A kinder, gentler slanderer?

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a fiercely dedicated Hoaxtead pusher admitting that maybe, just possibly, all other things being equal and the tide don’t rise, she could have been wrong about something. DDH-Believe the Children 2016-06-29

An interesting change of heart, indeed.

One is led to wonder whether this could have been inspired by the glum realisation that without the protection of anonymity, Kristie Sue Costa and her entire family are now at serious risk of being on the receiving end of a rather expensive lawsuit.

This is what can happen to people who publish terrible lies about others, and recent research indicates that international borders are no real barrier to suits for defamation. Perhaps the thought of losing her charming Cape Cod home put the fear of God into Ms Costa?

Or perhaps we are judging too harshly.

Maybe the woman who has just spent an entire year defaming a man she’d never met, accusing him and his entire family of engaging in the foulest possible crimes against babies and children, had a heart-to-heart with Jesus and had a ‘St. Paul on the road to Damascus’ moment. Scales falling from eyes, that sort of thing.

Seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

We have to say that we agree with Kristie Sue on one point:

We are going to have to find some common ground without the trolling, hatred, name calling and threats. This gets us nowhere.

Absolutely true. While we could make a compelling argument that we’ve been the recipients of too many death threats, rape threats, doxxing threats, and so forth to even count, we’ve noticed a few instances lately of some very ugly material heading in the opposite direction.

(We want to clarify that it doesn’t come from anyone associated with this blog, and that we don’t think it’s at all helpful. If any of our 1,000+ daily viewers happen to know who’s responsible, we’d be grateful if you’d have a word.)

However, we still contend that the largest and most damaging source of “trolling, hatred, name calling and threats” has been Dearman Does Hampstead itself, and the blogs like it.

This raises the question: if Kristie Sue is true to her word about changing the narrative, and does remove her defamatory attacks, both on her blog and on her Facebook page, how ought we to respond, as a blog and as a community?

Based on the support we’ve received from our readers, we’ve already begun to explore the potential for a lawsuit. Nothing has been done yet that cannot be undone.

Ultimately, though, the decision as to whether to go forward won’t rest entirely with us. It will be up to 2 people: Kristie Sue herself, who must decide which direction she wants to take; and RD, Kristie Sue’s primary victim, who must decide whether any new direction is satisfactory, or simply too little, too late.DDH becomes Believe the Children 2016-06-29

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  1. “I sincerely hope the children get to see their Mother.” Has Kristie Sue not heard Ella is wanted for child abuse? Is Ella the type of person Kristie Sue would happily hand children over to?

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    • The children were removed from their mother’s care for good reason. Not all mothers care enough about their children to be entrusted with their care. And would anyone care to guess how often Ella (allegedly desperate for news of her kids) has been in touch with social services to ask after them? Go ahead, guess.


      • Oh but one of the hoaxers already mentioned the reason..it’s because Ella can’t as it would reveal where she was and could be traced…and killed..and it made to look like an accident. I kid you not, I read that in comments on YT once.

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        • Errrr, she had or had a solicitor, who could help her with that. She hasn’t even told her own solicitor her address last I heard.

          She’s so terrified, she hasn’t even been troubled that her eldest of her three children is also apparently completely happy and in the bosom of his father’s family.

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          • She still has the solicitor, as he’s been helping them compose their latest appeal to the IPCC. And yes, her eldest son seems to have been written out of the story completely.


        • Good lord. That’s an excuse and a half, isn’t it? But it doesn’t explain why she can’t email or write her kids via social services. She’s allowed–nay, encouraged!–to keep in touch that way.


  2. Ok. Am I supposed to ‘believe the children’ when they claimed Satanic abuse or afterwards when they said they were forced them to tell lies. I’m confused.

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    • Like many of us, Fnord. I believe the children too. I believe them when they say Abe was abusive, when they say he forced them to tell terrible untrue stories about their dad, when they say he beat and terrorised them. I also believe the look of sheer relief on their faces once they knew they were safe at last.

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    • Thanks, GB. The more people who understand that this is a hoax, the better. People need to know that they cannot believe everything they hear.


    • Put up the judgement too.

      Emphasise the police looked for the secret rooms at the church?

      Abraham Christie even admits hitting the children with a spoon, and doesn’t really see much wrong with that. These are children he would have us believe are victims of horrendous crimes.

      The little girl in particular is visibly injured in the home videos.

      And no one else has come forward with anything whatsoever.

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      • The despicable Christie also accuses the children of killing babies. Charming legacy to leave them with as they grow up.
        The vacuousness of the Hoax Mob is astounding, They seem incapable of thinking of the ramifications for the real victims.

        Ella can easily see her children (supervised) if she returned to the UK and faced the music. With good legal help if she was convicted of something she would probably get a suspended sentence.

        She would however have to leave her career criminal partner. She’s a bit like someone with that battered wife syndrome who cannot leave their abuser.

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        • I used to wonder whether Ella felt trapped with Abe; these days I tend to think the two of them feed off one another emotionally. But it doesn’t really matter: the upshot is that she allowed her kids to be damaged and terrorised. As you say, if she chose to take responsibility for that, she’d likely be able to see them. I’m not holding my breath.


  3. Things have definitely got out of hand, EC. The second I caught Angela trying to burgle my house, I knew things had gone too far. When Mrs. Porpoise confronted her, Angie was like a rabbit in the headlights, stuttering something about being a “superspy, not a burglar, I’ll have you know”. But her cheap ciggie breath and the dollar signs in her eyes gave her away.

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    • You sure it was Angie? remember this lady has a twin born 11 months after her during an MKultra experiment using Dr Mengele’s notes on twin experiments.

      How do you know there weren’t more Angie’s conceived? There may be a dozen of them in roles as MI5 agents working for both sides. That’s why Angie can be spotted in different paces at the same time – Lanzarote, an Irish airport, in Belinda McKenzie’s living room, at her own English country estate which she never mentions anymore (remember those police interviews she was supposed to be giving? suppressed?) , entering an Irish hotel for a mysterious assignation with a Gentleman Caller.

      My problem with the MKultra experiments is why did they choose Angie whose ravishing beauty is legendary and surely she would stand out but that could be a clever ruse so you do notice her. Angie is not known as The Irish Mati Hari for nothing.

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  4. The only epiphany occuring in that statement is the realization that using the name Dearman gives little wriggle room at all come a very very costly lawsuit.

    Given the situation she will have been a complete fool not to get legal soundings and a face saving climb down exercise is the result.She will not go so far as to admit wrongdoing or apologize obviously so this is a damage limitation exercise to get momma lions head out of the noose.

    The “caring mom” campaigning in the best interests of little children and happy clappy familes is a gloss that simply doesnt wash.The damage she an others have wreaked has been done and such behaviour needs holding to account in order to deter future wannabe keyboard warriors bent on destroying innocent lives.

    The great news is this misguided dangerous fool is following others in crawling back into their poison nests knowing their victims survive to seek damages as and when they wish.

    The wheels on the bus go round and round 🙂

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    • And no matter what she says, it’s too little, too late. She’s been peddling vile hate and slander for way too long now. Moreover, I notice that most of her hateful, libellous posts have not been removed from her DDH blog or Facebook page and are still up.

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    • I don’t think she’s considered the fact that she’s also badly libelled Ella’s first husband, who would be in a very solid position to sue as well. Damage to reputation, etc.

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    • I can see the Daily Mail headlines right now (and picked up by the echo Chamber of the media).
      “Soccer Mum ran Evil Ring of Hoaxers Accusing British Children of Crimes from White Picket Fence Suburban Cottage”. Loads of clickbait potential there for the tabloids.

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    • Interesting Tracey thx.
      Males cats are pretty damn ruthless in the genetic stakes by all accounts but the last line reveals a startling similarity with contemporary bipeds–> ” Females are clever, and males subsequently end up with offspring not theirs.”
      Still Jeremy Kyle is minted as a result. 🙂

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  5. The more I’ve learned about the case and as time has gone on, the more convinced I am that Ella isn’t all that bothered about the children. Ella had access and was only suspended so she could attend a meeting to discuss the incident in which she tried to get the children to write a letter to the judge. Ella made the choice not to attend that meeting, effectively ending access. Ella chose to stay with a man that she knows beat her children. And she chose to flee the country instead of co operating with the police regarding who and how the videos…etc got put online.

    After that, she stayed in the background and let Abraham deal with everything, until it was pointed out that she didn’t appear to be getting involved. She then suddenly started making more appearances on interviews. However, even then the focus began to shift to wanting to discuss hemp.

    Looking back at the videos, Ella comes over as cold an unconcerned. You would expect if this was real, that Ella would be holding and comforting her children while disclosing such abuse. Instead, she is telling them to look at the cameras in a cold and demanding voice.

    Listening back to the JC recording, it struck me how little she interacts with her children. Same with the Finbar recording. She even took time to bugger off home for a shower while Abraham took the children to see JC.

    And of course there are the past incidents involving Ella and Social Services…etc, when neither RD, Abe or her ex husband were in her life.

    She has let them down badly so any future contact should be on the children’s terms.

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    • I agree fully, Dave. The incident in which her children refused to write the letter to the judge (saying they wanted to go back to their mother) is quite illuminating when you think about it. If the kids were at all attached to Ella—even in an ambivalent way—they wouldn’t have hesitated to beg to go back to her. As it was, they refused. They were happier with their foster carer.

      I think Ella sees her children as trophies in a war, not as little people to be nurtured and cared for.


    • Yes Dave.

      Christie entered into Drapers life soley on the basis of his unquestionable charm,good looks stable lifestyle,sound prospects and for being an all round good egg and role model for her offspring.

      Ok just maybe a cunning plan devised by Christie to take the law into his own hands and gain total revenge on her estranged ex may have tapped into the woman scorned thingy and help clinch the deal.

      The fact that Hemp soaked Christies strategic planning made General Custer look like a military genius is now but a pathetic historical footnote.Pffft.

      Parent puts abusive partner before welfare of child(ren),game over,gavel descends.

      A child maintains the right to have contact with a parent but a parent does not always have a right to maintain contact with the child.Contact is first and foremost for the benefit of child not the parents.

      Some mistakes are very expensive others are very,very,very expensive.

      Theres a hole in your bucket dear Ella dear Ella,theres a hole in your bucket dear Ella a hole.

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      • I think you’ve captured the scenario beautifully, Mik. Just don’t let YdychyncachuTracey catch you referring to gavels. Apparently they’re not a thing in the British court system. Don’t worry, I didn’t know either. 🙂


      • I think he also thought he could get revenge on some coppers who had the temerity to arrest him in the past for his crimes.
        Ella seems particularly dense and a cold fish when it comes to her children. It’s not uncommon.

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        • Christie is a moron. If you want revenge you don’t go for 30 odd people at a time. Go for the worst. What an idiot.


      • I will set @igavels on you if you do it again. Do you think the court is some sort of provincial auction house, and the judge banging away doing their best auctioneer impression as a bidder gets my dear departed granny’s best teapot only slightly chipped?

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        • My client duly apologies ma`am and would like to offer his condolences in respect to the slightly chipped teapot and I can hereby confirm he has suffered genuine remorse of conscience for the lackadaisical use of a American dictionary and promises to not to watch 60`s TV courtroom dramas like Ironside ever again.He considers his knuckles duly rapped with a small ornamental mallett type thing and is respectful for your show of leniency on this occasion and other grovelly stuff too. Norfolk & Chance solicitors

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      • I’m assuming Ella no longer receives financial assistance from the ex-husband.

        How are Ella and Abraham surviving financially wherever they are?

        Do they receive State benefits?

        Is Ella or Abraham working legit?

        Are Ella and Abraham doing Cash in Hand work?


    • Putting aside the atrocious grammar, I think there is something deeply disturbing about parents who are unconditionally opposed to Social Services. I’d be the first to say that there is much about said organisation that can be improved (as with any public body); but are these idiots saying that there should be no organisation looking out for the welfare of children and families and taking action where necessary? It’s been said before but a a lot of the so-called truthers rant about child abuse but seem vehemently opposed to any action being taken when it occurs in the home.

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      • Yes–that’s why I’m so big on the Transparency Project that’s being run by some family lawyers who sometimes comment here. They’re doing actual work to make the child protection system more functional and fair, rather than just claiming the whole system should be shut down. It’s harder work, and there are shades of grey, but that’s how it is in real life.

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      • I see very little difference between truthers and religious extremists.Both are intolerant of unbelievers,neither have any capacity to enter into rational debate,both resort to aggression at the drop of a hat.Both are humourless,holier than thou zeolots who are definately best avoided at parties.,

        Both could contribute significantly to the betterment of mankind were they ever not to be part of it.


        • I disagree, they could do a lot of good – IF they actually joined the real world fought real injustices.


  6. Sorry this is off topic, but Chris Everard is still perpetuating this hoax. This is a recent post he made on his facebook page:

    Christopher Everard
    2 hrs ·

    FACEBOOK & TROLLS are up to their old tricks again. Ever since I published my digital series of books exposing the Eton-Oxford-Westminster pedo-satanic syndicate, and also ever since 1 million+ people started visiting my news blog every month, the TROLLS have gone into over-drive, even investing vast numbers of hours individually messaging each and every one of nearly 25,000 Followers I have on FB, and, of course, running hysterical blogs putting people off the scent of the Hampstead whistleblower children – whose testimonies have been corroborated with more than just circumstantial evidence… Oh, and just by coincidence, Facebook have started greying-out comments on their network – now deciding what is and what is not ‘relevant’ – the Facebook Help page says just click the “X” next to the comment and select “show comment” – but the “X” does not exist! So comments are now actively being CENSORED on Facebook – and that can only mean one thing: Social Media is the ENEMY of the Elite – and we are witnessing the last days of true freedom of speech.


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