Sabine’s friend confirms: internet cables cut

Some readers might recall that in the days following Sabine and Neelu’s trial last month, Sabine complained that “out of revenge the Cultists cut the telephone cables leading to my flat and thus cut me off from the internet”. We admit that we were sceptical, especially when Neelu made the same claim shortly afterward.

Aside from the obvious fact that no ‘cult’ exists, so it’s unlikely that ‘cultists’ would have done such a thing, it seemed to us like exactly the sort of claim Sabine (or Neelu) might make to garner sympathy amongst their supporters.

However, we’ve learned that Sabine had a guest in her flat the night the alleged vandalism occurred. Meirion Bowen, a McKenzie friend who was seen in court supporting the defendants earlier in the day, claims in a “Statement of Witness” that on 15 July he was using Sabine’s internet when a break in communication occurred.

The following morning, Mr Bowen says, he and Sabine went outside and discovered that “a number of cables had been vandalised” by being cut in five places. In addition, Sabine’s neighbour’s cable had been cut in a similar manner.

To us, this suggests that this might have been simply a random act of vandalism. After all, why would Sabine’s neighbour’s internet cables have been cut, if Sabine herself was the target?

In addition, it seems that no official complaint was lodged with the police about this incident. We’d think that if Sabine had any evidence whatsoever that the damage had been intentionally directed at her, she’d have been down at the cop shop within milliseconds.

So far, though, that doesn’t seem to have happened, leading us to suspect that Sabine knew it was a random event, but decided to make hay with her followers, and used Mr Bowen’s ‘statement’ to bolster her story.

Which brings us back to Mr Bowen.

Another strange bedfellow

Meirion Bowen has not figured prominently in the Hampstead hoax, but he is a long-time pal of Belinda and Sabine, and took time out from acting as McKenzie friend for Maurice Kirk to attend at least one day of the trial.

Mr Bowen appears to have had a rather spotty political career. He had been a Plaid Cymru county council candidate, who switched first to stand as an Independent, and then joined the BNP in April 2009.

According to an article in the South Wales Guardian at that time, Mr Bowen gave this explanation for the switch:

“I walked away from Plaid because I was being dictated to by party politics,” he said.

“People feel let down by Plaid and Labour and the BNP is prepared to address certain issues other parties aren’t.

“Labour and Plaid have lost their way while the BNP has more in common with the man in the street.”

However, by 2013 he’d changed his mind yet again. In a very terse letter to the BNP, he asks to be removed from their database:

I have yet again received unwelcome correspondence from you. This includes the Voice of Freedom. It serves the same purpose as the Local Councils propaganda circular as lining for the cat’s litter tray.

When I joined the BNP with good faith and reason, I did not expect to be used and abused for political gain.Ne ither did I expect my employer to discriminate and collude to have me dismissed as a result.

The BNP never gave me the respect and protection I deserved having been only used as a political tool for Welsh coordinators to play games with.

Once again I declare that I am no longer a Councillor, do not wish to be classed as one, and especially on BNP livery. Again, I need to place you on notice that I do not wish any further correspondence from the BNP.

I carry that brief membership period around as a prison sentence. To fall for that entrapment was a foolhardy decision made in a moment of madness believing that West Wales BNP and main leadership was going to address cross party cover ups of growing non accidental injuries to children in care and in particular the Linda Lewis case that would have made the Jimmy Saville saga look like a teddy bears picnic.

He doesn’t disavow the BNP’s far-right agenda, nor its anti-immigrant stance, but only the party’s failure to adequately address an issue of personal interest to him. Does he still hold neo-fascist beliefs? We certainly wouldn’t wish to accuse him, but we have no evidence to the contrary.

We do know that he and Sabine have had a stormy relationship at times, and have even gone through periods of non-communication. However, they seem to have patched it up for now, or at least they had as of the week of Sabine and Neelu’s trial. We’ll be keeping an eye on him, as we’d like to know more about his role within the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ and its hangers-on.

Meirion Bowen BNP

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  1. Sigh…. If only OpenReach customer records weren’t confidential…… I’d be willing to speculate though that not only were there no reports to the police of vandalism, there was no fault reported or repaired at that building either. – I suppose the cables must have ‘healed’.

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  2. All I can say is LOL to all of that.

    I love the comments section in that newspaper report where the far-right is out in force with one “bertie bert” proclaiming that among the BNP members are gays, the disabled and numerous people with foreign born wives.

    Obviously bertie failed to take note of a BNP policy which states : ” Don’t sell Britain short. No automatic right to remain for EU migrants demands BNP.”

    And there in the comments is my all-time favourite Irish comedian, one Patrick Cullinane who socks it to the South Wales Guardian with various comments in defense of Meirion Bowen: ” It was pointed out …”that the UK Courts were not Courts of Law …..courts in the UK are bureaucratic Kangaroo courts with no jurisdiction to try a freeman without his written consent.”

    But what has happened ? For Patrick says :”I was framed-up twice in seventeen hours by the Dyfed Powys Police and the South Wales Police”.

    The Cult really are outrageous and I believe no action is taken against Mr Culinane unless it is personally sanctioned by a Rothschild family member and HM The Queen. They will never defeat Patrick though.

    It’s a complete nonsensical claim that anyone would purposelessly cut internet cables as so many people can access the internet today via their Smart Phone or a Tablet / Ipad as my former 72 year old wife does and as do the 3 over 80s pensioners who live in the same building as her.

    Blatant opportunism as we expect from this mob.

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  3. If you follow the various links & names provided in that newspaper article you well & truly end up down the Rabbit Hole with all the usual suspects including ‘victims unite” and Sabine and all proclaiming the corruption of courts , police and especially the IPCC yet, when they falsely claim some non-existent victory re: Hampstead via the IPCC that claim of corruption is temporarily suspended.

    It amazes me that these people actually make it through life as for them the entirety of government and all official bodies like the Law Society, IPCC etc etc are corrupt (except perhaps when paying social security or pensions).

    It must just make life so damned difficult for them. In some ways you must have sympathy for these people who are fighting 30 year old battles that they never got right in the first place and with each step they compound their mistakes and make them worse and never ever accept that they may be wrong in the slightest detail. However sympathy is not obligatory.

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  4. I hope she wasn’t targeted. Though, she must realise she has probably picked up a diverse bunch of enemies over the years.

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  5. As someone said on a previous post ‘Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party’. 🙂

    Sabine’s really not fussy is she…..

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  6. I think the judge in the witness intimidation trial was quite correct when he observed that these people are on a campaign and won’t be stopped by less than a prison sentence.


  7. I hope not too. Still, as you say, it can’t be surprising when this kind of thing happens, as they’ve antagonised a great many people.


  8. She’s really not. When one starts to count up the number of paedophiles, thieves, ultra-right-wing nutters, and chainsaw-wielding pensioners (Norman Scarth, I’m looking at you), it can seem as though Sabine has in fact surrounded herself with a crew of like-minded people.


  9. “I love the comments section in that newspaper report where the far-right is out in force with one “bertie bert” proclaiming that among the BNP members are gays, the disabled and numerous people with foreign born wives.”

    I bet some of them have even danced to the soundtrack from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’.

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  10. I’d wager there were no cuts at all.

    I’d need to see actual physical evidence of that to believe the tale.

    Quite convenient a woman living on her own has a male guest when this is meant to have happened.

    If true, Sabine would have, as suggested by EC, contacted the Police immediately.

    A story manufactured by the pair of them.

    When my cable lines were cut maliciously by, ” I know who” I didn’t even think to call the Police, in fact I laughed and got it sorted.

    Sabine, Neelu et al need to stop wasting Police, Court etc. time for a service they do not pay for as they are exempt from paying Council Tax due to their claim of being on benefits or low income.

    The scoundrels…

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  11. Keith Dewsnup thinks the Magistrates Courts were a ‘sham’ because security did their job and took his ‘stuff’, Police were apparently ‘everywhere’ which was a ‘bit of a joke’. I’m shocked – you’d never expect to see Police in the Courts would you!
    I’m not sure how Norman won this by claiming asylum in Austria. Did he go?

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  12. Sabine wasn’t targeted, it’s complete bs from the sympathy seeker imo.

    As for Merion, (who probably has a bit of a complex with his name sounding like Marion) it just goes to show a friendly looking, jolly, fat man, can be a right racist b…..d.

    It serves the fool right for associating with the BNP.

    I don’t do racists, so he can sit on it and swivel to his hearts content with his complaints, which are the results of his own previous actions, of which he alone was responsible for.

    Thanks for the ID of him.

    I know who to steer well clear of if I happen to meet him in the future.

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  13. We did find it odd that the ‘reports’ we saw had no accompanying photographs. As you say, it might have been good to see actual physical evidence.


  14. A great line written by Mel Brooks from The Producers- the only film that has ever been able to poke fun at the Fascists. Delicious that Mel is also a Red Sea Pedestrian.

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  15. I can understand someone may be inspired to throw a brick through a window – would never endorse that though- but cutting cables seems such an unlikely & complicated piece of vandalism fraught with the danger of being caught and surely you would need to be a telecom technician to know what to look for.

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  16. I sometimes cut some slack for Sabine for it’s true that her mum carried her through the shocking Dresden bombing that is one amazing ordeal to survive. But she would have no memory of it but perhaps her mother was so traumatised she instilled this bizarre sense of paranoia in her daughter. But how much of that tale is true?

    I still like to think she may have joined the Stasi and was in charge of the Satanist Hunting Bureau foraging out would-be Rothschild loving Capitalist East Germans so I’m not cutting her too much slack. Come to think of it- not cutting her any at all.

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  17. Such a dramatic Hitchock opening – I fully expected it to cut to a cliff-top scene with crashing waves below with a wind swept Joan Fontaine staring out to sea while a dark & mysterious Laurence Olivier comes up behind her.

    But what do we get? The usual B-list of troofer hoax promoters. Silly Norman. He’ll get no relief from Chem Trails in Austria. What does he think NATO is all about?

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  18. Sorry, I’m not buying the “has a bit of a complex with his name sounding like Marion” thing. Meirion is a fine upstanding Welsh name. Just a pity that this prick isn’t a fine upstanding Welshman.

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  19. As I understand it, like Sabine and Neelu, Norman Scarth was only spared prison because the judge recognised he had a “personality disorder”. So much destruction is caused by people who are basically mad and impervious to rational argument – and by their supporters, enablers and exploiters.
    I don’t want to see people with mental health problems ostracised; but I also don’t want to see people suffering constant harassment from mad people that the law seems powerless to constrain.

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  20. Funny how people learn the lessons they want to learn. Most Germans (that I have met) take the view that WWII illustrates the havoc caused by far right ideology and reject it outright. Sabine has instead decided to embrace it.

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  21. Sabine and her friends like to record everything and i’m sure if her cables had been cut then Sabine would have taken photos to prove how evil the cuttists are, sorry cultists.

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  22. I should perhaps clarify that it isn’t possible for someone who knows someone who works for Openreach to check and confirm that there have been no faults in the line – not to even the cabinet that serves a particular building – for at least a year. – Just to be clear; that couldn’t happen. 😉 Not at all. Never. No.

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  23. Cultish cable cutters cultishly cutting the cables of complete c…

    Sorry I can’t think how to finish that one, you’ll have to use your imagination.

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  24. Allegedly, alliterative cultish cable cutters cunningly connive communications confusion. Greyhaired Grifter Gobsmacked! Super soldiers swiftly solder securing safe signalling! But BT believe bollocks bides beneath barmy balderdash…

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  25. arrogant frigging dickheads- he has the hide to ramble on about propaganda and then says he’s sent out an email press release saying Norman Whoever The Fuck He Is, is “seeking asylum in Hitler’s homeland” which is charming for Austrians trying to live down their past history.

    Loved how he is so indignant because the police brushed him aside when he tried to block their path

    The only time I appeared in a Magistrate’s court was when i was 17 and had a driving infringement and foolishly thought I could send a letter saying “guilty, do your worst” only to get a phone call saying I had to turn up the following week at which point the kindly Magistrate dismissed the charge.

    Just as well for her- was ready to remove her from office, arrest her for high treason and send her for immediate execution on the scaffold as well as issue a £5M lien on the old usher who got on my nerves.

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  26. Nice outfit. Prison style uniform set off by a jaunty cap with matching arrows accompanied by a smart shopping trolley. Such elegance.

    Did he escape from a local Leeds production of a Dickens play as he does a great Ghost of Christmas Past ?. Bound to be a hit in Vienna.


  27. “Personality disorder” is putting it mildly. Those who encourage these types should be ashamed of themselves. It’s a form of abuse of the mentally ill.

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  28. Unfortunately the Belinda McKenzies and Angela Power-Disneys of this world aren’t ashamed one little bit, they are quite proud of what they do.

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  29. You may well laugh but in one of the brilliant Gitta Sereny books she describes how by 1941 half the Germans had rotten aching teeth because that had either driven out all the Jewish dentists or sent them to concentration camps. There can be downsides to your average dictator who makes too many ill-thought out promises.

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  30. Agreed there, SN, but I think Fanny’s right in pointing out that the jolliest-looking red-faced fellow can turn out to be a right racist bustard. Not to mention having some very peculiar friends who believe some very strange things.


  31. I find it hilarious that they constantly harp on about his age…as though elderly people have never committed crimes. Such as, say, attacking a bailiff with a chainsaw, and then, when arrested, chuckling about having hurt him so badly he had to have surgery.


  32. My friend who works in the mental health field tells me that personality disorders are the hardest to work with: they’re intractable, meaning pretty much incurable, and people with this problem lack the insight to ever really change. They seem to come in a variety of flavours: narcissistic (why Angie, there you are!), histrionic (hello, Sabine!), and sociopathic (Abe? Is that you?) being just a few.

    People with personality disorders can benefit from ‘supportive’ therapy, in which a counsellor helps advise them how not to hurt others, and how to live more or less normal lives, but their relationships, beliefs, and approach to life can remain impaired to the end. My friend tells me that most psychiatrists cringe when they seen a ‘PD’ coming, as they’re so hard to manage. It sounds like a mild issue, but the effects can be devastating for the sufferer and those around them.


  33. How long until the seriously undisturbed are placed in Old victorian mansions in the middle of nowhere for their own safety?


  34. Another funtastic rip roaring con exposing chortle falls from the MK`s devils conveyor belt.


  35. Could someone put up the screenshots from Yannis’ fb page that said he was a SOLICITOR until he changed it.


  36. Apparently there are plans afoot to round up the seriously undisturbed and house them in old Victorian mansions in the middle of nowhere.


  37. CERN launches investigation after pranksters sneak onto campus to film fake human sacrifice Daily Telegraph web site

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  38. Lol all that crap on Twitter from Yannis.

    And then I look on his description of himself on Twitter.


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  39. The seriously UNdisturbed you say MIK? Personally I’d prefer a remote cottage somewhere on the West coast with good shore fishing and a decent real-ale pub nearby. Still, if they’re handing them out for free I’d settle for a remote Victorian mansion. – I suspect there are a few in the Highlands that would do me fine. 😉

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  40. I was curious to see the name Norman Scarth and the references to his attack with a chainsaw – Google removed that curiosity:


    08:58Saturday 23 June 2001

    A VIOLENT pensioner who attacked a bailiff with a chainsaw was today starting a six-year jail sentence.

    Judge David Bentley had heard how Norman Scarth, 75, who had refused to obey an order to quit a house, shouted to bailiffs who went to evict him: “I’ll let one of you in and whoever comes out alive can have the house.”

    When the bailiffs entered the house he went for one with a chainsaw, and tried to stab another.

    The two Leeds County Court bailiffs were so traumatised by the incident they have been unable to work since.

    Scarth was convicted in April at Sheffield Crown Court of wounding bailiff Alan Teale with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm.

    The judge told the ex-serviceman: “This was a serious and highly dangerous assault. Your intention when you attacked the bailiff was to cause him grievous bodily harm.”

    The judge said that in 1999, the executors of the late Mr Denis Roberts began proceedings against Scarth to recover possession of a house at Gledhow Park Grove, Leeds, where he was living.

    But he disregarded a court order to quit and a warrant was issued for possession, and he was warned that bailiffs would be attending on June 20 last year. The judge said: “Two bailiffs attended to execute the warrant and police officers were close at hand. “When the bailiffs arrived, you were ready and waiting. Barbed wire had been strung across the door and slogans were daubed on the house. “In at least two of the rooms were gas cylinders with rags wrapped around the nozzles and you had weapons including a chain saw, two knives and a piece of wood studded with nails.”

    As the bailiffs mounted the stairs, they saw a bedroom door ahead of them and Mr Teale pushed open the door. Stress The Judge added: “You started up the chainsaw and immediately lunged at Mr Teale with it. “He received cuts to his hand as he pushed the blade away. Had the blade sliced into his abdomen, the injury would have been serious if not fatal. You then took a knife and tried to stab Mr Teale, but at that point bailiff Lynden Evans managed to disarm you. “It was a premeditated planned attack and it has left Mr Teale with a permanent disability to his right hand.

    “Both he and Lynden Evans have suffered post traumatic stress and have been unable to work since.” The judge said he believed that Scarth’s motive for the attack was to get himself prosecuted to provide a platform to air grievances about police and the judiciary. He added: “You have shown no remorse. “In the police van you were heard chuckling and when you were asked why you said you were amused by the injury to Mr Teale.” The judge said Scarth was rude and abusive to witnesses at his trial, calling the bailiffs “wimps” and added: “I believe there is a substantial risk of you committing violent offences in the future. “Your behaviour during your trial demonstrates you are highly aggressive and have little or no control. “I am satisfied that you are possessed and are obsessive and labour under the delusion that you are a victim of judicial persecution. “I bear in mind your hitherto good character and your service record but this remains a very grave offence.” l Mr Scarth had served aboard HMS Matchless on the Russian convoys during the Second World War and in 1995 the Russian government awarded him a medal to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of the war. Two years later he lost the medal while it was pinned to his beret as he made his way to a parade in London. The same year he had also stood as a prospective parliamentary candidate in Castleford.

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  41. Sabines words of Wisdom on Mr Scarth:


    Norman Scarth (no. 27)

    Norman Scarth is a WW2 veteran, born in 1925, who got extremely disenchanted in 1995 when he became a victim and discovered many victim stories.

    The first potentially lethal terror attack on 8th August 1999 came just seventeen days after the European Court for Human Rights had ruled that I was the victim of a violation of Article 6, and JUST SIX WEEKS after I had appeared in the Civil Appeal Court, and told Lord Woolf (MR) Lord Justice Otton and LJ Ward “Her Majesty the Queen, whose courts these are, is badly served by the shysters who now infest the judiciary.“

    Few men of my age would not have had one or the other. Because concerned neighbours had gathered, they did not use the battering ram that had been called for, but instead laid siege to the house for THREE HOURS, before backing off saying, “We have decided this is not a police matter – BUT WE’LL BE BACK!” All that, and much more is on tape.

    In the days, weeks and months which followed, my desperate S.O.S. messages were faxed to EVERY ‘watchdog’ in the land. A curt brush-ff came from only two – from the rest, not even acknowledgement!

    The police had licence to commit any crime against me with impunity. For eleven months I dared leave the house only three times. It was unlawful but very effective ‘house arrest’, imprisoned by fear – and I am NOT a timid man!

    After 11 months my fears proved justified, when they DID smash into my home, and gave me a brutal kicking that put me in hospital. There followed the malicious prosecution for a NON-EXISTENT ‘crime’, and a Kangaroo Court ‘hearing’ where I was given a sentence of six years in prison, plus four years on extended licence.

    After one and a half years, the sentence was quashed, and I was carted off to Newton Lodge Gulag ‘Mental Hospital’, Wakefield, the intention being to pump me full of drugs to turn me into a zombie. However, honest nurses would not be party to such depravity, and I escaped the fate of Andy McCardle.

    So, after four months in the Nuthouse, the sentence was re-imposed, and it was back to prison again till I had served four years (2/3rds of the the six) when I was to walk free, having ‘Paid My Debt to Society’ .

    Instead, I was UNLAWFULLY dragged back to the Gulag again for a further two years. So, my actual time in custody (following the eleven months ‘house arrest’) totalled six years. Mind you, being ‘on licence’, as I was for the next four years, is hardly ‘freedom’. A sadistic Probation Officer – and there are quite few – only has to snap his/her fingers and you are back in prison again.

    11 07 18 HMS MatchlessThere you have the bare details of what happened between 8th August 1999 and April 2009, when my ‘Licence’ ended.

    He’s no. 27 under Grouping Cases to Enforce the Bank of England Act 1694.

    He introduces himself on video to our meeting at the House of Lords in March 2010.

    And domestic violence and Family Court victim Sharon Ann Kilby publishes his bio and writings here.

    As an exceptional paper, the Sovereign Independent has been covering Norman’s plight.

    And Russia Today produced this excellent video:

    More on Norman Scarth – in Prison since 26 July 2011 for having Recorded in Bradford Court.

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  42. She did work there. And is said to be presently on hols abroad. Maybe she went back to see old workmates at CERN?

    More seriously I’ve worked across the world with maybe 50+ companies, and never known any with a story like this. So why is McNeill the common factor?

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  43. Feel free to delete some unintended repeats ^. Couldnt post until I sussed i had inadvertantly changed email address..doh!

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  44. Yeah, yeah, it’s all a giant stitch up for poor Mr Scarth. Why? Um…that’s never made really clear. But amazingly, it seems to happen to everyone Sabine knows. 🙂

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  45. I’m afraid I had to block him on Twitter. He was deluging me with messages that made no sense. I think he’s really lost the plot. 🙄


  46. You would have thought the BBC had more sense.Leaving “Hampstead residents eat baby food in McDonalds” out of their bonkers conspiracies chart reveals a new low in broadcasting standards.I dont know why I pay my license fee.
    Disgruntled, Up North.

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  47. Yes thats fine quality incoherant drivel Merlin and must be in the running along with every pretentious cliche sentence Angie spews forth.

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  48. 1:30:10 – Old lies rehashed. Desperate old bint.

    She’s re-launching all that crap about these mythical “letters from Hoaxtead” to all her neighbours etc. She waves about the “letter” with the Hoaxtead Research “letterhead” stapled to the front. She even says we mailed it to her children’s old primary schools! (What the point of that would be or how we would even know what schools her kids went to are anybody’s guess!) Complete and utter bullsh*t.

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  49. 1:41:38 – Woah! WTF?

    “My children…I didn’t beat them…Well, I’ll ‘fess up on one level – I probably did give Josh a hiding I regret, when I discovered him with a pornography habit. I found him in the middle of the night with my laptop, looking at pornography. And that was one of the…probably the only occasion in his life when the corporal punishment was not discipline, it was me in absolute horror and anger. I lashed out like a crazy person and I regret that.”

    So there you have it – an admission of physical child abuse (as well as Angie seizing yet another opportunity to humiliate her children on the internet).

    McKenzie’s Devils, I hope you’re taking notes!

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  50. And what about the poor US nazi-style armed militia groups generally located in the South where Elvis Presley hailed from. He is still loved by millions of them yet was proud of his Cherokee roots and adored his Jewish mother and wore a Jewish Chai symbol around his neck.

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  51. “no begging bowls” as each goes on to scrounge for money lol. Someone must tell Rupert it’s not polite to pick his nose in front of millions (11) of viewers.

    Surprised ITV or the BBC or even the Fox network haven’t snapped up Angie for his reporting skills and gorgeous on-screen persona. Oh oh..nurse is here with my meds again.

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  52. Rumour has it that Angela is part of the “Hampstead Tattoo Cult”,

    I wonder if she is willing to drop her drawers?

    And not the ones that she’s got her daughter building from the IKEA flat pack she’s just bought.

    Fat lot of good money spent on your drawers is going to do for the African Orphans ANGELA.

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  53. Why is it I can’t listen to Mel without wanting to put my foot through my monitor?

    She is desperate to dig herself out of her association with CCN presenter Zen Gardner now that he’s turned out to be not what he seems. Sound familiar? It’s Kevin Annett all over again! Eventually, I confidently expect her to perform the same excruciating squirming act once she’s realised that Angela isn’t what she seems either – and she can deny that she ever supported her or that anyone warned her about her. If only someone had suggested to her that she vet people she allows to speak on her “station” (as if that weren’t common sense anyway). Oh wait – we did. Frequently!

    As for her rant about the “evil Jehovah’s witness cult” and how her mate’s book about it “should be mandatory reading for all children” (yep, she actually said that), I feel I must stress once again that Jehovah’s Witnesses are nothing like the nasty stereotypical image they have. I myself am an Atheist but I have several Jehovah’s Witnesses in my extended family and they’re the nicest, most down-to-earth people you could ever meet! They’re just another denomination of Christian and no weirder than Baptists, Methodists, Catholics etc.

    Oh and at 26:05 she starts banging on about “shape-shifting, flesh-eating dragons”. See ya!

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  54. “I didn’t beat them”

    Er…except that you did, Angie. You’ve openly admitted to that (even gloated about it and laughed about it) on several occasions!


  55. In total agreement Spiny Norman.

    Unless I see the actual paper letter/s of this/ese “letters from Hoaxtead” Angela claims to have received,


    Come on Angela love,

    people here are professional for a start!!

    Why the need to send a letter?

    Could say whatever a lot easier on fb and no need to pay for a stamp.


    Really Angela?

    The only person you are trying to fool is yourself and your gullible audience.

    If you actually have one.

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  56. Now there`s another fine mess Ive gotten myself into.
    Thanks Gabriella but I will take the Dignitas voucher 2nd prize if thats ok.

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  57. Angie is a psychotic pathological liar.
    (Below filched off tinternet so must be true)
    “Part of the reason the pathological liar feels compelled to lie is because he or she may feel as though being in the spotlight has eluded them. This person feels that he or she should be the center of everyone’s universe and will do what he or she can to make it happen. Upon tasting the spotlight, it becomes self-reinforcing and the lies grow bigger each time just to keep on being the center of attention. Here are some possibilities:

    Sympathy attention. The pathological liar feels that his or her problems are paramount to what everyone else is experiencing. From a paper cut to being admonished by a boss or teacher, the pathological liar runs around telling his or her story to anyone and everyone, exaggerating the details to ridiculous proportions in order to gain sympathy from anyone within earshot.
    Wants to feel important. The pathological liar is the king or queen of the “one upper.” Whatever accomplishment you’ve achieved, they done it better. This person always has to feel superior to you at all times, no matter if it’s in the professional or personal arena.
    Feels bored. Unfortunately, because this person’s life is not rooted in reality, he or she may become easily bored if drama is not swirling around his or her head. As a result, lies may be fabricated in order to amuse or entertain this person, which unfortunately means that other people become involved and possibly hurt as a result.
    Insecurity. Low self esteem is one of the biggest reasons why people become pathological liars. Whether they consciously recognize it or not, a pathological liar feels that he or she is not important enough as they are so they must make up accomplishments or events to position themselves as worthy.”

    Angies fiddling with her ear,scratching her nose and other distractive non verbal gestures often coincide with her sharing inner fabrications.The cigarette is a useful tool to deflect her audience as she embarks on her Porkifications.
    I feel really sorry for her children and really hope they can support each other having been influenced and abused by this appalling,shameless creature.

    “Neurotics build castles in the air.Psychotics lives them.Psychiatrists collects the rent”.
    Jerome Lawrence

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  58. CP I too have worked through several monitors in the course of veiwing Mels amazing juggling act of simultaneously feigning compassion,back peddling and begging bowl thrusts whilst taking the art of hypocrisy to ever new heights.
    I have resolved the problem by binding my feet with industrial gaffer tape and erecting a cast iron grid in front of the monitor and drinking copious quantities of Camomile tea.

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  59. When Angela mentions at about 7/8 minutes in,

    that one of the Cult has come over to the Hoaxers side,

    she is talking about Yannis.

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  60. Objectively……

    She might well be. Even when misinformation is posted under another name the Pidgin-English nature of the writing gives a certain game away. And you are correct in highlighting that his claims to be a ‘solicitor at solicitor’ are dubious. However, anyone can post under any name. They can set up FaceBook profiles under any name (a big part of the problem). I wouldn’t dispute for a moment that there is a person who seems to have English as a second language who has adopted a certain persona and appears to be attention-seeking/deranged. – But are any of these accounts actually who they say they are?

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  61. There are many people around who have been online since before the ‘internet’ was the internet. At the risk of seeming conceited we tend to be reasonably-well educated. Tech-savvy. Ranging in nature from the highly spiritual and creative to the rigid ‘logicalist’ for whom only the most rational explanation for everything will do.

    The common thread that binds us, and the greatest surprise, is that there are people out there who actually-do believe the world was flat, there really are shape-shifting reptillians, dragons and that black people are the result of human beings interbreeding with monkeys!

    It’s a shock to many of us that there are people in the world who are just that mind-numbingly fucking STUPID! Bloody throwbacks! – Too wilfully-ignorant to take onboard the concept of paradigm let alone understand what is actually going on in the world or how it works. These are the people who on mankind’s great journey to enlightenment sat down on the edge of the information highway and just started feeding on roadkill, insects and drinking the fluid from the road drains… The REFUSE to progress, yet still they whine-on about things they know-not of what they talk.

    When all logic and patience fail, what alternative is there left but to take the fucking piss? Especially when you’re a 20-something post-grad student with several crates of beer and some stage props to hand.

    Trust me… Mel Ve isn’t capable of organising a stunt like this. It’s too clever, too funny… To well shot!

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  62. True, the real Yannis E…… might be unaware there are these accounts in his name.

    People have met him though, so I’d go with that is actually his name or an “English” adapted version of it.

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  63. Cant disagree there Fnord.Launching a media platform for child abusers and hosting any old lunatic to strut their stuff has not been the greatest career move.
    Civilization must take some solice in the fact that she is shit at it.
    MKD as ever tells it as it is with the latest video fare.

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  64. Fearless prediction: Mel will claim that she was the first to spot that Angie was a pathological liar, and will say she gave….er, sold her the two spots on her ‘network’ to allow Angie to hang herself more publicly.


  65. Yikes!

    Still if you had insomnia she’d send you to sleep, she’s got her purposes.


  66. Why does she put these things on the Internet? Why give out the most personal information when you think a Satanic Cult is watching you? I wouldn’t be surprised if she gave out her account numberand PIN on her next video.

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  67. In essence it’s attention seeking. – The fantasy that underpins her life is based on her being the tragic victim of terrible circumstance. The more ‘little lights’ she can plant to corroborate her (deliberately) incoherent stories the ‘better’. And, in a way, the more people rip into her the ‘better’ – it fuels the fantasy. Bear in mind the sort of people she’s trying to ‘take in’ don’t do much in the way of critical thinking or cross checking.

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  68. A little digging seems to suggest he might be an ex-‘something’!

    The second image shows how the third picture fits his face!

    Multiple claims re profession, multiple spellings….. Search LinkedIn he seems to have a couple of profiles. Not found with SRA. further checks won’t be possible ’till Monday.

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