Some sobering news for Angie

A few weeks back, Angie was talking about making a permanent move to Lanzarote, in Spain’s Canary Islands. At the time, she mentioned she’d be moving in June or July; and in her recently released video chat with Rupert, she stated her belief that ‘Lanzarote doesn’t have an extradition treaty with England’.

Well, no, she’s right, it doesn’t.

That’s because Lanzarote isn’t a country. It’s an island that’s part of a country.

News flash to Angie: Only nations can have extradition treaties. Fact.

And it’s a myth that Spain and the UK have no extradition treaty, though we can see where the confusion might have arisen.

In 1978, a 100-year-old treaty between the two countries ran out, and Spain gained notoriety as a haven for UK criminals, many of whom found their way to the ‘Costa del Crime’.

However, in 1985 a new extradition treaty between the two countries was signed, and the days of fun in the sun for the criminally inclined came to an end.

So really, it’s understandable that Angie might not have heard about this new development, which has only been in place for the past three decades or so.

Worse yet, at least from Angie’s perspective,

(T)he European Arrest Warrant (EAW) was created in 2002, as a fast-track system for extraditing people from one EU country to another. It was rushed in as part of Europe’s response to the terrorist threat, and was meant to help tackle serious cross-border crime more effectively.

The new system has done away with the traditional barriers to extradition. It is based on the principle of ‘mutual recognition’ – if one country demands a person’s extradition, others must recognise that decision without asking too many questions. (from The Law Society Gazette)

So really, if the UK government decides that Angie really ought to come home (assuming she still has UK citizenship), she’s pretty much screwed.

Why are we raising this now?

Well, according to Angie’s latest Facebook post, she seems to be in Mácher, on the island of Lanzarote:

Angie-Macher-Spain 2016-06-01Has she finally had enough of being hounded by the Gardai and/or Revenue over her recent creative bookkeeping practices in regards her infamous Kenya Project?

Or is she simply claiming to be in Lanzarote to throw the coppers off her trail?

Neither option would surprise us much, but whether she’s really there right now or not, Angie should probably be aware that the Costa del Crime is a thing of the distant past. There really is nowhere to run now.


31 thoughts on “Some sobering news for Angie

  1. How old was the video?

    Isn’t the youngest boy at least at College?

    If she was in Lanzarote, the filming would have been done during the College holidays.

    The woman twists the truth and makes up damn right lies.

    I’m not forgetting her “infiltrating” of the church.

    Still she’s fun to have a laugh at I suppose.

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  2. Madame Shamless whom doth protest too much is all smoke and mirrors…but like everything she is utterly incompetant at the art.

    Whilst laying low hoping for dust to settle she may be well advised to use the time productively and honestly (by APD standards) and open a back street boudoir for the terminally disturbed.

    Such a start-up enterprise may even attract a European grant as it has the potential to employ the unemployable like Jake who could be the resident eunuch.

    Lance your “entry” may just have won a night with Mangie, MUHAHAHAHA

    Ekh! People,people,tis laugh or cry 🙂

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  3. Shamless? Are you asserting that Angie is free of all dishonesty-related blame or did you mean ‘shameless’?

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  4. At least she didn’t claim it to be “Anonymous” or “Traditional”; that’s what people often do when they are flagrantly breaching someone else’s copyright. Jenny Joseph has had problems with greeting card companies stealing her work and labelling it “traditional”.

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  5. I see Noel Coward setting the scene for Angie’s life abroad:

    ….When both her daughters and her son said “Please come home, Mama”
    She answered, rather bibulously “Who do you think you are?”
    Nobody can afford to be so la-di-bloody-da
    In a bar on the Piccola Marina.

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  6. Yes, the video with Q*Bert was definitely made a couple of months ago. Why she chooses to dredge these things up and give them an airing I really don’t know.

    You’re right, she’s an inveterate liar.

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  7. In your case, though, I’m pretty sure you don’t support Brexit in order to evade the law. 🙂 With Angie, it’s all about what she thinks she can get away with–and then she’s shocked when she’s pulled up short.

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  8. No, I think Mik meant ‘lacking in those pillow cover things that old ladies like so much’. Angie is all about the tacky decor, but shams are a step too far, even for her.

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  9. Each evening, with some light excuse and beaming with goodwill
    She’d just slip into something loose and totter down the hill
    To that bar on the Piccola Marina
    Where love came to Mrs. Wentworth-Brewster
    Hot flushes of delight suffused her
    Right round the bend she went, picture her astonishment
    Day in, day out, she would gad about
    Because she felt she was no longer on the shelf
    Night out, night in, knocking back the gin
    She cried “Hurrah, Funiculi, funicula, funnic-yourself”

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  10. Angie and Rupert have obviously kissed and made up – the lure of drugs was too much for them

    I sense another charity scam soon from both of them to buy the next deal.

    Now Angie has shown in a public post her interest in drugs hopefully her name will be added to various lists (other than the ones she might already be on) and next time she goes through an airport she might well be afforded extra attention – strip search Angie, squat Angie…. How does it go??

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  11. The woman is so adept at being inept I wouldnt put it past her to get the wrong shit off the wrong supplier and together with excessive anusol usage could be leading this misguided idiot up a very dark alley… then again at least a part of Ruperts fried brain has carried out a risk assessment and rung alarm bells about what he may be letting himself in for.
    Some mistakes are very expensive but hey ho, Que sera, sera.

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  12. Just what is APD playing at with all this recent talk of cannabis and cocaine? is she trying to impress her lil’ toy-boys Roopie and Jake? crossed my mind when she gave her son directions to the pot-cafe in Lanzarote telling him “When you come back with the munchies, we’ll go out for dinner!” Was this her trying to be the “cool” Mother, who’s “down with da kids” ?
    When really it just makes her look like a sad old bint.

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  13. Spot on Jake Blake.

    I expect anyone that saw her and her 2 sons’ in Lanzarote thought she was their Grandmother rather than their Mother.

    Angela you are a JOKE.

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  14. Speaking of sobering news, Frances Inglis has had a stroke and is in hospital. Apparently, it doesn’t look good.

    Even though she’s on the other side in this battle – and I for one have had many a run-in with her on YT – I’d like to wish Frances a full and speedy recovery.

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  15. 😦 Meanwhile, this is the reaction of Frances’ so-called friend Ron Week:

    Incidentally, the thumb-up is from Neelu’s mate Lee Cant.

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  16. Ron clearly hasn’t grasped the fundamentals of that case.

    I too wish Mrs Inglis a full recovery. Without sarcasm I hope she has chance to sort out her very tragic life.

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