
    would enable us to investigate further please report it via our online reporting
    service at”

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  7. Is Neelu trying to distract the heat from Angie?

    From Neelu’s facebook page today (yet another breach of her restraining order – HOW LONG BEFORE THE POLICE ACT?)

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    • Oohh Another future arrest. Do let the police know. Neelu Berry likes people in uniform, handcuffs and their cups of tea whilst she is in custody.


    • This is not only libeling a whole raft of innocent people including local government administrators and employees it could cause great stress for parents in these areas who use these facilities. She is a menace and should be charged.


    • She and the others have convinced themselves that because they were basically found ‘not guilty’ that the restraining orders are not legitimate.
      But there is a provision in the law for a judge to issue such orders.

      She has a right to challenge those orders in another court but as always this mob cherry-pick which laws apply to them and which don’t.

      Continued failure by authorities to enforce the law will end in tears. A certain father probably now has cause to sue authorities on behalf of himself and his children for putting their lives in danger because of their inaction.


  8. Hopefully the officer in charge reads this blog and takes the time to listen to the video, especially from 33 minutes onwards.

    To refresh any faded memories the restraining order states:

    So Neelu has republished an old post that,

    Makes allegations

    Names people

    AND CLEARLY BREACHES THE RESTRAINING ORDER… When will the Police act to enforce it? Or is action just against Sabine (a point I am certain she will argue, given half a chance)

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    • It’s about time Neelu got Sectioned for this, she clearly is taking the proverbial P.

      She imo has done a lot worse than Jake, unless I have missed something.

      Neelu seems immune.


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      • Is she mad, or as some have suggested recently, does she act insane to avoid prosecution?


        • I’m coming to the conclusion that Neelu’s not mad at all.

          I’d love to know what Mental Health Diagnosis she has.

          You can bet your bottom dollar it’s whatever suits Neelu the best as she will have manipulated the person doing the diagnosis.

          Neelu’s acting.

          She is blatantly highly intelligent but it’s all a bit of a game with Neelu and her battle with the “authorities”.

          Neelu wants to come out on top and be the winner at all costs.

          Neelu was laying it on thick saying how disabled Sabine was outside Holborn Police Station, as was Angela Power Freak.

          The pair of them are manipulators of the system, but when it comes to being mad, I reckon Angela is quite possibly the winner there. You’ve got to be mad to come out with the outrageous allegations she made on Monday afternoon. Surely?

          Well they weren’t allegations were they?

          Angela said they were facts.

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        • I think she is intelligent but with a few wires crossed which makes her dangerous. It’s a shame as I think she may quite a soft person underneath but this will only worse as she ages, not better.

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