Sabine arrested, released

We can now confirm that Hampstead SRA hoax campaigner Sabine McNeill was arrested at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, 4th August, and questioned by Camden police. While no details have yet been officially released regarding charges against her, it appears likely that the arrest was related to violations of the restraining order imposed on Sabine on 18th July, following her trial for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation.

The restraining order was applied post-acquittal. Here’s a brief explanation of how that works:

Section 12 of the DVCVA 2004 introduced section 5A into the PHA 1997, which allows the court to make a restraining order after acquitting a defendant of any offence if the court considers it necessary to do so to protect a person from harassment from the defendant.

Unlike restraining orders on conviction, there is no power to protect a person from fear of violence that falls short of harassment where the defendant has been acquitted.

Harassment is not defined in the PHA 1997, except that it includes causing a person alarm or distress. For further guidance see Stalking and Harassment.

Section 5A was introduced to deal with those cases where there is clear evidence that the victim needs protection, but there is insufficient evidence to convict on the particular charges before the court. It is still open to the victim to seek a non-molestation order or injunction from a civil court. However, this more proactive approach on the part of the courts using section 5A is seen as not only avoiding delay and increased costs to the legal aid budget, but also providing a more seamless process of providing protection to victims.

We can also confirm that as of about 11:00 a.m. on Friday, 5th August, Sabine was sighted on Finchley Road, leading to conjecture that she has been bailed. However, we should caution that no confirmation of this has been received.

We will bring you updates as they come in.

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43 thoughts on “Sabine arrested, released

  1. Hmm looks like Sabine may well have won the prize to be first to break RO.Neelu must be devasted. In suspenders awaiting further breaking news. Thanks EC and team.

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  2. She wants to be careful, leaving her rucksack open like that. Awful lot of criminals in London and they’re known to specifically target members of the pensioners downhill slalom club.

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  3. Sabine is using the wrong type of aids if she’s trying to convince anyone watching that she is really disabled.

    Those are Sports equipment.

    She needs a walking stick.

    I’m surprised she hasn’t got one of those Mobility Scooters, she could always use it to knock over a few people accidentally on purpose.

    Jolly hiking sticks to her.

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      • When I had a knee replacement I tried to use my friends hiking sticks that he had left in the house. Totally useless and plain old walking sticks offer far more support.
        I think that is a pure affectation and could be of no use walking on a pavement.

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        • She’s a fraudster.

          There’s more than enough proof in all the videos of her to be seen online.

          She’s another scammer fiddling the system that she is supposedly against unless it suits her, involved in the Hampstead debacle and they want people to take them seriously n believe what they spout?


          Not on my watch.

          Tick toc, tick toc…

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          • It is a tad galling that the likes of Sabine can grasp at the freebies and goodies and use the spare time and cash to incur more costs and critisize it at every turn.
            Yes there are many imperfections and need for improovements without making matters worse.How Sabine sleeps at night I will never know but then vampires are a bit like that apparently. Grr fumeand mutter.

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          • Yes agreed.

            Let me point out something, though it may not be any consultation to some….

            SM looks very tired, ill like looking, older, more pale, lifeless than in the not too distant the passed.

            This is because of her actions.

            Do not under estimate what goes on in the unseen when people do wrong, especially at this extreme sick level!

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  4. Sabine’s mate now trying his best to wangle his way onto the IICSA enquiry into Lambeth.

    Here’s what Brian Pead said:

    He named someone it seems.

    Brian Pead wrote a book that contained confidential information about looked after children that he had no right to publish, and no permission to from them either.

    The ex police officer and conspiritard darling Clive Driscoll is going to be giving evidence too. I trust him not one bit, though there may be some truth in some of what he has said.

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    • The problem with these inquiries is they draw every nutcase with a bone to pick out of the woodwork and away they go.
      The ghastly false accuser Fiona Barnett has been agitating to ‘give evidence’ to the Oz Royal Commission but they gave her the bum’s rush and allowed her to send a written statement which any member of the public can do.

      She has blatantly lied and papered the internet with her false claim that she appeared before the Commission.

      ## one anecdote doing the rounds, is that in the first week of the Oz Commission what was thought to be a credible witness did appear in private before the Commissioners and claimed Pope John Paul visited a certain Oz country town with a large monastery with Cardinal George Pell and together they selected a number of boys to take away who were never seen again.

      Reality like the fact that Pell at the time was merely a humble priest and there was no record of this ‘witness’ ever having been at the particular school and that every former pupil is countered for and that Jean Paul only ever visited Australia once some 2 decades after the alleged incident and he wasn’t Pope at the time claimed, had the Commissioners demanding the fruit cakes be weeded out beforehand and told to send their written statements in.
      Barnett fitted into that category but she isn’t alone.

      It must have gradually dawned upon Justice Goddard that she was on a drubbing to no-where for 5 torturous years, she’s had a nice UK holiday and been given a very nice pot of money so I don’t blame her for pissing off back to New Zealand asap.

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