Neelu violates restraining order

Neelu’s been a busy girl lately, finding new and creative ways to violate the restraining order that was imposed on her on the final day of the trial last month. Just yesterday, for example, she managed to fit in two violations, as she vies with Sabine for first place in their race to a prison cell.

As you might recall, the specific wording of the restraining order is as follows:

  1. Contacting, directly or indirectly by herself or by any person acting as her agent, or by any means whatsoever, any of the following persons:

    (Names of four witnesses redacted—EC)


2. Not to enter area detailed on attached map

3. Not to make public in any way, including on the internet by any blog or otherwise including by re-publication of material already made public before the making of this order;

A. Anything relating to any persons set out in Paragraph 1 above;

B. Any allegations of cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism, at any time at or in relation to Christchurch or Christchurch Primary School.

This seems pretty clear to us.

So here’s what Neelu put up on her Facebook page yesterday:

Neelu 2016-08-03The violation is to be found in the link we’ve circled, above, which leads to a series of court transcripts, including the following:

Neelu-link-2016-08-03 at 10.55.08 AMFairly self-evident, we think. Ticks all the boxes.

Later in the afternoon, Neelu posted this:

Neelu "transcript" 2016-08-03There follows an almost completely incomprehensible ‘transcript’ of the first five days of the trial. It’s not only full of inaccuracies (claiming, for example, that the judge agreed to allow the jury to be asked whether they were practising Satanists, when he rejected this idea), but it contains such deathless prose as:

We have food in both counts
Mass material MG5 MG6 assists. Dump is not an accurate strike.

Anyone? No?

Sorry, we’ve got nothing either.

Strangely, Neelu leaves out any mention of the sixth day, when Neelu, Lee Cant, and solicitor Aseem Taj kicked off in court, creating complete pandemonium and culminating in the two restraining orders being issued.

None of this, of course, violates her restraining order.

But this does:

14:20 PC: oath to god
Steven attridge: PDC, incumbent at Christ church, to witness statements 1st of April 2015 incident on 22nd of March and on the 29th of March
PC: And another seven Sundays….

Yes, Neelu has included synopses of all four witnesses’ testimony. The same witnesses named in her restraining order. The witnesses she is not supposed to mention online.

Yesterday’s violations are not the first, sad to say. Allowing Neelu to violate her restraining order with no apparent consequences is allowing her to make a mockery of the law.

We sincerely hope that these latest violations will inspire the police to take quick and decisive action. This would go some way toward restoring people’s faith in their ability to protect the innocent families, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead.



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  2. This is gold dust, forcing her to either take the punishment AND/OR make an insanity plea, taken off the street into a supervised environment and forced to engage with some therapy/ treatment plan, no doubt this will result in a lien for some outrageous amount and don’t forget the ole chestnut of being kidnapped by the UK Corporations and force fed drugs, followed by being sexually abused.

    Contacting, directly or indirectly by herself or by any person acting as her agent, or by any means whatsoever, any of the following persons:

    (Names of four witnesses redacted—EC)


    Big Fat Tick with Permanent Marker

    2. Not to enter area detailed on attached map

    No Tick as its not clear if she has, however in light of the other legal issues, she needs to be Tagged for public protection – again this will be some form of kidnap followed by a Lien.

    3. Not to make public in any way, including on the internet by any blog or otherwise including by re-publication of material already made public before the making of this order;

    A. Anything relating to any persons set out in Paragraph 1 above;

    B. Any allegations of cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism, at any time at or in relation to Christchurch or Christchurch Primary School.

    Big Fat Tick with Permanent Marker

    So it’s either an insanity plea (which no doubt will be coercion by UK Corps) with some Lien

    Ignorance is no defence to the law Ms Berry.

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    • No, I doubt she can claim ignorance. The order will have been explained to her, and she’s fully aware of the consequences of her actions. The fact that she’s a bit of a fruit loop is immaterial.

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      • That is true, the Barrister would have sat down with her, in the knowledge she is a bit special and gone through various permutations of what a breach is and what it isn’t. She will know full well, because its worded very widely to capture a raft of issues, which the Prosecution did their best to ensure the net was cast wide.

        Problem is she just can’t help herself, she must get bored, lonely, start to shake, have visions of Satan and start jabbering away at the keyboard.

        Thank god she doesn’t have children (or at I hope she doesn’t)

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        • Sadly, she does have at least one child, a son, who seems to be old enough to drive and accumulate speeding tickets. We did a story last fall on Neelu’s rage when her car was almost repossessed due to non-payment of fines.

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          • OMG, Neelu is allowed to drive? Are the DVLA aware of her extra special characteristics?

            Let us pray Darwin was right and between one generation to another there has been some evolutionary restorative function to the wiring of the cerebrum.

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          • Aaaagghhh Prince Lotus the next generation, the dynasty… double Aaaaarrggghhh.

            By the grace and mercy of dear God let this not be so and that I will shortly wake up and this is all but a particularly bad dream bought on my that strong cheese I had earlier on. Amen Zzzzzzzz.

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  3. LOL.

    What is Neelu going on about?

    57 years of age is NOT old.

    Playing the OLD card now, madness.

    As bad as Sabine and all that old shoite of her amazing disability claims of not being able to stand up in Court and all the evidence that she is as fit as a fiddle in the videos of her.

    Back to the real subject matter though.

    It didn’t take Neelu long to break the Restraining Order.

    I hope the Judge in this case that issued the Restraining Orders is aware of Neelu’s actions and acts immediately on her willful arrogance.

    A stitch in time saves 9.

    Neelu needs hauling back in to the Court room, double quick.

    Stop her in her tracks now, because her behaviour will escalate if this is ignored.

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  4. “…the eight primary school children are still having their sex day on Wednesday…”

    Are they? Well, let’s be positive about this – it is nice of the school to open up in the middle of the summer holiday. Kids get so bored during the 6-week break.

    And isn’t it reassuring to know that Neelu conducted her usual robust fact-checking prior to stating that a school is open throughout August.

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  5. I agree wtih that nice Mr. Coyote that this is not a transcript. I can’t remember the last time I heard a crown court judge say “Must have jury”, “If people involved in the case will you be ready” or “You alone not family don’t do any research”, for instance.

    Nice try, Neelu, but you’ve just excelled yourself on the bullshit front. (And well done for that, as you’re a tough act to follow when it comes to lying, but you’ve so pulled it off!)

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    • Doesn’t she want the £10k to get the Official transcript?

      If that’s the case, I say she mortgages the family home to raise the funds, instead of expecting other people to pay for her actions.

      Another cheeky mare, not accountable for her behaviour…

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  6. Questions must be asked and I think I will asking them of the Law Society : when defense & prosecution barristers stated in court that there was no cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism in Hampstead was defense saying this on behalf of his clients and did he say this because his clients had stated this or was this just his personal opinion.

    In other words : was the court misled by counsel or did his clients misled him into committing perjury in court as it is clear one defendant, Neelu Berry does not believe this claim.

    I also want to ask if the Law Society will be examining the actions of the defending solicitor in court which was absolutely disgraceful.

    These are not matters that just relate to those involved in the case : they go to the heart of the general public having faith in the UK courts and administration of law.

    The Hampstead matter, quite apart from shattering the lives of innocent people has had a deteriorating effect on citizens belief in the law and that is expressed many times on here but I know my Hampstead friends feel absolutely terrified that there is simply no recourse for anyone, once targeted, to receive relief in the courts. It’s not good enough to allow one defender to get away with these actions on the mistaken belief she is crazy or the other (who to date seems to be obeying a court order but only now) to use her “child protection” status as a tool to attack.

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    • My understanding at the time was that all legal parties were agreed that there was no cannibalism, sexual child abuse, or ‘Satanism’ involved, because that had been the decision in High Court. In other words, they could not gainsay a decision that had already come down from a higher jurisdiction.

      I would definitely like to see the defending solicitor’s actions questions. Looking back, it seems highly probable that the outburst and consequent chaos in the courtroom was a pre-arranged (i.e. staged) event, and the solicitor’s role was unprofessional in the extreme. Disgraceful, as you say.


  7. Various people have informed the police of the breaches – yet little seems to have been done to stop further breaches.

    Hopefully the fact that both Sabine and Neelu have had various Injunctions issued against them prior to the restraining orders was taken into account when the orders were drafted: Injunctions that had often been IGNORED.

    The information below is copied from the CPS Guidance on restraining orders at

    How long before a deranged idiot reads the crap published by Sabine and Neelu and decides to take the law into their own hands? Perhaps with life changing or fatal consequences. Perhaps the lack of activity by the police towards Sabine and Neelu will be seen as an invitation to others to break the law with a feeling that they are not going to be prosecuted.

    I for one shall be writing to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner asking for investigation and action. A quick search on the internet finds the following –

    Metropolitan Police

    Mr Bernard Hogan-Howe Commissioner (Chief Constable)


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    • “The oud (/uːd/) is a pear-shaped stringed instrument with 11 or 12 strings grouped in 5 or 6 courses, commonly used in Persian, Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Jewish, Byzantine, Azerbaijani, Armenian, North African (Chaabi, Classical, and Spanish Andalusian), Somali and Middle Eastern music.”

      I must admit, though, that I didn’t spot any ouds popping up during his rant. Pity, as a little bit of gentle muzak playing in the background would have been a nice touch.

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        • Has anyone ever watched any of Holly Baglio’s videos on YT? She’d make a good friend for APD who will know doubt interview her on CCN sometime if she reads this:

          MiLab File for Holly Baglio, September 12th: ()Paul Serene, In Charge of me () have 3 types of Black Goo AKA Fallen Ones DNA inside of me ()12 Implants in my skull and 2 in my wrist ()Jack and Bill Joyce, 2 Brothers I recall () 2 others I trained and will keep nameless {I pray them Godspeed in YESHUA’S Name!} () I worked for Kregar and as a Double Agent in Project Monarch () 3 Alien Abductions when I was ages 6, 8, and 10 () I have 36,000 files which is ABNORMAL! {100-1000 files is typical}

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    • Watched a bit but can’t be bovvered with the rest.

      No idea who the late Max Spiers was but they seem to be painting him as a Jason Bourne type character assassinated by the powers that be.

      And that sort of goes to the heart of these troofers and so on- they have mixed fact and fiction to come up with their own reality. I expect they think Harry Potter is a series of history books.

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      • “No idea who the late Max Spiers was”

        Did you miss all the hooha about him a few weeks back? He was a notorious troofer-cum-“sooper-soldier”. It was Angie’s take on Max’s death that led to her falling out with both Eilish de Avalon and Miles Johnston and got her thrown out of the Bases Project group.

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  8. Sooo, we can add Lady Diana to the ever-growing list of famous people Angela’s related to, along with Camilla Park-Yer-Bowels, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Walt Disney.

    Nurse: “Yes, dear, of course y….I SAID YES DEAR, OF COURSE YOU ARE. Now, can I get you another blanket, dear?”

    Angie: “I’m related to Elvis, the Queen and Gandhi. And I wrote ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘Schindler’s List’ and the Bible. I’M 62, YOU KNOW.”

    Nurse: “Yes, dear, I know I know. Now drink this – it’ll make you feel better and make all those horrid voices go away.”

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      • I’d like to see an account on CCN of why Angie, it’s alleged, used to pretend to be someone else….. Circa early/mid-80s up around the North End Road in tow with Andrea Davidson & co… It’s said.

        I stress that the lady she (allegedly 😉 ) impersonated is entirely innocent in all this….. Very well liked and respected in fact.

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          • It was indeed. In fact it’s that very picture that caused her to be recognised by people who genuinely DID work in TV and Theatre back in the day. The still of Judy is from an episode of “Take the High Road” and from about the ‘right’ period. – But you ‘catch the resemblance’ in other pictures including more recent ones. We think Disney was caught out a couple of times as she tried working an area of London which was full of TV/Radio/Press/theatre people. Angie’s acting days; pretending to be someone else who really is an actress!

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    • On that APD/Steffi video, gosh. That was one of the most disgusting examples of bullying I’ve ever seen. I felt that APD was planting the suicide seed, trying to ‘reassure’ her ‘friend’ that she had her animals to live for. After Steffi was talking about her husband and sons. Steffi has much to live for…and should start afresh by ditching damaging people who take her personal conversations to deride and post online.

      Didn’t one of APD’s other ‘friends’ recently get accused of wasting APD’s time because of an alleged suicide attempt? That was met with rage, not sympathy. Odd.

      I do wonder if APD might be one of those ghouls who like to push people to do such things online. I do hope not. Preying on vulnerable people is the ugliest thing to do.

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    • Her bullshit about speech-to-text conversion would be vaguely less unconvincing if the errors in her “transcript” were spelling errors. But they’re not – they’re completely incoherent sentences with missing words, incorrect word order and and run-on sentences.

      And whose bloody speech is she saying she used here anyway? Her own? Yeah, well that really proves her case, doesn’t it. What was that she was saying about how she only deals in facts while Hoaxstead [sic] only deals in opinions?

      Or maybe she had the judge over for tea and crumpets and got him to recite the entire case verbatim for her (but put something in his tea beforehand that made him lose all command of English syntax).

      Oh wait – it was her own notes from the day. Well that’s ok, then. Nothing more trustworthy than that.

      Good old Neelu. Convincing as ever. But never mind – as long as she keeps breaching her restraining order, she’ll be behind bars within a week anyway.

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  9. Hasn’t Neelu scored an own goal here?

    If someone/she has recorded inside the courtroom then that is some criminal offence.

    Even if it wasn’t her and that’s a big IF, she’s still using the recording.


          • I don’t know about speech to text app,I doubt whoever made that designed it to interpret inane gibberish lingo to coherent English.
            Someone ought to devise a fantasy to reality converter because there a hell of a market developing out there and they could be minted.

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          • To be fair: we had people taking notes at the trial, and one was able to fill up two stenographers’ notepads during the six days they were present. A skilled note-taker will often develop their own pseudo-shorthand, which looks like gibberish to anyone else, but which can be read by the note-taker.

            That said, I have no doubt that people were recording during the trial. Friends of the defendants were also seen taking photographs and videos in the court hallways, which is strictly forbidden.

            (And one enterprising fellow was seen helping himself to sandwiches at the canteen without bothering to pay, but that’s a whole other matter….)


    • Contempt of Court Act 1981 S9 (1) “it is a contempt of court… to use in court, or bring into court for use, any tape recorder or other instrument for recording sound, except with the leave of the court”.

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      • I’ve no idea why they might respect that particular element of the law; they have little regard for any other part of it. Likewise, ‘the law’ itself seems disinterested. Oh! What a circus!

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    • Well I call Angela’s treatment of Stephanie Oostveen bullying, not even a few words.

      Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

      This Wesley guy needs to watch that video of Angela fake disney bullying in the first video as well as that 2nd video of 22nd July.

      Who in their right mind would defend Angela on anything?

      I wouldn’t anyway.

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      • She’s also bullied Christine Hart (meh), Ricky Dearman, Sylvia Major, Melanie Shaw…

        The list is endless.

        And then there are the people on her own “team” who she’s fucked over so much that they no longer want anything to do with her. Abe, Ella, Belinda, Neelu, Miles Johnston, Eilish de Avalon, the aforementioned Christine, Melanie…

        And Rupert was teetering for a while too but she’s won him over now (but let’s not speculate as to how, as I’ve not long eaten).

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        • Machiavellian manoeuvrings evident.Before the final death knell the last twitchings of rigor mortis, desperation.Prepare the shroud, the last rites and obituary.
          Unfortunately there will always be other unscrupulous,inglorious bastards prepared to exhume for a quick sheckle.Pfffft

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      • Wesley Hall also said Walt Disney was a paedophile – so is he aware of her family connection?
        Also for more on hall see his many facebook groups and rants.
        Oh and his 60+ criminal convictions, that include violence, harassment, drugs, racial abuse and domestic violence.

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    • They rally ARE like small children aren’t they? “Wesley Hall”? – As in this fucking idiot?

      Perhaps “Wesley Hall” should remember that guys like him are ten-to-the-penny. And that he has failed as an activist, much as he has failed at most things in life, simply because he is nothing but a low-mark criminal bully. He simply proves the point that these hoaxers are the low-life dregs of society. – Last year this failure was forced to leave Gary Neville’s Stock Exchange building in Manchester. Seems the silly-little bully was trying to create his own little fiefdom and failed comically…..

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  10. An interesting and predictable turn of events. I fear though that all that will happen is that the restraining order proves not to be worth the paper it is written on! It was never the right tack, it has done and does do nothing to reduce incidences of conspiritards abusing the children by posting their names and images…… I agree with what Sheva seems to imply. Much smoke, many mirrors, no-one gets saved or protected and the bandwagon rolls on. 😦

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      • Plus she’s used the classic Private Eye gag about leaving out the important bits due to lack of space. Except she’s saying it with a straight face!

        And incidentally, I don’t think Facebook has a word limit, does it? And even if it did, she could have split her report into two, three, four, however many comments.

        Sorry, Neelu, you’ll have to try much harder than that to pull the wool over our eyes.

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  11. Deirdre’s back on her old bêtes noires of Fukushima and the BBC.

    And what IS that water sound in the background? I know someone was only joking the other night when they said she was recording her videos in the toilet but I’m starting to think there may be some truth in it!

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  12. WHAT???? Glasgow’s broken off and is lost at Sea? FFS! – Does that mean the M8 at Baillieston is now a pier? Coatbridge now has a beach and there’s a new Marina at Motherwell?

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  13. In desperation to fill slots CCN media empire are gifting humankind a double dose of Angelas logical fallacies this week.Ever entertaining observing this clown advertising her fact-free gross pretencious bufoonery.
    6pm this even time for any one who can be arsed

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    • Update: Ever the professional outfit Angie is currently only 20 minutes late.Perhaps she has had a couple of pulls on Ruperts bong and is having a whitey 🙂 Meanwhile CCN rotating tin rattling ads.

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      • Update:Mel has now removed Angelas “chasing rainbows” slot from this evenings itinery so for the diehards there is always Mistress Tango herself spewing shoite at 7pm.
        Might write in to CCN customer services to pull their socks up as I missed a bit a couple of minutes test cricket commentary as a result.Rageous.

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        • Angela’s probably having a bunk up with Rupe and so stoned out of her head to go on.

          Hopefully she’s been sacked for bullying Steffi Oostveen or some other falling out with Mel Ve.


        • Cheers, Mik.

          Did you also notice that after all our ridiculing of it, Mel decided not to upload a recording of her live “trolldown” that followed ‘Angela’s Caches’?

          Has anyone also noticed that (unless I’ve missed an obvious gag/reference) the only reason that show’s called ‘Angela’s Caches’ is because ‘caches’ sounds like ‘ashes’? The ‘caches’ part doesn’t actually mean much in this context.

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    • Hi FA, An hour or so back the broadcast guide had Angelas chasing rainbows for 6pm and 5 mins before 6pm feed was advising it still due to commence on time.Around 6.30 Angelas shoitecast was removed from broadcast guide.
      Hmm maybe Angies all upset about Ruperts newfound dogging a quaintances


  14. How intriguing that Mel suddenly felt the need to broadcast this disclaimer for several minutes before the start of Angie’s show:

    “CCN does not necessarily endorse or support all the work or views expressed on our network. CCN merely creates a space for creative expression, we do not determine what that creative expression is. CCN does not take any responsibility for any advice dispense by any of our broadcasters.”

    Angie’s got Mel worried (as predicted), it seems.

    And isn’t it reassuring that she takes no responsibility for her own station. My crystal ball tells me that that nice Mr. Kerr might have something to say about that!

    By the way, has anyone noticed that Mel hasn’t uploaded a recording of Monday’s “trolldown”. I do hope our exposure of the embarrassingly amateur and self-contradictory nature of it didn’t put her off. Oh sorry, did I say “didn’t”? I meant ‘did’ 😀

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    • “…the leaking that Rupert was here as a guest…”

      Thanks for confirming that, Angie. But “leaking”? Pssst: he’s been standing behind you or sitting next to you in several of your broadcasts. D’oh!

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    • “…the most horrific stinking [in my apartment]. A very clear sign of occult or demonic activity. The stench from Hell…I had to have the kitchen cupboards taken apart…The stench of occult behaviour…”

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Was it worse than the stench of fags, Angie?

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    • “The cult and Hoaxtead etc. – the innocent ones that are being pulled in and don’t realise they’re being used…For the most part, I would say that when they troll, it’s not just a nasty message or a smear campaign, they’ve got spells on them. There’s no doubt about it…I think the thing they’re trying to suppress is the whole ritualistic side of it. It’s almost like they’re willing to release a bit of information about abuse,..They will throw us the odd tidbit so long as they can keep a lid on the whole occult side of things. Well, I’m sorry, the lid’s not staying on that. so I’ll just speak to, you know, [illegally broadcasted names redacted], the alleged abusers, 250 of them…I’ll’ just speak to every curse that you’ve spoken over me, Sabine and Neelu, Rupert, Jake…Kris Costa…anybody else that’s put their head above the parapet, I just send those curses back where they came from, in Jesus’ name…And you can’t mess with a child of God without getting badly burned…”

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    • To be honest you’d be better asking that nice Mr Chambers, as he is a paralegal specialising in media law. But I’m fairly sure such disclaimers will be pretty-much meaningless as she runs her YouTube channel from within the EU. As she claims to be ‘broadcasting’ it might be useful for her to start her education here:

      Actually, it might have been useful, and the professional thing to do, if she’d sought proper legal advice before setting up! – It’s probably just as well nobody takes her ‘broadcasting’ too seriously! But, err, I’m afraid the only advice I can give her is ‘see a lawyer’! – Especially if you’re going to provide a platform for delusional lunatics to spout dangerously defamatory nonsense whilst simultaneously riding a coach and horses through child protection laws!

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    • Are you listening to this, mate? After the bit Spiny transcribed above, she turns really REALLY nasty, especially about Ricky Dearman, even stating that his parents and grandparents used to stick “plastic willies” up his ****. This woman is seriously sick.

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    • That appeal is for a shade over £3600…… If she’s this great ‘broadcaster’ she must have facilities. A half-decent cameraman with kit costs around £700/day. A basic Corporate video about £2K. – So why don’t she and ‘Bawbag’ go out and shoot a few cheap corporates?

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  15. Angie back out in Spain where she discovers a rodent down in her stairwell.One must have managed to make good its escape from the rat nest in her head.

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    • I don’t understand all this bogging off to Lanzarote all the time?

      Who is looking after her youngest boy?

      I know he’s 19 or thereabouts but can’t be nice for him knowing his Mum is with his potential Step-Dad aged 37. I bet the 22 year old isn’t too happy.

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    • I’m making an audio recording of this show, because I’ve a feeling Mel won’t allow a recording to be uploaded and also it’s getting so weird now that I don’t think anyone will believe us when we tell them about it, lol. I’m just at the bit where she’s casting a spell on us and calling on Jesus to cast our demons out! I think a few screesnshots of various people’s views on her accompanied by a recording of her rant might make a nice little video.

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  16. In other news Goddard has resigned from the public enquiry, citing her lack of knowledge of English law as one of the reasons for her decision. Field day. Fruitcakes. Imminent.

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  17. Yep Anna,”Obviously” the devil himself has slipped her a brown envelope to bugger orf..yawn.
    Doesnt say much for the interviewing process that she was appointed to head upan inquiry she is not up to.Still better late than never I guess.

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