Kane Slater: The penny finally drops

Some of you might remember Kane Slater, the Hoaxtead pusher who lives in Canada (or claims to) and has been desperately trying to ram the hoax down the throats of readers of his “Cannabis Cures Cancers” Facebook page. For the most part his CCC readers have been unencouraging—which has led in the past to some entertaining meltdowns, as Kane screams that they’re apathetic, while they stare at him uncomprehendingly and ask him to please stick to the topic of cannabis and cancer.

A number of months ago, some members of our team put together a letter-writing campaign to Facebook, to protest against another page Kane had set up.

This one, which boasted the catchy title “United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron Eats Babies”, contained wall-to-wall images of RD’s children, and republished the list of Hampstead families that Sabine originally released in February 2015. Our intrepid letter writers argued to the powers-that-be at Facebook that this page was not only defamatory, but violated Mrs Justice Pauffley’s court order, and broke laws against publishing any information about children named in respect of sexual abuse proceedings.

While we have slagged Facebook (and quite deservedly so) for dragging their feet when it comes to individual complaints about abusive or defamatory posts, in this case they agreed that Kane’s page was not appropriate. However, rather than removing it altogether, they followed their policy of blocking it from viewers in the UK, since that is the jurisdiction covered by the court order.

The page, which has recently undergone a name change to “United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May Eat Babies” (yes, it says “Eat”, not “Eats”—Kane isn’t exactly your average Rhodes scholar) has been invisible to UK audiences for about six months now.

(By the way, there’s no word on how the alleged baby-eater in that title suddenly morphed from being David Cameron to Theresa May. Does Kane think baby-eating duties accompany the office of Prime Minister? Is Theresa May David Cameron’s secret love-child, thus inheriting his baby-eating mantle? How did she react when she was informed of her new job requirements? What will become of Cameron, now presumably deprived of a major proportion of the protein in his diet? No one knows. We’re through the looking-glass, people!)

Anyway, these important questions aside, it seems that a few days ago, Kane woke from his cannabis-induced slumber long enough to notice that his page was no longer Top of the Pops:

Kane  Slater-2016-07-30Receiving no response, Kane tried again, this time on Maria MacMahon’s page:

Kane Slater 2  2016-07-30Now, we know that our friend Gabriella Barney started telling Kane that his page had been banned as soon as it became invisible in the UK. So it shouldn’t exactly be news to him…and yet he seems to be completely in the dark.

On the plus side, we estimate that about 90% of people with any interest in Hoaxtead hail from the UK, so our guess is that the readership on Kane’s page has slowed from the tiniest of trickles to an intermittent drip now and then.

What a disappointment this must be for a person who once billed himself “the world’s greatest writer”!

Commencing tantrum countdown in five…four…three…two…one….

temper tantrum-man

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  1. So many internet users now use proxies. I subscribe to a service for several reasons: so I can still access BBC broadcasts which can’t be viewed from an Oz ISP and so on.

    My particular service has servers based all over the world so you can surf from an ISP in any number of countries. If I subscribed to this service while in the UK I can simply use a USA based ISP to view Facebook pages that are banned in the UK.

    I would venture that Facebook is still breaking UK law.

    While it is a success to get them to block a page being viewed in the UK there are ways around this and Facebook know this. Their blocking is basically a sham and that would never be accepted under law.

    It’s only a matter of time before a court tests this. In France the government is demanding the ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ applies worldwide while Google etc scream to high heaven they will lose their appeal in a court. European countries seem to be far more proactive in protecting their citizens from internet abuse.

    The UK is just bloody slack as we all know when it comes to protecting British citizens from internet harassment. Just because this Slater creep appears on the outside to be nuts : how do we not know he is in fact a would-be terrorist who is covertly sending messages to deluded followers in the UK- that the new British Prime Minister is a Devil worshiper and should be punished for it. Last time I looked Canada was still part of the Commonwealth. where is their responsibility to protect Commonwealth citizens?

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    • I agree. It’s a feeble response on Facebook’s part. Kane—who seems to live in Canada, though some say he’s in Spain—won’t care about that though. The Ebil Monsters at FB have deprived him of his audience, and he’s going to have a whining fit until they give it back. Should be fun to watch.


    • Thankyou Liza, Such a pity Mel never ever checks this tiny wee thread,she could learn so much about herself and the lies she perpetuates and maybe decide to do something more useful with her life..like getting one would be a reasonable first step.

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        • Lol FA.If the Melangie school of thought is anything to go by not only are you are now indeed a fully fledged international journalist but a world renowned campaigner,super heroine,saviour of humanity,author,chat show host,legend,celebrity,all round thorougly good egg and in the running for the Nobel peace prize and several Hollywood blockbuster movies about your life….and thats only for starters!

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        • And excellent comments they are too, Sam (ditto Mik, JK, AF, Fnord, Fanny Adams, Babs, EC, Karnevilnine and everyone else who kindly contributed).

          And by CCN “logic”, this more than makes you a journalist, this puts you in line for a Pulitzer!

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    • I don’t blame her for not reading this blog. The truth hurts. I wonder which of her 3 viewers tells her what is written on here?

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    • Hysterical! The first person to go public with the information regarding the Sheriff’s sister was the BBC’s Mark Daly! Legend has it that he got a ‘bollocking from upstairs’ for even wasting the train fare on going down to talk to Robert Green! But he looked at the case as part of a wider investigation. – It was a particularly ‘high vacuum rabbit hole’ into which he was sucked! That was the point where the individual who had actually been promoting the hoax and had actually got it into some of the trash-rags did a J-Turn and Belinda McKenzie was parachuted in. The dates are checkable, but I recall this being mid-2010?

      I find it quite interesting that she (now) dismisses the Hollie Greig fiasco as a hoax, which largely it is, partly on the basis of there being people named that didn’t exist and places that didn’t exist. Isn’t this also the case with the Hampstead Hoax? i.e. There is no evidence that many of the places actually exist? Police Officers were named that don’t exist? – Baby skin shoes? Made at the local ‘Mr Minnit’ type establishment? Now, as it happens I do like a well-turned heel and know how difficult it is to get a good hand-made pair of shoes properly soled and heeled; those are dying skills. – To get a pair made?

      I can pretty-much guarantee that no high street chain-store ‘cobbler’ has either the skill or equipment to actually make a pair of bespoke shoes. And even the top-class shoemakers are incapable of preparing their own leather, a whole other craft which is equally complex. For me and most of my colleagues the hoax fell apart at the first viewing of that pervert Christie’s abusive videos of the children. But it’s not remotely difficult to corroborate the impossibility of these allegations such is their aburdity. And it is really very clear that the Police investigated thoroughly to check if there was even the slightest element of truth in this childishly-fantastical tale. So, I’m afraid that as well as knowing nothing about lighting, sound, or programme structure; Mel Ve demonstrates easily here that she knows nothing about doing the basic legwork….. Or for that matter keeping records. – Basic stuff for a Journalist.

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      • ………But the point with this one is, you pretty-much can! People don’t exist, places don’t exist, there aren’t the facilities in place for things to have happened. The claims debunk themselves!

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        • Yes, this is what the Hoaxtead mob can’t seem to grasp: large chunks of the story have been shown not to even exist. There’s a difference between ‘evidence’ and ‘proof’, but when the overwhelming majority of the evidence points toward a story being impossible as stated, then in a court of law this would be considered ‘proof’ beyond a reasonable doubt that the thing did not occur. Which, oddly enough, is exactly what happened. And as we’ve noted, even Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill’s barristers conceded in court that the hoax was…well, a hoax.

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          • All in all EC I think Mel Ve’s nonsense speaks loudly of her dishonesty.

            Now, I’ll be frank in saying that there is only so much time and headspace I’m willing to dedicate to assimilating her (or any of the other hoaxers) pish. I don’t know; maybe that’s part of the ‘technique’ of this incoherent rambling they do…… They just spout random nonsense that no-one can really follow or analyse in the hope that the ‘confirmation bias’ of their target audience will kick in. But if I hear this right she’s basically claiming or at least hinting/implying that she broke the Hollie Greig case? – But it wasn’t her was it? It was Mark Daly! Quite the reverse in fact, she was one of the people pushing the bloody hoax. Now she’s trying to re-write that history!

            I dare say much of her target audience have the intellectual capacity and memory-span of Goldfish; but surely this is just too too ridiculous even for a hoax-grifter? Is their target-audience really that stupid? Or do they rely on a ‘churn’ of fresh idiots who will donate blindly before realising they’ve been duped? Likewise the notion that Angela Power-Disney got any “information” out there. In truth all she did was repeat what a convicted criminal had set up as part of their scamming/hoaxing activities. The woman is an out-and-out fraud.

            As you point out, both Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry have now effectively admitted in a court of law that the whole thing is a hoax. – If they’d like to withdraw that and admit to the court that they mislead it that might lead to an interesting situation. Are they and their supporters actually now prepared to publicly admit that they perverted the course of justice?

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      • She says ‘I believe’ and ‘it’s a fact’ rather a lot.

        It’s not a ‘fact’ that Belinda McKenzie works for MI5. It’s her opinion and it’s speculation.

        From what I cans see Mel Ve doesn’t know the difference and couldn’t critically think her way out of a paper bag.

        p.s. If you’re reading this Mel – most of us didn’t rise to the challenge of a debate because we didn’t know about it. That, and the fact that there’s no point. Who wants to have a debate with a conspiraloon?

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        • Debating a conspiraloon is a contradiction in terms. They don’t debate–they stonewall, bluster, lie, cherry-pick, and blow smoke.


    • She think’s a hoedown involved hos? That makes the old pulp western novels a lot more spicy!
      Maybe she thinks they involved hose? Would that be surreal or kinky?

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  2. Yes Sam Arsebooks response is little more than tokenism at best given they will know the material remains accessible in the ways you outline by anyone from anywhere.

    All they have done is tippy toed such that they cover their own sorry arses and evidently dont give a flying monkeys about aiding or abeting the distribution of dangerous material that affects the lives of entirely innocent people.

    Cannabis may or may not ease the plight of cancer sufferers but along with Abe sick outpourings the clear evidence is that in excess it can sure lead to terminal psychosis,paranoia and confusionism.

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    • In NSW where I live the government has just passed a law to allow doctors to write cannabis oil scripts for cancer patients. That was after exhaustive scientific and medical studies that did show some patients benefit from using cannabis. Benefit being the operative word- not one has been cured just had symptoms and pain relieved.
      Nutters like Kane Slater and the career criminal & convicted child abuser on-the-run-from-police Abraham Christie are an anathema to genuine researchers who spend an exhaustive time ensuring people are not harmed by any new advancement.

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      • There is a world of difference between the clinical use of a refined substance under controlled clinical conditions and the non-educated ingesting related substances randomly. And that’s particularly true if the legitimate use is to modify the impact of a chronic and/or terminal condition. I’m afraid I’ve seen far to many people of my parents’ and my own generation and younger destroyed by the use of cannabis. It’s a route to madness, at least in its street form. I can appreciate its benefits in terms of pain relief, but then if you need that sort of help you’re balancing evils not gathering benefits. I’m stating the obvious by pointing out that Slater and his kind are basically walking adverts for how cannabis ‘cures’ intelligence and rational thought. A useful tool to keep the Proles under control. – I’m sure I read a book or two that warned us of that sort of thing. But then, I guess reading books, educating yourself and using (as opposed to killing) your own mind are strange concepts to these pothead morons.

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        • I agree, but I think the emphasis here should be on high levels of cannabis use. Cannabis, like alcohol, can be consumed in small amounts, I think, with few negative consequences. But having seen chronic alcoholics die from their addiction, I believe that any mind-altering substance, consumed to excess, will ultimately have devastating effects on the users. The mental deterioration we see amongst so many of the Hoaxtead mob is just the beginning.

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          • I’m afraid I’ve lost four close relatives, all ‘moderate users’ of cannabis. All four were as mad as a box of bats towards the end. Two dead before they were 45 having been driven into insane positions by the delusions ‘the odd wee spliff’ created in their minds, one killed by a train they thought they could halt with the power of their mind. Another climbed into an electricity substation to communicate with interdimensional beings. The others, old hippies. Neither saw 65, both wound up in elderly care homes with dementia, they just faded away. – Wouldn’t have that stuff within a mile of me. And I’m far from alone.

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      • Yes, interesting that Abe and Kane share similar passions for quackery and fraud. One wonders whether they were perhaps twins, separated at birth?


  3. Off topic but has anyone noticed a sudden influx of USA bible thumpers getting wind of this (more than usual)? YouTube comments under old videos appear to have had a steady stream of Jesus and Satan comments lately. Is this Abe’s latest try at getting the USA interested again?

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    • My guess would be Angie and her American friends. Abe has moved on to ‘trauma-based mind control’ now, and has been downplaying the Satanic angle. Angie, on the other hand, remains a staunch if hypocritical Bible thumper.


    • America is a far bigger market for this sort of crap. And it has the tradition dating back to the 1930s of so-called ‘evangelical’ broadcasting from bible-based Short Wave stations. This was a key medium adopted by quack preachers in the early 20th century giving rise to the televangelism movement. For entertainment’s and as an example sake look into ‘Brother Stair’, quite a demonic soul who once almost got imported to the UK via one of our ‘favourite’ local Quack-Pastor/conmen.

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    • “You are making a claim against me, and thus under law, the burden of proof lies with you”….AHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re joking. Mel Ve, promoter of the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ Hampstead Hoax, actually wrote those words?

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      • Well said, EC!

        And here’s more from her:

        By the way, I have now “de-invisibilised” her comments on the video page, in case anyone wanted to reply to her but for some reason they’re still not showing.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and “stay at home” because I’m “afraid” 😀

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      • Burning issue of the day; Why is Mel so bloody orange?
        Research reveals a number of possibilities.

        . Over exposure to strong sunlight or tanning machines
        . Fake tan cosmetics
        . Consumiption of excessive quantiies of Beta-carotene found in foods such as sweet potatoes, winter squash, pumpkin and carrots.
        . Permanent embarrassment.usually bought when realizing youve been rumbled but havent the grace or dignity to admit it.
        . Being an Orange troll

        Top tip for CCN:Turn the contrast to “very low” when Mel Ve is on so all 3 viewers dont have to wear sunglasses whilst watching her endlessly spouting pretentious bullshit.

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    • Thanks to McKenzie’s Devils for these screenshots of the comment box from one of Mel’s recent live broadcasts:

      Nuff said? 🙂

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      • =====================================================


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        • By the way, isn’t it nice of me to let her rant on my video page. Shame it isn’t a mutual arrangement.

          And for the record, not one of her comments has been deleted.

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        • Mel claims to be a “survivor”.Well if ending up begging on the internet under the cloak of campaigning for non existant victims of satanic abuse without any material evidence whatsoever and expecting others to prove negatives is anything to go by then lord help the non survivors.

          To cap it off she demands to know where the children are???OMG What so cash hungry delusionists like her can interfere in efforts to stabilize them after being subjected to wicked abuse at the hands of a psychopathic step father and mother whose sole interest in them was to use them as pawns in a pathetic overkill (“KIll the baby,Kill the baby”)attempt to “pervert” the course of justice during a custody battle?

          It appears if Mel had her way she would do all in her power to disrupt any hope of the children healing and reaching adulthood intact.She presnts as a veritable smorgasbord of unresolved issues and would do well to work on her own inner mess rather than continuing to make cash by projecting her own dysfunctionality onto the world and its dog.

          Survivor?conniver more like.

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          • Agreed. She’s shown a jaw-dropping lack of understanding of child protection laws with that comment, not to mention a lack of empathy for those two vulnerable children and, let’s face it, a dazzling deficit of common bloody sense!

            All you need to know, Mel, is that they’re safe from you and your mates!

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      • [47:12]

        (By the way, this is one of her own colleagues she’s ranting about in this one!)


        • Quite amusing….. She’s ranting about a contributor expecting to be provided with an actual studio to broadcast from. For those who don’t know, such things are dotted all over the country and can be rented. It’s petty normal practice in fact. And London in particular have many of them! It speaks volumes about the amateur-hour mentality of Mel’s so-called ‘network’, – Not broadcasting at all, just a few losers playing with laptops and Skype.

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  4. How unlucky can one person be?

    Paedophiles and Satanic Ritual abusers. Perhaps the jackpot would have been kidnapped by reptilian aliens as well.

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    • Kidnapped by reptilian aliens, impregnated by them, and forced to bear their human hybrid children…ON THE SECRET MIND CONTROL BASE ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.

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    • This woman is barking mad.

      As soon as a celebrity or political figure dies they are added to her list of her abusers.
      She claims President Richard Nixon flew to Australia in Airforce One with the 2 fighter jets that accompany it, landed at Canberra Airport on a Saturday morning just to abuse her as she was taken on board. Then he pissed off back to Washington.

      She has children. God help them. What insane rubbish is she filling their minds with?.

      She is also a blatant and provable liar.
      She falsely claims she appeared before the current Oz Royal Commission into institutional abuse. She wrote them a letter just like anyone could do.
      She has never been listed as a witness.
      A lie quite apart from the fact she’s actually forgotten to mention one inconvenient fact (for her) she never went to one of the institutions that are the focus of the Commission.

      When one sets out to deceive you need to have your story straight from the beginning. She never has- she just weaves new bits into it as she goes along. NSW Police and the Federal Police have both investigated her claims and found not one shred of evidence or fact, date etc was correct. They dismiss her as a troubled but troublesome trouble-maker.


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      • She claims there is a subsurface railway connecting places over a thousand km apart. That’d be a few tens of billions of pounds plus over 100k workers over the length of the project then. She’s never been near a major construction project I can tell 100%.

        Clue. Ventilation. Spoil. Machines. Workers.

        Wish Crossrail and the new super sewer in London was as unobtrusive.

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    • This disgusting slime ball ..forgive my language…recently claimed a person I know and worked with was murdered by the Satanic cult.

      This creature who is stark raving mad only just discovered he had died but he passed away 3 years ago.
      The sickening scumbag made this claim about a young man who had married into the Kidman family. Although separated from his wife they still had a happy ongoing relationship with their 3 children while both had found new partners.

      The poor man died of a heart attack brought on from a congenital heart complaint diagnosed at a young age. Like all with a similar complaint, my sister for one, they hope they may live for a long time and some do, and some don’t.
      His 3 children must now read, one day, internet claims he was murdered by his in-laws.

      If there is a Hell I hope Fiona Barnett rots there.

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    • Thanks Sheva—it’s good that you feel you want to do that, but you were definitely not the only person taken in by these hoaxers. I think several people here started out believing Hoaxtead was real, and only came round after looking at the evidence and evaluating the people who were spreading the hoax.

      The main thing, I think, is that we are all working for the same thing: the end of this hoax.

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    • Sheva you know people on this board would never claim child abuse had not happened . It takes a handful of right thinking people like you to delve through the welter of false claims in order to dismiss the creeps who perpetuate hoaxes either for monetary gain, attention, maliciousness or because they are cracked.
      I think there could be truth in the claim by some on this board who say the leaders of the hoax perpetrators have a hidden agenda which may include diverting attention from their own faults.

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    • Don’t take that load on your shoulders. There will always be grifters. People may get taken in because they have an open and caring nature.

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  5. Oh joy blue Monday 🙂 Angies Melange of odious verbal vomit from 5pm-7.30pm a brief recovery interlude followed by Fiona Barnpots festival of Obsession,delusion and oddness at 11pm.The idea of painting the ceiling and watching it dry for the whole evening is rapidly gaining appeal.

    From Aussie “Media watch” site MH writes:

    10 May 2016 16pm (4pm uk presumably)

    !To think that some of these insolent fantasising coves get to vote on the future of the country.
    The danger here is not any fantastic global mass-murdering paedophile ring, staffed by a legion of celebrities who manage to leave not a trace of their dead victims anywhere.
    It is the self-indulgence of those who feel somehow empowered in their little lives by entertaining wild and abhorrent claims as if that displays a gift for free thinking.It is only free of plausibility.

    Posters here profess interest in the claims made, and yet show no capability for examining them. Besides their repugnance, the claims involve the most ridiculous alliances on an absurd roll-call of the celebrity fixation of a strange middle-aged woman.
    Besides chronic extreme implausibility, some claims are not physically possible. Repeat, not possible; at all. Why would that be?
    In all the wider, wilder allegations she makes, the only evidence is her accusing. Not one extra corroborative skerrick, from anyone. Not one bit, anywhere.
    Her claims have been investigated a number of times, and found wanting of substance. Not every investigator could be a servant of her alleged international mass-murdering paedophile ring.
    People who do not support her claims, she accuses of complicity with the mass murdering child rapists. This is echoed in some of the reactions here against alleging that it is at least a front for the murdering paedophiles. That are about as loopy as could be. But fit support for her.

    Her claims became wider and wilder, each episode more sensational than the last. After her own tiny version of fame peaked for a time through her posts on a political web site, she then made claims elsewhere of murder and rape against a more recent Aust. P.M., who is still alive; well and truly. That was a very bad error of tactics. Presumably she just cant help herself.
    These later claims were not repeated on that sponsoring site, nor has she appeared there since. No wonder. They could be sued out of existence.

    She would be a worry for those charged with her care. The twisted minds that would support her allegations despite no evidence should be a concern for cognitive health.

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  6. Sorry, I know we went off at a bit of a tangent yesterday, with all the Mel Ve hilarity, and I never got round to actually responding to this excellent post (other than my “Kane ain’t able” pun).

    I share EC’s elation that between all the “Blatant death threats don’t violate Farcebook community guidelines” shenanigans (I might have paraphrased slightly there), FB does occasionally puil it’s finger out – and we’ve seen a number of posts/pages successfully taken down. But it’s so frustrating that of Slater’s three pages, they’ve disabled just one in the US only and left the other two up (even though all three pages contain the exact same posts). And meanwhile, they’ve allowed all three to merrily carry on in the UK, . Either FB puts its foot down or it doesn’t. I’m not impressed by this wishy-washy half-hearted approach.

    But I agree that we should be thankful for small mercies.

    It would be a great help, though, if FB had a phone number and actual humans you could discuss issues with.

    As for Kane, wake up, lad. All that weed is addling your concentration!


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