Al Murray tells Debs what he really thinks

Poor Deborah Mahmoudieh. Over the past week she’s been feeling deeply unappreciated, as our critiques of her videos made the rounds on Facebook and Twitter. So yesterday, she tried to reach out via Twitter to stand-up comedian Al Murray, hoping he’d have a look at this video and perhaps give it a thumbs-up or a share:

We’ll be honest: when we first saw it, we thought the video was a piss-take. From the wide-eyed clean-cut singer, to the drippy, deranged, and dreadful lyrics…even down to the oh-my-God-did-they-really-just-use-that ‘Papyrus’ font for the subtitles: it looks like Weird Al Yankovic went on some kind of manic bender and decided to send up the troofers.

Sadly, we were wrong.

This thing is even more earnestly nutty than Debs herself. So we were interested to note that she’d shared it with Mr Murray. What would he have to say?

Oh. Well, that’s a bit of a blow to our Debs, then.

Some of Mr Murray’s friends chimed in as well:

Ah well. Better luck next time, Debs!

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61 thoughts on “Al Murray tells Debs what he really thinks

  1. That’s right….”truth” is a choice, there is no objective reality, and being intentionally ignorant & stupid constitutes rebellion against The Masters…what twats!

    Here’s “The Truth” – these idiots have killed Western grassroots socialism. Any discussion of social-political issues gets invaded and relentlessly spammed with unrelated Truther crapola. They’ve killed the Labor party in the UK, for example. They even harass their own MPs with death threats!

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  2. Jeeeeeez!

    *Rolls eyes*

    I wonder if he does requests. How about updating some old classics?

    “They all laughed at Martin Noakes on YouTube
    When he said the World was flat
    They all laughed
    When Martin Noakes sang like a twat”

    “Giant steps are what Neil takes
    Walking on the moon
    At least they would be if
    The lying bastard had actually landed there instead of the whole thing being faked by Stanley bloody Kubrick”

    “Been around the World
    And I…I…I…I can’t find my baby
    Oh shit, I’ve fallen off”

    By the way, one question I’ve always wanted answered by the ‘9/11 was an inside job’ brigade is what would the motive have been? Bush was never the kind of guy to need an excuse to invade anywhere!

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  3. Indeed EC.Where are you when we need you most Rick Astley, all is forgiven.Meanwhile……..

    “It is a dimension big like space and almost as futile as CCN. It is the middle ground between dark and really dark, between pseudo science and just plain mental, and it lies between the depths of mans delusion and the summit of his idiocy. This is the dimension of infinite bullshit.. It is an area which we call…. the Truther Zone.”

    Tonights episode:Total Idiot Transmitter (T.I.T)
    Small town unrestrained loser and failed lab rat Neelu Halfwit invents a device she claims is better than the internet and can instantly reach a third of the planet with paranoid drivel.She sends the proto type to Alex Jones out of Info Wars to demonstrate to the world but things do not go quite according to plan.Starring Alex Jones as Alex Jones.

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  4. It’s not just the Labour party Justin – though some might suggest it drowned in a bucket of Moet a few decades ago – any and all grass roots activism, the independent press and even valid representations made by members of the public can now be readily dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’ by the corrupt.

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  5. Seems he’s one of David Icke’s ‘tech crew’. That article reveals something of his his ‘one hit blunder’ background…… From circa 1988………….

    A few people at this end know/remember him from back in the day. He’s one of the ponies that failed to work out that once you’ve learned one trick you need to learn a few more to keep the audience interested. Also, you get away with thing in your late teen and early twenties that you need to stop doing long before you’re 25!

    Elsewhere he has written “A love song that I would love someone to cover.” – IT includes the words, “Now I die a little more each day, she’s got a hold on me, that’s tighter than a tourniquet” – Poor Martin cannot work out why this is ‘creepy as fuck’ on any level. Or why, particularly when you weren’t a good looking lad in your youth, you have zero chance of becoming a heartthrob in your fifties.

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  6. Gabriella you should contact him and offer to write some songs for him as your lyrics are so much better than his.

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  7. Only if you have a time machine….. It appears this was ‘one of those mixes’ that took off among the drunks of Ibiza in the summer of ’88. The video was put together by/for PWL… But, as you can see they were a little past their sell-by date, and didn’t have another stunt in them. – Which I guess is why poor Martin is still performing the same wheeze nearly 30 years later! – Somebody was wondering if the cute black girl was Bendy Wendy (Charles Seven)? Can’t see it myself but the timing’s about right.

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  8. I think that’s the photo this ‘Jason Streatham’ uses. I don’t think it’s his real name, or his real photo, though apparently he’s been able to convince Facebook.


  9. Jason Thompson and it is him because his crime was not on national news just on the local papers so only himself and few others would have known this photo


  10. Some advanced Karaoke here……

    “Cover version of the Waterboys track by Little Caesar in 1990, BEFORE the original was re-released and became a big hit.”

    ……..Thing is though, “whole of the moon” was released in 1985, it was on the album “this is the sea”.

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  11. you would have to be cracked to use that photo if it’s not you but by the sound of Mr Streatham he crossed the threshold of insanity quite some time ago.

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  12. You can have facebook profile inside the prison. although the rules say that prisoners they shouldn’t there are many cases been published in the National media where prisoners taking selfish inside the prison and post them on Facebook and Instagram.


  13. He wont be going far wrong employing you as arch lyicist-in-chief Gabriella.Having said that a random word generator would be one giant leap forward for Noakeskind.

    Agree with your 9/11 comment regarding Bush.Same pretty much applies to all delusional “out to get us” theories when a weeny smidge of unemotional inconvenient logic is applied.

    Of course power possessors are hardly doing non power possessors too many favours but these idiotic distractions are grist to the mill and fat cats will be chuffed as chuffedy things seeing minions persuing imaginary enemies.The bastards most likely initiate the shit in the first place 😉

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    Kristen Elizabeth Patterson wants us all to cough up for travel expenses for Tracey Morris (who’s currently bound by an injunction) so she can carry on driving around the UK and Ireland annoying people; and for her and Kevin ‘Tits Out’ Weaver to have a free holiday to Canada:

    Now, don’t all rush at once!

    Looks like Helen McMenamin’s got it covered anyway. She’s spewed up £50 (from Jim’s psych medication expenses, no doubt).

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  15. CODE RED ALERT: Jakes announcement has sparked a meltdown across the globe.World governments have put their petty differences aside and all have united to hide the their Tictacs and stuff Anti bun defence protcols have been initiated Now in these moments we can only wait and hope…

    Citizens of the Earth,stay indoors ,close your curtains, keep your backs to the wall at all times until further notice.Dont panic.

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  16. GO FUND ME BEGGERS:Dont bother typing lengthy sob stories because you cant be arsed to do a proper days work by employing the successful Geldolf strategy and simply type “GIVE US YER FUCKING MONEY”.

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  17. If anyone is considering a career change and fancy being a new age guru spouting endless,pointless drivel on CCN your problems are over.
    By a simple click you too can pretend you are really great and have have “secret ancient knowledge” whilst in fact you know bugger all..


    By awakening, we dream.
    Health requires exploration. Serenity is the knowledge of chi, and of us.
    Have you found your story?

    We are being called to explore the nexus itself as an interface between life and fulfillment. It is a sign of things to come. We must learn how to lead higher lives in the face of turbulence.

    Our conversations with other messengers have led to a blossoming of pseudo-holistic consciousness. We are at a crossroads of stardust and suffering. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the dreamscape via chaos-driven reactions.

    We are in the midst of a sensual ennobling of empathy that will align us with the quantum matrix itself. Who are we? Where on the great path will we be awakened? Reality has always been electrified with adventurers whose dreams are nurtured by life.

    Nothing is impossible.

    Only a wanderer of the infinite may engender this unifying of transcendence. You may be ruled by stagnation without realizing it. Do not let it extinguish the truth of your myth. Suffering is the antithesis of love.

    Astrology may be the solution to what’s holding you back from an unimaginable reintegration of rejuvenation. Through astrology, our bodies are transformed into inseparability. As you live, you will enter into infinite inspiration that transcends understanding.

    Courtesy of (other bullshit generators are available)

    MK`s Devils has recemtly posted an example of a former lollipop lady turned cosmic starchild who has made the giant leap.Good luck.

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  18. The best smoke screen for dodgy politicians is a wall of ludicrous conspiracy theories. Look at the way Putin operates in Russia.

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  19. It may be the case that these peculiar truther individuals have a set up in their studio(bedsit) whereby a bullshit word generator is fed into a freeware auto scroll program because that isvery much what it sounds like.
    I suspect however that for many a far more disurbing and sinister possibility may be the case namely that they really actually believe this boolox.

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