Sabine’s latest anti-Semitic hate-mongering

A broad thread of anti-Semitism can be found woven throughout the so-called ‘truth movement’, and so it should come as no surprise that since the ignominious end to her trial for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, Sabine McNeill has reverted to publishing grossly offensive anti-Semitic hate speech on her most recent blog.

Sabine-Anti-Semitic blog 2016-07-25In her usual melodramatic style, Sabine jumps right in: “Too horrible to be true!? Jewish Kabbalistic Occult Ritual Child Murder throughout history“.

For ‘proof’ she offers a deranged video from a person styling themselves vEnUs LuCiFeR, who somehow equates the four horsemen of the Apocalypse with the Jewish Kabbalah (hint: the Book of Revelations is in the New Testament). We’re not linking to the video because frankly, we don’t want to encourage Mr/Ms LuCiFeR any further.

Faked interview by renowned ne0-Nazi

Sabine’s next ‘proof’ is a long-ago debunked alleged radio interview with a ‘Rabbi Abe Finkelstein’ by a long-time foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Semitic American preacher named James Wickstrom.

Here’s Mr Wickstrom on the topic of how Jewish people ought to be treated:

I’d like to see these Jews all be brought to the VA [Veterans Administration hospital] and wooden chairs be put down on the lawn. Tie the Jews in. Bring these veterans down who have been mutilated … and give them baseball bats and let them beat these Jews to death! Every one of them! Take these chairs and Jews after they’re beaten to death, throw ’em in the wood chipper! And from the wood chipper let the remains go into a big incinerary [sic] truck, which is right behind the wood chipper, and give them the holocaust they rightly deserve!
— Videotaped interview, 2004

Yes, this is the person Sabine has seen fit to quote.

As for the alleged ‘Rabbi Abe Finkelstein’, no evidence has ever been found that such a person exists. It’s extremely likely that he’s a product of Mr Wickstrom’s rabidly unhinged mind.

We won’t even bother boring you with the ‘excellent’ Coleman Experience, except to note that it’s a rehash of the usual Jewish blood libel, which has been circulating amongst anti-Semites for centuries. That particular myth is especially laughable given that Jewish kosher laws expressly forbid the consumption of blood, but hey, any excuse for a pogrom!

Sabine-anti-Semitic blog 2 2016-07-25In a sly sleight of hand, Sabine recommends that her readers consult their favourite search engine “to make up your mind with a view to when to expect:” Note the clever assumption embedded there: it’s only a matter of time, folks. Only a matter of time.

She invokes the classic troofer nightmare scenario:

  • one-world government
  • one-world currency [debt and usury-based of course]
  • one-world religion [any guess?]

“Of course” the currency will be “debt and usury-based”: another allusion to the ancient stereotype of the miserly Jewish banker.

One-world religion: Jewish Satanism? Say what?

As for the dreaded “one-world religion”, Sabine has frequently referred to Satanism becoming the dominant religion in the future of her nightmares. In a blog posted just five days ago, she said, “For the danger of satanism becoming the one-world religion is REAL”.


Is Sabine now somehow conflating Satanism and Judaism, and claiming that this strange hybrid will somehow become the dominant “one-world religion”?

Aside from the fact that the two religions are diametrically opposite one another, the numbers just don’t work.

Given that there are currently 14 million Jews and an estimated 100,000 Satanists in the world today, compared with 2 billion Christians and 1.3 billion Muslims, Sabine’s prognostications seem most unlikely.

But that won’t matter to her or her followers, who prefer their thought pre-digested and regurgitated in simplistic gobs, well-seasoned with ignorance, hatred, and blind prejudice.


76 thoughts on “Sabine’s latest anti-Semitic hate-mongering

  1. Anyone with a brain can see that finklestein interview was a set up by the neo nazi radio show, nobody has ever found this rabbi who supposedly has a Manhattan synogogue. the way he talks and even his name is such a caracature.

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    • But, but, people are coming across it, and saying stuff like “Hitler was a saint”. The person with a Hitler profile likes it. I mean, there’s nothing to be concerned about on that recording is there? Just coincidinks all round.

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      • Yes, that’s the problem. We all know it’s a hoax, but many who listen to it won’t bother checking. That’s why it’s so disgusting that Sabine has given it space on her blog.

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  2. For shame Sabine.

    Peddling filth like that is not going to make you popular with anyone except the nastiest people.

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      • Thirteen pingbacks and one comment from Sabine on that Coleman Experience post. The comment was 30th September 2014. She was really already primed for Abraham Christie’s Masodomite Babylonian (I know what he is implying there) stuff wasn’t she?

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          • Dressed up as faux concern for children, but spreading hate and information that just isn’t true as far as I can see.

            She promotes herself as an intelligent woman. I’m not seeing the evidence personally.

            Nasty, nasty stuff.

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    • The hoax was taken up by Stormfront and similar Neo-Nazi organisations early on. Sabine really is hitting a low posting this sort of filth on her website.

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  3. Sabine appears to be descending rapidly into ever darker disturbing corners.I am no legal eagle by a long chalk but can envisage her crossing the law (again) and hardly endearing herself to the local community.
    What a deeply confused and unpleasant biped lifeform.

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  4. I’m glad you’ve put this up. Shine a light as someone said not so long ago.

    It is by no means the only example either.

    And as Sabine is so intelligent, worked at CERN as she has said many times, she cannot have failed to have noticed, nor failed to have done her research and join the dots which lead to some people with horrible beliefs.

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    • Yes, it seems as though she ought to know better. However, her intelligence seems to have given way to her desire to believe in certain things, particularly things involving the rape and torture of children.

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      • Thirteen, THIRTEEN pingbacks to that Colman Experience post. That’s not a one off mistake, it’s a campaign.

        The post itself get it’s supposed information about what’s in the Talmud from this person

        He celebrated Hitler’s birthday.

        See where he can be found described thus:

        “Rense is not as loath as many of his conspiracist brethren to let his anti-Semitism shine through. His site contains a disclaimer that he does not endorse anti-Semitism, using the tired excuse of not being against the Jews, but opposed to the Zionists in his explanation of his position on this issue. Naturally, this is all while he and his site’s contributors spew all the usual anti-Semitic canards. In addition to its hosting of just about every conspiracy theory on the black helicopter and militia circuit, the site commonly features “artwork” by anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist David Dees, as well as cross-postings and links to anti-Semitic and white supremacist hate sites. In recent years, he’s made his Nazi flirtations increasingly overt, running a growing number of laudatory articles on Adolf Hitler and adding Stormfront Radio, David Duke, and Nathanael Kapner to the site’s list of featured podcasts.”

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        • Yes, I noticed that the Coleman version of ‘what the Talmud means’ to Jews was the usual nonsense: the vast majority of observant Jews know little about the Talmud, despite what conspiranoid loonies say. They certainly don’t ‘worship’ it.

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          • Not laughing here. Feel too annoyed 😦

            I think Sabine might try to spin criticism of her opinions as people not caring about children. I’d say, what sort of person believes what someone who celebrates Hitler’s birthday has to say about any Jewish person at all ever?

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  5. Deprived of one outlet for her inbred hate, Sabine just moves onto newer victims. The woman is one nasty disturbed piece of goods whereas her co-conspirator who she ended up in court with, is a seriously disturbed woman who should nor be encouraged in her fantasies by the likes of Sabine.

    Of course even if there were..even..a “Rabbi Abe Finkelstein” (no-where to be found) he does not speak nor does any rabbi speak for a race of people just as in the USA there 1000s of lunatic and creepy so-called ‘Christian’ pastors who do not speak for all Christians nor do Imans speak for all Muslims.

    The joke is of course (as my uncle used to say) get 3 Jews in a room and try to the them to agree on anything ! Ha.

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    • LOL I heard that as “In a group of three Jews, you’ll find four opinions”.

      And yes, Sabine seems to be brimming over with hatred and bitterness of one sort or another, just waiting to find a target.

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      • Well my uncle was Jewish and there you go- had to even give his own version of the story !. But he did make me laugh all the time.

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  6. I ought to add that in her usual style, Sabine inserts a Twitter user’s name into the title of her anti-Semitic screed. She does this so that when the post is auto-published to Twitter, it will land up in the Twitter stream of Sabine’s choosing.

    In this case, she’s directing the post to @RT_com—the Russian government-funded television network formerly known as Russia Today which has been described as a propaganda outlet for the Russian government and its foreign policy. It has been accused of spreading disinformation, and has been found by Ofcom to have repeatedly breached rules on impartiality. Some have described RT as a latter-day Pravda.

    It should come as no surprise to anyone that RT has been cited for its anti-Semitic propaganda. And last fall it was responsible for this interesting bit of conspiraloon nonsense:

    So…the perfect place for Sabine to direct her anti-Semitic rant, then. (We won’t bother explaining to her how she’s actually limiting the post’s Twitter reach by employing her clever little trick.)

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    • Whilst I don’t doubt that RT is primarily a propaganda machine, I’m not sure that the citation is any more credible THAN that propaganda itself; actually, it probably rather less-so.

      A question that is often posed slightly tongue in cheek is, if there is no Illuminati/Semitic plot, why does the establishment keep feeding the rumours by adopting such symbolism? It is, quite seriously a question that genuinely puzzles many (myself included) in the PR industry. Most-often the answers given follow the lines of individual cultural reference possibly combined with some will to mock the foolish.

      The RT report I see here is in form and content a news-based entertainment piece. Primarily it’s satire/parody, by no means straight news. And it should perhaps be preceded by a ‘may contain nuts’ warning. – But then I would have thought most people would have ‘got that’ by the marginally too-old and too middle-class, too-cute brunette’s slightly uncomfortable presentation.

      Strikes me that the critic in that piece is as much an anti-Russian propagandist as RT is anti-American. Personally I see neither side as particularly credible. And I know which collection of lunatics bother me the most.

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    • In 2000 I was in Sydney for the Olympics and went to a function attended by 2 aged athletes who had competed at the 1936 Berlin games. One had won a gold medal for running and had received it from Araya Soma’s hero Adolf- I just had to ask him his impression of the great Dictator:
      “short, pasty faced with halitosis” was his answer.
      In the late 80s I went to Ibizia with my then Irish wife who had blonde hair & green eyes. I was also blond with blue eyes. We were very tanned from a trip to Greece.
      We got to the beach very early on the first morning (with shocking hangovers) and grabbed a great spot. As we headed to the water I heard someone in a group of Brits say :” Hitler would have loved those two”. They thought we were German. Of course with a Russian Jewish mother I’m technically a Jew & would have been on Hitler’s hit list.
      These anti-Semites really talk so much bollox but they are dangerous.

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    • At the moment I feel like a nineteenth century Liberal faced with the rise of Fascism and Communism. There is a political vacuum in the world at the moment which is in danger of being filled by ideologies that have murdered millions in the past. The sort of rubbish Sabine is spouting at the moment is particularly toxic and mustn’t be allowed to go unchallenged.

      Sorry to be so gloomy, but innuendo, myths and lies have led to bloodshed too many times in the past.

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  7. One thing I’ve noticed on my weekly scouring of the Ham & High for the latest goss on the hoaxer twunts is that there’s been a worrying rise in antisemitic crime (attacks on Jews and synagogues, graffiti and vandalism in Jewish cemeteries, etc.) in the Hampstead and Highgate area. Shame on evil “people” like Sabine, Araya, Everard, Tom “Cough ‘n’ Drop” Cahill, Charlotte Ward and Angela for blatantly fanning the flames with their online hate campaigns, lies, distortions and shit-stirring.

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    • I think Hitler started killing disabled people before he started on the jews. Sabine really is one cruel woman full of poison and spite.

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    • Hasn’t it been observed that Sabine’s disabilities magically reduce when she thinks no one is watching her?

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      • I suspect a hidden Sabine-watch cam would prove somewhat revealing.

        Many(if not all) of these hate filled psychotic clowns love the handouts of the “system” affording them too much time tor their idles hands to create pseudo Jobs as arch-campaigners against just about every other aspect of the “Evil reptilian system” or whatever the latest fabricated bullshit-issue-of-the-day happens to be.Hiding behind the emotive shield of child welfare is most convenient smokescreen for their nefarious machinations.

        Of course there is always massive room for improvement in every part of a community but the sickheads like the hoaxer mob only serve to diminish the efforts and struggles of folk sincerely striving to make a positive difference many of which ironicly also hold down a full time job and effectively fund the Angies,Sabines,Christies etc ad nauseum

        In the event Sabine/Angie etc have some genuine physical defect this evidently does not interfere with an ability to manipulate a keyboard churning out copious quantities of shit.Such energy could clearly be usefully channeled into careers in data entry or sewage turd flow management.

        Finally Sabine certainly does have a major disabilty it is often commonly refered to as being a complete fucking waste of space.

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  8. Spiny, Good point.

    However if Sabine was faced with death due to either her religion or her claimed disability, then her disability would be suddenly “CURED” and her religion a thing of the past and denounced. This would also be the case if she thought it would not get her sympathy, money or attention

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    • Excellent point, JW. However, I don’t think it would get to that stage, as Neelu would go marching up to Hitler, charge him a million-Reichsmark lien and remove him from office.

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  9. By the way, I thought the graffiti in the photo above lacked a certain “je ne sais quoi” (or “gur nur sayz kwaaar”, as Angie would put it), so I nipped over to the cemetery and pepped up the design:

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    • Actually, I’ve seen the ‘full fat’ 50/mb footage of the interview on a large broadcast-grade 1 monitor; that’s a quality of image you wouldn’t have seen even off-air at broadcast. Dearman is VERY CLEARLY struggling to retain his composure; he’s fighting the tears. – Might be less obvious on some shitty little box on the screen of a crappy laptop over YouTube where the footage has been compressed to fuck; but I’m afraid the evidence of him really fighting to contain his hurt IS there.

      As to what he did or did not say; he gave that interview under legal advice, it was edited under legal advice, and audited before transmission. If you have access to the original footage it’s under all sorts of terms and conditions. – NOBODY wants to risk damaging the prospects of obtaining a prosecution against the individuals who abused those children.

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        • Feel free… I don’t mind whether I’m credited or not. There are probably a dozen other people in this office alone that have seen the footage this way. Likewise any of the BBC technical staff that were involved in transmission, production or archiving it. – The poor man is quite clearly in bits.

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      • I’ve never understood the obsession with tears anyway. As far as I am aware from my own experience and seeing others, people can still have the chin wobble and sniffing without the tears pouring down their face. Sometimes the tears seem to run down the back of the nostril, causing sniffing and just well up slightly in the eye lid. Perhaps not always noticeable to a viewer, but the person crying feels it, and will often run their finger along to draw it away.

        As Spiny pointed out, Ella has shown no emotion, other than the few times she has chuckled along with her abusive criminal boyfriend. Her mother and father certainly showed emotion though. Speaks volumes about Ella.

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        • You’re right of course Dave. – the point is though that it’s factually incorrect to suggest Dearman is showing no emotion or concern for his children; it’s just a lie.

          As you point out, their Mother certainly shows none though. Nor does the convicted criminal – a proven drug dealer and sexual deviant – who goaded those children into repeating grotesque stories HE created from HIS sick imagination. – Abe Christie.

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          • The only emotions Abe displays are satisfaction and excitement when the kids say what he wants them to say. It’s disturbing to hear.
            And yes, Ella’s voice remains completely flat, except when she’s making jokes.

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        • As we’ve said many times in the past: troofers see what they want to see, and ignore what doesn’t fit their narrative. According to those who promote Hoaxtead, there’s only one way to express emotional distress.


    • Hmmm..I’m beginning to wonder if she even has time to read this blog, maybe Roop is taking up too much of her time.. I gave her the heads-up on here on the 23rd of July regarding Miles’ removal of her Bases interview vids.

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    • if you have a problem with me, approach cleaner. surrey dv have alot, the investigations effect me, more then i have said, how nice you take a pop, for what??? not that i know who you are, or care


      • Sheva, I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. I don’t think anyone is attacking you; this is a discussion about Angela.


        • i recieved an inbox from GB, within my reply i ‘privately’ stated dismay re melshaw/ so GB makes this public, out of context, merciless imo, i was still pissed @ange bringing that. shocked by attitude


  10. If Jake Clarke runs Anonymous Op Hampstead (or whoever does) they are breaching laws again with photos of the 2 children etc. What is wrong with these people?

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    • On Jake,I was pondering just how his appeal to overthrow democratic rule has fared.I live in a fairly remote place amidst mountains,sheep and stuff but have yet to observe the distant tangerine glow of a civilisation in its final throes.

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