A brief Angie interlude: Tantrum time!

We’re taking a brief break from reporting on Sabine and Neelu’s trial, which concludes tomorrow, to give a quick nod to our old friend Angela Fag-Ash Disney. Apparently we’ve offended the poor old trout, and she won’t have it, do you hear? She just won’t have it!

Here’s the shot across our bow, delivered yesterday afternoon (we think, we weren’t really paying close attention at the time):

Angie tantrum 2 2016-07-17We’re not entirely sure what she’s on about: in what way is anyone here behaving like a cornered rat? And we don’t see anyone calling themselves “R.D. Gabie Strano”—perhaps it’s finally time Angie finally got those bifocals tended to?

Best bit of this one is where she threatens to send this to “the legal team in London”…because we’re sure that Sabine and Neelu’s barristers would be fascinated to have someone they’ve never heard of forward them evidence that someone else they’d never heard of had…um…called themselves a strange name and then talked about Angie’s self-confessed violent parenting habits.

Sure, Angie. Fill your boots.

(Pro tip, Angie: if you don’t want people calling you out on the fact that you used to beat your children with a t-square, don’t announce it to the world on YouTube. Just a thought.)

But Angie wasn’t done with us yet, not by a long shot! Here’s her next Facebook post: Angie tantrum 3 2016-07-17So now apparently we’ve caused Angie’s daughter so much anxiety that she’s cancelled her plans for the rest of the day? Wow. We had no idea we wielded so much power!

Best line here: did you know that we at Hoaxtead Research have an “evil typing right finger”? No, neither did we. But now that we know, we’ll be sure to take extra specially good care of it.

Anyhoo…we were very curious to see what Angie’s daughter might have to say about FAKE PROFILE HARRASSMENT [sic] BY HOAXSTEAD [sic], but when we clicked the link, we discovered this:

Angie tantrum 2016-07-17“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams”.

And now if you’ll excuse us, we must take our computer in for repair. Turns out that spitting coffee all over the keyboard isn’t a good way to prolong the life of one’s electronic devices. Who knew?



113 thoughts on “A brief Angie interlude: Tantrum time!

    • and more irony : a case not “unfolding” as expected LOL. Possibly the original cause of this entire mess.
      And why is it ‘trolls’ when everyone is just one person- RD? .
      The problem with starting out with a trail of lies is that it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the false scenario you have created.

      And this : using corporal punishment in a “loving disciplined manner” is sooo Dame Edna Everage.

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      • Using corporal punishment in a “loving disciplined manner” implies to me that the person beating the child is doing so cold bloodedly, with aforethought. Sick.


  1. Journalist APD’s “screenshotted” doesn’t really roll off the tongue does it?

    So the poor woman claims she is being accused by people who “rape, sodomize” and are cannibals? I suggest she look-up the word ‘irony’ in an on-line dictionary.

    It’s a woman’s privilege to lie about her age (OK I’m old fashioned) but I’m not sure her legal team or Irish authorities will jump to attention over a matter so minuscule (irony) but they may just take interest in a dame who has breached a UK High Court order and injunction several times.

    And didn’t she see the news? Barristers on behalf of their clients confirmed that they do not believe children in Hampstead were cannibalized or involved in Satanism and we know they would only tell the truth in a court as they are of course, sworn to do so on a Bible.

    It’s nice though to see she can get rattled.

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    • Yes, apparently she missed the part where all the members of the court present agreed that the Hampstead hoax is, well, a hoax. And that Angie’s friends are not rational people, but are obsessive, deluded, and unable to see the insanity of what they’re doing.


  2. She seems to be getting her knickers in a right old twist.
    Madam Bag Lady seeks refuge in a real job without a vast amount of conviction.

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    • She really is perfecting that disheveled look but I’m not sure it will catch on. I hope she has a make-up and lighting person in her proposed new TV studio. They’ll have their work cut out for them though.

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          • Holy Scheisse – I’m laughing NOW, but is that Lady Elaine Fairchilde, the terrifyingly disturbed alcoholic puppet that the seemingly benevolent ‘Mister Rogers’ whipped out in order to sneakily trigger anxiety disorders in as many North American pre-schoolers as possible back in the 70s? That’s just GOT to be her in rudimentary form !
            Immersed in chaos here and behind as usual, struggling to catch up yet afraid to read too much further ahead lest the suspense be shattered too quickly. I don’t know how to post pics within these ‘reply’ boxes, either (any advice, EC?), but will at least attempt to link to a ‘finished product’ Lady Elaine/ Madame Angie meme to see if it works:


    • If that video is just her reading from the bible, then she can keep it.

      If anyone wants to read the bible, they can do so themselves.


      What’s the point of that?

      i don’t get it??

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      • I think she’s trying to prove she’s some kind of holy woman, Babs.
        I note that she claims to have been studying ‘eschatology’ for the past 25 years. At least the happy-clappy religious fundamentalists I know are honest enough to call it what it is: an interest in ‘end times’.


    • “An act of defiance”? Against whom? She looks like she’s sitting on an unmade bed, with unwashed hair, reading things she doesn’t understand and wallowing in self-pity.


    • I think only in Ealing comedies do criminals turn around and say, “It’s a fair cop Guvnor”. Some years ago I watched a woman being apprehend by a security guard outside a city centre shop. She had been caught red handed with a bag full of stolen goods; but she screamed and cried as if she was the victim of some huge injustice. That’s Angela’s frame of mind right now.


  3. “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.”

    Yep, Angie – but pssst: you’re not God. D’oh!

    And didn’t he also say “Love thy neighbour” and “Turn the other cheek”? Maybe you missed Bible study that day.

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      • Yep, she could try that nice “Catholic” church she tried once.

        The one where she didn’t “infiltrate” it and didn’t see the blood!!

        Shame “the Grass” aka Dave Conaghan and I know this is absolute 100% lies.

        He is a Snake In The Grass.

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  4. I’m seeing (the real) Gabi Strano popping up more and more to support Mum’s crazy antics and am starting to see her as more than just an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire. She seems to be actively courting Mum’s trolling.

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    • That’s a shame. But I suppose when you’re raised by someone like Angela, the best you can hope for is that the effects will eventually wear off.


      • EC, this is the daughter who’s been raised to believe that her own biological father was/is an active paedophile, right? Interesting, as I notice some of her FB friends are from the Strano wing of the family in America. One in particular appears to be her half-sister – although I could be wrong about that. I just can’t imagine how deeply confused and conflicted that young woman must be.


  5. CONVINCE people that you’re a successful YouTube personality by saying “Hey guys!” then speaking utter shit for 15 minutes.

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  6. “ARSEHOLES you will regret messing with my children because VENGEANCE IS MINE says the Lord”

    Funny, I can imagine the surviving members of Sylvia Major’s family saying something similar to Angela.

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  7. On a serious note there is a Facebook lawsuit that should be watched. This is a fairly different matter as it involves lawyers suing on behalf of Israeli families over Palestinian attacks, and note these are families in Israel using a US court so suing foreign defendants in a UK court can be done.
    The hypocrisy of Angela Power Disney who defames and falsely accuses so many people of despicable crimes upon not a scintilla of evidence and despite the UK High Court proving the innocence of those she accuses is astounding as she moans and groans about exposures of her lies. That’s quite apart from her blatant antisemitism which seems to be a common theme among these hoaxers.

    But Facebook, Google, Twitter (not so much Twitter as they do respond fairly quickly) etc allow these false accusers to spread their lies and build a following. There needs to be a legal reckoning.
    Facebook ‘has blood on its hands’, families of victims of terror attacks allege.

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  8. “see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya”

    Wow, she’s really hammered the nails into our coffins with that one. Thank Christ she didn’t follow it up with “Ner-ner-na-ner nerrrrr” or we’d have been bang in trouble.

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    • Angie is no doubt trying to trick her new bestest pal God into sending his cherubim and seraphim to annoy us mere mortals.But Lo,the Lord sayeth “Bovvered,Does this face look bovvered!.
      Sllly old Moo.

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    • Hysterical stuff indeed ! The big question is: how many of us 6,849 RDs will take her up on the offer?
      Humorous side-note : when driving from the Northeast down to Florida fairly regularly (to visit aging relatives) when my kids were growing up, we’d take a shortcut involving several hours on a road that wound through parts of the Carolinas and GA, mostly. It teemed with Pentecostalist churches (you know, the sect whose services commonly involve ‘snake-play’?) and some INSANE gospel radio stations we’d sing along to. The vast majority of those towns featured signs reading ‘Welcome to (e.g., New Clinkerville) – GET RIGHT WITH GOD !’ Until just now, I honestly thought that was a term exclusively limited to hardcore fundamentalist Christian areas of the American Bible Belt ! Anyway, we nicknamed it the ‘Gitraahtwithgod Highway’ and have many hilarious memories (yet a few terrifying ones, ‘Deliverance’-style) of our experiences travelling that road…whodathunk it led to the Emerald Isle?! Sorry for the tangent – that was just too tempting to withhold…

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  9. Karma.

    You reap what you sow.

    SERIOUSLY how Angela can complain about anyone harassing her daughter is beyond me!

    She has spent the past 17 months as “somewhat the public face of the campaign”.

    Quote taken from CCN.

    Look luv you’ve accused people of all sorts of bs, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    You’ve shot yourself right in the foot there with all your comments.

    You air your dirty linen in public and then don’t expect a comment back.

    Fancy admitting assaulting your children with a metal t-square! Not on at all.

    Is that the tip of the iceberg? What else are you not admitting to?

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  10. Angela really does think the world revolves around her.

    As if the “legal team” (whoever they are. I’m assuming she’s talking about the 2 defendants defence team), would be interested in a few comments about her and her daughter.

    Get a grip Angela, you’re losing it more than I thought it was possible to do.

    Complain all you like.

    Perhaps you might now understand the distress you’ve been causing for long enough.

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    • Karma if only for Angie’s treatment of Sylvia Major over the last few days alone. Sylvia’s a wonderful lady who has stood tall in the face of outrageous harassment for years as one of the falsely accused in the Hollie hoax. She’s getting her life back together now but then Angela – an alleged Christian who’s supposedly AGAINST online hate – comes along and starts dragging it all up again and posting disgusting unfounded allegations about her. And by Angie’s own admission, her only “proof” of Sylvia’s guilt is…that she has “evil eyes”!

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      • I completely agree, GB. Sylvia is a lovely person who doesn’t deserve any of what these deranged fools have tried to heap on her. To her credit, she rises above it all.

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    • That would be the legal team that said in court on behalf of their clients that claims of Satanism & cannibalism were false. My only query is Angela Power-Disney really really dumb or cracked?. Either way she’s one nasty piece of goods.

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      • Well, as some who attended court last week discovered, a combination of stupidity and delusional thinking can be very dangerous to the innocent.


  11. So what we have here (just to help Angie out) is a woman who claims everyone who criticizes her is RD and she is going to contact her Legal Team in the UK (Jake Clarke and Patrick Culinane- US representative Rupert Quaintance currently in residence in Hash City Amsterdam) and say:

    ” there is a man who was recently found by British police and the UK High Court to be completely innocent and a much maligned victim of false accusations by his ex-partner and her current partner, a career criminal, both who are on the run from police and he writes horrible things about me because I keep accusing of him of terrible crimes even though he has been found to be innocent & even though there is a court order forbidding me to. What can I do?”

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  12. i think these people are connected to some intelligence agency, their ai was to entrap people in the truth moveent, tht became clear in the sevengate saga.

    I wanted to see the money trail, they are being paid by someone, to put so many people on the streets is costly. but we know that the british government, has hired trolls to spin the truth .I think it is a counter- intelligence operation.

    \i do not have the transcripts of the trial, so i canot tell whether questions about money were touched on.

    I do not think hat these people just dreaed one day about hapstead and ran with it.

    1) look at people involved with hollie greg

    2) look at Sevengate

    3)look at the people pushing hampstead.

    there must be a money trail, have you also notice how the people have strong new ae views\? they must have been indoctrinated.

    Now the logitics of that are too big , to be a disorganised operation.


    • There AREN’T “so many people on the streets” Speakout. Just a handful of serial-scammers and bandwagon jumpers. And like any industry where most people work ‘freelance’ it’s a case of everybody knows, or at least knows of, everybody else. The common thread between the three cases you mention is Belinda McKenzie. And yes, her long standing ‘immunity from prosecution’ is suspicious. But by-and-large these hoaxes are a case of ‘build it and they’ll come.

      1) Hollie Greig. There are a couple of ‘protected persons’ involved in that case and McKenzie is, it would appear, one of them. And at it’s heart, many are convinced, there was a ring – a pornography ring. – One of the members of which was arrested and jailed last summer, but on a different matter. The entire case, as it was developed, was a smokescreen to draw attention from certain sexual deviants. And to this day the main players are terrified of that link being made. – But made it has been.

      To be clear, there is nothing really ‘to’ the Hollie Greig case itself beyond what was investigated by the Police and concluded by the CICA. Which in itself is horrific enough! It was all smoke and mirrors. Oh! And a foolish dishonest man looking for fame and fortune!

      2) Charles Seven. Bendy-Wendy as she’s known was and still is (in the opinion of many) a highly unstable/foolish/dishonest individual who has hung around the fringes of the entertainment industry for years. The case is directly comparable to the Starchild project in so far as it is a simple con on the part of McKenzie based on someone else’s lunatic delusions. There was no ‘Sevengate’, just a con that failed to get traction.

      3) Hampstead. Once again the common factor is McKenzie. There was a ‘prototype’ of the Hampstead Hoax created by an Aberdeen drug-abuser called Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy. That scam crashed and burned, but McKenzie became aware of it because of his involvement with the Hollie Greig case. The ‘script’ was given to Abe Christie, a serial criminal, drug dealer and dealer in pornography. The rest is well recorded.

      McKenzie has a decades-long track record running various scams and hoaxes – Iran Aid for instance. Her ‘greatest hit’ perhaps? It strikes me that she’s simply the ‘go-to’ person to see if you are a scam artist in need of a manager/promoter. But there aren’t ‘many’ people involved. It’s thought for instance that Angela Power-Disney was, back in early 80s London, on the fringes of the grifting scene run by Andrea Davidson as indeed was Neelu Berry. Really, what you’re seeing is a small group at work. Part of their ‘M.O.’ is to round up the ‘idiot kids’ from the village and get them to do their dirty work. That’s also their target audience for a lot of the scamming activity.

      Personally I don’t doubt that there Is an ‘official’ agenda to discredit groups that might investigate things independently and/or might otherwise raise dissent. And I do often question the ‘Teflon’ nature of Belinda McKenzie and others. But don’t overplay this. Most of the characters involved are basically dishonest and easily-lead. You can say the same thing about shoplifting gangs and doorstep conmen.

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      • I’ve been now told that Angela Power Disney was an associate of the career con-merchant Andrea Davison- and by a totally independent source to anyone here.

        Davison was involved in endless cheap cons including the notorious Australian shop-lifting gang (one was my flatmate. they were amazing and had a bunch of East Enders as associates)

        Davison was possibly the originator of creating a new scenario to cover her criminal career once she was busted- as an ex-spy. She’s also believed to be in Thailand and working with the horrible fake shares scamsters who rip off pensioners. She was well ahead of the others but they have all picked up her MO including I reckon Power-Disney but she’s quite hopeless as she was never a ‘boss’ just part of a gang.

        There is something to the claim that some of them are ‘protected’ & certainly McKenzie seems to be teflon coated but if you look at her career she agitates and then hangs on the sidelines watching her work unfold.

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        • One should also remember Bill Maloney who appeared out of the blue. His background is riddled with spells of being hauled in and questioned by Plod .

          I think this bunch have seized upon child abuse as a way of being “holier than thou” and they certainly have noted there is an awful lot of money to be made via donations and government grants.

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        • Excellent! I’m glad to hear that’s been confirmed! And the guys at this end will be pleased to hear that too.

          There must be many other people who remember her from back in the day. It would be good to keep this powder dry though and perhaps allow the Garda to join the dots.


        • Fascinating, GoS… I’d always wondered about Davison and her ‘back-story’. I knew something was quite amiss with her as soon as I watched a ‘sooper-seekrit’ Skype interview (for laughs) a few years ago (she was sitting in an undisclosed South American fast-food joint) with someone of highly questionable journalistic integrity; I think it was Sonia Poulton of Icky-Icke’s TPV, shortly before it imploded in spectacular fashion and the very public Icke/Poulton spat ensued. Thanks for that info !

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      • The only thing that shocks me about your intriguing summation/analysis of these interwoven scams is Berry’s participation dating back to the 80s. I thought she’d initially appeared on the scene after breaking with reality due to her niece’s death abut 15 years ago. If her role goes back that far, do you think she may be feigning schizophrenia (or delusional disorder)? For a long time I was totally convinced her psychotic features were genuine (initially triggered by the tragedy/left untreated/exploited by others ever since), but have recently started to have serious doubts. Her apparent ‘madness’/outwardly erratic behavior, if feigned, could nicely conceal some very dark/buried agendas. If she’s associated with these co-grifters for the better part of three decades, it’s a possibility worthy of consideration, anyway…


        • When this ‘stuff’ hit the fan BOTH Berry and Disney were recognised. – Disney, back in the 80s bore a passing/fair resemblance to a Scottish actress called Judith Sweeney. A resemblance she’s known to have milked! Judy had and still has her admirers! And actually is a much-liked and respected figure on the Scottish theatre scene. Disney is known to have associated with Davidson’s crowd, and can be definitely placed when they were operating in the ‘North end Road’ part of London. Similarly, Neelu was (I’m told) quite the beauty in her younger days, and quite the ‘rebel’ too as she seem to have emerged from a pretty traditional/decent family that wasn’t 100% with her ‘westernisation’. The death of her niece was indeed what pushed her ‘over the edge’. But she was ‘no saint’ and there are one or two individuals that are quite pleased they never quite plucked up the courage to go over and start chatting to her!

          It was a bit of a shot-in-the-foot for Davidson to try working the Barons Court area. All of the BBC, Thames and LWT as well as several newspapers had their trainees billeted in the area, and quite a few of the old hands had their ‘weekday’ flats thereabouts too. She might as well have been sitting in the ITN cafeteria!

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  13. The ironic life of Angela Power Disney. Lets never forget that Angela groomed and orchestrated a successful recruiting campaign to get her fags – Jake Clarke and Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV to do her dirty work of harrassing the people of Hampstead.

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    • Both Quaintance and Jake are just shoddy little crooks at heart. Both drug addicts of course. and each one a ‘manchild’, the product of mal-parenting. Angie learned her grifting ways from ‘somewhere’, she’s simply passing the baton on to these two deviants.

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  14. Soooo, she’s now referring to her daughter as a “survivor”, this doesn’t bode well. Two possible scenarios here: the first is that she has persuaded her daughter that she is also a “victim” of abuse/mkultra/childhunting bollox, just like mammy. Or, her daughter is also a lying trainee scam artist, ditto.

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  15. I agree with Joe Kerr. But there is something we need to address very seriously and not let it go.
    We all must watched the videos of these young children even once. These videos shows the children dressed with “light” clothing ad calmly revealing monstrosities that was impossible to have taken place,
    These videos are now on the internet been watched by millions and this is disturbing because Pedophiles will keep watching them hopping that these sick freaks Like Belinda Angela, Sabine Neelu and few others will provide them with more stories about children so to sexually arose them They are 100% pedophiles acting crafty by picking cases that innocent children become a protagonist of Youtube videos.

    Ask your selves. Why These children had to be shown on Video when just their voices should have been sufficient enough?

    Because of course Belinda must have world wide connections of pedophile wanting to watch innocent children whether is the Holly Craig Show or Hamstead show. .

    About the scandals In Dolphin square we havent heard witness statements direct so we cannot comment about this case for sure.

    But about Hamstead 2 siblings the videos are out there and the cruel child exposing peados are here continue to expose these innocent children.

    So Am asking anyone who keep commenting on facebook. on tweeter and on youtube.

    Have you met in person the parents of hampstead that you are accusing of Cannibalism?
    Have you met Ricky Dearmann? Have you got any solid and beyond reasonable doubt evidence to show that Ricky Dearman is a child abuser?
    The answer is a big NO

    Ricky Dearman and other named victims of the Hamstead fiasco are an excuse to show the children to peadophiles. ask Judge Puffey

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    • I pretty-much agree with that.

      During the Hollie Greig carry-on there was one particular individual who, oddly enough, claimed to be debunking the hoax. In truth he was the person who had actually first-published the libels and allegations of abuse. He took GREAT ‘pleasure’ in dissecting the intimate details of Hollie’s alleged abuse, and I do mean intimate. His blog was the sort of stuff that would cause you to wretch just reading it. That same individual is also thought to have been central to the porn ring, an importer, distributor and dealer. I am in no doubt that what he wrote was intended as a type of pornography – textual. In this way it gets round the law as it’s not an image, except to the mind’s eye.

      By way of further example, central to the Mitchell case was a paedophilic ‘novel’ Mitchell had written – a ‘storybook’ describing the grooming and repeated rape of a young girl. It’s this that his wife hid for him at her office. – It’s known that Mitchell was a producer of obscene videos and believed that he is one link between an individual considered by the CICA and Police to most-likely be Hollie’s abuser and the porn distributor I mentioned.

      Christie is also thought to be connected to this group. I’m not sure of the details but he is thought to have been involved in making and distributing porn – people are still trying to drill into this one.

      Mrs Pauffley’s information and the judgement she based on it did not ‘fall off the nearest tree’. These are the words of an educated and experienced woman. I don’t doubt that she has had to act in respect of many victims of the paedophile porn trade. And she will only too easily recognise the various forms of paedophile pornography that exist; especially those that seek to circumvent the law.

      There are many reasons why material like this should just not be publicly available, least of all as any sort of ‘entertainment’. and if McKenzie & Co had the SLIGHTEST understanding of the issues and/or concern for the children’s welfare, they would never dream of doing what they have done.

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      • That decsription actually nauseated me. Wow. I don’t know nearly enough about the Greig case, but before reading your message had been under the impression that no-one had ever abused the girl at all, and that the horrific allegations were invariably products of her mentally ill mother’s imagination. Ultra-disturbing, to put it mildly.
        Even in the absence of that sickening tale, the reasons why releasing such info publicly is so ill-advised (at best) are blindingly obvious to anyone capable of the most rudimentary critical thinking. It serves as food for a mercifully uncommon but incredibly sick, potentially VERY dangerous subset of depraved humans, and is altogether unnecessary/revolting for the rest of us. It simply shouldn’t be ‘out there’, period. Ugh….

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        • That, unfortunately, is one of the red-herrings that keeps the case in disrepute. Historically the Police investigated the matter, found ‘some’ evidence of possible abuse, but not enough to raise a prosecution. That’s what lead to the CICA payout. I stress though, that this was very much a cold case, and completely unprosecutable. It’s also the case that when you drill into that aspect of the matter it becomes quite apparent that Anne Greig herself was complicit in ensuring that early abuse was covered up to the degree it was.

          The fact remains though that the CICA carried out an objective and informed professional examination and reached a ‘balance of probability’ conclusion that sadly Hollie was abused at some point in her young life. That SHOULD have been a line in the sand! As much as there was a fully justified campaign to debunk Anne Greig’s fanciful tale, much unnecessary effort was put into rubbishing things like the competence of the CICA. A case of ‘they doth protesteth too much’. A ‘particular group’ is believed to have been behind that. – Hugh Mitchell, who is now a convicted paedophile is known to have been part of that movement. Add to that the bizarre direction that was taken to jail Robert Green (not that he didn’t deserve jailing you understand!) and the whole thing remains a festering sore!

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  16. I can’t remember exactly what the Judge at the High Court said, something along the lines of people promoting it being stupid and/or evil.

    i don’t know whether any of the people you name are paedophiles, but it certainly is a possibility.

    Belinda and Sabine do have connections to convicted paedophiles and Neelu was promoting Peter H. as being innocent yet he has just been convicted of having indecent images or similar on his computer for over 25 years, so the chances could be very high that they are. Enablers at the very least it seems.

    I think they argue the children’s faces were shown to have more of a “dramatic” effect.

    The so called believers like Angela Power Disney, Sabine Conaghan, Jake Clarke etc. sharing the images when they have been told time and time again nicely that they are breaking the law etc. shows their arrogance, psychopathic nature and feelings of superiority.

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    • Babs, I’m told – by a few people including some Police Officers who deal with this sort of thing, that ‘textual’ representations of abuse are not uncommon. It’s one way that paedophiles can ‘get themselves off’ without actually ‘making an image’. And it’s a difficult thing to legislate against.

      I think most people who work legitimately with abuse victims would appreciate this and know it is potentially harmful. Therefore there is no real excuse for publishing it.

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  17. It is a common law offense (a criminal offense) to identify in public via media or other means persons of sexual abuse (women and children), So the 2legislation” is an act of parliament that exists. And I think that CPS should have got involved to prosecute anyone and everyone who has exposed , named, and distributed media identifying the children.

    Let me give you one example.
    if the police confiscate yut computer and found links of videos showing half naked children, you are liable to be charged and prosecuted. Now the argument is that Just one video dont make you a pedophile.

    but If the police check the amount of times someone watching the videos this is suspicious and Of course we all adults and we know why someone will keep watching such videos.

    It was suggested then for a world wide ban on these videos and the Judge said this was impossible.
    Oh Yes it is possible if Google becomes liable for distributed such videos. Google owns Youtube..

    “Angela Puff mommy” knows everything one has to now about child abuse. she said her self hitting her daughter with a T square.
    So legally Angie the Puff mommy stil liable for prosecution for historical child abuse.

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      • Rupert? ….Hiding away. UKBA have been alerted to his Pot addiction and stated intention to obtain illegal substances whilst in the UK (grounds alone to bar him from entry) and to the threats he made to Churches and Schools here. The MET were also advised – both directly by individuals and via colleagues on other forces. Best make the Ferry Ports aware too.

        I’m not going to condone the impersonation of Angie’s daughter or the attacks on the dead sister. I really don’t think it’s helpful or right. No point sinking to their level. – Then again, if no-one knows who’s behind the false profile, it might well be Angie herself or Rupert trying to double-bluff.

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        • I’ve just seen Dupert at the end of that video, and am really disturbed that he’s so close to his ‘goal’ now. Then again, It hadn’t occurred to me (don’t know why that is – I have friends in Nice AND Istanbul, so it’s been one hell of a week) that security must be at absolutely airtight at ALL European airports right now…if the authorities have ANYTHING on him (and it sounds like they must), he’ll be on the very next plane pointed back towards the U.S. once he attempts to gain entry! I’ll keep all digits crossed in hopes that he never sets foot on UK soil in the meantime…

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          • I’m surprised he got in to the R.O.I. 😦 He’s a known drug addict and has stated his intentions to cause disruption in the UK. He seems to me to be as much a terrorist threat as anyone.

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    • Oh, GROSS ! I just watched the video for the second time and saw/heard Dupert at the very end…I missed that bit before. He’s so perilously close to the UK, I’m REALLY worried he’ll somehow make it into the country without incident…aarrrgghhhh! Then again, I would imagine security is as tight as it’s ever been in light of VERY recent terrorist attackss and political coups, etc…PLEASE let Border Patrol find any reported alerts associated with him and proceed to turn his ass down & *around* / personally march him right onto the next plane bound for America !

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  18. Angie’s hypocrisy is astounding!
    It’s ok to completely demolish someone else’s family online and refer to the Father as a paedophile…..but “OH NO..don’t mention MY family!”
    The woman is disgusting to the core.

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  19. As we can all see and hear. Angela has abused (beating the shit out of) her children using Cane, T square and..a Rake. Not 2ifs” no “buts” The abuser herself admitted this. So CPS are aware.
    Message to Angie: The devil finally came out of your mouth . you cannot control your father satan, and the Satan told us how evil mother you was and how evil you still are by using and exposing your daughter publishing a confidential skype video. Angie you are the satan, you are Lucifer sister and yes you admitted You are a child abuser..

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  20. It’s unfortunate that Gabi has been caught up in this but perhaps it’s a good thing if she gets to know what her mother is doing.

    Angela is accusing people of raping and murdering children, based on her gut feeling. She has sat online and accused people of being involved in the making and distribution of child sex videos. Angela has aligned herself with a group that have taken images of other peoples young children and put them up on the internet and in videos. A group that has posted videos of two young children, completely breaching their right to privacy. A group that has posted names, phone numbers, addresses..etc of those people, causing them to have death threats. One woman was having people knock on her door during the night and felt concerned enough to look into getting an arson proof letter box. Just in case the material Angela and her group were posting online, would cause someone to try burn her and her children to death while they sleep in bed.

    And that’s just this case. She has also linked to material accusing people of other murders, or pretending that their family have died in a false flag. If Gabi feels annoyed, then just think about how those folk feel. That their loved one has died and within hours, Angela and co are claiming that they are not actually dead. Yes, people that do that are “cunts” Angela.

    Angela has had it pointed out to her that her ‘evidence’ is either misunderstood, or completely fabricated. Angela deletes the comments to ignore the truth. Angela continues with accusations she knows to be false, because she is an attention whore.

    That is why, when her sister died, she was announcing it as a murder within hours. Publicly over the internet. Nobody made her do that, she chose to do it.

    Maybe that’s why her family don’t want her getting the fathers estate. That they don’t think a woman accusing him of murder is deserving of it. Maybe they don’t like the thought of her squandering it all on paying for twats like Rupert to have a wee jolly around Europe. Hard earned cash that Angela would waste on some man child waster. As with her sisters inheritance, Instead of giving that money to her kids, she has spent it on Rupert, so he can visit Angela, smoke some green and make videos about a non existent cult.

    Plus, it’s not just an accusation of murder against her father, but also that he is an abuser, that allowed his daughter to be used in MK Ultra experiment. I’m pretty sure I remember her accusing another family member of being a paedophile, causing a rift. There was also the incident of her posting a video about her son being too aggressive during sex. Anything for attention.

    Even in this scenario, Angela has taken the opportunity to attention seek. Her daughter is communicating privately via cam, and shows concern that people know where she is from, and that she was beat with a T Square. It’s because Angela doesn’t give a shit what she has to tell people, as long as she gets attention. If that means stamping all over her daughters privacy, then so be it. Angela asks her daughter to inform people that the profile isn’t hers. Gabi doesn’t seem too keen to get involved. So what does mother do?……she posts the cam session on YT, because it brings her more attention and she can again play the victim.

    Rupert pops up near the end at it appears that Angela hadn’t bothered to tell her daughter that he was lying there listening in. Gabi seemed rather underwhelmed by Angela’s announcement that Rupert says hi.

    So next time Gabi goes to see her counsellor (I wonder if Gabi is happy with that being publicly announced), maybe she can explore the effects of her mothers behaviour.

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    • Well said. Gabi needs to know she has nothing to fear from a ‘cult’ because there isn’t one. It’s a figment of her mum’s imagination.
      I do feel for family members caught up in this and personally, I prefer to leave them out of it.

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      • After all, nobody asked to be born to a psychopathic bitch of hell who beat them with sticks, chased them with offensive weapons, and has spent much of their life and especially their latter years trying to grift cash out of people off the back of perverted sexual fantasies of their own making!


    • By the way, if Rupert is lurking about, I would encourage him to read up about Joyce McKinney and what she did to Kirk Anderson before he visits Angie – unless of course he likes that sort of thing.


    • Excellent points. And I shudder to think how many YEARS of regular counselling would/(will) be required to even put a dent in the mitigation of suffering Angela has inflicted on her very own children…
      Having been too swamped to keep up with all the details surrounding over the past week or so, I’m discouraged beyond words to learn that Roop has made it to Ireland. I’d been crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that he’d have simply stayed in Italy or, even better, had been deported back to America by now.
      Having said that, I sincerely hope that the wholly justified alerts mentioned above (regarding his entry into the U.K.) have actually been issued and will be taken VERY seriously, & that he’ll be turned away by proper officials the *nanosecond* he attempts to set foot on U.K. soil…

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