Possibly the strangest Hoaxtead video ever

Thanks to Spiny Norman for pointing us in the direction of this video, which somehow manages to combine Boris Johnson, baby farms, and Hoaxtead:

Okay, so ‘joining the dots’ between Boris Johnson and Hoaxtead sounds like a typical Hoaxtead mob trick, but here’s the twist: this guy realises it’s a proven hoax. So…that’s good? We guess?

Another odd thing about the video: it’s been online for more than a year, yet somehow we’d never seen it before. And only one of the Hoaxtead mob has seen fit to hiss at it. How is this even possible?

If you can make any sense of the argument this fellow advances, do let us know. We confess, we’re stumped.

In other news…

Thanks to Common Porpoise for this one, in which Kris DaCosta of Dreary Dimwits of Hoaxtead is very, very confused:

DDH-headless chickens

As usual, everyone and his uncle (or aunt, in the case of Gabriella) is RD. #JeSuisRicky

Meanwhile, Kris’s fellow nutter Joy Partington has gone right off the deep end. She’s so distraught, it seems she’s having trouble…

Ending her sentences….

It’s that ‘establishment.. Peeadophilia’, we expect. Does weird things to the brain.


6 thoughts on “Possibly the strangest Hoaxtead video ever

  1. I do wish people would speak up or directly into their mikes in their Youtube videos. Or maybe not. It’s a new universe this internet thing. Everyone shines and can be a star no matter how crazy they are. Without mentioning names the words Lou Lotus and Patrick Cullinane come to mind as examples.
    When watching Humanist Sector’s video perhaps the motto on his header profile should be considered :”a day without laughter is a day wasted”

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    • “Welcome ti theh Yumin sictir an a’hm ewer host Dan – tidaay wi’re gonna talk about Boris Johnston”…… (cue dead air).

      I work in PR. My firm strongly advises clients NEVER to do the whole ‘drooling down an iPhone/Webcam thing. – Why? Because they’ll wind up looking like one of these complete looney-amateur dicks! – Possibly even the sort of double-glazed weirdo who wise mothers shoo their children away from lest said ‘Uncle Ernie’ type invites their small daughter to come and see his puppies.

      We may adopt this guy as an exemplar!

      I’m afraid today’s ‘new internet universe’ differs little from the days when children made TV cameras out of cardboard boxes, took to the back courts of their tenement buildings and held ‘The Eurovision Song’ contest on top of the bins sheds….. The only real difference is their cardboard cameras actually record now, and they have a way of showing the results to other kiddies in other districts!

      OH! That and the fact they’re now older, fatter, can’t manage the Buck’s Fizz dance and now mainly play at being Journalist and Newshounds!

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  2. I’ve heard about joining dots..but CLEARLY there are no dots to join..a pun from Boris is support for Ella??
    The poor man has severe problems..
    The song Mik posted above is perfect!

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