Sabine or Neelu: Who’ll breach first?

With the trial wrapped up and restraining orders now in play, it’s really only a matter of time before Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill make their next moves. If they’re true to form (and why would they not be?) we fearlessly predict that within the next week or two, one or both of them will find themselves unable to hold back, and a post (or video, or tweet) will land them in the soup once more.

Why, just yesterday morning we found Sabine testing the limits of her restraining order.

Sabine 2016-07-20

It put us in mind of a small and sulky child who, told to stand behind a barrier for his own good, persists in inching the toe of his shoe closer…and closer…and then just over the line…all the while casting sidelong glances to gauge any hint of reaction, and daring someone to stop him.

Note that as in Belinda’s post the day before, Sabine has opted to refer to the Hampstead hoax in oblique terms, without actually coming out and naming anyone…but it’s perfectly clear to her followers exactly what she’s talking about:

I had come across a cult some time ago. After a 6-day trial in open criminal (rather than secret family) court I was found NOT GUILTY by the judge….After lots of cover-ups of these criminal activities, members of this cult had used a female Police Constable to stitch me up….Out of revenge, cultists cut the telephone cables leading to my flat….I am restrained from making public anything about satanism, cannibalism and child sexual abuse relating to a certain place in the UK, after I helped to be the voice for voiceless children as victims.

[Side note: cultists cut her telephone cables? Really? How very odd. It seems to us that if this so-called cult were not just a figment of Sabine’s imagination, its members would not have stopped at mere vandalism in their quest to ‘get’ her. Not that we condone vandalism, but still. It does seem a bit small-scale for a group Sabine has accused of committing the most horrendous of crimes.]

Telephone cables aside, the question arises: how long will Sabine be able to content herself with snide, bitter allusions to a topic she so clearly wishes to keep talking about? In the past, when she’s been forced to shut down blogs or cease publishing certain posts, she’s always sprung back within a few days, reopening blogs and reposting banned material.

And then there’s Neelu, who’s not exactly the queen of self-control either—witness her extraordinary performance on Monday.

As you might recall from the time when her court conditions were amended to stop her from driving the CPS mad with her harassing phone calls, Neelu tends to find alternative outlets for her boundless enthusiasm for the topics of stolen children, fraud, murdered babies, treason, oaths to God, protected paedophiles, and Satanism.

During that time she inflicted her deranged calls on unfortunate receptionists at the Borough of Islington and Hackney, the Ministry of Justice, the Royal Courts of Justice, the Care Quality Commission, the Judicial Appointment & Conduct Ombudsman, the Supreme Court…you name it.

Our point is that both Sabine and Neelu were described in court as ‘delusional’, ‘obsessional’, ‘irrational’, and ‘odd’; indeed, this was the reason the judge directed the jury to find them not guilty.

His point at the time was that because of their psychological issues, neither of them appear to have the capacity to restrain themselves. We’re quite certain that a mere restraining order won’t do the job either; and so the countdown begins. Who’ll be first to breach?

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  1. Your work on this case has been fantastic El C, I’m full of respect, its been such a long haul and it’s a credit to you and the team.(Perhaps it would make a good book, once the dust has settled?)
    I asked a question a minute ago in the previous post but it will probably get lost in the mix so I’ll ask again: why weren’t the parents of the pupils of the school included as a group to be protected by the order? Or have I missed something?
    I’m also very wary of Neelu and her ability to abide by any order as the perpetual restraining order from the hospital doctors was totally ignored.
    Anyhoo, hope this is the beginning of the end of it all. Although there’ll be many more monsters to be slain in future and this blog will always find a purpose somewhere.

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    • Thanks very much, Anna–it’s been a long haul, as you say, but we’re glad to be able to have been of service.

      I did answer your question–basically the defence argued that while the parents do need protection it would best be done separately, and the judge agreed.

      The big difference between this order and Neelu’s order from the hospital is that this one was made in criminal court, and therefore carries much more weight than the earlier one.

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    • Yes I must agree with Anna as I’m sure others do- Hoaxted has done an outstanding job with it’s running commentary on this entire saga mixing intelligent & factual observations with some much needed humour at times.

      I think you have done a great service for the innocent residents and those directly involved. Even when it’s those on the periphery like my friends who are friends of a couple who while not named or accused are involved with a school and who have found the entire episode extremely disturbing and frightening at times and unable to comprehend how the matter came out of the blue to blight so many lives.

      It’s been a terrific comfort for them to know there are so many out there who support them. And of course the website has attracted an intelligent array of regulars in the comment’s section which is always a fascinating reading for me.

      This entire case has really opened my eyes as to how many unhinged people are out there and how they can be so vindictive and obsessed in their attacks upon innocent people.

      In the past Poison Pen Letters were regarded by society no matter what their content, as something that should be dismissed because of their anonymous nature and by the fact they are such a cowardly way of attacking people but this new method of spreading poison via the internet is a complex matter that all reasonable people must agitate for a way that innocent people can be protected.

      I know we all get very frustrated with the authorities and police over their seemingly inability to curtail these dangerous people but it must be very hard for them as well.
      Only politicians can change laws and I think they must be lobbied relentlessly to do so.

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      • We’re very fortunate to have an excellent team and friends who are willing to pitch in to help–I wish I could put up a list of people to acknowledge for their help over the last week and a half, but they all know who they are. 🙂


  2. VIDEO MIGHT BE DISTURBING for UK terror victims…
    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, Socialist Wanker friends present “Preachers of Hate” (2006). And who is this guy, ranting from 00:40 – 01:22? And what is he going on about? And whom did Taj claim to have been a lawyer for at one time?


      • Sounds *exactly* like him to my ear based on this video, which I can only link (it seems they’ve confused Ella’s voice with her mother’s, as far as I can tell, and I think ‘Friend’/’Legal Rep’ are the same person at times…but ‘Legal Rep’s’ voice is eerily similar, if not identical, to the one interviewing up there on the “Preachers of Hate’ vid ):

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        • No, no, no…LOL! Oh dear, what have I done? 🙂
          Okay – the guy ranting about “occult” child sacrifice at Bohemian Grove California is Abu Abdullah, who was Abu Hamsa’s right-hand man at Finsbury Park. Abu Abdullah was convicted on multiple counts of INCITEMENT TO MURDER.
          The “interviewer” in Preachers of Hate is Dave Bones, a devoted Socialist Wankers Party member and all-around good guy. (An old internet friend).
          The point of bring that video back, was that “Taj” had supposedly been a legal rep for Abu Hamsa’s son -remember? Which implies that he might have been involved with this circle of people who – while being Islamist terrorist propagandists – where ALSO Satanic Ritual Abuse propagandists, way back in 2006. In fact, the idea that people in Western nations could be SRA cultists has been used by terrorist propagandists to incite hatred of us amongst under-educated audiences, for decades. Our intelligence agencies are aware of this – I have personal knowledge that they are.

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  3. Sent: Monday, June 21, 2016 at 11:08 PM
    From: ******* *** *****

    Subject: Information Re. Illegal Phone Calls

    To whom it may concern

    I am writing to you because I am concerned about phone calls which have been made in recent weeks to members of your staff and uploaded to YouTube, contrary in some cases to the specific wishes of the staff members in question.

    Said videos have been uploaded to this YouTube channel:

    In these calls, a person calling herself “Lou” has made extremely serious allegations against your organisations and personally against the staff members contacted. The accusations have included child trafficking, cannibalism, kidnap and murder. There has been a distinct tone of harassment and bullying in Lou’s approach and some specific threats and ultimatums have been issued. When questioned, Lou has refused to give her name or contact details.

    I can inform you that “Lou” is Mrs. Neelu Berry (also known as “Ved Chaudhari”) and her address is:

    * **** *****
    Greater London
    IG5 0JR

    She has also uploaded your telephone conversations to her Facebook page, which can be found at:

    Mrs. Berry is due in court on 11th July to answer to charges of witness intimidation. She has also recently been arrested and fined for harassment of a priest and had a restraining order placed on her to prevent her from harassing members of a church in Hampstead. She was also recently charged with perverting the course of justice:

    Mrs. Berry has also been under a lifetime restraining order for several years due to her harassment of the staff of a well known London hospital (she was also struck off as a chemist as a result of her actions); and as you will see from her YouTube channel, she has a history of filming herself harassing various officials and uploading the footage in order to humiliate her victims.

    I would strongly suggest that you report her recent harassment, slander, bullying and intimidation of your staff members to Barnet Police, who are very aware of Mrs. Berry’s antics.

    Thank you
    Kind regards
    ******* *** *****

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    • And surely this comes under this UK law:
      “The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 in general prohibits interception of communications by a third party, with exceptions related to government agencies. A recording made by one party to a phone call or e-mail without notifying the other is not prohibited provided that the recording is for their own use; recording without notification is prohibited where some of the contents of the communication—a phone conversation or an e-mail—are made available to a third party”

      YouTube = Third Party

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      • As I recall, both Neelu and Christine were fined at the time for public disorder and issued restraining orders prohibiting them to go within a certain distance of the church (500 metres, I think). And Christine was also deported. This was separate from the other charges.

        They were both arrested outside the Ecuadorian embassy about a week after the church protest. Neelu famously later claimed (and still claims) that they’d kept her in the cell for 48 hours, even though she’d actually been out and free and blogging about it a few hours after her arrest.

        It’s also memorable for her claim that the police tried to murder her by feeding her “microwave food”; and for the legendary quote, “They put human blood in my food – and they know I’m a vegetarian!”


        • Thanks Spiny Norman.

          Yes Neelu’s claims of her time in Custody are vastly exaggerated.

          The only way I will believe her is if she produces evidence of the time arrested and time released on all the occasions she has been held in Custody.

          As for her putting human blood in her food.

          How does she know that?

          Did she have a blood testing kit with her or see them drip some blood in to it?

          The woman is deluded and not credible.

          I don’t know if she is too far gone but I fear she is as this type of behaviour of hers has gone on for a very long time.

          Wonder what her wider family think of her?


          • Sorry that should be them putting human blood in her food.

            But perhaps she put her own blood in it, that’s assuming she is human, who knows with her.


          • The only time she is at risk of consuming human blood is when she has lunch with Araya Soma.


          • It was probably tomato sauce on a sausage roll which Neelu has parlayed into a babies arm drenched in blood. She should have realized when her cellmate said “not having that love?” and snatched it from her plate.

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  4. Phone cables and internet wi-fi cables are one and the same these days. Sooo, Miss McNeill, if your telephone cable really was cut, how were you able to blog about it straight afterwards? Hmmm?

    Oh and seeing as you live in an apartment block, how was the alleged culprit able to locate, identify and access the correct cable? And how did s/he manage to do so without being spotted by any passers-by (you live in a fairly busy street in a fairly busy part of town) or indeed by any of the residents of said block?

    And finally, Miss McNeill, which fucking movie did you steal this unconvincing plotline from?


    • I had my phone line, cable tv cut once, but I lived in a house and the cable was on the ground floor.

      We’d have to see the wiring and know where her flat actually is in the building to know whether this is a real possibility.

      Like the brick through the window and the harassment at the bus stop, probably just a figment of Sabine’s imagination, though not on such a scale as the SRA cult.

      What an “odd” person she is.

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      • Of course, it is technically possible. Mr. Columbo (for whom I am a conduit – ommmm) merely asks questions and I just pass them on. He isn’t accusing Miss McNeill of anything per se and she is always welcome to stop by the blog and clarify matters for us (as I’m sure that nice Mr. Coyote would concur).

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        • The only cables pertaining to Sabine McFruitcake that have been severed are the ones connecting reality to her head.
          Judge Worsley clearly noted said terminal bypass in the compos mentis department and made it clear further leakage into the publc domain will be capped at source.

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  5. McNeill has a nasty habit of selectively distorting a small element of a fact.

    BT does indeed have a problem with some telephone services. Its a wide spread problem affecting quire a wide range of addresses.

    Now McNeil lives in NW6, which is north west london – Poplar is of course East London. She discloses her number openly on various blogs her, so I have no reluctance to post it here: 02073283701 That number is served by the Maida Vale exchange – guess what, there are NO exchange problems

    Anyone can ask BT to check a line for faults – what a surprise to find that there is not one on her line….

    Its yet another McNeil fantasy story.

    Watch her lips and fingers carefully, if her lips are moving then its a lie, if her fingers are moving the chances are she is typing a lie.

    Thank God she never had children – at least they do not have to cringe.

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    • Maybe her not having Children is a major issue for her.

      I’m not sure why she didn’t whether by choice or not.

      It is possible this in one of the reasons why she has tried to ruin the lives of people that do have Children.

      Just a thought.

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      • Nature has many ways to ensure its survival.One of these is the law of attraction and procreation within species.
        Now had Sabine found herself a post in London zoo or the circus things could have worked out very differently.
        Thankfully she has elected to occupy herself with exploring the recesses of her rectal passage and saved the gentetic pool from a most frightful affair.

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  6. Bab’s – a really sound thought and one that I suspect is close to the truth. Its obvious that McNeill feels inadequate and failed in life – she spends so much time asserting that she is a superior being who knows best in all respects.

    The reality is that she is a failure with awful interpersonal skills, she is intelligent but uses that to be manipulative.

    One only has to look at the trail of damage in her wake.

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  7. I hope it isn’t true that her cables were cut because if it is, then someone on the streets is breaking the law and that’s the wrong thing to do. Said it before and will say it again, people shouldn’t go over that line or indeed bother hoaxers family members. I honestly think you lose the moral high ground when you do that. That’s just my opinon of course.

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    • I completely agree with you Earl. – The moment those who believe or imagine themselves to be on the side of ‘right’ start acting wrongly by (say) issuing threats, fabricating (or threatening to fabricate) ‘evidence’, vandalising property, making claims that are just false or deliberately misleading; then all is lost. Not just the moral high ground but any and all justification and worth. A hoax is a hoax no matter what direction it comes from. But I seriously doubt if anyone has the interest let alone the technical skill to cut her telephone cable.

      I’m reliably informed by the BT lads digging a bloody great hole at the front of the building that to do so you would either have to climb a GPO pole unnoticed – back yard of a tenement building? Maybe 40 or so houses looking onto it? Possibly a need to access through controlled entrances? Or find where a buried riser enters the building and cut through that armoured cable ( not easy) or gain access to one of the street cabinets. And once in there you would need the technical skill to identify the relevant pairs in the cable serving that particular property or block. – These days that would throw up an automatic fault alert via the exchange, particularly if there is a broadband service associated with the line. It’s likely a BT engineer would be fixing the break within a few hours; possibly even before anyone had reported it!

      Plus, as has been mentioned before – how the hell can she blog about a broken broadband connection and complain about being unable to access internet content when she’s actually ON the internet? Doh!

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      • Im not saying shes telling the truth but accessing a data cable in flats can be very easy depending on how it was fitted, it is quite easy to tap into it as well.


    • I’m calling B/S on this one as blatantly & obviously false for the reason- why?.
      A broken connection as Joe Kerr succinctly outlines it is a monumental task and for what result? Inconvenience for a few days and then it will be mended when the person most likely has a mobile phone which can do all the same things your phone connection can do-make calls and connect you to the web.

      If anyone wished her harm which I seriously doubt anyone on the side of right would do, it’s an awful lot of dangerous trouble to go to which carries severe penalties if caught for little result.

      As for the brick business- perhaps some person connected with a falsely accused Hamstead resident may fell so utterly pissed off with this nasty woman that may feel like hurling a brick through her door but how would you know which window or door is the right one and that block is not in an isolated location so again it’s an awful risk for what result?

      Is it a case similar to the hyperventilating about Labour’s Angela Eagle who claimed a brick was thrown through her office window when in reality as photos clearly show- a window that opens on to a common stairwell that is covered in mesh was broken, with no remains of a brick to be found, and there are half a dozen businesses in the same building that could all claim the broken window was aimed at them.

      I’m calling this one as probably- Sabine who is one of the World’s Greatest Moaners accidentally put the broom handle through a window (I’ve done that) and in her perpetual Oh Woe Is Me hand wringing decided it was a satanic cultist who did it when she probably forget to pay her bloody internet connection bill & got cut off.

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  8. My money is on Neelu.

    I imagine we are not being told the whole truth about Sabine’s cable and window. More likely there is a general fault or a cable worker made an error. Is there video of Sabine’s window broken?, or could it have been any window in her block of flats that was broken?…..maybe it was a false flag in order to make it seem like she was being harassed,lol.

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  9. Neelu will no doubt continue to seek a “remedy” (her favourite word, along with lien).. so I reckon she will be first to breach the RO.

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