Angie shoots self in foot, then head

Phew, that didn’t take long then, did it?

Was it only yesterday that we were speculating that Angela Fag-Ash Disney was about to fulfill her dream of scrambling up to the top of the festering pile of dung that is the Hampstead hoax, and claiming its throne for herself? All the conditions seemed perfect: Belinda and her minions Sabine and Neelu down and (almost) out; Angie attracting the attention of Conscious Consumer Network maven Mel Ve; developing her own army of slavering supporters; breaking in her new weekly YouTube broadcast, Angela’s Ca$he$….

And yet today, it looks like it’s all gone tits-up.

It started with the death of ‘MK Ultra super-soldier’ Max Spiers last week. (Don’t blame us, we don’t give them these ridiculous titles.)

Angie, never one to pass up an opportunity to shed some crocodile tears whilst trying to boost her own online brand, did a heartfelt eulogy on her latest CCN broadcast (and by ‘broadcast’ we mean ‘viewed by at four people, three of whom were us’).

And then she posted a bombshell on Facebook: extracts from what look like a private conversation between her and the deceased, in which he admits to having had an affair. And names names:

Angie-Max Spiers FB chatNow there’s a novel excuse for an affair: your partner “casted love spells” on you, and is “now using black magick….She’s poisonous”.

But whether the deceased was patently out of his ever-lovin’ mind or not, is there really any excuse for publishing this sort of personal confession online? We think not. And apparently we weren’t the only ones who felt this way:Angie-Max Spiers FB 1

Oh, see this makes it all okay: Angie herself was hit with some black magick, which she cured by listening to ABBA. As one does.

Question: is there any wacky diagnosis Angie won’t try to adopt and make her own? If she forgets what she’s talking about, she claims to be dissociating, not just having a moment of forgetfulness. If someone has died, she doesn’t just feel sad, she has survivor guilt. She truly is a speshul snowflake, isn’t she?

Anyhoo, back to the Angie Gossip and Bad-mouthing Show

Angie-Max Spiers FB 2Her excuse here? “To thine own self be true”. Really? How does this relate to sharing confidential information from a private chat, about a person who has just shuffled off this mortal coil? Even if it weren’t spiteful gossip, it would still be in the worst possible taste.

Angie-Max Spiers FB 3Angie-Max Spiers FB 4Ah, here come the reinforcements! Jake jumps in like the Tinkerbell of Love, trying to spread his usual unintelligible gibberish.

But then, the cutting blow: looks like Mel Ve has sent Eilish by with a very clear message: “Remove this shit immediately”.

Can’t get much clearer than that, can you? And given that Angie is the new kid on the block at CCN, you’d think she’d pack it in right away quick, to preserve her new gig. But this would be underestimating our girl: she just has to keep self-justifying:

Angie-Max Spiers FB 5Angie-Max Spiers FB 6Ah, there we are. The inevitable attempt to sidetrack the argument with a sudden claim that Max was mysteriously killed by person or persons unknown.

David Lloyd falls for it….Angie-Max Spiers FB 7But Maria and others stick to their guns: Angie is in the wrong, and they’re not letting her off the hook. Angie-Max Spiers FB 8Appearing to realise that she hasn’t exactly won any popularity contests with her original post, Angie tries again. If her friends don’t like her catty, back-biting ways, they should feel free to “jog on/scroll down or unfriend or both”.

We know which we’d choose.

And apparently Angie’s dear friend Miles Johnstone, who last year filmed Angie in a party dress making bizarre allegations about how she’d been hunted and pissed on by her father and his friends, agrees with us. He’s removed the Angie videos from his public stream.

Nicely done, Angie. Well played, as usual, with your usual good taste and panache.Angela's Caches 2016-06-29  copy

135 thoughts on “Angie shoots self in foot, then head

    • “Angies Cash” on CCN Monday 5-7pm UK time should be an interesting squirm fest and could top double figures if of course the Gods at CCN dont repalce it with some other non entity exposing their arsehole.
      Voyeuristically hoping to catch a glimpse of Lady God Diva falling off her horse tits up and all.

      Just have to record Corrie 🙂

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      • It’ll be a squirm-fest, for sure. She’ll be all over the place trying to explain why being hateful about someone who’s just died is completely justified in the Book of Fulminations, 10:6-24. Watch for the words “pray on it” and “truth-telling”. We were going to suggest a drinking game, but don’t want to be responsible for any incidents of alcohol poisoning.


        • Ang$ted Angie$ ca$hing In $quirm Fe$t LIVE Monday 5-7 uk time.
          Note: Arrive early as there are less chairs than room 2 Blackfriars court.

          Betting exchange current odds:

          Angie to use word “I” over 200 times 4/7
          Rupert to appear totally starkers 11/10
          Angie makes a cogent point 3000/1
          Full apology regarding Max Spiers 1/500
          Claim evil twin sister hacked FB 9/2
          Claim that All major Dieties and Jeshua are on her side so there” 1/40
          Viewers to reach double figures evens
          Angie to morph into Davros out of Dr Who 8/1
          Benefit fraud squad to make live arrest 6/1
          Cigarette fire leads to Fire brigade crashing in 7/1
          Angie makes unashamed pass at Firemen. (Betting currently suspended)
          Show pulled and replaced with live lesbian action 13/2

          Got my fiver on:
          Weird shadow thing on Angies cheek to still be really annoying 3/1 (down from 5/1 but still great value)

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  1. I am still reading this post with utter disgust regarding Angie. I have followed this story, seen all the things Angie has done, and still, left a smidgen of room for alternative possibilities to her motives, behaviour, etc, that is just my nature and a wise thing, since truth is never absolute and always complex. But I happen to have been recently bereaved. My partner died. I never realised the depth of my attachment to him, and the impact his death would have on me, I never thought about him as much when he was alive as I do now, incessantly. For he was a terribly difficult man, but with many redeeming qualities, that I admired, and after a long long campaign to win my affections, he won me over, and our relationship began. 15 years later, I chose to stay with him. Our relationship was difficult for all kinds of reasons I won’t go into here, save to say it never came to arguments where splitting up was ever mentioned as a wish from him. I said it once, after an extraordinarily cruel event he was responsible for. Even that, I forgave, and dropped, as an older person your options are limited, all kinds of factors come into it. Attachment is a hell of a thing.

    After his death, his children, those that had grown up with him, and really knew the impact of his controlling nature, his eccentricity, who had not even rung him to say happy christmas in his last year, who put the phone down on him without reason, suddenly appeared at his deathbed in caricature vulture style, like something out of…help me out here, EC?. In fact, my neighbours, who attended the funeral, said it was like watching a drama, ie the behaviour of these children, who they knew were not part of his life, really, suddenly turning up, acting out whatever they thought would seem appropriate to would be inheritors of his estate. Whatever the truth about their grief, their regrets and love for him may really be, there has been utter hostility at a vulnerable time to me, who cared for him, helped him, gave up much for him, tolerated his abuse, because I understood, instinctively, that he was a very wounded soul, a man who made an enigma of himself and openly hid much of his past, would not talk about it. But the qualities that I fell in love with were the kinds of things that we lust for in human relationships. I saw his hard working nature, his integrity, reliability. He did little things like make me sandwiches on trips that were delicious, he was ‘ a good strict father’…now this is such a tiny thing but goes back to such primitive childhood stuff….but, if we analyse it, all our adult sexual relationships hark back somehow to our parents, hard as that is to really digest. It was hard putting up with his dark, controlling, and abusive side next to his good qualities. But I chose to stay, it was my decision. Keep out of other peoples relationships you cannot hope to understand, Angie. It would take a book to describe the complexity of any relationship, it is not something for outsiders to comment on.

    But, getting finally to the issue, the reason for my writing this, in my grief and shock after the death of my partner – he had hidden away his terminal illness to me, and his children, sharing it with his ex wife who happened to open the letter from the hospital and translated what it said to him, which he did not understand. To his mind he probably excused himself of what was really cowardice, shame, and a wish to see the true nature of the people who were close to him, all mixed in with his secretive nature. If he were here, I am sure he would say that he wanted to save me the worry about something I could do nothing about. But now there are inheritance issues, I can only tell you that the Angie story above rang alarm bells, chimed with me to an extent that is so chilling, I have written all of the above to give you the background for understanding, sorry it got so long. So now, with money left for me in a will made in his last months, he did the decent thing. I had made myself dependent on him to help him realise his dream, or rather, our dream, which nevertheless, only he owned. The children now want this cash, will contest this will, and in vulture style, funnily enough one of the children, a woman who is a bible thumper and wants to be a fully fledged female priest has cruelly been trying to tell me how her father had told her he intended to separate from me, to offer me a lump sum to ‘go away’, having spent the last 10 years of my life building our dream home together with him. In order to justify her attack on the will, his provision for me. As if she owned him, to her mind ‘he owes her’. Fuck me, she is what is important, after all. This revelation, his betrayal of me, was a shock to me, I asked her to stop such stories, but she persists, I have now cut off all contact…. and I can only tell you that mixed in with the grief, the shock, the impact of such information has left me unable to function. It was the last blow. The cruelty of this woman, to say such things after the death of a loved one has no equal, in my opinion. So Angie, if you are reading this, as I know you will, you fucking narcissist, keep your truth up, in the knowledge that here is someone who has experienced the mud flinging after the death of a loved one, from people who did not love him, but in fact hated him more, and, disgustingly, for their own gratification, both psychological, emotional and for hard cash are trying to destroy someone who actually did love him. In any case I suspect what he said was the stuff all of us do from time to time, complain about our partners, then go back home and continue with the relationship. Perhaps he said it to throw off controlling questioning and badgering with inheritance issues in mind, ie ‘get rid of that woman before you die, so we can inherit everything’….

    They say ‘do not speak ill of the dead’ for a good reason. Angie does not even have the same psychological and emotional issues these children have in reality, got, I admit, they have some reason to hate him, for as I said, he was a very difficult man….and I can understand how difficult that must have been during the time he controlled their lives as young children. But still, I could equally have flung mud, told these same children some home truths about themselves, information pertaining to their real relationship with their father, their natures, that he told me he hated. But I told them, no, that he loved them, because that is what a decent, normal person does.

    Angie, you are disgusting, and you have probably caused a woman, (what happened to sisterhood?), to go overboard, with your revelations, at this particular time. You have no shame, and are a truly disgusting woman.

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    • Anna you are in a better position than many to appreciate just how deeply cruel Angies point scoring insensitivity is.

      Critisism on here towards her bandwagon jumping on the back of defenceless children is small fry compared to your post exposing theemotional complexities that can arise when someone leaves this mortai coil and just how deep into the mire Angie is prepared to dive.

      I really hope the dust settles and embrace the joy of all the chapters yet to be.

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    • Thank you Anna for sharing your personal story, which is clearly very precious to you. I cannot imagine losing the one I love, let alone having to defend them after their death. I’m sorry that the crassness of others has affected you at such a vulnerable time. Of course, I don’t know you, but I wish you the very best. Take care, Anna.

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    • Anna, I’m so sorry for all that’s gone on around the death of your partner. The behaviour of his children toward you is inexcusable, and says a great deal about the quality of their character; but when you’re on the receiving end of that kind of horrible attack, that’s very little comfort. You, more than most, will understand on a very deep level the damage that attacks like Angie’s can do. You’re very much in my thoughts.

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  2. You lot are too critical. What’s wrong with putting the knife in and twisting it while people are grieving?

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      • Indeed Gabriella,A deranged drug fueled son “kicking the door down”weilding a rifle and forcing Maw and Paw to hand over “his” inheritance is an alternative plot denouement from the cosy Mills and Boon version.Just saying.

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    • She just cannot keep confidence.

      If I was one of her associates, I’d tell her some bs, ask her to keep it quiet, record the conversation, then when she spills the beans, which she 100% will, broadcast it far and wide.

      Angela you are a dishonest biatch, some things you should have the morals and emotional intelligence to keep quiet.

      Horrible woman, inside and out, no doubt.

      Rupert, get out of there quick…

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      • Yes, Rupert (and Jake) had best hope they have never shared anything they don’t want the world to know. The trouble with associating with a well-known lying backstabber is that…well, they’ll lie to you and back-stab you.


  3. Angie tries very hard to shoot her self in the head, but the thick skull and the abundance of ugly wrinkles to deflect penetration into her pea sized brain stops any damage being done.

    Angie is perhaps one of the nastiest people on the this planet – a scum bag and total pond life exploiting the misery of others (and ugly and old to boot!!)

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    • Has anyone noticed we never actually get to see Angies feet?

      Either she has long since blow them off or more realistically she is in fact Davros out of Doctor Who cunningly disguised as a flatulent feckin Ejit yet secretly plotting to exterminate the human race as we know it.
      Certainly never seen Davros and Angie in the same room(cue spinning Tardis and original theme tune by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshitre using Radiophonic workshop).

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      • LOL she is a ratbag isn’t she?
        As for the Reverend Dr Anthony G.Pike (UK) of the Cosmic Research Foundation (and another LOL)- I’ve seen him on video in conversation with Ange and between them they are top competitors for The Bore of Britain.
        And Jake jumping up & down banging his toys on the floor. Batshit crazy the lot of them.


    • Well as I always say, if you live long enough, you get old.

      So i’m not holding her age against her, but she sure is ugly.

      More so with her character, as again, there’s not too much you can do about your looks, unless you resort to surgery.

      However, I agree with “Angie is perhaps one of the nastiest people on this planet – a scum bag and total pond life exploiting the misery of others”.

      She’s also a consistent liar and manipulator of the truth, who will walk over anyone to come out on top.

      Funny enough you’d think she’d change tact ,as I don’t think her life is that successful to date and with all the fags she smokes, she’d better hurry up changing herself with the time she has left.

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      • She’s not that old. But ugliness oozes from her pores. She’s mad and she’s bad but in the most uninteresting way.

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        • I hadon’t lunch today with a group of people, most of whom were retired. They were therfore old and not immensely physically attractive. They were however interesting and engaging in a way Angie isn’t. Even though they were ten or twenty years her senior they didn’t meander in the tedious way Ms Power Disney does on her “Talk Show”.

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          • Sorry an ont has got into that first sentence. That’s what happens when you try to type on your phone.


  4. Mik – I wonder if you made a typo with the word “flatulant” and perhaps added an “L”.?

    Fatulant seems more appropriate

    From the urban dictionary:


    An angry and rude fat person.

    “Damn! You bought one airplane ticket not two. Get your left cheek on your side of the arm rest and quit being so fatulant.”


  5. Although passing wasteful gas from back passage was intention I fully concur “Fatulant£ covers all Angies bases far more succinctly.
    Together we are stronger 🙂

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    • Jake really must have the hots for Angela, to defend her in his somewhat daft way.

      I don’t really understand Rupert’s comments, does he side with Angela or not?

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      • I expect Rupert’s in a state of cognitive dissonance having heard all sides of the Satanic Ritual Abuse argument by now, although he still seems woefully uninformed. I’m told he’s stayed with people on both sides of the fence (I’m not telling who) and broken bread with them. It’s always a mistake to get too close to your sources because they’ll feel betrayed if your writing or documenary script goes against what they believe. I can hear it now ‘You stayed in my house and now you say THAT!’. Buy popcorn. There are dramas to come.

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  6. When I give proper and full consideration to the activities of people like Angie, Rupert, Bill Maloney, Sabine, Neelu, Mel Ve, Teal Swan and all the assorted fuckwits and morons fighting over Facebook pages and kidding on they’re running TV stations and radio shows and playing at newspapers…… I’m always reminded of this……………

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  7. I’m not keen on words like ‘ratbag’ or ‘ugly’ in relation to anyone. I’m past the age of making judgements about appearance. I’m more concerned with what she taps into her keyboard about Hampstead than what she looks like. Right now she’s in minus figures on my scale where common sense and Hampstead is concerned.

    I listened to Max Spiers’ last interview on You Tube and found it incredibly disturbing. He was obviously either drugged or not well and the interviewer seems to ignore it. The interview should have been stopped and Max taken to a hospital. It’s frustrating to think that people didn’t DO anything. Of course all the conspiraloons are going down rabbit holes and alleging ‘remote Satanic attack’ etc. I think there are probably more earthbound reasons for this tragedy but we’ll have to wait and see.

    I didn’t know you Max but you left young which is always sad. I hope you’re at peace.

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    • remote satanic attack? lmfao! is that the latest trend among these nuts? they have some imaginations, thats as funny as ACs stimulating the nerve endings at the base of the spine thus seeing god!

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  8. People discussing what this man died of in terms of dark forces, is below the belt as far as I’m concerned.

    My 2 pennyworth. The black stuff is probably blood from an ulcer or such like.

    Nothing sinister, though have to agree that the last interview is disturbing in that he was obviously unwell and the interviewer did not seem to give a flying f…

    Angela stoops to a new low with the talk of affairs etc.

    Would put a bet on that her “love life” was not all innocence, so who the hell does she think she is to judge?

    Who does she think she is, the Queen of Morals?


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  9. Mel Ve’s perception of reality…

    25:13 – “This is something that’s been uploaded by Mckenzie’s Devils…It’s having a go at Angela Power-Disney, who is one of the people who was very big in exposing the information with regards to the Hampstead case…Of course, many people have called this a hoax and I’ll get on to talk about that in a moment…Angela Power-Disney, who has recently joined our network, is being trolled like crazy by all sorts of interesting and weird people and somehow we’ve all been sorta lumped together…”

    🙂 😀 XD

    Oh but then, to Mel’s credit, it gets really interesting…

    “I’d like to just clarify first off a couple of things about what the McKenzie’s Devils really are. So for anybody who does want to go and watch this really pathetic attack on us, this is the video…I have quite a bit of experience with what’s going on here…Who is Belinda McKenzie? That’s a very interesting question and she’s got a lot to account for as far as I’m concerned. I have a history with Belinda McKenzie which goes all the way back to 2009…”

    She then goes on to talk about Belinda’s ‘Star Child skull’ scam (even implying that Belinda had her gassed in her sleep at a conference and stole her filming equipment); and she then, surprisingly, sets out to debunk the Hollie Greig case and Robert Green…and expresses regret over her involvement in the case at the time and what she put the accused through!

    Sadly, she then blows it by descending back into hoaxer mode, sticking stubbornly to her guns on the Hampstead scam and once again banging on about how she “could feel the darkness” when she lived in Finchley Road (and trotting out all the usual discredited arguments and rabidly defending Abe & Ella).

    And then she’s back into full-on conspiraloon mode and provides us with some comedy gold:…

    “…Which is why we stand by Angela Power-Disney. And I feel very sorry for those people who feel the need to go and make these scathing videos about us, calling themselves McKenzie’s Devils. Well, if you are Belinda McKenzie’s Devils, it’d make a lot of sense calling yourself devils, coz it’s very common knowledge – almost anyone in the truth movement – that Belinda McKenzie does in fact work for MI5. She is in fact an MI5 agent. She does in fact recruit people into her little cult. There’s another little group of women known as ‘McKenzie’s Witches’, a harem of women she lets stay at her home – and there’s all sorts of stories that go round about what goes on in that house…Coz let me tell you Highgate is one of the most questionable areas in the whole of London. There are some frickin’ scary things that go on there. Even when I lived there, I was acutely aware of it…And if you go and look at, like, the most haunted places in Britain, Highgate Cemetery turns up on the top 10 list. I mean, Karl Marx, satanist and paedophile, is buried there…It’s not a coincidence that Abraham Stoker wrote the story of Dracula and set it in Highgate Cemetery, right. There’s a reason for that. And if you understand what vampires are, and kinda where they come from, you start getting into all of the reptilian and dragon information…I’ve looked at the Hampstead Hoax [sic] website and most of the facts that they’ve got on there about me and my fellow alternative media journalists are blatantly incorrect, in fact outright lies, exacerbations, misperceptions and all twisted around to make us seem like we’re the hoaxters…”

    She then throws another hissy fit about this blog and about McKenzie’s Devils and about how she knows it’s not a hoax because children never lie (yawn). Frankly, she’s just repeating herself over and over by this point (and I can’t be arsed to transcribe it), followed by her getting amusingly tearful and starting to hyperventilate.

    By the way, I wonder what Angie will make of all that Belinda-bashing by her new best mate! Watch this space…

    In the meantime, in case anyone missed it, here’s that excellent MD video again…

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    • Dracula is a wonderful book that I’d recommend.

      I’m waiting for her to have a go at Whitby….p’raps she hasn’t read the book. 🙂

      Karl Marx – satanist and paedophile? That’s fighting talk!

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    • “the facts that they’ve got on there about me and my fellow alternative media journalists are blatantly incorrect, in fact outright lies,”. LOL. “alternative media journalists”. The larfs just keep coming.
      The term is ‘fantasy merchants”.

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    • Angela has stayed at Belinda’s.

      So according to Mel, Angela is a McKenzie Witch.

      Thanks for the confirmation Mel.

      Btw does your recent “journalist” believe in the Hollie Greig case?

      I think she does, oh dear!

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    • Mel Ve talking about the HG case:
      “Sheriff Buchanan is an only child. He didn’t have a sister. So, implicating someone that doesn’t
      exist in child abuse charges, well what that says to me is that there’s holes in the story.”
      Is Mel aware that the Hampstead kids named several police officers as abusers who don’t exist? Is she aware that they originally told the police they’d been abused at a certain house where they’d been regularly but on a ‘drive around’ they couldn’t identify the house? (Note: As far as I know Sheriff Buchanan has a brother so he’s not an only child.)

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      • I know about it. Add it to the non-existent secret rooms, unlockable shared “locked fridge”, other children being interviewed, non existent skulls in too shallow drawers, then although it isn’t damning in itself it all adds up to the pure bullshit that exists between Abraham Christie’s ears.

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      • Yes, it’s mentioned in the IPCC investigation report, and is one of the (many) reasons the police determined that this was a hoax.


      • Watched a Mel Ve clip McKenzie Devils posted earlier.She says she has an open mind and if she had “evidence” of a hoax being perpetrated would accept that.She implies this site is a hinderance in getting to the truth.She still believes what comes out of the mouths of babes in sacrosanct etc

        What more “evidence” does anyone with an “open” mind need FFS? Christie audio grilling and drilling the kids to repeat his instructions “kill the baby” is better than any confession yet alone the courts spelling out the abuse received at the hands of both parents etc etc etc ad infinitum,,,come on!

        The only thing that may sway Mels open mind would be for her to go back in a time machine and be a fly on the wall and see precisely what took place.Even then she would probably raise doubts that the space/time continuum was distorted via someone messing about with alternative reality modules or somesuch bollox.

        No Mel has identified with a narrative because it suited her requirement to signal how virtuous she is and gain an empire of plaudits and followers like some modern day Pied Piper leading lemmings over a cliff and charging them for the service.

        Open mind?Open for business more like.

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  10. Bloody cheek of the woman to say that Ella and Abraham have had their lives ruined by this. Seriously got her priorities wrong

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    • I wonder if she really believes this Hoax or knows it is absolute bollox and is just going along with it for what she thinks she is gaining from it.

      I’m still interested in what she paid to do the “tv” show Angela’s Cashes (she hopes).

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    • I think she just got mixed up. What she meant to say was “Ella and Abe tried to ruin a lot of lives over this, but wound up ruining their own. Because they are idiots”.


        • It’s the sedation squad (aka normally dressed PCs) that arrived at her place with drugs to take her away. Or made up crap yet again. The non existent sedation kit is notably absent in the video footage of the event. Ella scarpered over the roof. They should have used the big red key or the hoolie bar as appropriate if they had powers of entry, unless they came without any method of entry officers.



          Easy for me to say though.

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      • I do care about him: I care passionately that eventually he will be forced to come back home and face up to what he has done, and all the people whose lives he’s damaged.

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  11. Mel Ve…. Seriously, if this woman had any clue what ‘free and independent media’ was she would not be so spectacularly media-illiterate.

    57:32, 58:44, 59:00…. etc.

    There sits she on some sham throne, in a murky half-lit room barking into a laptop pretending to be something she’s not; a broadcaster. – It’s very obvious that the woman has no clue about visual grammar. She is completely ignorant of programme structure and lacking the basic skills necessary to get a programme to flow.

    ‘Alternative Media’? – I’m reminded about the old joke Bob Monkhouse made about ‘alternative’ comedy; it’s an alternative TO comedy -not funny. And for sure, this shite is NOT ‘media’!

    What Mel ‘produces’ isn’t in any way, shape or form ‘broadcasting’.

    I was speaking to Q… Earlier. 35+ years in the business including a dozen where he was (by invite) a lecturer in TV production at the same college and in the same department that gave us acts such as Biffy Clyro, Snow Patrol and Belle and Sebastian…. That department was run on hand-picked media professionals who KNOW about producing material because they’ve spent decades doing it in the real world……

    “technical workings and stuff behind the scenes here”?

    Q… Is very much a ‘technician first’. He’s part-owner of the facilities house we work from. And I’ve seen the man strip down and repair equipment to board level, resurrecting equipment other people had declared beyond repair. He’s also (literally) ‘written the book’ on media project management which is really re-shaping the way things get done in this city among the small production houses. And I know he’s written units and served on course design committees for the SQA.

    He tells me that what these people (and Mel Ve is a prime example) are doing isn’t even of the technical or editorial standard that would be expected from non-academic school leavers who left school with no qualifications, and are trying to drag them selves through a ‘remedial’ or ‘access’ level course at FE college…… We’d expect better from kids doing a ‘media studies’ course at school!

    In other words – Mel V and her kind really are just like little teenage kids playing game in their bedrooms; that’s the quality of output they ‘produce’. And that’s not someone being ‘bitchy’ or ‘churlish’; that’s a considered professional opinion offered by many people. – Contrary to what this fool has to say, she and her partner are not ‘producing’ ANYTHING of worth! – They’re simply sitting at home effectively playing their favourite computer game; and they’re actually NOT very good at it!

    When she criticises others for being part of a ‘free money cult’ the reality is she’s just staring at the person in the mirror! “Network and infrastructure”? “Studio Rental”? What sort of a “studio” sounds like someone’s empty spare room, is as black as the Earl-of-hell’s waistcoat and needs a good coat of paint?

    The equally incompetent Angela Power Disney is equally a complete fantasist. ‘Journalists’ as part of their basic skill set know about things like media law and reporting restrictions – and understand the reasons for them. – No serious, credible, legitimate media professional – mainstream or otherwise – would give this filthy auld fraud a moment’s houseroom.

    So yes Mel…. You ARE a cheap fucking beggar. You’re a fake, you’re a fraud and dishonest to the very marrow of your bones. If it were otherwise you would not be sitting there on your gilded throne brass-nekedly claiming to be something you very plainly are not.

    You should get in touch with this little kid Mel…. She seems to have the edge in terms of technical ability, and probably wisdom!

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    • Crikey ! Glad you got that of your chest but you are right. Mel V and her fellow nutcases are an embarrassment and a bloody insult to genuine alternative media.

      I’ve seen some really fantastic efforts from teens who are doing media courses in high school. Kids who really love the media know they must study like crazy every aspect of broadcasting down to a tee. They do it because they love media. they love all the technical aspects , presentation, journalism and so on.
      This bunch are egotistical fruit loons who think that a webcam and getting their boat race on the screen and rabbiting on for 2 hours is ‘media’.

      And Mel’s ghastly tan and tragic hair and outfit and that ridiculous throne somehow sum her up : cheap & nasty.

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      • Where in my day we’d be messing about with old open-reel tape recorders and stuff like that, cobbling it together and making it work the kids today have computers. But actually the ‘front end’ – microphones, lights etc; none of that has really changed in principle. And yes, if they’re at all serious, by he time they get to college or university they’re more technically competent than any of these idiots by a country mile!

        When you go to college or uni, you learn the ‘hidden’ aspects of your chosen craft; the legal stuff the project management stuff etc. – As Q… points out; if one of these clowns turned up as a mature student looking for entry to a course based on this rubbish, they would get an instant rejection. – She talks about “accurate information” at one point! – That’s about the LAST thing Mel Ve or any of these Grifters are interested it; all they want is more of the particular form of ‘pornography’ their bottom-feeding audience will shell out for.

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      • I think what angers most people in the industry is that cranks like her are really queering the pitch for people with intentions of doing a honest job within the independent/alternative media. – It’s too easy these days for rogue officials with something to hide to ignore approaches from the media and justify their actions as ‘not responding to cranks’. – And that’s entirely down to flim-flam merchants like her. The harsh reality is that these people are facilitators of abuse and corruption: – They’re the ones supplying the smokescreen. }:(

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        • Indeed Joe.Precisely the same applies to underesourced agencies dealing with child protection.Many exagerrated allegations arise when families break down which require statutory inter agency assessments,court reports etc.
          To have resources taken up by self appointed touchline experts trying to gain a few extra hits on you tube is known in social work circles as RFA syndrome (Really Fucking Annoying).

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    • JK, you are so right. And allow me to add that my GCSE Drama students, all of whom have learning difficulties, routinely create work for their filmmaking module that is far superior to anything that Mel, Angie, Rupert or any of the other so-called “alternative journalists” who hang around with them produce.

      (Not to dismiss all alternative broadcasters, though, purely out of respect to Keelan Balderson.)

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      • I’d be pretty confident in your students Sally….. Obviously they’re putting in the hours and the effort. Equally well there are competent people out there. But in the past 5-8 years the alternative media has been overrun by fakes and grifters like Mel Ve, Power-Disney, Everard etc…..

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  12. Mel Ve says she “knows” the Hampstead thing is true. Just like she “knew” that she was right about Hollie Greig and about Kevin Annett being the best thing since sliced bread. LOL XD

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    • mel ve was annetts hatchet man for a while, she and alf weber are responsible for fraud on a global scale with annett alone, she says she knew that toos woman was lying from the start, it never stopped her going along with it

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      • “Let not wickedness dwell in your tabernacles!”

        Oh, is that what that is? My tabernacles have been playing me up all weekend and I couldn’t work out what was causing it. That’s a trip to the doctor saved.

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    • 5:45 – “Doth not the ear try words and the mouth taste his meat?”

      Eww! Too much information! What the hell has Jesus been up to whilst God’s back was turned?

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    • 7:10 – Angie’s desperate attempt to justify her disgusting antics:

      “I’ll talk about it in my show on Monday but I do believe everything held to the light becomes refined or dross. I don’t apologise for shining lights in dark corners.”

      Yep – in your case, Angie, the light has definitely revealed everything you say to be dross.

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    • Then at 9:57…

      “Yeah, I can shut up, to be popular. But what’s the point of living if you don’t speak what you’re supposed to speak?”

      Yay – we must remember that excuse next time Angie calls our comments about her a “troll attack”. Just speaking what we’re meant to speak, luv. 😀

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    • Then stop lying through your teeth Angie….. Stop pretending to be something you’re not; a Journalist. Stop begging for donations to fund your filthy idleness. Stop pretending to have researched things you just haven’t and understand things you just don’t. Just stop being the dishonest shambling wreck you are; an embarrassment to yourself (if you had the integrity to admit it) and your family. – A fraud, a liar… An individual who thinks nothing of wrecking the lives of innocent people for the sake of sordid financial gain and self aggrandisement.

      You’re a con Angela Power Disney….. Just a con. They’re running up the furnaces of hell for you.

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  13. I wonder how Angie determined that she was the victim of black magic. What it was she actually felt and how she knew that the only possible explanation is black magic. I also can’t stand her hypocrisy, quoting bible passages and judging others, as if she has been a moral saint.

    It’s utter crap that Ella was in any danger. In fact, the recent court cases of Sabine and Neelu just highlight how little Ella is willing to do to fight for her children. Those cases demonstrate that even if Ella had been arrested for harassment, the case could easily have fallen apart, or she would have got a restraining order. Especially as Sabine was willing to say that she was the one that left her Googledrive public, and allowed the videos to be downloaded by the blogger.

    At that time, Ella was not facing child abuse charges. Now that she knows she is, I can’t imagine she will return anytime soon. And I imagine Abraham will be happy enough with that because he knows they found child sex images on his phone.

    In relation to that I noticed something interesting in a snippet of DS Fernandez testimony from the fact finding hearing. He was being asked about the children’s medicals and the findings proving Abraham burst the boys ear drum. He said “the only allegations that they had made about Mr Christie hitting them was in Morocco”. He than states the interesting part “So at that time they had said nothing had happened in this country”. To me, that suggests that they have since told police, possibly via the psychologist, that they were harmed in this country.
    It makes me wonder if that is why Ella is now wanted for child abuse. Alternatively, maybe Ella is in some of the videos found on Abraham’s phone.

    I found the snippet on drif louds twitter. Do we know for certain who is running that twitter account?…..with the attempts at analysis of the documents, I have been wondering if it may be Taj Aseem.

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    • A very insightful comment, Dave. Thank you

      And I believe that the Twitter Drif Loud is the psychotic Portugal-based ex-pat Alan Wrightson (not to be confused with the equally deranged Alan Alanson):

      EC, please howl if I’m wrong

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      • No, you’re right. I believe Abe has borrowed the Drifloud name on occasion, and they seem to be bosom buddies, but Drippy lives in Portugal.


    • It’s interesting, Dave–the thought had occurred to me that Taj might be the elusive Drifloud as well, but to date the only information we have on that account points directly towards Alan ‘Mad-eyes’ Wrightson.


      • That’s what I thought but I was also aware that maybe more than one person used that account or name. With so many nutters the situation can become confused,lol.

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    • Thankyou Earl.Had a mosey around Keelans Eyes wide shut site and YT channel.He does his homework without the tired fear porn shock jock shoite that has had its moment in the sun and waning mercifully.
      No hard sell media whoring but evidence led presentation and perspectives.

      Like 🙂

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  14. In the words of ABBA, Angie…What’s The Name of the Game?
    You’re obviously playing at something…
    Saying how sorry you are Max Spiers is dead and posting such personal information of his is disgusting.

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    • So Angie paid £3000 hard scammed cash for a manboy to give her a quicky.She would have been better off nipping outside to the Oldcastle dogging community and bend over backwards by making them all a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.


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  16. Have either of them said she gave £3k?

    Blimey for that money I reckon you could probably get a man with muscles in all the right places for the weekend.

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