Angie goes to Hollywood? Not quite.

We were intrigued to notice a post from Angela Fag-Ash Disney on one of Guidance 2222’s old Hoaxtead videos—remember them? No, neither do we, really. At least we try not to. Dismal stuff.

Anyhoo…Angie is now claiming that an “American film is in the final stages” and they’re looking for someone to comment about Hoaxtead:Angie re BDTN video 2016-05-29As usual, Angie’s grip on the truth is a bit tenuous.

What she really means is this:

This crappy little outfit is trying to make a video with lots of hot-button words in it, like ‘paedophilia’, ‘Satanism’, ‘murder’, and ‘freemasonary’ (sic)…you know, the kind of stuff that makes the conspiranoids drool into their hemp soup. So they’re too cheap to come to the UK to do any actual filming here, but they’ve slapped together a bunch of footage from kids’ television shows and an obscure right-wing Iranian news show. They want it to look a bit less like they’re phoning it in, so they’re asking if anyone could please please please say something, anything about Hoaxtead that they could toss into the mix. Preferably something scurrilous—that’s golden to these people. Brings loads of clicks, and that’s the name of the game.

Who is this totally professional Hollywood-grade filmmaker?

Why, it’s Breaking Down the News! You can tell by the upscale quality of their website—possibly the last one in the known universe to use Apple Chancery font for its header— that this is a filmmaker not to be taken lightly.

And here’s a preview of their upcoming blockbuster, which bears the totally original name, ‘Savile: The Inconvenient Truth’.

It’s full of details that give it that certain je ne sais quoi: that stupid slamming metal door sound between super-dramatic clips of people asking probing, totally non-leading questions like, “Because the Masons were, and really are, still powerful here, and do you, do you think there were people being protected by pillars of the establishment?”

We can hardly wait till this comes out on the big screen.

Actually, we just remembered: we might be washing our hair that night. Let us know when it’s over, would you?


23 thoughts on “Angie goes to Hollywood? Not quite.

  1. LOL..”an American film is in the final stages”. In other words some goose like Rupert Q is making another tragic Youtube video.

    I listened to a fascinating program on Oz ABC Radio National today (not yet accused like the BBC of being Illuminati controlled) about juries and the effects of the internet and blogs etc.
    The discussion was between m’learned friends, QC, University law lecturer and so on.The conclusion : even if in the most remote chance a certain falsely accused father could be investigated no trial could ever take place because the loonies like Power-Disney and the Hoax Mob have created such a prejudicial climate that it would be impossible to find an impartial jury.
    Their prediction was many guilty people may walk free in the future. Another own goal for the Truther Ratbag Mob.

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    • An own goal Sam? Or what they actually had in mind all along? It’s been brought home to me in the past couple of weeks just how often, when you dig into the background of those who promote these hoaxes, you find you’re delaing with drug addicts, drug dealers, prostitutes, porn makers and dealer, political cranks, out and out crooks etc.

      Strikes me that these are the VERY people who don’t want people who are REALLY interested in the truth scratching around.

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      • It really does seem hard to credit these people with any good intent–they seem utterly determined to destroy the credibility of anyone who’s actually been victimised, while simultaneously promoting their own interests, whether that happens to be charity fraud, the drugs trade, or what have you.

        I tend to believe that those at the helm are indeed creating diversions to keep people from noticing their unsavoury acitivities; many of those who are gullible enough to follow the leaders, though, might still be credited with good intentions, even if their brains don’t seem to work so good.


  2. I notice that Angie isn’t putting herself up to provide an update on the case. No she’d rather someone else takes the risk of getting into trouble.

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  3. How weird that attention whore Angela Power Disney, who always has something to say about the Hampstead hoax, seems timid about putting her name forward on the proposed crap SRA video film.

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    • LOL, my guess is that she wants to make it look like there’s a broad base of support. Lately, hers is the only voice on the thing…and let’s face it, it’s a pretty recognisable one.

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  4. I phoned a friend…..

    Who had a question….

    The camp scouse accent ‘Ste’ uses; are there any genuine Scousers out there who can comment on whether or not they think the accent is actually genuine?

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  5. When you use the tragic self-promoting Johnny Rotten in your trailer you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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    • True Sam, very true. I think it’s also a bit weak to style your ‘stage name’ after someone else who has already had a modicum of success. – An old stunt beloved of certain charity scammers we’re acquinted with. Which we suspect ‘Ste’ has embraced.

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  6. She might not be anywhere near ready for Holywood so may just have to lower her sights.a tad..
    HMP Holloway seems well within her grasp and theres the added bonus that anyone made to share a cell with her will never recind ever agian.

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  7. Angie has become really boring….

    Perhaps its her last ditch effort to find fame? – before she starts a long and lonely stretch in a prison cell. No doubt she realises no internet connection, no dogging outside her front door and no public attention of her…

    What happens to an old hag (a charity scammer at that) when the door slams shut behind her?

    A challenge for you Angie – when are you next traveling to England? There are some nice people in uniform who might just want your autograph – on a charge sheet.

    Good luck Angie – not every one has a single figure IQ

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  8. *they are asking for an update…is anyone in a position to give one?* Well, yes, Frances is more than willing. At the moment, she is in a reclining position, and feels quite happy to give her update to the American Film People. It might include words like “hoax, conspiritainment”, and “total waste of time”. It might also include “sheer idiocy” and “you’re all doolally”. Heck, she just might blot her copybook and say it all! Frances is, after all, a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to this subject, which is what makes her the ideal person to speak to the American Film People.

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  9. I see they have used a bit of “The Tweenies” episode with a character impersonating Jimmy Savile. When it was made most people had no ideas about his extracurricular activities – including APD who used to praise him to the sky. Strange how she only remembered him abusing her sister once allegations had been published in the papers.
    To be fair to Johnny Rotten did try to expose Savile back in the 1970s. Anthony Burgess did too.

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