Meanwhile, in Belinda’s War Room…

We’d been wondering what happened at Belinda’s Highgate Bunker following Monday’s courtroom excitement. Now, thanks to one of our intrepid readers, we have the full story.

Many thanks to the person who sent this along; we’re sure it’s 100% verbatim!

Belindq outside RCJ


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  1. Belinda’s concise and perceptive summary of the court order, quoted here yesterday, sets her very definitely apart from her cohorts in terms of her grasp of the law and the consequences of any potential breach. Once again, her distinctive difference sets off more questions; exactly just how far ‘apart’ from them is she? As she clearly understands the workings of the courts why has she persistently played the scatty old woman who, for example, didn’t know there was an open court when Pauffley handed down her ruling etc? Or maybe the ridiculous ruminations of the conspiracy mongers have finally got to me and addled my brain.

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    • I believe these are hieroglyphs dating back to pre Hominid times found inscribed on the walls of ancient latrines..
      Archeologists and anthropologists are currently engaged in debate as to whether this is evidence of the missing link from our ape ancestors.
      Seems maybe the very subject they are looking for is alive and kicking and making something of a monkey out of himself in public.

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  2. Tallking of advertising UG like tendancies just watched this most revealing pro child thrashing vignette fallen from Yannis table.Apologies if already posted:

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  3. Has anyone else noticed that (unless I’ve missed something) not one member of the hoaxer crew has reported on Monday’s bizarre scenes involving Neelu, her (so-called) lawyer and her (so-called) supporters? Not on Facebook, not on YouTube, not on any blog. A cynic might suggest that they’re all feeling rather embarrassed about the whole thing XD

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      • Indeed FA.Lets hope for their sakes its not one where the staff all have horns and a tail and lunchtimes are spent at a nearby McDonalds.
        Then again maybe it would be right up their alley.

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    • Yes, I’ve been very interested to know their perception of what happened, but nary a word. To be honest I doubt they’re embarrassed but they probably got marching orders from Belinda re keeping lips firmly zipped.

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      • I’ve been secretly hoping they ARE embarrassed, but that’s likely just wishful thinking on my part. Someone may have asked this before, but here goes anyway: how, if at all, will the ruling affect Roop’s (presumably) still-burning desire to produce a ‘documentary’ about the whole thing? He sounded rude, ungrateful and bitter during the closing minutes of the most recent ‘Angela’s Caches’ installment…then again, he usually does…

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  4. I seem to remember, with the Hollie Greig thing, Belinda never actually new how many, supposed victims Robert claimed he heard Hollie name on that fateful day. But in the end, Belinda just settled for two. And none of them actually lived in Scotland in the end. But she did have a knock on the door from a police officer for making false allegations on one of the main supposed abusers. After that Belinda kept very very quiet. Intact the protest she had at speakers corner, she never even mentioned Hollie Greig at all. So I think she does know when even she her self stops believing, even though she wants to have a zoo full of paedophiles

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    • I checked with the Police before posting:

      ‘No UK Police force has any jurisdiction over the civil matter of defamation, i.e. simply “making false allegations” about someone.’

      So I’m afraid you’ve been mislead on that score Farmer Giles.

      The Police can only get involved when a course of conduct amounts to harassment or offers a threat to good order. That’s why Belinda was ‘spoken to’ and advised by MET officers at the request of what would have been at the time Central Scotland Police, in connection with her alleged involvement in an incident near the Dunblane home of the former Lord Advocate.

      All but two of the alleged abusers are absolutely eliminated by the part of the ‘story’ they’re connected to itself! It just doesn’t hold water! And of course they would have a good case to sue anyone defaming them. But that’s an expensive long and emotionally-traumatic process. and it’s only worth suing if the target has substantial assets – McKenzie does.

      These are the two reasons are why she’s fallen silent on that part of the story.

      The two who AREN’T eliminated are indeed resident abroad. They are actually implicated by evidence-based legal opinion. But only in relation to the historical abuse that the CICA paid out on; not the whole satanic ring thing. That abuse is unprosecutable as it cannot possibly be proved beyond all reasonable doubt. But, by virtue of that legal opinion, there is good defensible reason to form and express the OPINION that they were involved in Hollie’s abuse. – That is why she ‘settled for two’ alleged abusers.

      Personally I am of the opinion that Belinda McKenzie is a woman of no integrity, and I do not believe that she believes the stories she sells. And that’s what it’s all about for her, just selling stories.

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    • Quite appropriate that she is repeatedly reading from Job.

      Angie realises she needs to get a proper paid JOB but whilst she’s milking the system, doesn’t need to at all.

      She might be on a very short lull because of the Verdict=RESTRAINING ORDER or alternatively it could be that Rupert has not lived UP to expectations…

      Tough luck Angela think about others that you have hurt with your wicked actions.

      Wish you’d shut the f up, but hey ho, you are a comical interlude.

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