The sad story of little RoofieTroofie

Some of you have probably noticed that our blog is being ‘scraped’ for links by another WordPress blog called, inexplicably, ‘Hoaxteadresearchmessiahlawyer666’, run by someone who calls himself ‘Bar man’.

But before Bar(f)man there was ‘Daniel Stowe’, and before ‘Daniel Stowe’ there was ‘RoofieTroofie’.

You see, it all started on Twitter, last Friday morning. Someone calling themselves RoofieTroofie started a Twitter profile, and immediately began harassing a group of family barristers who gather there to chat from time to time. Some, but not all of them are involved in the Transparency Project, which we’ve discussed here in the past.

According to RoofieTroofie, these barristers actually run Hoaxtead Research…and he was determined to prove it. He assured barrister Lucy Reed that he could see into the secret fastnesses of her soul…using crystals and a drawing of her which he traced from his computer monitor.

Strangely, Lucy was less than impressed at this rather creepy approach:RoofieTroofie Twitter 1 2016-07-06RoofieTroofie Twitter 2 2016-07-06When he realised he’d get no satisfaction on Twitter, GoofieTroofie decided to beard the lion in its den.

He posted this on our blog: RoofieTroofie blog 1 2016-07-06Oh, well then.

El Coyote confessed himself puzzled:RoofieTroofie blog 2 2016-07-06Aaaaaand there’s that question answered.

YdychyncachuTracey, who was a little more on the ball that day than EC, quickly realised that RoofieTroofie had brought his side-show over from Twitter:

RoofieTroofie Blog 4 2016-07-06He’s right on that point: we non-believers definitely don’t really understand the crystal thing.

But it’s all right, really. We don’t need it explained. Honestly.

RoofieTroofie Blog 6 2016-07-06By this time, EC had used his startling powers of deduction—and the fact that RoofieTroofie was calling himself ‘Daniel Stowe’ on his Twitter account—to determine that a) he was a troll, b) he needed blocking, and c) erm, well, that’s it really.

One more post from RoofieTroofie, and his fate was sealed:

RoofieTroofie blog 3 2016-07-06Sorry, old chap: that’s you blocked. (By the way, note that he’s now decided Sarah runs our site. This will come up again later.)

More fun and frolic followed:RoofieTroofie blog 5 2016-07-06RoofieTroofie blog 9 2016-07-06RoofieTroofie blog 11 2016-07-06RoofieTroofie blog 8 2016-07-06

RoofieTroofie blog 7 2016-07-06RoofieTroofie blog 10 2016-07-06Meanwhile, unbeknownst to us, poor RoofieTroofie (remember him?) who had been unceremoniously blocked from commenting, was outside the blog pounding his tiny fists against the door and screaming: RoofieTroofie-spam 2016-07-06Apparently Jesus had suddenly decided he had something else to do elsewhere that day, and so the blog remained closed to poor RoofieTroofie. However, he now has the honour of having produced the most hilarious spam we’ve ever received.

We did notice that he had a very short-lived Facebook page under the name of Daniel Stowe, who claimed to belong to a church in Sheffield. Odd, since his IP address pointed straight to Leicester, but there you are. RoofieTroofie-FB 2016-07-01Erm…sounds delightful. Sorry, but we think we are scheduled for a root canal that day.

Oddly, both his Facebook and Twitter accounts disappeared within about 48 hours of appearing; apparently poor RoofieTroofie has trouble with his stamina. We’ve heard there’s now treatment for that, but we don’t want to intrude on the poor little fellow’s personal life.

And so, deprived of the ability to harass people and creep them out, RoofieTroofie transmogrified into…dun dun DUN…(hang on, what was the blog name again?)…oh right: Hoaxteadresearchmessiahlawyer666.

Because that doesn’t sound deranged at all.

And now, Roofie…er, that is, Hoaxteadresearchmessiahlawyer666 is free to froth and fulminate on his very own blog to his little heart’s content.

We shan’t be telling him that every time he links to our blog he’s actually boosting our search engine ranking; we’d really hate to upset him any more than we already have. sad kitten

111 thoughts on “The sad story of little RoofieTroofie

    • Bloody furious you get an entire paragraph to yourself :
      “I doubt any of the Gravatars have any real prospect in terms of capacity to change within the time frame of the earths existence, specifically “Joe Kerr” I believe in my professional opinion to require containment in a cast iron cage designed for a primate chimpanzee, ensuring the animal called “Joe Kerr” wear a stray jacket at all times and a big-boy Huggies pull-ups to avoid soiling in the cage. His diet must comprise of rabbit feces only.”

      I still think this is a giant send-up.
      Either that or they are allowing the Broadmoor patients to use the computer room again.

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      • …..I tend to agree Sam; surely nobody that sadly-addled can be walking around the streets on their own?

        Off to the charity shop though to see if I can pick up a stray jacket, then popping along to Edinburgh zoo to see if they can tell me what a non-primate Chimpanzee is? Personally I am happy to confirm that I am indeed a Primate (Lat. – ‘first-rank’ – as any fule knowe!) though have no need for assistance with Juvenile Incontinence… An obsession of the author I suspect; even a basic knowledge of psychology introduces one to the concept of ‘projection’. And, just for reference, CAST IRON isn’t really the best material to make cages out of…. Not of any size at least.

        I see their IT expert hasn’t worked out that I’m not signed up to Gravatar, my sign-in isn’t real and I’m actually 40-odd miles away from the computer I’m logged in from! – Obviously a top man at his game; sharp as a spud!

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        • Joe, I had no idea you were a Primate. Roman or Anglican? Now I respect you even more.

          As for the Gravatars…that had me howling last night. (That was a coyote joke, Roofie, in case you missed it.)


      • I had a stray jacket once upon a time. It kept finding its way out of the office cloakroom and begging my coworkers for food though, so eventually I had to find it another home.


  1. I wonder if he/she/it was also: “Ethan Kawke April 24, 2016 at 3:19 pm” on Barrister Blogger hampstead article comments.

    Anyway…as you know, I recently ascended to Cosmic Avatar of Good status myself and I’ve been attending the meetings. There was only one close encounter with “the J man”, at these meetings, that I can recall. One day they were all babbling away about crystal power this and crystal power that, and cursing satanic demons and so on, (I was playing Candy Crush in the corner) – and suddenly the room shook as a booming & earsplitting voice resonated through it: “SHUT THE F*CK UP!” Followed by giant golden letters appearing in the air, in the middle of the room: “JC says so”.

    That is all. Amen.

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  2. This is all funny but these freaks seem totally deranged, is this some joke that is way above me or are these weirdos serious? Now they’re threatening people who leave comments on here (not that anyone will read their crappy blog)

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    • I think the truth is that while they take themselves very, very seriously indeed, they’re a joke.

      Yes, they’re threatening people…but with what? We are very careful on this blog not to stray into any illegal realms. We’re careful not to descend to the level of the Hoaxtead mob–they think it’s perfectly fine to accuse random people of terrible crimes. We don’t. We do quote people when they say things we find offensive, bizarre, or hypocritical. I’m pretty sure that’s not a crime…so in the highly unlikely event that these clowns ever figure out who’s who and what’s what around here, they’ll find themselves no further ahead.


    • YAHHHH ! I get a mention. Pity no-one could possibly understand what the f*ck they are on about.
      The irony of a website run by some anonymous ratbag moaning about anonymous posters.
      And what’s with all the laws posted.LOL

      ## coming soon : I have some inside knowledge of a current court case in Australia which is being watched by lawyers all over the world. Having seen the court papers-briefly, Google have appealed a recent defamation case which ruled they were a publisher. Google have thrown $$millions at the case to try and win but are hitting a brick wall as appeal judges seem determined to make an iron clad ruling that those who host these defamatory websites are publishers as well and are determined to set a precedent no matter how much the giant wealthy internet giants carry on. My attendee at the case says on one day there were 12 barristers representing entities like Facebook, twitter etc. sitting in on the case.
      ### Yahoo already remove links to defamatory websites quick smart and without giving grief. But of course Google is the giant.
      #### Ominous sign? my small bathroom crystal chandelier crashed to the floor this morning splintering into a 1000 pieces. Is it the Devil or RoofieTroofie? My electrician reckons it’s just dodgy decrepit wiring but he could be a cult member.

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      • me and spiny got mentioned twice! so they started this in december and its taken them seven months to get a crappy blog up and running, LMFAO! the reason ive thrown my bag in with you lot is coz a terrible injustice has been (and still is) done to you, these idiots are by the sounds of it circle jerks, who in their right mind would drink that smootie (sic)? so long as these pervs stick to the internet then fine but if this trickles over into real life then it will be a problem, i dont want these sick depraved f..ks anywhere near my family, they would do well to remember that

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      • Google has played a big part in the hoaxstead thing, ten years ago it would have been a passing annoyance, some of you may have a case against google, the only way they will listen is if it hurts their pockets

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        • Totally agree…. Google is like a cancer to the internet and freedom of speech; it actually feeds off this sort of thing with no care fore the real-world damage it does. It’s not unique either!

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      • The court case is fascinating. I’ll bet WordPress’s lawyers’ ears perked up as well. Some of the garbage they’ve hosted could easily be construed as defamatory and/or pornographic.

        Sad about the chandelier. Now I really want to see your bathroom though: sounds like a fancy place.


    • Yeh that’s what all lunatics in the asylum say and that’s why they are in there. Mr Slater just hasn’t been diagnosed yet. They don’t get better though untreated.

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    • I can’t work out whether this person is hosting a prayer meeting or an orgy. Judging by the perverted and lovingly detailed fantasies on “hoaxteadresearchmessiahlawyer666”, they have some very odd sexual problems which they are projecting on everyone else.

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    • Its group masturbation, creepy as f..k, this fits the profile of your typical tory smith fan to a tee. Dangerous fanatics, how the hell did England become so fanatical? we’re trying to catch up to America on weird cults by the look of things

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  3. What I learnt from Barman’s wonderful blog:

    – Hoaxtead Research and Hampstead Research are the same thing.
    – Hoaxtead Research is run by Phillimore Sarah.
    – Butlincat is on our side.
    – Sabine, Neelu, Charlotte, Ella et al are innocent victims of harassment.
    – We have issued death threats (though he accidentally forgot to post any screenshots or links to support this claim – oops).
    – Meanwhile, death threats by his “friends” (who strangely appear to be giving him a wide berth) are justified.
    – Barman has “a multitude of contributors”.
    – ‘Fay Carr-Tickle’, ‘Elementary Penguin Singing Hare Krishna’ and ‘School’s Out For Slater’ are Hoaxtead Research “key players” (to name but a few).

    I also learnt some interesting “alternative spellings” whilst there (once I’d fumbled my way through the “interesting grammar”, that is). “Protection Harassment Act” at the top of the page is a particular favourite.

    “Stray jacket” is another good one.

    By the way, I’m sure Scarlet Scoop will be very flattered that he’s copied and pasted her entire ‘Trolls’ page, complete with links to and screenshots of death threats from the hoaxer friends he purports to be defending:

    Quite how this demonstrates that we’re the trolls and his friends are the innocent victims (rather than blatantly undermining his own argument and reinforcing ours) is anybody’s guess. *Facepalm*

    EC, has Barman submitted a formal complaint to your customer services department yet? I did post him the form:

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    • He has not…but I expect it imminently. His logical skills are almost on a par with Kristie Sue Costa’s…stunning. Or stunned, take your pick.


  4. Barman appears to be just another sexually frustrated fruitcake who, just like his predecessors Charlotte, Bronwyn, Wrightson, Kristie Costa et al, will give up and go home as soon as he gets bored and finds someone else to harass (if he doesn’t get banned first). Or as soon as he gets a job. (Actually, that last one may be a little over-ambitious.)

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    • Yep – he’s definitely sexually frustrated, to say the least:

      “The Gravatar siblings must not be separated, except Joe Kerr, in light of his extra special needs I discussed earlier in my report, concerns over his sexing…There is no need for them to undress, as it is already socially acceptable for them to wear no clothes…The person at the back of the queue must insert his microscopic pork sword into the dry starfish of the member in front of him with a view of milking the prostate…the next in line, must then insert his microscopic pork sword into the dry starfish of the member in front of him…this sequence…must continue until we reach the position where the member at the front has no starfish to poke…Sadly this member will just have to play with his micro bacon torpedo hans-solo…’Give it to me baby…ahha…ahha’…Once everyone has climaxed…the fruitcake therapy is complete…Should anyone’s chocolate starfish be extremely dehydrated, then Gabriella Barney and YdychyncachuTracey are to take turns to lubricate their magic wands.”

      Oh and in case he didn’t make that clear enough, he’s posted a charming GIF of a man being gang-raped at the bottom, to ram his point home (so to speak).

      When this clown was researching harassment law, he seems to have forgotten to look into the laws on sexual harassment and sexual assault, both of which he seems to think are ok.


      • He’s a bit sexist as well. What about those of us not in possession of a ‘pork sword’ microscopic or otherwise? Are we excluded from the fun? Disappointingly phallocentric fantasy.

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      • LOL! He’s on to me!! I’m to be separated! Mind you, I probably have him rattled, I found this exclusive footage of their last group meeting:


    • ‘Irony’ is their middle name. Sadly, they don’t know it.

      Also they seem immune to sarcasm, not to mention dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and satire.


  5. Wise words from Mark Twain for the likes of Belinda, Sabine, Neelu and Angie

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt” . (Mark Twain)

    The other idiots mentioned in earlier postings, do not have the guts to show their identity, yet seem to derive some strange pleasure in their efforts to damage others.

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  6. He’s a f…ing pervert.

    Completely vile, I wouldn’t want to meet him.

    I bet he lives with his Mum and stays in his bedroom all day, getting up to who knows what.

    Bet he stinks and his bedroom too.

    I hope the goat wasn’t hurt.

    I think it must have been though.

    I hope he doesn’t venture on to the streets.

    I feel sorry for anyone that lives near him if he does.

    Even Barry seems a bit wary of him.

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  7. “This genesis of this website was during the Christmas holidays in December 2015, when a group of friends met for a casual coffee (and cheesecake) and we started discussing and debating issues and somehow the conversation led to do discussing cyber-bullying and harassment; all of us come from different backgrounds: a lawyer, psychologist, primary school teacher, an IT Analyst and a nurse. We all had different perspectives and attitudes towards the rampant online bullying culture.”

    DR? Doolittle?
    IT ANALYST? with a website looking like a bedroom without bedding, and vomit and feaces (commonly known as shit) on the floor?

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    • I actually get a mention! My screen name is on a list! … and that’s it because Bar Man doesn’t know how to do even basic research into online identities.

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  8. He once had friends, and a fiancé, who loved him. He played video games. He watched anime. Porn, masturbated.

    Then, crystals, and Jesus.

    Worryingly his crystals do seem to be some sort of fetish that gets him very sexually aroused. I remember his tweets.

    That’s what I have learned.

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    • I was nearly crying with laughter by the time I got to the renunciation of lodges, fraternities, sexual partners, close friends…and dolls, figurines, computer games…. Oh dear.


  9. Daniel was pictured planting more crystals around London this morning…

    I have to agree with other posters that this guy doesn’t seem altogether genuine. When I first read the DS comments that Spiny Norman has posted above, I thought it was someone trying to make a fool of Barry.

    I have to say that i do sometimes think about the family members of the hoaxtead witch hunters, and how they must feel seeing their relative making such mad claims, and taking heat for those claims. However, these people are adults and I don’t think they are mentally ill to the point that they don’t know right and wrong, and should not be excused from social and criminal responsibility. Especially when the things they are accusing others of, are some of the worst accusations that a person can face. People here may make some comments over social media, but the witch hunters have stood outside peoples churches and homes, shouting at them down the street. They have phoned people up and made terrible accusations and death threats. So sorry, they will just have to live with the response.

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  10. Now that’s what I call a crystal with a capital OMIGOD.

    And yes. We hold people to account for things they’ve said and done—demonstrably, and shared via the internet—while the Hoaxteaders just make shit up and fling it. Big difference.


  11. Angela Power- Disney admits to fraud & corruption : “Fiona would be giggling I am sure, and I have unwittingly called in favours from FiFi such as ‘lending’ her my driving license and sitting an entrance exam for her decades ago!! ”
    Apparently it’s a huge joke.

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  12. The important thing to remember, as Barman is keen to point out, is that we’re the trolls, not them.

    And here’s a lovely comment I’ve just received on YouTube that demonstrates that point beautifully:


    • “HealthVideos” is posting some threatening things right now on his Google+ page. And for some insane reason he has targeted me! He added me to his google circles and I don’t know how to remove my name from his circles. I have screen grabs of all his comments, but I don’t know how to post them on your blog.

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        • Block and report the scummer – And if anyone else who looks at it would also be good enough to report it we might hope Google shuts him down. Don’t let sewage like that get under your skin.

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        • Woah..that person has really got it in for you, Deb. I’ve just read all the posts. Definitely report that page.

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          • There are good legal reasons for reporting abusive & defamatory pages to Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc- and ensuring you keep a record of it.

            If it ever goes to court or there is police action you can show you took efforts to have this material removed.

            In the cases where Google has been ordered to pay out damages in libel cases those damages increased dramatically when it was shown the litigant had fruitlessly tried to have damaging ,material removed.

            The fact is this : Google /Facebook rake in $billions via their insulting tax avoidance methods. The Days of Reckoning will come at some stage as governments are and will assert their authority over these lawless enterprises.

            Thus you need to be able to show you took every possible avenue to have damaging material removed # Applies to other blogs as well.

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        • There are laws in some countries against hate speech aimed at ethnic or religious groups : Australia being one. This is certainly one of those that needs reporting.
          Doing so causes a hassle for Google who employ few people who take forever to get around to checking your complaints. It also causes a headache for Google who must block the viewing of websites in some countries but we know these abusers have ways of getting around that. That then becomes Google’s legal responsibility.
          ## pages like this should also be reported to Jewish groups who target hate pages aimed at them. They are well organised with plenty of volunteers.


      • The first thing you can do is click the little flag on the upper right-hand corner of his post, and click ‘report for abuse’. That’ll give you the option to block him.


    • That Talmud thing keeps popping up.

      I actually wondered if there could be any truth to it, not being a total fan of religion and knowing that religions haven’t exactly always blazed a trail in the human rights stakes, I was curious.

      There isn’t. I found this out on a site run by a Jewish man explaining the context. The context is that women who were victims of sexual assault as a child are to be treated as virgins when it comes to dowries. Adult women apparently would get less dowry if they were not a virgin. It isn’t in any way condoning sexual contact with children. The dowry/virginty link isn’t something I agree with though.

      But bigots got to keep hating I suppose.

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      • That’s right, Tracey—the Talmud, by the way, is not a ‘holy book’ of Judaism, but a collection of discussions by various Jewish scholars of yore. It is studied in the same way that a philosophy student might study the works of Plato or Socrates.

        As for the admonition to treat women who’ve been assaulted as though they were virgins…well, I’m no fan of equating virginity and a woman’s value either, but in the historical context it was quite a progressive step. At the time when that recommendation was made, women were essentially viewed as property, and this was a (tiny) step away from that mindset.


        • It is as if Christians are expected to agree with everything every single Christian theologian has ever said. Not going to happen.

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          • Exactly. I can think of several theologians with whom I might have a bone to pick. However, I don’t judge all Christians by that standard.

            Incidentally, I note that this Healthvideos person seems to think that Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, aka the Lubavitcher Rebbe, somehow represents the Jewish people. That is a bit like saying that all Christians’ views are represented by the Westboro Bible Church. Just saying.


          • It isn’t as if I haven’t encountered such dullard repeating of hideous anti-Semitic tropes before, and oddly prevelant among people who promote this hoax.

            See Sabine’s Twitter feed for a site she calls amazing, It’s a feeding frenzy of anti-Semitic bigots in the comments on that site.

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    • That’s utterly disgusting. I got a similar notification this morning; apparently this person is making the rounds. I reported the one I received as being abusive.


  13. Yes Rupert – All you SAID was that you wanted to sexually-abuse a child to see what it was like…… All you said was what a big hard tough guy you were and what you were going to do when you arrived in London etc etc… In fact Rupert; all you’ve said and done is make an absolute tit of yourself in your efforts to grab attention and convince the world you’re some sort of ‘hero’ film-maker. And in the process you’ve said some pretty monstrous things and proved to the world what a worthless waster you actually are. The only person who has portrayed Rupert Quaintance as a monster is Rupert Quaintance…. A monster, pervert, drug-addict, and parasite.

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  14. Meanwhile, Kane Slater is getting so desperate for attention that he’s resorted to posting death threats. And not even his own – he has to regurgitate Psycho Tina’s:


    • Wow. 1,000 babies? So is that one a day or one a week? Is RD some kind of King Baby Eater or does this represent the normal consumption for local satanists?

      Was it W C Fields who said ‘I like children. But I couldn’t eat a whole one’ ??

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      • Here’s what I don’t understand: babies are quite chubby, right? So, high fat to protein ratio, one would think. And eating a whole one every day would basically preclude eating anything else for the entire day, or even two, without running the risk of tipping over into morbid obesity faster than you can say ‘cannibalistic paedophile baby-killing cult’. Yet I don’t notice that any of the alleged baby eaters are particularly overweight. What gives?


        • Everyone burns off the energy high on adrenochrome.

          It explains the outbreak of Kuru in Hampstead too.

          I wonder how one gets a group of people with disparate roots spanning the globe, and outwardly normal people, get them to move to one place, and earn the money to rent or buy a place, and get the education or work experience to have that earning power, get them to have children, ALL AT THE SAME TIME, so they can have a school eating baby burgers.

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  15. I am quite certain that this RoofieTroofie creep, much like HWMNBN, thrives on attention and will quickly wither without it.
    Therefore I hereby move that from this moment onward he is dead to us.
    All in favour?


    • Jesus H.Christ these Truthers really are morons. That ridiculous newly invented term “Trigger Warning” so beloved of tabloids which is just a further way of urging you to contribute to their clickbait activity.
      No wonder the News of The World prospered with the likes of Power-Disney pouring over every word. She probably gets her serious news from the National Inquirer.


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