Sabine’s stunning lack of self-awareness

Talk about irony: Sabine and Neelu both had to sit through a day and a half of witness testimony last week, during which they heard from four individuals they’d terrorised and defamed, who described their feelings of being hunted, of being unsafe in their own homes, and of having no recourse in law.

One might think that any normal person would feel at least a small twinge of empathy or even remorse for their actions in the face of this kind of testimony. They might understand that they’d caused innocent people, including small children, a great deal of distress. They might wonder how it would feel to be relentlessly pursued by people telling lies about them, encouraging others to believe they were the worst sort of criminals….

Oh, wait.

Sorry. We’re talking about Sabine here. How foolish of us: we should remember that Sabine is the only person in the world who is ever hard done by.

After all, a newspaper that serves the community she and her cronies have been terrorising has actually had the temerity to publish storiesnews stories!—about Neelu, Belinda, Abe, Ella, and worst of all Sabine herself, in which she comes out smelling less than rose-like:Sabine-WBK blog-2 2016-07-21Sabine-post-WBK 2016-07-21

Fancy that! A journalist has been doing his or her job, covering an ongoing issue that’s affected hundreds of people, and Sabine thinks this coverage is a “libelous campaign”?

“This was the 17th article creating our ‘local reputation'” she claims, with no discernible trace of irony. “After the first few articles I had written to the editor in July 2015 as well as the Independent Press Standards Organisation IPSO—but it’s all a waste of time. I never got a reply. They know what they can get away with….”

Excuse us while we collapse in fits of helpless laughter.

Seriously, Sabine? Seriously?

She’s actually worried about a newspaper reporting on her actual, verified activities (not just speculative lies about imaginary cults that rape children and eat babies at McDonald’s), because she fears her ‘local reputation’ will be damaged?

This will no doubt come as a complete shock to Sabine, but her ‘local reputation’ has been in tatters for some time now, and it has nothing to do with the Ham & High.

The fact is that when one goes about bearing false witness against one’s neighbours on an industrial scale, one’s reputation is bound to suffer. Spreading lies and encouraging people to harass one’s neighbours (by, for example, posting them dolls covered in red nail polish to resemble blood) is generally not the best way to make friends and influence people.

And Sabine does herself no favours by whining when she suffers the inevitable consequences.

Rather, she reveals herself for what she is: a self-centred, self-pitying fantasist whose strange preoccupation with the sexual violation of children has led her down a very dark and ugly road.

And if her actions have led her into the public eye via the courts and the media, she has only herself to blame. Sabine in Court

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  1. Decided lack of empathy. FWIW I’m sceptical about her claim her phone line has been deliberately cut. But, if it has then that is obviously wrong.

    Did she actually show any type of remorse or understanding in court of what the witnesses have been through?

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    • She showed no emotion as far as I’m aware. There was one slightly comic moment when one of the witness supporters saw Sabine exiting a cab looking quite sprightly, but as soon as she realised she was being observed she hunched over her walking sticks and hobbled into the court.


    • I don’t believe for 1 second any cable lines were cut.

      Why the need for 5 cuts when one would do.

      Complete bs as usual from Sprightly Sabine that needs to be reported for her disability claims.

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  2. Sabine is one seriously disturbed human being who has nailed her self to deception.
    If one objectively verifiable fact existed to give some confirmation to her dark construct then her spiral into psychotic hell may offer some solice.
    The extremely bleak news for Sabine is that there never was and never will be that ray of hope.Sabine appears to be incapable of remorse of conscience.
    Life sentence in Angstville penitentiary on the cards it would appear.

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  3. The lack of self-awareness, Narcissism and Psychopathic tendencies probably applies to all of the central characters in this HOAX.

    Certainly, Angela “Class Action/Legal Team (non-existent)” Dizzy-Powder, Jake “Witless Witness” Clarke, Neelu “can’t make up my mind on my own name” Berry, Rupert “Kung Fu” Quaint (not) Quaintance.

    Delusional, Obsessive, Irrational and Odd applies to the lot of them.

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    • “While I believe I published the article in question, I don’t remember the details at all.”

      Ah, the ol’ Kurt Waldheim defence (latterly known as the Lord Janner defence). Never fails 😀

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    • I’m pleased to see that this article mentions Sabine’s links to antisemitic groups. The Jew-baiting antics of the hoaxer twunts is something that needs exposing (as Fanny Adams and others have previously mentioned). Kudos to Dave Burke for covering this.

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      • Sabine and Angela both have this “Jew-baiting” in common.

        I would have thought Sabine lives in an area where many Jewish people live, a bit unwise of her not to keep her thoughts to herself.

        But hey ho when has she ever done that?

        The arrogance of the woman, another personality trait Angela and Sabine have in Common.

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      • Yes excellent.
        I’m a bit fanatical about this as although I’m secular half my family were East European Jews and I got my first research job on a TV series The Winds of War.
        I had to do a massive amount of research in the London representative office of Simon Wiesenthal which had shelves groaning with documents (pre-digital & internet). We only ever see a tiny fraction of the evidence gathered about the atrocities of WW2 but once you have viewed the 1000s of photos and records of atrocities you are never the same.
        Now there are well funded Jewish groups who monitor anti-Semites just so they have a record (which may have been handy in the 1930s to convince the hapless that there are sections of people who hate them just because they happened to be born into a certain race).
        Sabine’s name is on record.

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        • It is vitally important that the people who spread these ridiculous libels are taken to task quickly. In a world where nationalism seems to be back in fashion we can’t allow irrational and erroneous ideas to become acceptable.

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    • It’s also encouraging to see mention of Nelly and Sabby’s harassment of children (SD’s specifically). It’s important to keep reminding people that these twats’ actions affect not just their adult victims but also their children.

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      • Yes, very much so. Many children have been very badly affected by this lot and their weird obsessions. I think that’s why so many people are so angry with them—it’s one thing to harass an adult, but harass a child? The parents must be livid.


        • All the parents, familes, etc… everyone that has been effected by these insane evil monsters should come together and take all of them to court from all angles…Criminal, Libel….etc, for Defamation of character, abuse (sexual etc), Harrassment…..absolutely everything possible.

          To have the possibility to bring everything under one umberella.

          There are talks going on now to start to look at the possibility of this process.

          Bring them ALL to court and get justice.

          They have nothing to stand on but quick sand. They are the laughing stock! Judges know this! Police know this! Everyone sane knows this!

          It is time to take them down.

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    • She is a deeply dishonest woman – not least, dishonest with herself. – She seems to forget that, in order to ‘get off’ with these crimes, she had HER Barrister agree that the claims were a fabrication.

      Is she now admitting to deliberately misleading the court?

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      • You are quite right, she can’t have if both ways. Either she admits lying in court or she concedes the whole cannibalism thing was a hoax and takes down her websites.

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  4. Great post!

    Off topic:

    I don’t like violence but by ‘eck it did me good to see Alex Jones get battered by lefties in Cleveland.

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    • Jones’ aggression really does come across. I think he deliberately baits people to get a physical reaction. While not endorsing those Bilderberg meetings I’ve seen him be so bloody in-your -face rude to security guards I’m amazed one hasn’t decked him.

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    • Here can see this appalling conspiracy merchant Alex Jones in action at the Republican convention. This is a great example of how he disrupts and gets a reasonable and intelligent commentator Cenk Uygur to lose his cool. These are classic tactics used since the Brown Shirts caused mayhem at rival political groups and union meetings. It’s deliberate and a cheap tactic to disrupt and the Hampstead Hoaxers use similar tactics against their perceived enemies.

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  5. Meanwhile Belinda scooters off and hides, and let’s everyone else carry the crap. It was funny when we were in Edinburgh, because when we confronted her about falsely accusing some one of being a paedophile, and the said person was in front of her, she changed the subject, and directed it to some one else. MI5 my arse, why is it people keep saying she’s on the payroll for MI5? More like MFI

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    • LOL – I’ve heard that one a few times…… One leg shorter than the other so it doesn’t stand up and holes in all the wrong places! McKenzie cannot deal with scrutiny. She’s definitely NOT ‘security services’ of any kind. But, as I’ve often pointed out, there are a couple of these characters that seem to enjoy a VERY strange level of immunity from prosecution. – McKenzie’s ‘M.O.’ is to set up others to take the flack for her. But she does seem to me to be working some sort of distraction; she’s the one who works the smoke machine. There are other individuals too who seem to be absolutely ‘fireproof’ no matter how ‘bang on’ the evidence against them is; the police won’t even investigate!

      I think there IS really a ‘ring’ or ‘network’ behind a lot of this. And one of its aims is to discredit ANY and all forms of grass-roots dissent as (pejoratively speaking) ‘conspiracy theory’ and/or the work of criminal con artists. I do strongly suspect there really ARE Police Officers and Politicians that live under the shadow of past and possibly current transgressions. But these are likely to be acts of quite mundane criminality and corruption far removed from the deliberately-ludicrous fairy stories the hoaxers operate on. In other words, the main point of all this ‘Satanic Panic’ crap is as a smokescreen for something else. And one of the main things it might well be a smokescreen for is ACTUAL child abuse!

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      • Who knows who may have visited Belindas sordid den of iniquity of the years? Although it is in the realm of conjecture her teflon coat may have been donated as a convenient “red face insurance policy”.
        As there is little loyalty amongst thieves any such “arrangements” may well emerge in the fullness of time.

        For now I err towards the slippery eel theory.Essentially Belinda is well versed in the art of loop hole management,obfuscation and basically ensuring a infinite plethora of administrative nightmares for any poor souls tasked with pinning anything on her with finite resources.

        I suspect Madame elusive Muckspreader will have her day in court but that those operating the crosshairs of justice do not wish to miss the mark and slowly slowly catchy monkey is the order of the day.

        Perhaps my faith in the wheels of justice is misplaced but time will tell.

        In the great words of her rival in idiot puppetry(the feckin Ejit with a penchance for expoing her ring in public).

        “See ya,wouldnt want to be yer”.

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        • It’s been pointed out to me recently just how little you’d need on a politico to gain one of those ‘red face insurance policies’.

          We know of one or two individuals who have spent a lifetime with the Gaffa tape over their lips simple because they once did a bit of ‘life modelling’ for an individual who turned out later to be ‘not a real painter’. It’s not something a respectable middle-aged Grandmother wants emerging. In other cases people have been persuaded to attend ‘swingers’ parties back in the day – often leaving before the real festivities began – but being there long enough to be photographed and even appear in the early minutes of certain videos….. Even though they don’t appear in the ‘actually pornographic’ bits, that’s still enough to back them into a corner.

          If you want evidence of how that sort of thing can be used against someone look at the Tommy Sheridan case. – For the record I think the man is a git. But equally well, he has in my opinion be subject to one of the most transparent fit-ups of recent times. And guilty or innocent, his life is in ruins.

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  6. So, where to start?. I guess with a massive, massive thank you to you guys for sticking to your guns (and a big ol H/T to Anna Racoon for pointing me in your direction). I’m guessing, when you started this blog you had no idea where you would end up. So my question to you now is, where do you go from here?. I ask only because, as a victim of sexual abuse as a child/young teen it took me many, many years to pluck up the courage to report my abuser to the police (I was 38). I succeeded in getting him jailed but only with the unending support and sheer doggedness of the police officer assigned my case. Whilst desperate to get this pervert off the streets and punished for his crimes to me (and other family members) this police officer did, in fact, uncover a hideous conspiracy to cover up his crimes at the time, and a decided lack of help/obstruction in finally bringing him to justice. Disclaimer – no MP’s, Police, Magistrates, Freemasons, Satanists etc were harmed, or, in fact, even mentioned in this case. The ‘conspiracy’ of covering up and protecting a rampant and prolific child abuser was, in fact, created and perpetuated by family members and family friends. In short, all the ‘Grown Ups’ knew full well that ‘Uncle Peter’ was abusing/raping the kids in the family but did nothing to stop it (this includes my own mother and her twin sister, the partner of Uncle Peter). When I finally plucked up the courage to go to the police (after discovering Uncle Peter was offering nature talks and walks to Infant/Junior schools in the area he lived) I was pretty much labelled a fucking pariah by my own family. The personal abuse I suffered was horrific. The fall out to me and my 3 kids is ongoing – no invites to family events, no Christmas or Birthday cards for the kids, it’s kind of like a generational punishment, handed down to my very innocent kids, to punish me for speaking out. As a pure quirk of fate, one of the family members that was most abused was undergoing treatment for a terminal cancer – Messages of ‘***** is dying and you want to drag up all this old shit, you are a disgusting, attention seeking human being’ were common. Pervy Peter (that’s what the adults admitted to calling him) was sentenced to 4 yrs, he plead guilty to all historical charges (including rape and sodomy) the day before trial. In conclusion to this comment I will say this – There are very serious ongoing conspiracies that perpetuate and cover up chronic child abuse. They don’t involve VIPs, or Satanists, or even Jimmy Saville. They are simple family units that refuse to admit to the pervert in the family, that place financial, social or emotional gains over the safety of their children, or, in some cases, such as Ella et al, that will actually encourage and foster abuse of their own children for nothing more than financial gain. Thank you you for listening to my ramblings.

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    • We have a somewhat similar tale in the vicinity that emerged last summer. Although this guy really was an ex-army intelligence officer. And his wife holds an MBE. – Part of the ‘Teflon set’.

      Suspicions were first raised with the local police about him around 20 years ago by an individual who had also called the bastard out to his face in front of his wife; the police seem to have done precisely fuck-all with that report. – Except, arguably, turn on the man who made the report! In the very same year he was confronted by the father of one of his victims, again in front of his wife, they lived-on together ‘normally. In 2005 she took and hid a paedophile ‘novel’ he had written at her office, which was in a local children’s charity. she only revealed this two weeks before he was due to go to trial, when a guilty verdict was inevitable, and when it became clear she was implicated. At the time of his arrest “Uncle Mitch” was planning to build canoes so he could ‘give lessons’ to little girls in the local country park; a place he was known to regularly visit in order to stalk kids!

      She lives on at the crime scene ‘with the full support of her friends, family and neighbours’. – I’ve actually seen newspaper comment where someone claiming to be the mother of one of the victims is trying to project ‘blame’ onto the father than confronted the pervert, holding the wife ‘blameless’. – And yes; they do seem to be related just as in your own case. – I believe that particular scumbag got 10 or possibly 12 years.

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    • Yes, this is a very common story – everyone suspects a child is being sexually assaulted or raped (let’s drop the term abuse and say what it is) but they don’t want to risk any embarrassment or retribution by taking action. Over time The child is blamed instead. is it possible that Sabine etc were subjected to this in their childhoods, and it has deranged them to the point that they see it everywhere?


      • In some cases that might be an explanation. But I think more often than not these wild fantasies are more of a smokescreen for the grubby reality that is the life of a child abuser. While the good people of the village are sent off in pursuit of horned gods and devil worshippers, the ‘wicked uncle Ernies’ of this world are out of the spotlight. Very often they seem to be driven by vice, often drugs, more often money. That and anger a their own failure in life. It’s a fairly toxic mix.


  7. Apologies that this will be a repeat posting. I screwed up and must fix this now.
    About the Preachers of Hate video –

    Okay – the guy ranting about “occult” child sacrifice at Bohemian Grove California is Abu Abdullah, who was Abu Hamsa’s right-hand man at Finsbury Park. Abu Abdullah was convicted on multiple counts of INCITEMENT TO MURDER.
    The “interviewer” in Preachers of Hate is Dave Bones, a devoted Socialist Wankers Party member and all-around good guy. (An old internet friend).
    The point of bring that video back, was that “Taj” had supposedly been a legal rep for Abu Hamsa’s son -remember? Which implies that he might have been involved with this circle of people who – while being Islamist terrorist propagandists – where ALSO Satanic Ritual Abuse propagandists, way back in 2006. In fact, the idea that people in Western nations could be SRA cultists has been used by terrorist propagandists to incite hatred of us amongst under-educated audiences, for decades. Our intelligence agencies are aware of this – I have personal knowledge that they are.

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    • Yes indeed Justin – one of the points I made the other days was that Taj appeared to be representing himself as a Solicitor BEFORE he was actually admitted as such; I’m lead to believe that’s a criminal offence.

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      • Thanks Joe!
        It’s not my intention to frighten anyone, and I would warn against reading too much into these connections.
        But please don’t “un-see” that video, in your mind, or let it slip out of your awareness. You’ve seen it with your own eyes and heard it with your own ears – truly murderous maniacs employ SRA mythology as hate propaganda, not just nut-crusted fruitcakes in London suburbs. You can all bear witness to this fact.

        It seems likely to me that Taj would also have been aware of this, a long time ago, although exactly what interpretation he might have placed on that knowledge I would not hazard to guess. I doubt that Taj first learned about SRA propaganda from Neelu & the hoaxers, although they were probably an education about more sophisticated deployment of that tactic. He could be a True Believer, but it seems more likely to me that the courtroom “outburst” was planned by him & Neelu some time before, as a publicity stunt for “the cause”.

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    • Thanks for clarifying that, Justin. The link between fundamental Islamist terrorists and SRA propagandists has been pointed out by another commenter lately, and could possibly explain a great deal about Mr Taj’s behaviour on Monday.


      • Uncomfortably, this brings up inconvenient matters. Firstly the fact that it would appear one of the very same groups promoting the myths of SRA is also responsible for one of the worst paedophile rings these shores have ever seen. – There is of course a question of which is the horse and which is the cart; but I think this is very CLEAR evidence of where SRA is used as a smokescreen for actual child abuse.


      • So does this take us back again to Iran Aid and Belinda’s links to the Middle East? She is looking less like an MI5 agent and more like some sort of Islamist fifth columnist. Her prominence in the 9-11 Truth movement would tie in neatly too.

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        • In my view Belinda is simply a criminally-inclined individual that will latch onto whatever agenda suits her main money-making goals. I cannot imagine for a moment she is an individual of any kind of ‘faith’.


  8. I am starting to wind down my involvement in the Hamsptead campaign as I feel that I have achieved my personal goal of killing this hoax. There will be the few diehards who will seek to try and keep the hoax alive, but for mostly everyone it is now finished. I will continue to support Hoaxtead on your blog and via Twitter. List 616 will be building a useful database for people to fight these Satan Hunters in future campaigns. On Sunday, I will remove everyone who is not Left Hand Path as my Facebook “friend” (no hard feelings – I need it to become a pure LHP account.)

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    • Maybe she should research the word ‘veritas’? Much can be proved about her unhinged ranting – the main thing being that she’s talking complete and utter shite and has damaged a lot of innocent people in the process.

      On the other hand, I cannot see a solitary word of untruth in the Ham and High’s writings about her.

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    • Under the Shard-Dame-Fraudster.

      Will She sue for defamation?
      Will that fine legal mind Taj get his farewell gig?
      Can I play this from a gigantic megaphone as defeated madame “spritely” jogs down the court steps straight into the arms of the benefit fraud squad ?

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  9. Yolande Kenward
    2 hrs ·

    Fw: CO/3598/2016 Complaint about lack of democracy problems in Maidstone and plans to close Maidstone NHS Hospital on Tuesday

    Fri 22/07/2016 16:55
    Pia Smithers (;;;;;;;;;;;;
    Fred Livermore;
    Margaret Neal);
    Sue MacBean);
    Judy Malyon;
    Maurice Coker;
    Malcolm Hills;;

    Show all 22 attachments (3 MB)

    Dear Mr Ford

    CO/3598/2016 The Queen on behalf of Yolande Kenward vs the Electoral Commission

    I write further to my email yesterday in which I asked the Loose Bowls Club Chair & Vice-Chair for the right to peacefully enjoy a games of bowls at their club without being bullied either at the club or at my home by the Ladies Captain. The Loose Bowls Club Management Committee have decided that the Ladies Captain has the right to make me feel uncomfortable and bullied.

    I am going to post this email on facebook as many Loose Bowls Members are reading my postings there. The position that I have been put in is intolerable. I am expected to say sorry if I forget to do something, which I have done today but the Ladies Captain can bully whoever she wants and never has to say sorry. The Loose Bowls Club have forced me to leave their Club.

    Attached is the evidence that the Police need to be involved in these matters. I will be sending the bundles off later.

    I expect that the Electoral Commission, the Administrative Court and the Duke of Kent may well have already called in the police over the interference from Maidstone with these court proceedings as part of the determination to privatise the NHS.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Yours sincerely

    Yolande Kenward (Mrs)

    From: Yolande >
    Sent: 22 July 2016 15:21
    Cc: Alex King;; Trudy Dean; KCC Steve Manion;; Cllr Mark Dance;; Dan Daley; Brian Barden;; yolandekenward;; medfix@; Dan Daley; Inin Vadim A.; BBC Kent; BBC Radio Kent Julia George; BBC Breakfast; BBC Breakfast Planning; BBC Ben Ando; ITV Meridian Maidstone; ITV Birmingham; Tim ITV Border Carlisle; Brian Farmer; Mike Eddy; Jeremy Corbyn; Boris Johnson; Private Eye Ian Hislop; MP May T; Sabine McNeill; Mary Rooney; claredouglas

    Subject: Complaint about lack of democracy problems in Maidstone and plans to close Maidstone NHS Hospital on Tuesday

    Dear Mr Sass

    I note that you are Head of Democracy at KCC, I am therefore supplying you with some information that I think that you should direct to Kent Police/Maidstone CID:-

    On 4.7.2016 I sent the attached letter to the Royal Courts of Justice Elections Officer and copied it to the Duke of Kent and Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. I note that the Duke of Kent decided not to attend the Kent County Show on 8.7.2016, the day that the KM/Daily Mail was also choosing to publish all sorts of garbage (see attached Index to my Elections Complaints). This garbage includes the role of Paul Carter/KCC & the KM/Daily Mail et al in covering up for the Chillenden Murderer, at public expense.
    From what I have come across recently (attached) I suspect that not only myself, Michael Stone but also Levi Bellfield have had our lives sacrificed to protect the Chillenden Murderer. Is this because of the murderer’s connections to Otto van der Wyck?

    Whilst the Duke of Kent did not attend Kent on 8.7.2016 he did visit Cumbria last month. Was that to speak about the “special relationship” between Cumbria & Kent? Eg Helen Grant & Chris Bisco from Carlisle becoming MP & CEO of the KM in exchange for making my life hell in Cumbria. John Bonomy had to resign as POEK Grandmaster, will Dearing resign too?

    On 13.7.2016 the RCJ Administrative Court accepted my Judicial Review re the Referendum. On 13.7.2016 the KCC Cabinet Economic Development Councillor’s endorsed candidate started raising money to fund his Judicial Review (attached).

    On 15.7.2016 the RCJ Administrative Court issued my Judicial Review asking for a re-run of the Referendum citing 3 grounds ie the NHS, Immigration & Child Protection (see attached). They gave me a letter of instructions re service of the Judicial Review (attached). I only let one person know that I was going to post these bundles out on Saturday 16.7.2016 and that was a Maidstone freemason, Mark Costelloe – a fellow bowler at Loose Bowls Club who works for the National Crime Agency. I contacted Mark because he told me that he is a decent freemason and I wanted to let the Duke of Kent know about irregularities and conflicts of interests re my allocated Judicial Review Judge, Mr Justice Ouseley, at the earliest opportunity.

    On 16.7.2016 I went to Maidstone to copy the documents that I needed to send to the Judicial Review defendant and interested parties ie the Electoral Commission, the Duke of Kent and Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. The copying costs were paid for via my HSBC card. As you can see from the letter of 4.7.2016 HSBC are doing a fraud investigation at my request. I went to the Post Office at 30 High Street, Maidstone and posted my 3 bundles as directed by the RCJ, via grey Royal Mail sealed bags that were guaranteed to be delivered by 1pm on 18.7.2016. I attach the receipts for these 3 items and their delivery details.

    On 17.7.2016 I spent the day with friends, but when I went home I wept because I missed my children and grand-daughter whom I have not seen for 56 days because of the controlling Carters. I felt suicidal but 2 friends helped me to get over that.

    On 18.7.2016 I realised that from what I had been reading in the National Press that Mark Costelloe probably had not contacted the Duke of Kent as requested and probably my Royal Mail Court papers had been interfered with (as in the past). So I let Mark know that I would be hand-delivering a bundle to the Duke of Kent at UGLE on 19.7.2016 then I went to my bowls club for 11am. Mark’s freemason mate turned up to cause trouble for me, so at mid-day I went home. The first attempt to get me sectioned came at 12.14pm on 18.7.2016 and then there was another attempt at 5.01pm from the Mental Health Worker identified in my letter of 4.7.2016. Will was trying to find out what time I was going to London on 19.7.2016. Anyway we agreed that we would meet up for a chat at the YMCA in Cripple Street on 25.7.2016, if that is what I want to do.

    At 9.55am on 19.7.2016 Maidstone Police were at my front door. 20 minutes later the Electoral Commission emailed me the attached letter dated 18.7.2016 but emailed and posted on 19.7.2016. I went to London, first to UGLE to hand-deliver another bundle to the Duke of Kent at 1.40pm. I photographed a display stand outside the entrance to UGLE “HEALING THROUGH KINDNESS” celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Masonic Hospital in September 1916.
    I then went to the Royal Courts of Justice where I filed some additions to my bundles and 3 certificates of service re the Electoral Commission, the Duke of Kent and Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. I attach the RCJ Administrative Court receipts.

    At 15.51pm I emailed the RCJ Administrative Court with the attached hand-written note for protection from harassment etc.

    On 21.7.2016 the front page Headlines of the Daily Mail only was about a British HSBC Banker being arrested in New York for alleged market rigging in London re £2.7bn. This banker was arrested circa 12 hours after I had served my bundle on the Duke of Kent about alleged marketing rigging by the KM/Daily Mail to help BC Partners to make a £6.6bn profit, aided by 91 avoidable OAP deaths in Maidstone. I attach a copy of the Daily Mail’s article which I took into HSBC Bank Maidstone yesterday afternoon as it was market intelligence ie the KM/Daily Mail et al trying to bring down HSBC to protect £6.6bn. I then went into MetroBank opposite to pass on the same market intelligence until the “sisterhood” manager intervened.

    ITV news went to Zimbabwe to sort out the Zimbabwe woman there recruited to cover Theresa May’s back re the Desmond Tutu scandal. Prince Harry is in South Africa but Desmond Tutu has to keep his distance, until the Prince’s visit in 2015.

    The Daily Mail today is trying to deflect its position re the HSBC Banker onto the National Crime Agency & the Home Office,
    The Daily Mail’s CEO is an American, Paul Zwillenberg. BC Partners was founded in 1986 by Otto van der Wyck, who also founded Citicorp in 2009. It is a public record that my husband, Nigel Peck (we are not lawfully divorced) is powerfully connected since a child to Citibank which has now evolved to Citicorp, his Grandfather’s Trust Fund is a major investor. My husband has a sick and warped mind. Whose idea was it to bump of 91 OAPs avoidably in Maidstone to increase profits?

    From the attached letters from the Electoral Commission posted on 19.7.2016 and from the Metropolitan Police on 20.7.2016 it is very clear that neither the Electoral Commission nor Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe received my intended JR court documents.
    My Judicial Review now has to have police involvement. Please direct this email and its evidence attached to Maidstone CID.

    I attach 2 items from today’s Kent Messenger (part owned by the Daily Mail). Firstly there is the KM, Dr Paul Hobday et al doing exactly what they did with its front page headlines on 8.6.2001 ie planning to privatise the NHS by shutting Maidstone NHS Hospital on Tuesday 26 July 2016. The first threats to section me started in connection with this plan some 15 years ago.

    Maidstone NHS Hospital & Croydon NHS Hospital (where Helen Grant had a role) and where BMI/BC Partners legal team are based who sued me via the Maidstone County Court CR005200 (please see my video on Yolande Kenward facebook) are failing hospitals. Maidstone NHS Hospital needs £23 million and I am sure that all the section threats are about plans to shut Maidstone NHS Hospital on Tuesday 26 July 2016. I propose that via cz/8533/01 re this £6.6bn profit that there is a one-off payment of £23 million to Maidstone Hospital and that those who have been mis-managing it leave. I propose that out of this £6.6bn profit that the Duke of Kent is given the money he needs to start building a new Royal Masonic Hospital this year, and that the remainder of the £6.6bn is managed by the Patient Support Trust to award capital expenditure grants to the NHS.

    The Daily Mail is starting to publish the truth today via immigration into Kent eg via Longport Police Station/Special Branch.

    As to who needs a psychiatrist? It is the controlling Carters.

    I now know Paul Carter, Leader of KCC, quite well as we are family. I therefore have serious doubts about his Leadership style.

    Please can someone give the Carters the help that they all seem to need? Please can I see my daughter and grand-daughter?

    Please can I have a decision by 4pm on 25.7.2016 as to whether or not you want to save the NHS or to privatise the NHS?

    I really miss seeing my children and my grand-daughter – keeping us apart is an act of cruelty.

    I attach what a Yolande Kenward facebook friend in Uganda sent me at 5.24am yesterday morning, he runs a charity for children in Uganda. I passed it onto another facebook friend “Dr Maya” in my you tube messages. Kadi is a doctor who is a NHS whistleblower, who leads the way with infection control and has been persecuted by the GMC. Kadi liked my message about God. We have not both suffered for so many years to save the NHS, for no reason. We are together for a reason now.

    Yours sincerely

    Yolande Kenward (Mrs)

    Founder of the Patient Support Trust
    “Together reducing the risks for patients and for children”


  10. Yolande Kenward
    17 July at 20:02 ·

    Sabine Kurjo told me that her phone lines have been disconnected on Friday and I have had no end of interference with my skype, emails etc since Friday too.

    4 emails to 4 people all using all bounced from my mail email account, and then again from another email account that none of these 4 people knew existed. People do not seem to be getting emails that I send, including the national media.

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  11. Isn’t BT Internet supposed to be really shite anyway, didn’t the whole system go down the other day because of a power cut in London? They have already been advised to get rid of their Internet side of the business because they are so crap


  12. Aw bless! There’s Sabine without her walking sticks, standing up straight as anything. Must be the amazing healing properties of the EU.


  13. Thank you so much EC.It is heartwarming to witness this spokeswoman in action and to be assured what fine,descent and “upstanding” folk like Sabine do for us `umble mere taxpaying mortals.

    I am a little disapointed she did not take this opportunity to Raise with Ms Corazza the elimination of everybody associated with the jewish faith.Cant have it all.

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