Witch-hunter targets elderly mother, grandmother

Here’s a pro tip: never, ever ask how low the Hoaxtead mob can sink in their harassment and defamation of innocent people. No matter how low you guess, you will be wrong: they can always go lower.

Yesterday they plunged below sewer level, with a post on the bog we refer to as ‘DDH’ (when we refer to it at all). It’s bad enough that this filthy bog has been permitted to publish disgusting false allegations against RD.

But yesterday DDH outdid themselves, with a post featuring RD’s family—in particular, his mother and elderly, frail-looking grandmother.DDH-targets senior citizens 2016-06-03

We’re not putting up a link to the post, but have screenshots of the majority of it, which we’ll share here so you don’t have to give them the views. Here’s the shocking title image, featuring RD giving his sister a kiss on the forehead. Unbelievable, we know.DDH-1-2016-06-03 at 4.14.06 PM

There follows the usual drivel: long quotes from the illegally released videos with the children, focussing on the allegations of gruesome violence that Abe and Ella forced them to repeat.

As you might recall, one of Abe’s lies was that the alleged ‘cult’ was multi-generational, so the children were made to implicate their father’s family.

So in the alleged mind of DDH Slime-Slinger in Chief Kris DaCosta, that makes it perfectly okay to accuse two innocent women of foul crimes:DDH-2 2016-06-03Mother-daughter Christmas shopping, for instance. Tut tut. How dare they?DDH-3 2016-06-03Kris is shocked—shocked! we tell you—that RD’s mother, a woman who might possibly be in her sixties, could have a friend in Goa. A good-looking friend of the masculine persuasion, if you catch our drift, which we’re sure you do.

This is utterly horrifying. Male friends in Goa? What next? DDH-4 2016-06-03OH MY GOD. Now she’s saying he’s handsome! This clearly illustrates some sort of perversion, we’re sure you’ll agree. DDH-5 2016-06-03This cannot stand. An older woman talking about her “lovely friend, Xxxx” who “lives in beautiful Goa”? Please, we beg you, shield your eyes!

As you’re no doubt aware, Goa is a den of iniquity, almost as terrible as Suriname, which is renowned as a haven for child sex traffickers and drug smugglers. How dare anyone have friends there, especially friends of the (we shudder to even speak these words) opposite gender? And younger ones, at that!

It is a well-known medical fact of science that all elderly people must stick to their own age group when choosing friends—none of this perverted cross-generational shenanigans, then! DDH-6 2016-06-03

DDH-7 2016-06-03You’re going to have to take Kris’s word for it: this lady does indeed have dark circles under her eyes.

But it’s not because of any imaginary ‘adenochrome deficiency’ or whatever bilge Abe was trying to push. It’s because she is very elderly.

Of course, if you’re a decent younger person who takes Kris’s advice about non-fraternisation with other generations to heart, you won’t know that a great many older people do have skin discolourations, as well as (gasp!) wrinkles. It’s called ‘ageing’. DDH-8 2016-06-03And speaking of inter-generational fraternisation, here’s Gran with RD’s sister, who must be at least a few years younger. Tut tut. They can only be up to no good. Look at them there in their dressing gowns! We’re sure they only have nightclothes on underneath. We cannot write this without blushing. DDH-9 2016-06-03And here’s RD himself, with said sister. What’s that we see? A certain puckering of the lips, applied to his sister’s forehead?

Clearly there is something ominous and dangerous about this relationship. Brothers and sisters are strictly forbidden from exchanging gestures of affection in Kris DaCosta-Land. DDH-10 2016-06-03Furthermore, fun and merriment are definitely out of bounds. Especially with one’s siblings.

Siblings who are, need we mention, not of the same gender. Though if they were, that might be even more shocking.DDH-11 2016-06-03Oh. My. God. Here is a scene of utter depravity: RD is actually engaging in a game of (forbidden cross-generational) tag with his niece and nephew, in full view of his sister, his mother (who seems distracted by her knitting…or is she?), and two other people who Kris does not identify.

But we’re sure they’re guilty of something. After all, they are on a beach in Goa. This can only mean one thing. We’ll let you guess what that one thing is. DDH-12 2016-06-03 at 4.16.52 PMWe weren’t even sure we wanted to include this one, since it so clearly demonstrates persons of two different generations, in an arcade (well known for their evil influence on young people), engaging in fun and frolic.

How shocking that RD should be bent over while his young nephew enjoys his ride on a toy motorcycle…which is, we noted, painted red.

Red, the colour of sin, people. JOIN THE DOTS.

Well, there you have it. Pictorial evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a family that enjoys a shocking amount of inter-generational fraternisation in vacation resorts of ill repute. If you cannot see what this means, we’re afraid we cannot help you.

And just in case you haven’t had enough insanity for one day, here’s a list of completely credible websites where you can learn more about ritual cult abuse.

DDH-14 2016-06-03

Pay no attention to those spoilsports who claim that no evidence has ever been found to substantiate such cases. They are probably inter-generational fraternisers in disguise. Break out the pitchforks!


76 thoughts on “Witch-hunter targets elderly mother, grandmother

  1. The way these freaks have picked on this family is disgusting. making out someones innocent family photos are something dark. How will they ever have a normal life with these bastards? dosent RD come from a mining family? hardly elite intergenerational satanists. BTW if dacosta living reads this, george says sorry for the misunderstanding!

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  2. You’re so right–the attacks have been vicious and completely unwarranted. I really hope that the law catches up with Kris DaCosta soon. This kind of harassment won’t go over well.

    And I’ll pass George’s message along, thanks! 🙂

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    • Nicely done! 🙂 Remind me to tell you how I know she doesn’t live in La Jolla as she claims. Stupid cow has left a trail of breadcrumbs, same as Charlotte Alton Ward did.


  3. Excellent work, EC! Thank you for this.

    And keep an eye out for those ‘Property of the Club’ t-shirts. Anyone wearing one must be an evil baby-snatcher. Beware!

    Incidentally, I’ve sent Kris a link to this page and she has responded. She’s not happy. So thanks again 😀

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  4. Can you imagine the harm these evil revolting thugs are doing to the real vicitms- the children? I hope they haven’t seen any of this and it will all die down before they get to their teens. If it’s all still on the web it could be devastating for them.

    The law must catch up with these ghouls and penalties for this type of abuse and defamation must be increased.The internet now shows there needs to be a law of Criminal Defamation with jail penalties.

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    • That’s been one of our major concerns from the beginning–they’re still pretty young, but it’s going to become harder and harder to keep them from this stuff. The Hoaxtead thugs don’t think about that though.

      We’re currently working to track down DaCosta (who has freely admitted to running DDH, and at one time tried to hack this blog as well, so we have some info to get started). We will pass along any information that we find to the relevant authorities.


  5. Is Kris DaCosta a man or a woman?

    What is their real name?

    I think anyone of this mindset is completely deranged.

    Off subject, but how did all the Police tapes of the Childrens’ interviews get into the hands of the hoaxers?

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    • For the bizzaroes to sink this low into their imaginary barrel really takes the er imaginary biscuit.They may as well wave the white submission flag if this is what its come down to.

      To be fair it must be tough to see normal people doing normal things and even smiling too.Whatever next???

      FA someone may correct me but I believe the mother was at one point being represented by solicitors who had tapes etc,Mother sacked solicitors who gave evidence including tapes to mother.Discraceful all round.

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      • I believe that’s how it happened, Mik. Ella had sacked yet another set of solicitors (for the second time that week, if I recall), and in frustration they gave her all the evidence. It was a terrible error, especially considering that they must have known how unbalanced she was.


    • This is the cowardly bitch in question:

      Even though she doesn’t deserve it, I’ve done her the courtesy of cutting her husband out of the pic. I didn’t want to stoop to her level.

      KDC was allegedly last spotted hanging around a Lidl in Aylesbury (despite her desperate attempts to throw us off the scent by suddenly deciding she’s an American living in California).

      By the way, if it’s any consolation, the post in which she attacks those two innocent old ladies only received 4 likes on Facebook – from usual sociopaths Desmond During, John Taylor, George Smith and Julie Barclay.

      Oh sorry, I meant 5 likes – I was forgetting that the desperate bint liked it herself too! XD

      Oh and naturally, it was shared by the rather creepy and unhinged man-child-creature hybrid that is Jake Clarke (in his sooper seekwit “Anonymous #OpHampstead” group).

      Meanwhile, very few people will actually read it on her shitty blog. Rather tellingly, she refuses to post her blog stats but the fact that the blog has only had 10 comments in one year says it all really.

      Bottom line: this time, in her desperation, she’s gone too far. And apart from the aforementioned psychos, most of her fellow hoax-promoting conspiraloons know she’s gone too far, are disgusted with her and are giving her a wide berth.

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      • Yes, I was aware that ironically, more people would read about it here than would bother going there in a few months. Even so, it’s not the kind of thing to take lying down. And I think that all but the most deranged (such as During, Taylor, Barclay, Clarke, et al) will be more repulsed than impressed by this one.

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      • Are you absolutely certain that is a female, with XX chromosones?

        Looks very much like a transsexual to me, XY chromosones.


    • It’s a woman as far as we know, but we’re looking into it, FA. I didn’t think they could really do much more to shock me, but that DDH post definitely takes the cake.


      • I agree, EC. She’s way over the line on this one. Kris DaCosta (is that even her real name??) is one sick and twisted woman. How would she like her family holiday snaps put on a blog with disgusting and untrue allegations typed alongside?

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  6. How bloody disgraceful they are. Those photos show nothing but innocent family fun but their sick minds try to turn them into something sinister. Just goes to prove how their minds work.

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    • Yes, it just goes to show that if you’re sick enough, and preoccupied enough with ideas of perverted sexuality, you’ll see evil everywhere you look.

      I pity DaCosta in a way: how can she ever look at the world without seeing ugliness and horror?


      • They couldn’t possibly have a normal family relationship could they? All families have their little problems but imagine being a person who is convinced the world is run by Rothschild Satanist Baby Eaters from the very top down through all tiers of local government including local coppers and social services. Unless their entire family thinks as they do (like the Tennesee Hillbillies) they must live a very dark life of terrible suspicion.

        Of course all that suspicion is put aside when they actually need government services like pension payments or the dole and a stay in a NHS hospital or travel on a bus or the roads (hopefully repaired and in good order by the local devil worshipping council so they travel safely) .

        They even suspend their Pedo Panic when travelling to airports to fly to somewhere exotic like Lanzarote and apparently any infiltrated Cult Baby Eaters (and it’s difficult to calculate the numerous government employees & departments actually involved in you getting from home to your destination but it’s in the dozens) never take the opportunity to take out the heroic Satanic Fighters Angela “send me a fiver” Power-Disney or Kris “I should be in Broadmoor” DaKosta.

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        • LOL, you are so right! It never fails to amaze me how they seem to be able to put their deranged belief system on hold when it comes to actually making use of what the Sooper Ebil Illuminati State provides.


  7. I have found that a lot of these so-called lightworker types dont have good relations with family. Seeing an obviously close family infuriates them. As a form of cult they look for lonely people. The internet has allowed these people to trawl a much larger area.

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    • That makes sense. Many people can’t acknowledge their own rage at their own circumstances, and so they project it onto people whose lives they imagine are better than theirs.


      • Yup EC.That old green eyed monster coupled with emotional immaturity is just plain ugly.

        The only way I can envisage delving deeper into the basement of shit would be if Angie used some ill gotten funds to bring over Trigglypuff to add a certain je ne sais quoi to reignite the failed campaign.
        May as well go the full hog including the postage 😉 Ekh!

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      • It’s an interesting point though when we consider the hoaxer/conspiretard community generally…..

        I can’t think of one of them that lives as part of a normal, decent, stable family unit. And yes indeed, they are very quick to attack those who do, particularly if that individual is one who calls them out on their devious ways. As you say EC, projecting their own rage. – Deflecting from their own failure. It’s almost formulaic!

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    • Update: Angie, predictably, has now deleted the unsettling comment and blocked Liz Bromfield. But check out this epic slice of Angie “logic”:

      Sooo, there you have it – if you ask Angie uncomfortable questions about her charity-scamming, you’re supporting paedophilia. Apparently.

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      • I can’t see the connection myself with someone saying what Liz has said

        and being a Paedo apologist, whatever that is??

        Anyway, Liz seems to have hit the nail on the head rather nicely.

        There are indeed rumours that Angela is a Charity Scammer.

        Angela does live off the State or tax payers to be more precise.

        And Angela does indeed appear to be a Narcissist.

        I suppose the truth hurts doesn’t it Angela?

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  8. Its a simple equation – Angie Power Disney = scum + low life charity scammer

    Found to reside at the bottom of the pond, wallowing, happily eating shit….(and anusol)

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    • The Jakearse factor… an age old tale.

      The hoax conspiraturd generals are noticably deserting the battlefield and saving their own rotten skins as the ill conceived bloodbath enters its final chapter.The Hoaxers-in-chief continue to issue battle commands albeit from what is at least perceived remote safe exile.
      They will gratefully afford buffoon cadets like Jake the opportunity to remain in situ and carry the brunt of realworld shit as it hits realworld fans

      Bottom line:Jake wake up and smell the coffee and if not for fuck sake dont drop the soap in the showers.

      From an interesting study that strikes a chord with this whole foul mess.

      “Rather than facts driving beliefs, our beliefs can dictate the facts we chose to accept. They can cause us to twist facts so they fit better with our preconceived notions. Worst of all, they can lead us to uncritically accept bad information just because it reinforces our beliefs. This reinforcement makes us more confident we’re right, and even less likely to listen to any new information.” Joe Keohane. http://archive.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2010/07/11/how_facts_backfire/?page=1

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        • Yes–he tries to sound important and ‘mannish’. I can imagine him running back to his cronies on Facebook to tell them how he dared to speak to RD!! #JeSuisRicky


      • A ‘don’t drop the soap’ joke was taken seriously?
        It’s a common jocular ‘warning’ typically issued either to hardened criminals or to idiots like Jake whose stubborn refusal to heed rational warnings lands them behind bars…
        Am I the only one not offended by the obviously not-to-be-taken-seriously gag?


  9. Suspect charity scammer Angela Power-Disney and Rupert Quaintance have an exchange on Facebook about cocaine and ganja and it’s very complimentary. Both must indulge in these drugs or is it more sinister?.

    Quaintance travels from the US to Italy via Ireland while Power-Disney claims to have an apartment in Lanzarote which is nicely close to where the drug pushers Abraham Cristie and Ella Draper are hiding out. These two have been named in the UK High Court as having druged small children.

    How can Angela afford to rent in Lanzarote and travel backwards and forwards when she is clearly living on social security? Quaintance appears to have no job apart from his fantasy film work yet he travels the world and both have GoFundMe pages which do not get much funding but could well be an attempted cover for money obtained via other means.

    I think this needs investigating.

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      • Sounds like that must be Angela.

        I bet she gets away with it, though clearly she’s capable of working.

        The amount of You Tube videos, Skype conversations, face book posts etc. she produces is proof of that.

        Having not had a paid job for the last 30 years, it’s striking me that she’s been scamming the DWP for a good majority of that time with these tales of every Mental Health problem going…

        Still if someone cares to give the relevant Benefit Fraud dept. all the You Tube, Skype call evidence there is on her and that’s plenty she’ll at least get interviewed.


    • The manchild Quaintance no doubt bludges off his well-heeled parents for the majority of his income. He’s a clasiscally-useless parasite. – Anyone who really IS living solely off social security benefits will struggle to keep the lights on and eat, such is the meagre nature of these things. Her lifestyle certain seems to be ad odds with that. In my opinion her big mistake is in being such an attention-seeker with her scams. It’s a wee bit at odds with trying to scam a few extra quid on top of your Giro.


      • Angela is a top class Attention Seeker and hopefully that will be her downfall.

        It’s obvious someone like Angela feels that she is a cut above the majority.

        She knows she is a FAILURE as you state and this Hampstead nonsense is her way of making herself feel important in her little world.

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      • Have we seen this account of why he lost his job as an internet radio host before?

        “Now we will address Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, Rupert was a host on Nformd for several months, there was a slow downward spiral with rupert where he began drinking heavily while on air. On Sept. 6th 2010, Rupert had Charlie Veitch on for an interview, Toward the end of the interview Ziggy was able to jump on air and began attacking Charlie about how she had gotten him a lawyer back when he was arrested in Canada and that she was very upset that he disrespected her by finding another lawyer. That evening, Rupert had came on air, very drunk and began attacking several of the NFormd hosts, including myself. That evening we decided it would be best if Rupert take a break from NFormd. Within days he was being aired on “ITS”.More recently we found out that Ruper’s father is actually employed by DISA, a banch of the Department of Defense.”


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  10. Totally agree with other various posters. This is a sign of desperation from the hoaxers, and says more about their depraved minds, than it does about anybody else.

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  11. If you do ever wish to visit sites like the one mentioned in this post, but don’t wish to give them hits to boost their advertising revenue/search engine listings then you can use services like yourlinkhere.com or even generate a link using TinyURL

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  12. That would be helpful El Coyote for those of us who aren’t computer savvy. I know I’d find it useful.


    • Haha, yes, I’d forgotten that one. So it’s fine for her to harass pensioners, but if we point out that some pensioners don’t always remain on the right side of the law, we are evil. Right, got it.


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