Happy 500,000 views, everybody!

We’ve been keeping an eye on the counter in the right-hand column of this page, as it worked its way steadily towards the half-million mark…and then we blinked for half a minute and missed the magic moment!

But never mind.

We’re proud to announce that you, our readers, have made this blog the clear winner: more people turn to us for information, opinion, and our lively discussion forums than to any other Hoaxtead blog out there! You all make us what we are…so this one’s for you!


61 thoughts on “Happy 500,000 views, everybody!

  1. Top work HR crew.Must be a tad galling for Mel given her mission for CCN to preach bollox to a third of the worlds population.
    No doubt on reaching 666,666 views Jakes numerological prowess will expose the”unassailable proof” that this blog is obviously a hideous demonic text run by horned beings in the vatican.

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    • Even better to know that those 500K views are most likely all genuine persons worried about the continuing promotion of a proven hoax that accuses innocents of despicable crimes.

      Because as we know the Angela Powerless-Disneylands & Mel Vds of the world claim to never venture near this website.

      While of course Hoaxsteaders are not so shy and readily admit to watching the bizarre rantings produced by one the world’s leading broadcasters CNN and their riveting Angela’s Cash & Carry show which gets a staggering 10 viewers at peak hours of which 7 are from here and the other 3 are inmates at Broadmoor.

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      • I believe CCN may be losing one of their Broadmoor triumberate.One of them is apparently soon to be transfered to a Category A nick where they dont get their own tellies.
        Never mind eh!


      • LOL, too true. I know that quite a number of Hoaxtead pushers come here for their daily news—because they won’t get the truth anywhere else. Ah, irony.


      • What’s with the black gloves? Is Angie Power-Tool possibly reverting back to a previous life as a Dominatrix?

        Love her almost ethereal incantation of her life as a carefree non-mortgage holder so above such awful Earthy pursuits but who still held down a $90K a year job and lived in a big house with servants.
        While others living in council properties just get on with it, knuckle down and buy their discounted home Ange turns her purchase into an almost religious experience that took her to a higher plane.

        By the way she keeps puffing on those fags she really must believe that the convicted child abuser & career criminal Abraham Christie will be able to instantly cure throat cancer if she ever succumbs.

        Who is she actually telling all this stuff to? I mean we all go there for a good larf although that’s wearing thin and all this stuff is surely above Jake’s limited mental functions (most things are) but does she really believe people watch this mind bending boring rambling?

        And how do you pause and rewind a “live broadcast”?

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    • Mel Ve’s whining about being falsely accused of things whilst accusing Hampstead residents of being baby-raping paedophiles. So no hypocrisy there, then.

      And her statement that she knows for a fact that there is a an intricate system of secret tunnels under Hampstead (yeah, that old chestnut – yawn) will make you loathe her even more.

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      • Well lets hope Mel gets down and dirty and explores them intricate underground tunnels.She will find herself on familiar territory knee deep in shit.Turds of a feather etc

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      • Perhaps the atrocious Fiona Barnett picked up the infamous undergound railways thingy from Mel VD – it seems to be a favourite of this mob.

        Barnett claims there are underground railways all over Sydney that stretch right out to some country army barracks and the Lucas Height’s Nuclear Reactor which could explain why Sydney’s public transport is so hopeless- all the money went on a railway system that passes unnoticed under 10,000s of home just so she alone could be spirited out there to be abused.

        One might think a simple car journey could achieve the same result for a few less $100Ms on an underground rail circuit but I guess the Rothschilds have money to burn.

        Perhaps Rupert “Spielberg” Quaintance could film these underground railways that go to Hampstead. He won’t be fooled by those signs saying Northern Line or all those Crisis Actors employed by The Cult to travel back & forth. Didn’t fool Mel.

        Do we know if Rupe brought his famous tripod with him? Any news on those 2 hunger strikers he left behind in Rome?

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    • She keeps demanding “proof of claim” for anything she’s accused of. Yeah, luv – when you show us your proof of YOUR claim about a satanic baby-eating paedo cult operating in Hampstead. We won’t hold our breaths.

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      • On top of which everything any of us have accused Mel of has been backed up with proof, usually her own words in recordings and (screenshots of) comment threads that she later denies.

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  2. 44:05 in Mel’s show: “There’s been accusations thrown at us by this Hampstead hoax group that we are responsible for Dean Clifford going to jail.”

    Huh? Pardon my ignorance but who the bloody hell is Dean Clifford when he’s at home (or in his cell)? Did I miss something?

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  3. Just heard about your 500,000 hits, guys. Well done, everyone! There’s a message below from that nice Mr. Richard, who I gather is a particular favourite of Angie’s…

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  4. Just goes to show how many people care about this blog, these children, Hampstead and the UK, About truth, evidence and justice. Well done to all involved.

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  5. Two conspiracy theorists die and go to heaven.

    As they are standing at the pearly gates God informs them both that Oswald did in fact shoot Kennedy; man has landed on the moon and the World Trade Center towers were taken down by 19 Muslim terrorists.

    One conspiracy advocate whispers to the other, “I told you it goes all the way to the top.”

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  6. About the Poopert situation…I couldn’t find him on gofundme, but I did find him on gof**kme dot com the gigolo prostitution scam for desperate old ladies. But will our favorite dominatrix get a turn with him?

    We used to play John Steed when we were little boys, or Steve McGarrett when we were a bit older – making up crimes around the neighborhood and then ‘solving’ them. It’s astonishing that anyone would be dippy enough to fund some middle-aged bald guy to play out his Secret Agent Man fantasies though. Anyway, since he’s a yank this soundtrack is for him:

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  7. Rupert has put up a photo of him with Charles Torres Veitch.

    Seems Charlie has a couple of small children…

    Oh dear!

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  8. Sorry I’m late to the party…I lost a loved one last week.

    Anyway – congratulations to El Coyote and Ms Scoop! This is a tremendous milestone. The work that goes into this site is phenomenal, and much appreciated by us commentators, and plenty who lurk, I’m sure.

    From an horrific real life tragedy of the physical abuse of two children, to the wider hurt that was caused to a community, this site has become a beacon for those getting sucked in to the ‘truth’ movement.

    I thank you, Ms S and El C for starting and continuing this site. You offer an alternative to the alternative, that brings us full circle to the truth.

    And the people who comment here aren’t too bad either!

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