Neelu trying to kill Hoaxtead Research

Since this blog’s inception in early May 2015, Sabine has whined and moaned piteously about our existence, claiming that we are run by RD and that we represent a concerted and organised attempt to harass and destroy her. Neelu, however, has never seemed to take much notice of us…until now.

Yesterday she posted this on her Facebook page:

Neelu-DMCA 2016-08-14Well, now we’re utterly terrified. A “formal complaint…to”? “We will not tolerate internet terrorism by hoaxers any more!!!”?

Oh no! Whatever will we do, kids? We’re sooooo screwed now.

Just kidding.

We’re going to be charitable and assume that Neelu is complaining about Hoaxtead Research, and not about “Hoax website”.

But copyright infringement? Weak, Neelu, very weak. Even by your standards.

Even the most cursory glance at this blog will reveal that we abide by Fair Use rules whenever it comes to copyrighted material. Here’s what that means:

In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. In other words, fair use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. If your use qualifies as a fair use, then it would not be considered an illegal infringement.

And commentary, critique, and parody are pretty much the raison d’être of this blog. If we were actually stealing Neelu’s work and reproducing it here, we’d be just another Hoaxtead-pushing blog, spewing lies, illegal harassment, and incomprehensible gibberish under the guise of legal advice.

We’d rather leave that to the Hoaxtead mob, as it seems to be their speciality.

We’ll be interested to know what, if anything, WordPress makes of Neelu’s attempt to scupper this blog. Will we actually hear from WordPress about our alleged DMCA infringement(s)? We doubt it, but if we do you’ll be the first to know.

And rest assured, if we publish the complaint it will be properly excerpted, linked, and attributed. Because that’s just how we roll.

srsly meme

210 thoughts on “Neelu trying to kill Hoaxtead Research

  1. It’s quite laughable that someone who has lied and defamed other people – for the sake of boosting their own ego and furthering a scam, should start bleating about another area of the law she clearly doesn’t understand. – You’re a stupid and evil woman Neelu Berry. And you’re hurting innocent children; you need jailed and/or confined in a mental institution.

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  2. She’s on a roll, isn’t she. Here’s her latest whine-fest:

    Honestly, have you ever known anyone to stamp their feet and moan so much over a court case that they WON? I genuinely believe she’d be happier if she’d lost! Is it some form of masochism?

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  3. So all this time that we’ve been thinking Neelu didn’t know of our existence, she was saving it all up for one big special love letter. In fact, this is three times she’s mentioned us in one week!

    So let this inspire all you young lovers out there. Don’t give up on that special someone. Never stop hoping, guys. You may think that the object of your affection hasn’t noticed you but just hang in there – love will find a way ❤

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  4. But does anyone find it odd that none of the hoaxers ever mention that nice Mr. Coyote by name? My guess is they have a kind of Candy Man thing going on and they think that if they say his name 3 times, he’ll pop up in their bathroom and start howling at them.

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  5. Interesting comment thread on this yesterday:

    JW: Neelu is rattled…

    Spiny Norman: Shame she doesn’t know the name of the blog. I wish the “authorities” the best of luck in trying to locate “Hoax”.

    Common Porpoise: So the law matters to Neelu now, then?

    Liza Radley: LOL, she’s calling us “hoaxers” and “terrorists”? No irony there, then 🙂

    Mik: Indeedy Liza,Madame LOUNEE the Shouty Spouty,topsy turvy caplocks clown states unequivocally: “WE WILL NOT TOLERATE INTERNET TERRORISM BY HOAXERS ANY MORE!!! One very easy peasy lemon squeezy solution is to stop doing it then and we can all live happily ever after. “Fat” and “Chance” spring to mind as do “Arse” and “Hole”.

    The Ghost of Scarlet: Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that “reproducing your material in an unauthorised manner” implies passing it off as your own, i.e plagiarism. Trust us, Neelu – no one here has ever tried to take “credit” for your illegal, terminally deranged bullshit. We’re always happy to cite our sources.

    karnevilnine: life must be quite horrible for neelu, lyndon etc, they believe they are on the verge of ascension but it is always just slightly out of reach, they constantly give dates, 2000 , 2012 2015 and the latest, september 2016, as these come to pass and nothing happens and the only person on the planet to become fully DNA active (tory smith lol) dies. What an empty existence which is why theyre always looking for the next guru. sad really but it dosent give them the excuse to ruin peoples lives, but they reap what they sow which is why their lives are so empty, they try to fulfill it with ridiculous conspiracies.

    Joe Kerr: Under any circumstances – and under both US and UK (and other) legislation, there is provision for using material for the purposes of criticism and/or review. It’s called fair use/fair dealing.

    JW: Neelu has now edited her facebook post – SHE IS VERY CROSS AT THIS BLOG…..

    What a shame – its ok for her to stalk and intimidate, but when people expose her nefarious activities she does not like it.

    JW: Umm….

    JW: The legal Terms of Use of facebook say: “When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).” and “By “use” we mean use, run, copy, publicly perform or display, distribute, modify, translate, and create derivative works of.” So, public content on facebook is free, but content just shared with friends or groups is not free. (But, if someone releases content under a free license they didn’t own the copyright to in the first place, the license is not valid. Like with any other content published under a free license, this is the case with content published on facebook with a Public privacy setting.) Any publishing by a facebook user using the Public setting is a release under a free content license. It could be an illegal/unenforceable release, and for a ton of stuff posted on facebook, it is. But even content appropriately published using the Public setting doesn’t thereby become public domain. Although it does give everyone nearly all the rights they’d have to use it that they’d have it if was public domain, technically and legally it’s not the same thing.

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  6. Note to Angie:

    Citing the Daily Mail as a source (especially when you frequently bang on about the mainstream media being so untrustworthy) is embarrassing enough. But posting a two-year-old article and passing it off as a new one is just wince-inducing:

    Degree in Journalism, my arse.

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  7. According to the law of infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters one day Neelu may eventualy post something vaguely meaningful.Best not hold breath though.

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  8. 22:44 – “They’re threatening me with sectioning under the Mental Health [sic]…and I just said, ‘Well that’s just not a service I require of you. Are you on your oath?’ And I walked out.”

    This could get very interesting!

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  9. She’s mad, mad and mad.

    Neelu needs to get a life, before it’s too late. I’ve a feeling she’s stuck down that rabbit hole and there’s no return. In fact I don’t think there’s any hope for her, she’s a lost cause.

    I pity whoever she lives with, her Mum perhaps?

    Unless they are also nuts, it must be a nightmare.

    I wonder if she gives her own neighbours grief?

    Neelu wants solutions.

    I wonder what the solution is for everyone else that crosses her path.

    Btw will Angela be meeting up with Neelu when Angela reaches the shores of England on 20th August?

    Or will the Police be waiting to arrest her?

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  10. “If I typed this in…some other Country [sic] that this comment is ‘illegal’, I’d be arrested and jailed.”

    Pssst: Alan – you just did!

    Oh and the inverted commas aren’t necessary. You’re breaking the law in the good old-fashioned literal sense.


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  11. Her son must be very embarrassed to have Neelu as his Mum.

    She won’t help his Mental Health one bit.

    Someone like Neelu would wear down the most stable person.

    I really despair.

    She’s enough to make any one lose their marbles.


  12. I think this is part of Angela Power-Disney’s scam : ever since she began begging for money for her “new style of journalism” she’s been posting endless links to stories that have come and gone, often 4 or 5 years ago,
    For her deluded followers (those inmates at Broadmoor) she probably hopes they will think this is “investigation”. She’s not even good at it. There are heaps of other troofers who really do create what they hope is ‘original’ research and invent all sorts of loony conspiracies.

    Angie’s just a tragic scamster without an original thought in her head and thinks going on Mel VD’s childish “tv network” and rambling endlessly her few viewers ( Jake & Rupert) will be impressed.

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  13. Well as someone who has made it a campaign to get offending material removed from the internet including endless websites created to attack my lawyer because he won a court case I wish Neelu all the luck in the world.

    As we have seen from the original court orders, breaching them carries almost no sanction and I have found likewise.

    I have had Google remove websites and that is only after an Australian court have made a precedent in that country that Google is also a host of defamation. even then it’s a long a frustrating process and you have to consider that a new website will pop up hosted in a country not bound by Oz law.
    And my lawyer is also a defamation expert who has won every case he takes on but relies on me to do this arduous and frustrating work because suing the person who libels him could be just wasting money.

    ## this is also why my friend’s successfully won case in South Australia (under appeal) has Google, yahoo etc worried as the peculiar nature of the case may apply worldwide.

    Not sure where WordPress is located but I guess the US where it will come under US laws of “free speech”. Also posting links to Youtube videos is not breaching copyright or just about every Troofer & Satan Hunter would be guilty of it. As cited above- Angela Powerless-Dizzy does exactly it all the time.

    ## and only the alleged copyright holder can make a DMCA complaint and if it’s shown you are making a false one it is fraud. Not that you can get action on that.

    As far as law goes the only ones being breached are Defamation laws by the numerous nutcases like Berry, Power-Disney, Jake etc : note- try and find a genuine libel published by Belinda Mackenzie. She is smart enough to encourage others to do it so she is not in the frame.

    I’ve said it endlessly : why RD has not sued Berry and others including Power-Disney for defamation is a mystery. He could end all this quickly as they have assets and just legal costs alone would destroy them and they deserve it- it would give them other things to think about. He should be doing it for the sake of his children and it may provide a pot of money for their future which they thoroughly deserve and will need.

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  14. Yes they are all very brave at the keyboard but all their claims to “come together” etc would actually mean stepping outside their front door and they don;t even need to do that now to get a social security payment. On top of everything else, they are just lazy bastards as well.


  15. Perhaps the wheels are in motion with regard to RD suing the likes of Powerless-Dizzy, Berry etc.?

    Perhaps he needs cash up in advance to pursue any case before a Solicitor would take it on?

    Perhaps Berry being seen as a Vulnerable Adult means she can’t be made homeless and the same would apply to the fake Powerless-Dizzy with her mock disabilities.

    Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, though it does make me wonder why he isn’t suing them.

    Perhaps someone on here knows the answer/s to that.

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  16. Yeah and the funny thing is she posted that same article last year too, again passing it off as news. I think this could become an annual event. Or maybe a twice-yearly event, once for each of her birthdays.

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  17. What does Angie intend doing? Re-write history? King basically created Genesis so it would be difficult to keep his name out of their story. Are we supposed to ignore Oscar Wilde’s work because of his crimes?

    I love how these Hoaxers claim everything is involved in the Giant Pedo Ring that runs the UK including newspapers but love posting links to one when it has a skewered tale that takes their fancy.

    I think Power-Disney would have been ideal to work in the USSR under Stalin in the Ministry of Truth where she could have put red-lines under intellectuals, entertainers, writers and such- to be transported to a Gulag. Mao would have inspired her. She could have joined the Red Guards.

    Power-Disney claims the whole pop/rock industry is a plot created to enslave young people so I guess she never listens to music.

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  18. I love how Ashley describes “a weekly march that will disrupt the transport system” as “simple”. I think he may be new to this sort of thing.

    Baby steps, Ash, baby steps. To get yousrself started, maybe you could hook up with Paul ‘Sunday Man’ Barbara, the Lone Ranger of Christ Church.


  19. I thought Angela was trying to get her eldest son of her’s Josh into Acting.

    The pair of them were reading some rubbish script about the Priest getting someone pregnant or something like that.

    Didn’t Josh or perhaps the other son go to a Saturday morning children’s theatre school in a neighbour’s house?

    Doesn’t Angela profess to being amongst her other “talents” an actress?

    Is she acting with all these videos?

    I don’t think she believes this Hampstead nonsense, it’s just she chose the wrong side and hasn’t the modesty to admit she got it wrong. The lure of CASH keeps her there.

    Yah it’s Monday Angela’s Cashes no doubt with Rupert WILSON, agggaaaiiinnn…ZZZZZZZZZZ

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  20. Neelu complaining about a court order to get her possessions back while ignoring all other court orders.
    Seems puzzled local cop shop doesn’t have records of all court cases – they don’t – but she is clearly mis-representing whatever it is she said to the cops to make them want to sanction her (for our safety as well).

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  21. Just another arrogant truther who thinks he knows all and we are all “sheeple”. He ignores facts like over 1 million people marched in the UK, 200,000 in Australia and millions throughout Europe to try to stop the US and allies from invading Iraq, all to no avail.

    They really annoy me this internet Truth Mob with their sheer arrogance that have somehow stumbled on the fact that rich & powerful people control much of the world and we are pretty well powerless and if they make a Youtube video they are going “alert the masses” when the only way we can make change is through the political process.

    They particularly annoy me as my father & grandfather were telling me these things in the 1950/60s but it took the frigging internet for this Mob to discover something and then they scoop it up as though only they alone know the truth. A pox on them because they unwittingly turn off many people. They have a particular skill in actually watering down real conspiracies.

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  22. maybe hes realised that whenever he says anything or appears publicly it gets used against him to make youtube videos for the hoax recruitment squad, hes damned if he does, damned if he dosent, Even when any of us get into arguments he gets blamed for it, I feel for the guy and his family, hes been treated terribly even though hes been cleared of any guilt in court, why wont they just leave him alone?

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  23. He appears to be struggling with basic spelling too. Mind you, ‘by’ and ‘off’ are very tricky words, even for a top researcher like Daniel.

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  24. Surely you’re not questioning the intellectual credentials of the hoaxer crew? These people are the cream of academia. Case in point – this pin-sharp genius mate of Angie (responding to her fake Jonathan King post):

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  25. “Flipping nouce”? I think she’s referring to the “flipping noose”, which hangmen used to use to hang their victims, then flip them over for speedy drawing and quartering. It was a triumph of medieval efficiency. Well done for knowing about that, Ann.

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  26. I agree RD and the children themselves have massive potential claims against a number of individuals.

    However the D family and support agencies working with will them have a primary focus on rehabilitating the children and resuming a semblance of normal routines in their day to day lives.

    This does not rule out that a case is being collated and such matters initiated as and when deemed least likely to impact on family and particularly the childrens emotional well being.

    It may equally be the case that the family have chosen to draw a line under this appalling chapter and have simply elected to crack on with their lives and I can understand that.

    Although successful legal claims against certain individuals would send out a deterrant message and assist prevent future cases of this nature,there will be an optimal time and place for any such proceedings. Aside from which the children as adults may well have a few things to say as genuine survivors of parental and internet abuses.

    Time alone will tell and heartfelt wishes that the D family and children all encounter the peace and happiness they deserve whatever path they follow.

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  27. I knew there was something odd about Hoaxtead : you are all a bunch of male models from GQ men’s magazine yes?.

    You are obviously jealous of Rupert’s stunning manly looks and his height (in built-ups). You may be fashionable but you Satanists don’t fool me. Always thought there was something creepy about Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren ( Talmudic ?) and as for that German Karl Largerfield- note how he lost a lot of weight by cutting down to just one baby salad a day.

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  28. Charlie changed his mind and was attacked by truthers for doing so. He talks a lot of sense in the ‘Interview with Charlie Veitch’/Myles Power interviews. (I posted these on the previous Hoaxtead post.) He recognises that some troofers are so far down the rabbit hole that it’s become like a religion. He’s not posted videos for quite a while – seems to have stopped after he was attacked in central Manchester. No idea if this is the reason but from what he says he has two serious illnesses and despite this his intention was to continue working to support his family. Word on the streets is that he IS working and too busy for the trooofer nonsense.

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  29. True Tim,case well and truly rested.
    Further,since Neeloony malfunctions magnificently without conformity to laws of any formation it was on reflection a most naive oversight on my part to have even raised the possibilty.
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing 😉

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  30. I can fully understand that he may not want to take the legal/court route- it can be debilitating for even someone with a solid case.
    As he went through the Family Court that alone must have been stressful.
    For those on the other side like Neelu etc- they are on a crusade so they blaze on regardless rather than affect them emotionally, it fores them up to continue.
    Unlike Draper & Christie who took the easy way and just fled.

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  31. Paraphrasing Mr Presley slightly, ‘if she said she was high class, well that was just a lie’! – My information is that her ‘acting career’ consisted of pretending to be someone else who actually is an actress… As for Spud head; yes, there is some pitiful half-ass mobile phone rubbish online of him ‘auditioning’ some rubbish.

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  32. If i was ricky i would probably had a nervous breakdown by now and be in hospital, as someone on here said a while back, he has become a casualty. He seems to have a good family so at least thats good but these people attacking him are evil, they are putting their own sick fantasies on him, luckily they are a tiny minority, but very vocal, everybody i know can see its bullshit

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  33. I love that video which that meme is from. That copper is so laid back when talking to Neelu, he really didn’t give a shit about her ramblings.

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  34. Another riveting video from Angels’s cash & Carry Spacebook page : this bloke says he was in an orgy with Max Spiers and he Greys got involved. I think he may have mistaken a dildo for one of the Greys.

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  35. Im an electrician and am currently on a big job on a building site, in the canteen theres a big screen tv and people are always putting silly things on, a few weeks ago i put a tory smith video on, the one where he talks about obama raping him, the whole canteen were rolling around laughing, since then i often see other people putting his videos on, its like a site joke, ive seen people laughing so much theyre eyes are watering, they cant believe that people actually believe it, angie, neelu etc are in a tiny loony minority.

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  36. I think you are correct. Neelu appears to feel a need to play the victim, even when she wins the court case. Plus she is totally bonkers.

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  37. The ‘truthers’ were perhaps even more hateful towards Charlie than they are to the common ‘sheeple’,lol. Having changed his mind when confronted with evidence, he must understand how easy it is for people to be fooled by these conspiracy sites and videos. I would therefore be quite interested to know his view on this case.

    It must have been a bitter pill to swallow for Charlie to change his mind on the 9/11 documentary, and admit it. I’m not sure Rupert would have the courage to do that. Rupert has spent enough time with Angie to know she is a compulsive liar. And enough time for Angie to have shown him the so called evidence relating to this case. I wonder how convincing he found it and whether his narrative has changed to the wider issue of all child sex abuse because he wasn’t too impressed with the “evidence”.

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  38. Way beyond me Sam.I tried using a Babel fish but it merely did a somersault,turned inside out,sang the Lords prayer backwards and farted.Still it was worth a try.

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  39. If you are going to throw that sort of party you need bouncers to enforce a strict no aliens policy.

    Why would “Greys” want to get involved in a human orgy? It is enough trouble getting the right plug adaptors when you are travelling on Earth. Imagine what you would need to mate an alien with a human – I bet they don’t sell that at Boots!

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  40. You know why she’s so cross, though? It’s because the judge had the temerity to ask the jury to acquit BEFORE NEELU AND SABINE HAD A CHANCE TO SAY ANYTHING. They really were viewing this trial as their big chance to tell the world (and the jury) about the ‘Satanic abusers’ in Hampstead, and then Judge Worsley went and rained on their parade. Naughty, naughty judge! Clearly it’s all part of the plot to shut them up.

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  41. There is much scope for a classic TV comedy series based on the sad yet hilarious lives of the self appointed bedroom truther community and their facile,half backed schemes to overthrow the lizard people whilst making absolute tits out of themselves.
    This could be very low budget as it would only require a discreet button hole video camera and someone to infiltrate the hoaxer cabal who is both capable of keeping a straight face and prepared to get lung cancer.

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  42. Rupert also spent enough time with Angie to understand how vindictive and callous these people are when they are contradicted. Even if Charlie is able to show him what a crock of shite this all is, I’m not sure Rupert would have the intestinal fortitude to tell the troofers they’re full of it.


  43. He doesn’t have the intelligence or strength of character to produce anything of value on this subject. He’s a chipped leaky pisspot collecting other’s brain diarrhoea.

    He’s not got an open mind, the idea is a joke. He’s a nasty bloke too.

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  44. I used to regularly show Danielle La Verite videos in the pub but the landlord stopped me because people were throwing things at the screen. :)))))

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  45. That together with slapping tags on their gobs was a finely measured act of effectively frustrating and hanging them by their own putrid,odd,obsessive and delusional petards.
    Long live any plots to get them to shut the fuck up I say 🙂

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  46. Why do all of these super soldiers look like they couldn’t ‘soldier’ their way out of a paper bag?

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  47. So typical: someone says something that contradicts their views, and they come back screaming, “Witch! Witch!! Burn the witch!”

    Er, I mean, “Shill! Troll!! MI5/6!! Paedophile enabler! Kill the paedo enabler!!”

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  48. Angie’s accusing Ricky Gervais and George Michael of having links with “the cult” now. Another day, another couple of celebrities to libel. Slimy bastard coward, not brave enough to pick on someone her own age.

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  49. They really are clueless!

    Two clues:

    1: Baby eating Satanist covens don’t exist.

    2: Ordinary people get very pissed off when you accuse them of being baby eating Satanists.

    Bonus clues:

    a: People don’t like being defrauded by dubious charities.

    b: People who follow alternative religions also get very angry when you libel them.

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  50. “Probably run [by] MI5 or GQ”—not sure what Gentleman’s Quarterly would be doing running this blog, but if they are, more power to them. And could I get some advice please on which ties are en mode this season? With my non-opposable-thumbed paws I do have a bit of trouble with the full Windsor knot, but I might get Mrs Coyote to give me a paw…er, a hand.

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  51. I’d like to hear what David Brent has to say about this and as for George Michael that’s just a Careless Whisper

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  52. Before the internet Neelu would have just run up and down the High Street with her pants on her head singing “La la la”. Modern technology has allowed her to annoy people on an international scale.

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  53. Neelu is a busy body as far as I am concerned, unless anyone can prove different.

    1. She embroiled herself in her sister’s baby’s death.

    Neelu told me that the foetus/baby had a health condition which was picked up during the sister’s pregnancy. Her sister did not want an abortion and consequently at birth the baby was born “unwell”.

    2. Neelu has embroiled herself in believing that she knows what is in the best interest of the 2 Hampstead Children, i.e. going back to ahem “their loving mother…”

    Back off Neelu.

    It is none of your business.

    The Mother doesn’t seem to be bothered.

    Get your own house in order and stop interfering and causing misery for other people.

    If you didn’t keep meddling in other people’s affairs you wouldn’t be in the position you are.

    Go and look after yourself.

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  54. are we gonna get some new hoaxtenders? lots of new loons to laugh at, it could be a classic one day, problem is they come over as harmless eccentrics in animation which is far from the truth but it makes me laugh

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  55. What is she up to lately?

    I think she moved out of the property she was renting to somewhere else.

    I have no idea where.


  56. People would certainly think we were making it up. When i show my friend videos of the characters involved in this hoax he can’t believe that they are for real.

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  57. these idiots dont seem to realise that a lot of us have never been to hampstead and dont know anyone from hampstead, i personally see them as people i can troll while having the higher moral ground, they deserve all the trolling they get, maybe they would like to spend some time in rickys shoes getting death threats, bunch of pathetic whingers

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  58. What a pathetic description to call themselves.

    They are not super and they are not soldiers, so how they become super soldiers is a mystery to me.

    Has Angela claimed she is a super soldier, yet?

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  59. Nothing these pointless idiots spout is EVER supported by evidence just the same tired cliched circular agruments based on their own hatred and ill founded suspicions of why their own lives are depressingly vacant.
    They must get bored chasing their own tedious tails eventually surely.Full marks to them for being persitant little oiks though.

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  60. The latter, I hope, FA.

    As for giving her neighbours grief, I can’t speak for Neelu, but I know for certain that at least one of Sabine’s neighbours has been refusing to speak to her since this nonsense started in early 2015.


  61. if ricky was the leader of this celebrity satanic coven then how come he aint a world famous oscar winning actor? im sure ricky gervais could have at least given him a part,

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  62. Yes, we’re sure all police officers have the time and resources to look up previous court cases at will. (Neelu: if you’re reading this, that was an example of ‘sarcasm’. We understand that on the Planet Zog this probably makes no sense. Go back to sleep.)


  63. I would like to see prison sentences for these people, they could drive someone to suicide or incite others to violence, the law seems to be powerless,which seeing as ricky dearman is the secret ruler of britain (miner made good, eat your heart out scargill) makes you wonder

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  64. Oh, I know. I’ve tried to explain it to my friends a few times, and they think I’m making it up. The Hoaxted mob really do live in a very strange echo chamber of their own making.


  65. I really do think that her sister’s child’s death did something odd to Neelu’s mind. The stories she tells about that event have grown more and more bizarre even during the past year and a half, as she incorporates more ‘Hoaxtead-style’ details into them each time. It’s very sad really, as I understand she’s an educated lady who had a good career at the time of the baby’s death. All gone now, of course, but the ‘cult’ didn’t take it from her. Her own malfunctioning mind has turned her into a sad parody of her old self.


  66. LOL…I’ve been considering that, but to be honest right at the moment I’m swamped—those cartoons took a while to put together. I certainly won’t rule out a triumphant Hoaxtenders revival, though. 🙂


  67. Pharmacists with mental health problems are not a good idea. You wouldn’t want Neelu to be making up your prescription or have access to deadly poisons.

    It is all very sad, but she seems determined to make herself a complete laughing stock. Mental Health Services will have to intervene or she will end up in prison.

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  68. Don’t worry, she got struck off because of her campaign against the medical professionals involved in her neice’s care. We are safe on that front!

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  69. Collen asks Angie if she knows about Platos allegory of the cave.Angie responds that she “studied Plato and Socrates at university” yet she clearly hasnt a clue so asks Coleen to “refresh her memory” and proceeds to nod at Coleens explaination.
    She`s got a doctorate in Bullshitolgy from the university of Lalaland I credit her that much.

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  70. The problem is, I understand that Mental Health Services won’t do anything unless she’s an active danger to herself or others. Standard nuttiness just doesn’t cut it any more, no matter how many people’s lives she buggers up.


  71. I think she breached it more than once in this video. If it hasn’t already been forwarded to the relevant people, just let me know, EC! You know I’d be happy to… 🙂

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  72. Hahaha! By the way, Sonja Vangelder and the rest of the Genius Brigade might be interested to know the following:

    Some IP addresses don’t point to a specific city—for instance, a general ‘USA’ IP will point to a place in the geographic centre of that country. In fact, it points to a particular farm in Kansas, and for some time the people who lived there were being pestered by people thinking they’d sent out abusive stuff, because the IP was pointing to their property. The local police actually made a sign for them to put on their gate telling process servers to come and see the police chief rather than bothering the farm owners!

    Anyway, in the case of a general UK IP address, it will point to London. And if you expand the map of London for that kind of IP address, it’ll take you directly to…yep. Westminster. In fact, it will take you to a place called Wesley’s Café (if I remember the name correctly), which is smack-dab in the middle of Westminster.

    And that, my friends, is why Sabine et al are convinced that ‘this thing goes all the way to the top’: they have cleverly traced the general UK IP address on some material they’ve received, and it has led them straight to Wesley’s Café. Clearly, RD controls his diabolical empire from that location, LOL!

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  73. Such crap Angela talks.

    Angie saying she is an Empath!

    Psychopath is the word luv, you are definitely NO EMPATH, never!

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  74. Or as someone said earlier, a nervous breakdown, chronic depression etc.

    They really need to be held to account.

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  75. Too funny! Does she explain what it was like to be born into the world, opening her eyes, yet nothing makes sense, her vision hasn’t corrected yet, she’s seeing upside down.

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  76. Please take a look at Andy Peacher’s (Freedom Talk Radio) fb page.

    He’s fell out with Neelu, “she’s nuts” he says, Kevin Weaver, Tracey Morris, Lee Cant etc.

    They stood him up on his radio show last night. Oh dear!

    Neelu is evidently an Operative.

    Hoaxtead Research is mentioned.

    David Shurter comments backing Neelu.


    They can’t help themselves, in-fighting all the time!

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  77. From what I can tell Coleens sculpture is very good.My hope for her is she attend to that gift and her child and steer clear of vampire leeches who offer nothing of substance and worse.

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  78. Lol, so “Neelu is an operative who has been planted to appear to nuts”, well i think in that case she deserves an Oscar for her performance as she certainly had me fooled

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  79. Charlie Veitch’s ‘turnaround’ is actually less credible when viewed from a slightly different, and logical, perspective……

    In the late 2000s there was scope for various randoms to come through as presenters – the inexplicable Stacey Dooley for instance. Veitch was trying to be a contender on that scene. The 9/11 programme and his turnaround is, in the opinion of many industry insiders, his attempt to stage a coup and be received into the fold of young/trendy presenters the BBC was cultivating. The problem with Charlie is that many people find him too much of a Prima Donna, too ready to play whatever tune is convenient to Charlie. – Possibly why he would cry any old wolf in the first place. He’s a clever lad, but not a researcher, and not really directable either!


  80. Neelu has been very quiet today, in fact its over 9 hours since she posted. Lets play a new game – guess where Neelu is and what she’s doing?

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  81. Oh Christ, now they’re claiming that Colleen’s boyfriend has a teleportation device that was invented 50 years ago.

    This dude can teleport and he STILL didn’t turn up for their last date? I think he may be trying to tell you something, Colleen.

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  82. Whilst heart feels she`s been busted for leapfrogging the RO several times, head says she has spent most of the time looking in here with her eyes bulging out of her face and muttering to herself inanely.


  83. She was at the Police Station trying to get back her lost property.

    Giving the Police a right mouthful.

    Got on the nerves of the person at the desk so much, she was arrested and was in one of the cells waiting for Kevin Justice aka Weaver to show up, but she’s was out of luck as he’s with Tracey Morris in Ireland or maybe Scotland.

    Anyway the Police called in the Duty Dr. and he’s called on a colleague and Neelu’s been sent to Broadmoor to investigate some of the inmates. Least that’s what they told her…

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  84. I did feel a few aches and pains today – I wondered if she had found the effigy making wax and her bag of pins’ all to keep her busy whilst waiting to put the kettle on for her imminant vist by a couple dressed in uniform, offering to take her to the home of Roger… (that’s the butterfly)

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  85. He works for Homeland Security. I don’t think he would’ve warmed to a woman who likes listening to whisteblowers and sends long emails full of conspiracy shit and reads them out on YT to APD.
    Wise guy.

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  86. I was abducted from my bed by a some extremely large breasted greys who insisted on having an orgy on board the mothership,I tried to explain it to them and they didnt believe me.Next thing I knew I was back in my bed.When I told the wife she didnt believe me either and called a me dirty bastard.

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  87. i hadn’t known, that he,d recieved disgusting falseaccusations, he may yet dissuade Rupert from causing harrassment, harm. Charlie has a good heart, knows the players tricks/games/lowstunts, IMHO


  88. “Disloyal boyfriends” aka blokes saving their souls from a fate worse than death.
    I wonder if Angie has ever mulled over the possibilty that the common denominator in thispattern could have something to do with her and absolutely bugger all to do with mind control and shit?
    I know,I do ask some stupid questions.

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  89. As per above – IMHO he’s just a chancer who at one time made a bid for ‘fame’ which didn’t work out. He’s more skilled and intelligent than most others, but ultimately he’s just another side show.


  90. How very dare you.
    Angie is a paragon of virtue, humility, and intellectual rigour. She’s just underappreciated, that’s all.

    There, that’s enough fibbing for one day. I must go lie down now.


  91. AKASHIC RECORDS CLERKS.Save time and bother sifting through Neelu Berry`s “thoughts, events and emotions” by transfering the whole lot into a large skip marked “Pointless”.

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  92. Did I really hear her say “We choose when we die.” ??
    Try telling that to a young person with terminal cancer who fights the disease to the end, not once choosing to leave their life too soon.

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