Further harassment of Hampstead families?

Yesterday we discussed the IPCC’s revelation that during the investigation into the original allegations made by RD’s children P and Q, other children who’d been named as potential abuse victims were interviewed by Children and Social Care.

CSC reported to the police that the ’20 special children’ had made no substantiating allegations about abuse of any sort.

One of our regular commenters, SatanicViews, reminded us that Sabine had expressed her intention of hiring a private investigator to look into the ‘special families’ in search of further victims:

Here’s a transcript of that part of the conversation:

Sabine: It’s a highly targeted and in that sense remarkably sharp version of what he’s so far put onto the blog posts. [She’s referring to the letters which Angie claims were sent to her community last winter; ‘he’ would be RD, whom they both suspect of running this blog.]
I mean I don’t follow it, I can’t take the negativity and my first attempt to WordPress to get it…to take it down didn’t succeed, I only got, thanks to Jacqui’s help…I eventually got the one down about my sick note and bail conditions.
I must take another approach, another effort to talk to WordPress because this is just too much and especially maybe because—and this is how I feel—I’ve got a crowd for justice behind me now.
For me because we are up against, on terms of victims, we know who they are are, but on terms of grouping of perpetrators besides RD, and Belinda always felt we need to go after RD and I said, ‘No!’ I want to go…I now want to get…and that’s the other angle that Liz Watson gave me, is an investigative company for which we need to raise funds because they can do all sorts of other things.
I want to get children—all of the 20 children of…I mean, if A & G can’t be found at least the other 18 and their parents….I want to know how many of them have been adopted for the purpose of being abused. This is not just about RD and…police….

Angela: The other 19 children—because Ella clarified this in an interview with me—she said it’s another 19 families, many of them have 2 children, some of them have 3 children—so it’s not just the other 18 or the other 19 children, it’s the other 19 families with at least 2 children, many of them.

Sabine: That’s interesting, good to know, I mean I haven’t numbered the names of the children that she….

Angela: Adopted or fostered.

Sabine: All of them?

Angela: Not all of them, but many of them are adopted children or fostered children, many of them, and I fear, and I think this is another common thread that we definitely need a legal team, we, you know, there’s so many, there’s so many…you know, I understand your frustration, who do I sue, how do I sue them, how do I go forward with the case, we definitely need a legal team.

Angie is correct in only one respect here: the Hoaxtead pushers are definitely going to need a good legal team if indeed they’ve been paying someone to investigate the families and children named by Ella & Abe, so that they can pursue their campaign of harassment even further.

We wonder what, precisely, Sabine means when she states, “I want to get children—all of the 20 children of…I mean, if A & G can’t be found at least the other 18 and their parents….I want to know how many of them have been adopted for the purpose of being abused”.

Does she “want to get” them in the sense that Maria MacMahon and her friends “wanted to get” RD’s children? If so, she should be prepared for the consequences.

These families and children have already gone through enough. The IPCC investigation report demonstrates what we’ve known all along: no abuse of any kind took place.

And we can guarantee that any further unwarranted intrusion into these families will be met with the full force of the law.Sabine in Court


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  1. 1:12:16 Angie: ” Im not encouraging you to be reckless..”

    Both prior and following that assurance Angie sets about grooming Sabine to martyr herself and dig even deeper holes.Angie covers her arse further by adding “of course it has to be your choice”…. to be brave enough to stand up to the bullies and suggests fortune favours the brave and the creator will intervene with a legal team,the human race will rally round and all will end happily ever after…blah blah bollox etc

    Sabine may be a nasty,bitter,self righteous human flop deserving to face the full force of the law but Angie is an aech devious,manipulative,calculating provocateur and would not bat an eye to see the likes of Sabine sacrificed to take the brunt of the incoming flak as the wheels fall off the wagon.

    “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.” The Tempest.

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    • Both Angela Power-Disney and Belinda McKenzie are Agent Provocateurs who use mentally unstable people to do their dirty work. Terrorists work in a similar fashion convincing the mentally ill (sometimes children) to become suicide bombers.
      In a sense, Power-Disney and McKenzie are terrorists with fanatical beliefs and are quite evil.

      No solicitor or private investigator would take on the case, Could you imagine a PI trying to interview a child without parental consent. They would be arrested and lose their license.

      This is a conspiracy and it needs to be viewed as such and each conspirator has their own role. The likes of Maria McMahon may have backed of her promotion of a potential kidnapping (but only because she was terrified the media were onto her) but if this was the USA she & this mob would be on an FBI list.

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      • I can’t imagine a reputable PI taking on a case like this, no.

        I think your analogy with terrorists is very apt though: this is exactly what people like Belinda and Angie do. It helps explain why it’s been so difficult to catch them, though I think their day is coming to an end very soon.


  2. Angela has a bad habit of encouraging people to do her dirty work. Rupert and Jake spring to mind. Any news on the 11th July court case? Is it Blackfriars?

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  3. One of the reasons I supported the LEAVE campaign was because EU was so willing to support Sabine McNeill. For me the success of the campaign was a good result, and I can now say “Fuck You Sabine.” Another possible positive outcome is that the fugitives Abraham Christie and Ella Draper may find it harder to hang out in Spain. It will take about two years for the full process of leaving EU to complete, so no immediate impacts.

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    • I doubt they will let us leave, i have a feeling there will be another referendum after a massive scare campaign in which we are threatened dire consequences if we leave, something similar happened in Ireland with the EU treaty


  4. Is Sabine implying that if a child is adopted, they can only have been adopted for the purpose of abuse?

    Is there any redeeming feature about this woman?

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  5. Right at the very beginning, right when Abraham Christie was still in those children’s lives, two people, at least, members of the public with no axe to grind, were so worried for the children, so concerned about Abraham Christie’s behaviour, confident enough they had just seen a child abuser, that they called the police. The taxi driver for the drive around, and a shopkeeper where Abraham says that the girl kills babies.

    If people coming in to contact with him in passing could spot it, we can see it, the children knew it, police worked it out, prison sentences reflect it, his behaviour just screams it, Dr Hodes recorded it, the court justified saying it, the remaining handful of his supporters, and Ella, are just being wilfully blind not seeing Abraham Christie is a child abuser. Perhaps this is because the thought of babies being eaten gives them some sort of validation or pleasure.

    And all those who deludedly think they are some sort of campaigners, you are supporting a man who has said he had images of sexual abuse of children on his phone, and he’s blamed children for this. The police would be well aware when those images were ‘created’. If Abraham Christie’s story were true, then those images that have caused him to be out of the country, would not have any link to his phone being in his house, or even before he met the children, and he would have little to fear except getting a good criminal defence in. Yet, he is out of the UK………………….

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  6. Abe Christie – admits to beating children with spoons. On record as advocating the return of both child-smacking and corporal punishment. Accused by children A & E of torturing, beating and suffocating them and threatening to bury them in the Moroccan desert. Admits to having child porn on his mobile.

    Lisa Vunk – supports Abe on all of the above.

    Rupert Quaintance – admits that he “wants to try sex with children”.

    Angela Power-Disney – admits to regularly beating her own children with metal T-squares when they were little.

    Charlotte Ward – publishes names and photos of children under 10, thereby enabling people to attack them.

    Maria MacMahon – caught leading small group in planning the abduction of two vulnerable children.

    Christine Ann Sands – shouted inappropriate remarks about “fucking children” at two terrified toddlers.

    Darius “Guidance 2222” – shouted inappropriate remarks about baby-eating in front of a terrified toddler.

    Belinda McKenzie & Sabine McNeill – have business links with two convicted paedophiles.

    David Shurter – admits to murdering little boys and having sex with their corpses. Also close personal friends with two convicted pederastes.

    Kristie Sue Costa – rabidly supports all of the above.

    Kristie Sue Costa & others – illegally post confidential video testimonies of two extremely vulnerable children for the delectation of online paedophiles.

    But remember, folks – WE’RE the child abusers, not them. Right?

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    • So true, CP. And I’m sure there are more child abusers and paedophile supporters in the Hoaxtead mob. Scratch a Hoaxteader, and you’ll find a child abuser.


      • well it’s just not normal is it? All them are fixated on child abuse and tales of child abuse. They must surf the net seeking out salacious tales to post as APD does. She even finds ones from 3/4 years ago, And they post them as though each one affirms their belief in the Hoax. It’s a sickness but there is certainly a sexual element to it all.
        I mean what sane normal person would say he wants to rape a child to see what it is like as Rupert Quaintance did ?
        It’s just so creepy,

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  7. Jake Clarke — Crimes against the environment by repeatedly breathing oxygen and emitting pollutive new age rubbish without any cohesion whatsoever whilst looking smug without sound cause.

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