Debs Mahmoudieh just lurves the NSPCC…now

Oh, isn’t this nice? Finally, a very kind and complimentary video from long-time Hoaxtead pusher Deborah Mahmoudieh, telling us what a lovely chap John Cameron is.

Who is John Cameron? Why, he’s the founder of the NSPCC, and even though the Queen (noted reptilian and baby-eater according to Debs and her friends) awarded him an OBE at the New Year Honours last year, Debs thinks he’s just swell.

You see, she called him up to tell him that about a problem she had. It seems one of the receptionists at the NSPCC helpline had had the utter rind to hang up on her when she called to make a complaint about children in care.

Mr Cameron took the time to call her back and apologise on behalf of his terribly rude staff, and even called the incident ‘inexcusable’.

So in Debs’ books, this makes him an awfully fine fellow, and perhaps the NSPCC isn’t quite as useless as she thought. In fact, Mr Cameron’s phone call renewed her faith in humanity! Everything is sweetness and light in Debs’ world now.

Oh, and here’s that phone call where she was so hard done by:

Here’s how it went, for those of you who’d like to preserve your hearing and/or your sanity:

Hapless Help Desk Guy: You’re concerned about two children in care. What’s the concerns regarding the two children?

Debs: Well, we’re concerned that the children are in the care of lawfully suspected paedophiles, baby traffickers, and baby murderers.

HHDG: …long pause… Have you shared this with children’s services then?

Debs: Yes we have, we’ve shared it with everybody that you can think of.

HHDG: Well I think that by sharing the concerns with children’s services, we would be doing that. Have you shared with the police as well?

Debs: Yes, the crimes were reported to the police, who’ve conspired to cover the crimes up. They ignored medical evidence and failed to arrest or prosecute one person out of 70 named suspects, all of whom work within local police, social services, and family courts.

HHDG: Okay…I believe you phoned us earlier once today, just about 10 minutes ago….

Debs: I have, yes, and I want to know what is going—WHY? There is not one authority in Britain after 18 months who’ll go searching to rescue those children from the suspect authorities that harbour a gang of lawfully suspected murdering baby-trafficking peedio-philes, okay, who’ve been abusing multiple children in London schools! and there’s medical evidence to support those crimes and they used that medical evidence to remove those children from their mother who had taken the children to report the crimes and the children still are in contact with their father who was head of the gang!

HHDG: [who has been trying to get a word in edgewise] Okay, okay, so my advice there was the sound advice…you mentioned about authorities, just to let you know, we’re not an authority, we’re a charity of children’s shel-


HHDG: I’m going to hang up now…


…..dial tone…..

Debs: THAT’s the NSPCC. They can remove children from family homes, they can help police immediately rescue any child from a family home, but they can do nothing once children are in authority care, and if the local authorities are involved in abusing children, well it’s tough f*cking luck, isn’t it? THAT’S BRITAIN.

Cut, roll credits.

(We might have made that last bit up.)

So there you have it. The NSPCC being shamefully rude to Debs. (Oh, except technically, she seems to have been the one who hung up first.)

But really, in the face of “lawfully suspected murdering, baby trafficking peedio-philes”, should HHDG not have been just a tiny bit more proactive? Because Debs didn’t sound even a tiny bit unhinged there, did she?

It makes us wonder whether the sainted John Cameron, OBE, ever actually heard the nature or content of Debs’ call last week, or whether he was treated to Sane Debs when she called to complain.

We think perhaps we ought to forward this post along to his office, don’t you?


50 thoughts on “Debs Mahmoudieh just lurves the NSPCC…now

  1. Debs has also been talking about the growing opposition to the Children and Social Work Bill and attaching herself to the cause. I remember seeing the info about this a month or so ago and thinking its exactly the sort of thing Sabine et al would worm their way into if they could..and sure enough they have. I know a few people active in this field and will give them the head’s up although I’m sure they’re sharp enough to see through that lot without my help. Worth keeping an eye on though, as the Hoaxstead lot could do a lot of damage if they infiltrate these groups.

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  2. This is exactly the sort of thing where the Belinda/Sabine/Debs crew could do a great deal of damage. I’m glad you’re giving them a heads-up.


    • As I’ve noted before; undermining legitimate grass-roots dissent seems to be a major part of Belinda McKenzie’s ‘purpose’ and remit….. And some of us are of the firm opinion it’s from there that her ‘teflon’ immunity from prosecution seems to spring. – That vile child-exploiting excuse for a woman should have been banged-up years ago!


    • She had a little tiff with us some time ago on this subject: she claims that she never claimed to be an EU law expert. And yet, there was her name on the Association of McKenzie Friends letterhead. Unless they were talking about some other Deborah Mahmoudieh, of course. (Horrifying thought for the day: there could be 2 of her….)


    • I won’t go so far as to say that, but I do think it was quite dishonest of Deborah not to at least send him the link to her recording of the call, and it would have been wise for him to investigate a bit further before tossing the helpline guy under the bus. Unless, of course, he was just trying to placate Debs before she permanently deafened him.


  3. No doubt NSPCC get all manner of crank callers and attention seekers deflecting time and resources.I suspect part of their strategy to deal with nutters is to pat them on the head, thank them for their trouble and send them on their way with a red balloon they can merrily chase into the sunset.

    Whilst this tantrum calming policy will work successfully for the vast majority of pesky fruitcakes there will always be the occasional persistant terminal crackpot psycholoon who insist on rubbing shoulders with the old bill or mental health services.

    Debs ilk would be well advised to wipe their own arses first before embarking on blaming the bad smell onto the whole world and its dog.I wont hold my breath though.

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  4. Deb at her best with a low build up, a sharp rise in the middle and ending in a crescendo of madness. Is she an opera fan because she does like High Drama ?.

    I’m sure the NSPCC get quite a few nutters but I doubt they get that many claiming babies are on the lunch menu at a suburban church.

    Seems to me the Hoaxers are getting quite frustrated as their organized Foot Stamping crusade is hitting brick walls. i think this frustration should be encouraged to see if we can make a few heads literately explode to thin out their ranks.

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  5. interesting that she chose not to upload a recording of the call from Mr Cameron – wonder why?
    I imagine it probably puts a different perspective on things.

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    • What does “lawfully suspected” mean? Can things be unlawfully suspected?
      They are big on “alleged” in some cases and then go pull pelt claiming things are proved. Madness. The sad truth is that most of these hoaxers are just plain old thick.

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    • I don’t believe for a minute Mr Cameron responded as this ratbag says, as he has a responsibility to take care of his workers and to imply one did the wrong the thing would be actionable.
      He probably made placating noises in the hope the false accuser didn’t phone up harassing his staff again : note the chap on the other end says he is aware she has called before.
      The NSPCC like every other body knows a High Court judgement has been issued and those who continue to rant & rave at receptionists on government bodies are harassing staff.

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    • Well, I’m no fan of physical violence, but I have to say I was cheering for Buzz on that one. And what a shock that Debs would be involved in raising money for Sibrel. He looks like he’s just her type.


      • I thought Buzz showed a lot of restraint given that some self appointed attention seeker was in his face.Many others would have followed the right upper cut with a southpaw, a tombstone drop concluding with a back heel to the nether regions with pike.
        Not an advocate of violence either but the twat was just asking for trouble.

        I anyone starts a crowdfunding page to send Mahmoudieh and the gobshoite crew into permanant orbit around Ganymede I would give very generously.

        Honestly some folk.

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    • Errrr

      “We suspect, it is precisely BECAUSE the Apollo missions were fake, that NASA has failed to deliver humanity a full colour, HD, ‘Google Moon’ facility: By now, technically, everybody with access to a computer, should be able to explore the lunar surface”

      She also was big into the Princess Diana was murdered stuff back in the day.

      “When we consider the vast amounts of money NASA has received and spent, is an HD-COLOUR -Google Moon TOO much to ask?”

      And yes, it really is. Join an astronomy club you lazy woman.

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      • She does understand Google’s street-view mapping process, doesn’t she? Last time anyone walked on the moon was, what, in the 1970s? Pretty sure Google wasn’t a thing then.


        • She may just be talking about the satellite version of Google maps. I hope she is, because otherwise she would be very, very silly indeed.

          Japan sent an unmanned craft and captured some HD images late last century, of a tiny portion of the moon.

          She could get a telescope and use it. She could join an amateur astronomy club.

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          • But YT, you know that if you can’t just push a button on your computer and get the images you want, they must not exist at all. Ergo, HOAX!1!!1!


          • My pal who is visiting me next week is one of the world’s top astronomers and regularly works at NASA when he’s not teaching at universities.

            I asked him once why we never get really high definition images of the Moon and so on and it’s simple : atmospheric interference which he says is everywhere in space. Don’t ask me to explain but it’s somersetting like wavy lines. He has even spent weeks at a time living in a tent in some of the few spots on Earth where there is the least interference- the Andes is one spot.

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          • Most people don’t understand what ‘HD’ actually means… An image in the proportions 16 units wide by 9 units high with a fixed pixel count of 1920×1080… It’s just under 2.1Megapixels… About 61/2″ x 31/2″ printed up at the normal 300dpi. Not very good, but sufficient for motion pictures because of the interpolative effect of being shown successive images beyond the flicker-fusion rate of human perception….

            In terms of raw resolution for still images though ‘HD’ gets blasted clean out of the water by almost any film camera – even your great-granpa’s box Brownie! 70mm ‘medium format’ cameras – similar to those used on the used on the moon missions, can produce equivalents well over 100Mpx.

            High quality moon pictures? – LROC resolves objects as small as 1M across… That IS about the state of the art given the limited vehicles (satellites) imaging the lunar surface… Still good enough to resolve the landing sites.


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      • Off-topic, but even if it was possible to involve tens of thousands of NASA personnel and contractors in a huge hoax, how did they hide it from, you know, those pesky spying Ruskies?

        The USSR would have spotted a fake in the blink of an eye and then be very quick to tell the World!

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        • It’d be so much effort that it’d be easier to just go.

          RationalWiki has a page for the man Deborah is promoting. It isn’t complimentary.

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  6. Crystals on buttocks
    Cannibus(?) soup
    Chanting Om Shanti
    Lordy and doody
    Euphoric, climactic
    Thighed up with string
    These a few of Stowes favourite things.

    Whatever floats his boat behind closed curtains is his business to be fair but what a remarkably sad little twat.

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