Rupert can run, but he can’t hide

One of the best things about being part of this blog’s community is watching how people put their heads together to solve seemingly impossible problems. Contrary to what the Hoaxtead mob think, this blog isn’t just the product of a single pen; rather, we are a community of people, each with our own specialities and interests, who share a common belief: that this hoax has damaged far too many lives already, and that it must be stopped.

Case in point: the other day it became clear that Rupert Quaintance had indeed landed in the UK. He announced this by making a video in someone’s back garden, and within minutes, our commenters were all over the video, looking for clues as to where it had been made.

The logo on a bin glimpsed in the video gave away the general area: Rupert was somewhere in Bexley. And a church spire in the background provided another clue:

Erith church spire

…and the chase was on! At first the church spire looked as though it might belong to Bexley Reformed United Church; but that hypothesis was quickly discarded (because it didn’t match the evidence available—take note, Hoaxtead mob members who read this blog):

Joe Kerr 2016-08-13

Armed with new information, the team set off like a pack of bloodhounds. Using Google Earth and known landmarks, they started off a bit shakily…

Fairly Sane + Spiny Norman 2016-08-13…but quickly started to find their feet:

Fairly Sane 2 2016-08-13Joe pointed out that the orientation of the house in question could be worked out with a bit of technical know-how:


Joe Kerr 2 2016-08-13Fairly Sane showed that a bit of knowledge of architectural history never hurt anyone:

Fairly Sane 3 2016-08-13

Joe pointed out an important element of the spire, not immediately visible from the video but easily seen once it was enlarged:

Joe Kerr church 2016-08-13

And persistence is an important factor in tracking down the right answer:

Fairly Sane 5 2016-08-13

FS consulted with some of his architectural historian friends, and together they arrived at an answer:

Fairly Sane 6 2016-08-13Once EC had the address in hand, the police and UKBA were duly informed. Shortly after we received FS’s email, another comment appeared:

Wayne Colloon 2016-08-13Bingo! It was all over but the shouting:

Joe Kerr 3 2016-08-13JW 2016-08-13Joe Kerr 4 2016-08-13

Once the address had been tracked down, it seemed that the person living in the house was less than enthusiastic about having his house identified publicly. He began asking Rupert to take his address off his Facebook page:

Adam Cheriton 2016-08-13

We sympathise, we really do…after all, none of the innocent Hampstead families asked to have their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, children’s names and alleged ‘sexual preferences’, plus their work details and personal information, spread all over the internet either.

We’re sure Rupert must have reminded him of this when he began complaining.Joe Kerr + Y'Tracey 2016-08-13Point well taken, Tracey. There’s absolutely no reason to drag anyone’s elderly relatives into this thing. Just because Adam had the poor judgement to invite Rupert to stay with him doesn’t mean his grandparents ought to be made to suffer.

In any case, it seems that Rupert didn’t stay long at Mr Cheriton’s home.

His latest selfie shows him getting chummy with (and being dwarfed by) Charlie Veitch, who most decidedly does not live in or near London:

Rupert + Charlie Veitch 2016-08-13

(By the way, we think we’ve discovered yet another characteristic that Rupert shares with Abe Christie….)


127 thoughts on “Rupert can run, but he can’t hide

  1. No secret that Veitch lives near Swinton, Salford. (Greater Manchester). Apart from the weed, the slackerish lifestyle, the US link, a tendency to believe conspiracy theories, being simultaneously contemptuous of, and dependent upon, the women in their lives, and loving the sound of their own voice, I can’t imagine what they have in common.

    Seriously though i would have thought Rupert would drive Veitch crazy as he’s probably too credulous even for his tastes.

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      • Fantastic work done by you all in finding out where Rupert was. That’s how research is done Rupert and yet again shows what an amazing team of people there are here at Hoaxtead Research. Well done indeed folks

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        • Thanks, AF! I feel I should point out that none of us has ever met; and we don’t do this for pay, despite what the Hoaxtead crew say. We just happen to believe strongly that what the Hoaxtead pushers are doing is wrong, and we’re willing to do our part to help stop them.


      • Not to mention being about ten times cleverer. From what I’ve been told Charlie has moved on from most conspiracy theories and he might not be a bad influence on Rupert. We’ll see.

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    • Veitch is 5’7″.
      Rupert QuaintArse auditioned to play one of the Hobbits in the documentary series Lord of the Rings which tells how 4 young shorties track down the Witch-King of Angmar in the Middle Kingdom where Saruman and Morgoth Rothschild live but they only offered him the part of Gollum hoping to save a fortune on make-up.

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      • Pmsl, oh dear Rupert. You make out you are so big and strong and yet look at the photo. You look like some weedy little kid who would fall over in a gust of wind. Plonker!!

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        • Yeah, I’d like to know what he weighs.

          I reckon 8 stone tops.

          That’s 112 pounds to you Rupert.

          Angela must weigh more than you.

          Does that mean she’s on top?

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    • It hasn’t stopped him putting up a photo of a woman holding some sort of gun and aiming it…

      Implying to me, he’s going to shoot someone!

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    • Looks like he’s making it more private. I’m sure it’s unpleasant having people watch everything you do, so they can mine your social media sites for proof that you’re a baby-eating child-murdering paedophile.

      Oh wait, that’s the innocent parents of Hampstead I’m thinking of.

      Rupert’s just a coward who can’t take the heat of the fire he lit.


  2. Didn’t realise Rupert was in the short arse club with Abraham Christie either.

    I’m permitted to say that, seeing as I’m in the female short arse club, but I love it!

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    • It is, but it has a DA postcode, and it’s got dragons, and marshes, and smells. Must be Kent whether it is in a London Borough or not.

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  3. I am reluctant to post the image below – but bearing in mind that the picture is published for the world to see on Facebook, and an overwhelming desire to see that children are safe, loved and protected. Put this to Charles Veitch


    I hope the children’s mother and parents see this post and ask questions of you, in order to protect your own children.

    Charlie Veitch daughter

    Is Rupert stopping long with you Charles?

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    • I don’t think there is any harm in warning Charlie V.

      After all Rupert is on video talking about him trying sex with children.

      The ball is in Charlie’s court now, they are his children…

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    • JW, I’ve blanked out the little girl’s face. I think the point you make is a very good one, but we have a policy of not publishing recognisable photos of minor children.


  4. Thanks, Totally agree EC – I am simply shocked, that Veitch will entertain rupert in view of what rupert has claimed. Even more so when looking at Veitches Linkedin profile and discovering that he is linked to a web site called “Watch over the children”

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    • I agree, it’s shocking. People with young children should be aware of what Rupert has said, and some of the people he’s implicitly supporting with this little junket of his.


      • Given Ruperts highly suspect comments it would be remiss of any parent to write off such remarks as jest and effectively gamble with childrens well being.
        I am sure Rupert can play the clown and present as harmless when it suits him but there is a more than significant amount of “red flags” with this character and he should NOT have access to children full stop.

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        • Rupert’s Mom thinks he is being sarcastic.

          Nooo he’s not Karen.

          He might be your son, but you’re seeing him through rose tinted glasses.

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          • The fact that this woman imagines the anal rape of an innocent child is a subject which provides scope for any form of humour or sarcasm really rather illustrates why her middle-aged son is now such a failure, and indeed a danger to children. Likewise with his threats to desecrate churches and cause violence at schools. She’s defending the indefensible, which is part of the problem.

            Her son is a dangerous drug addict now putting innocent children and families at real risk; clearly she has zero integrity and very low morals if she is prepared to remain inactive let alone endorse that.


  5. If you’re reading this Charlie take Rupert down the Brass Handles to discuss his guns – there’s been the odd shoot out there so he’ll feel at home. Rupert thinks Culpeper is rough hahahaha.

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  6. Amazing story and detective work, hats off to all of you! Gave me a good laugh so early in the morning! Poor little runt rupert. Maybe he has some mitigation for all that hatred he has within him, and the keyboard ego, obviously lacking in real life. BTW, I think that should be his new name. I think Charlie V will be distancing his daughter from runty rupert from now on…

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  7. I just hope that Charlie is considering entering Rupert into a dwarf throwing contest – without the soft landing, onto broken glass would be apt for rupert


  8. Bleedin’ ell you lot are technical. I did an analysis of the above photo of Charlie and Rupert and from the angle of the dangle it’s obvious that Rupert is standing on a box. He’s actually 4 foot 11.

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    • Is that how Angela discovered her sister was murdered? She now has the excuse that her libels aren’t her fault, they are just what the Demons tell her.

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    • Ok Ange, of course you know everything don’t you?

      You make things up as you go along and think just because you say something is true, it is.

      Wrong luv.

      Well my dear, it’s the opposite of what you say for sure.

      Liar, liar, pants on fire.

      I see Neelu has banned your son Josh from her fb page.

      Ah diddums!

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  9. I hope Charlie V will be a good influence on Rupert. He probably knows more about what Belinda and pals are really up to than we do.

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    • Yeah Charlie’s not a fan of Belinda is he?

      Called her a bitch or something on a video.

      That’s going to be awkward if they have a meet up.

      Charlie, Runt Rupert, his Agent Sabine (who gave him $30) and her pal Belinda…

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  10. Couple of points…… Does Charlie have relatives ( Gordon and Donna maybe?) in London he stays with? And is he possibly in London now? – Just a thought. Veitch is tall, certainly well over 5′ 7″ – Probably around 6’2″ – Quaintance will be in the 5′ 7″ range; which is indeed short-arse territory in these parts.


      • No; I mean does Veitch have perhaps older siblings, cousins, Uncle and auntie or the like in London that he stays with whilst working in London; which he seems to do (or did) quite a lot….. Particularly, near where the well-sooked dwarf was staying? DA8 Area There is some thought/indication that might be the case.

        The point being that Stickman need not necessarily have left London to be photographed with Veitch.


          • Belinda (picks up megaphone): “CHARLIE, WOULD YOU LIKE A CUP OF TEA?”

            Charlie V (picks up his megaphone): “MILK NO SUGAR PLEASE, BELINDA.”


    • Pretty sure Charlie and Rupert were in Charlie’s house. They’re standing in front of a mural that’s shown up before in some of Charlie’s older photos.

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      • Fair point EC……. I can’t say I’ve really got the patience to watch much of Charlie’s stuff nor really pay much attention to his background. He’s just an also-ran in the wannabe-presenter stakes who pissed too many people off to make much progress. – Undirectable and therefore unhirable.

        But I’d also make the point that if he does regularly stay with relatives in London, the mural/tapestry/picture would also appear in those. – Basically I’d just like to know that proper tabs are being kept on the little squirt. And hope that he will soon be picked up and deported.


  11. LOL, what’s the name of the judge that Ian praises at 17:00? Does he say who I think he says?


  12. Neelu’s thoughts for the day. Testifah, sister, testifaaah! LOL

    “Thoughts of the day, Sunday 14 August 2016: I would like to ask everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE, who feels they have reasons to be angry or upset, or scared, to come out of those costumes, like a butterfly out of a cocoon. Those layers are a severe disability. It is as good as a death. The only activity possible is inactivity. I am asking my friends to become non-judgemental – judgement is for the 3D, like fear, anger and emotion, these are qualities best left on the back seat of a car until required – NOT for the driving seat. The reason for moving out of 3D is that our senses do not serve us anymore. Mainstream media has glorified corporate evil in service to Satan and condemned God and his children (humanity) as slaves to the corporate structure. It is the invisible evil policy of that structure which promotes the most evil to the top and ejects the best. As we know, the people who are recruited into the secret societies are tricked into it – it is a one way recruitment. The only exit is in a coffin. Very few whistleblowers have lived to tell the tale. The other group that are recruited in the secret societies are the hostages. Those who have been recruited as a sacrifice by their parents, or stolen from parents and groomed to be obedient slaves to do as they are “told”. The question arises – who is orchestrating this structure, who has the ill-intent? Certainly not the good-intending recruits who are ambitious and vulnerable front liners to be sacrificed with a shot in the back as a shield for the invisible puppeteers. If we are serious about getting our remedies, it is unwise to pass judgement on those who may one day assist us to identify the puppeteers, once we can assist them to heal and trust us. They are not the enemy. They do not have any allegiance to their evil masters. They do not have, never had, any ill-intent. They are hostages who have been black-mailed. So passing judgement by assuming intent, is a bad strategy in getting remedies. When people realise the corporate structure is an impostor public servant, a treasonous slave master without any authority to serve and protect God’s children under oath to God, that structure ceases to have any effect. Look at the paperwork you have. Do yo have a signature of a person in wet ink? NO! So its a fraud. Tell the Council the documents you have are a FRAUD. Lord Denning Fraud vitiates (cancels) all. So, make that phone call to tell the corporate slaves that you demand your remedies from them or they are impostor public servants and deemed guilty of Treason and removed from public service. That is where our focus must be – on the remedies – not God’s army fighting amongst itself… please…lets show some compassion to ALL, I MEAN ALL, no judgement on ANYONE…if anyone is hostile, it could be a hostage in fear – so lets give them the benefit of the doubt. These are babies tortured throughout their lives and held hostage – like the two whistleblower kids would have been if they had not spoken out….much love…”

    Nice paragraphing, by the way.

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    • “These are babies tortured throughout their lives and held hostage – like the two whistleblower kids would have been if they had not spoken out….much love…”

      So….. Errrr….. Neelu’s now admitting that Christie and Draper were holding the children hostage and torturing them! Glad to see she’s beginning to see the truth of the matter!

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      • yes she’s saying now they have been rescued from Abe’s clutches they are no longer being abused. Amazing logic from Neelu although it falls down when she says babies are tortured throughout their whole lives.
        I always thought babies grow up quickly, become kids, then teens then adults but on the Planet Gatharth where Neelu hails from perhaps their babies stay babies for 100s of years. Wish I’d asked Tory while he was still around.

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    • She’s a silly mare.

      Aren’t thoughts for the day usually a few lines at the most?

      Who is going to read all that?

      Her audience aren’t literate enough and I’m not being nasty.


    • Oh love this haven’t heard it for ages. And it was quite worrying how many people thought it was a genuine attack on short people, I remember being told to take it off the ‘record player’ by a very indignant man of restricted stature. How does one deal with that kind of self-confirmation bias? Tricky, especially after a few Bacardi’s and coke.

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      • Her incompetence knows no boundaries Lisa, that’s why she is where she is today in broadcasting; talking shite on Mel Ve’s pitiful CCN ‘channel’.

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    • Ange reminds me of a couple of old brasses I knew who ran a brothel in Sth Ken. I’m not saying she was one of them but she really is like an ex-pro with that throaty voice and her whole look. Nothing personal Ange.

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      • True, she really is the most haggered old crone for her age – which isn’t particularly advanced. That’s what years of fags booze and dope does for you.

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        • Yep, I doubt she’ll live to a ripe old age.

          But hey, it’s all her own doing, so she’ll have to live with it when she can hardly breathe etc.

          Plus for her though, she’ll be able to claim more benefits, maybe that’s the intention.

          Ange is a state in the flesh, not that I’ve seen her naked, thank goodness, far too much foundation imo.

          Fancies herself, as though she is “someone”.

          A fraud and a nasty piece of work.

          The nasty piece of work is what I detest about her the most.

          The treatment of Steffi springs to mind.

          Angela tries too hard at being “young” and can’t pull it off.

          What sort of Mother, aged 59 wants to go and buy weed with her 22 year old son?

          No luv, you’ve had your chance, you’re just not a young woman any more.

          You and Rupert both need to grow the f… up…

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    • Under her video: “I am a multi-lingual, world-traveled journalist and writer,”

      Oh, pleeease, Angie..


  13. Is it just me or has Kristie Sue Costa completely lost the power of rational thought while she’s been languishing in exile? (Oh wait – she never had it to begin with, so that’s ok.)

    Whether Yannis is right about the t-shirts or not, in no way could his comment be labelled as “disgusting” or indicate that he’s a “double agent”.

    As for her jaw-droppingly naïve claim that no one’s making any money out of the Hampstead hoax – Kristie meet Rupert, Rupert meet Kristie.

    Sooo – sorry, Kristie Sue but despite your desperation and pathetic drama-queenery, I for one ain’t buying your feeble attempt to divide and conquer. You’ll have to go back to what you do best – scouring the internet for comments in which people admit to having children so you can cleverly deduce that they must be Ricky Dearman because hey, he has kids too.

    Oh and I hope your cough gets better soon. Have you tried sucking on a fisherman’s friend?

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    • Dear Kristie Sue Costa,

      If you were never abused-exploited by pornographers as a minor, then you need to STFU about CSA images and “snuff” videos. And stop using those who were, as characters in your conspiracy fantasies, like we weren’t real persons. You don’t know what you are talking about.

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  14. Let’s not forget that Veitch hitched himself to this particular clapped-out wagon at one point. Presumably the rift with Belinda was after he saw the light. I do hope he’s not looking for a new lost cause and hope he’s learnt his lesson from this one.

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    • I am shocked at how much money he has managed to beg from people. But where are the donations from all the friends and ‘heavies’ he says he has?

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    • LOL, she’s calling us “hoaxers” and “terrorists”? No irony there, then 😀


      • Indeedy Liza,Madame LOUNEE the Shouty Spouty,topsy turvy caplocks clown states unequivocally:


        One very easy peasy lemon squeezy solution is to stop doing it then and we can all live happily ever after.
        “Fat” and “Chance” spring to mind as do “Arse” and “Hole”.

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    • Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that “reproducing your material in an unauthorised manner” implies passing it off as your own, i.e plagiarism. Trust us, Neelu – no one here has ever tried to take “credit” for your illegal, terminally deranged bullshit. We’re always happy to cite our sources.


    • life must be quite horrible for neelu, lyndon etc, they believe they are on the verge of ascension but it is always just slightly out of reach, they constantly give dates, 2000 , 2012 2015 and the latest, september 2016, as these come to pass and nothing happens and the only person on the planet to become fully DNA active (tory smith lol) dies. What an empty existence which is why theyre always looking for the next guru. sad really but it dosent give them the excuse to ruin peoples lives, but they reap what they sow which is why their lives are so empty, they try to fulfill it with ridiculous conspiracies.

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      • If that lot do ever eventually get beamed up to some heavenly paradise they will fuck it up in no time.
        Given some choice in the matter I would chance my arm with whatever options are available in precisely the opposite direction.
        Demand for sanctuary in post apocalypse resorts like Purgatory would go through the roof…book now folks and miss the rush.

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    • Under any circumstances – and under both US and UK (and other) legislation, there is provision for using material for the purposes of criticism and/or review. It’s called fair use/fair dealing.

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  15. Neelu has now edited her facebook post – SHE IS VERY CROSS AT THIS BLOG…..

    What a shame – its ok for her to stalk and intimidate, but when people expose her nefarious activities she does not like it.

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  16. The legal Terms of Use of facebook say: “When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).” and “By “use” we mean use, run, copy, publicly perform or display, distribute, modify, translate, and create derivative works of.”

    So, public content on facebook is free, but content just shared with friends or groups is not free. (But, if someone releases content under a free license they didn’t own the copyright to in the first place, the license is not valid. Like with any other content published under a free license, this is the case with content published on facebook with a Public privacy setting.)

    Any publishing by a facebook user using the Public setting is a release under a free content license. It could be an illegal/unenforceable release, and for a ton of stuff posted on facebook, it is.

    But even content appropriately published using the Public setting doesn’t thereby become public domain. Although it does give everyone nearly all the rights they’d have to use it that they’d have it if was public domain, technically and legally it’s not the same thing.


    • Just reading the comments below these videos, Fnord. The conspiraloons just can’t accept a man can change his mind…no, in their eyes he must be CIA/in the pocket of the BBC, etc. *sigh*


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