Kane Slater can’t get no respect

Some of you will recall Kane Slater, the Canadian cannabis enthusiast who arrived late to the Hoaxtead party, but has been making up for lost time by bombarding his Facebook ‘Cannabis Cures Cancers’ page with grotesque and offensive lies.

For some reason, his readers—who one presumes are interested in seeking alternative medical treatments for serious disease—have not warmed to this sudden barrage of bilge. At first they reacted with confusion, then hostility, and now they pretty much ignore him and go about their business, much to Kane’s chagrin.

Cannabis Cures Cancers 2016-05-28Poor, poor Kane. No one wants to listen to his fabricated stories about a ‘baby-eating child-gang-rape death cult’ that is ‘currently operating child-prostitution rings out of every primary school’ in Hampstead.

So he’s begun to threaten to ‘break up’ with his extremely unco-operative audience, who clearly don’t appreciate the full scope of his genius.

Kane Slater-Cannabis Cures CancersKane’s approach to Abe and Ella’s original story seems to involve adding elements (like 6 journalists from the Daily Mail—say what?) to the mix; at this point, we’re really quite surprised that he hasn’t managed to include everyone north of the Thames in his ever-expanding fairy story.

However, there’s a note of encouragement: Kane is planning to ‘break up’ with his unappreciative audience soon. How soon, you ask? We’re not sure, but we really hope he’s serious this time.

Because when it comes to Insane Kane, breaking up won’t be hard to do.

p.s. We are launching a new approach to dealing with complaints to Facebook, as we’d like to get as many false and defamatory Hoaxtead posts removed as possible. If you’d like to help, please use the comments section of this post to provide us with any links you would like to see taken down. We’ll be collecting them and sending them to Facebook’s Safety Team with a cover letter detailing exactly why we’d like to see this material removed. We don’t know how this will be received, but we think it’s worth a shot.



26 thoughts on “Kane Slater can’t get no respect

  1. Loonies like Slater risk derailing genuine medical studies into whether Cannabis can aid in illnesses like cancer. Oz states Victoria & NSW are currently investing $Ms in trials with cancer sufferers.

    Amazing that i was about to post some Facebook Rage and the second paragraph appears. I’ve reported Araya Soma many times and been rejected : for her endless antiSemitic posts. So insulting for someone like me that lost one whole side of a family during WW2 let alone all the Brits who fought & died to protect that country from Hitler’s bombs and her very dangerous extremist views.

    She is entitled to have any belief she wants but when she posts a gif of Big Ben blowing up (probably from a Hollywood film) but adds words :”Vizualize, make happen “..it is bordering on a call to others to take a terrorist action.

    Personally I would be happy to pay the airline fare for Araya Soma to visit Russia and perhaps she could venture out to a few bars & restaurants and tell the Russians (who lost over 13 million souls so this worthless moron could live in safety) and explain to the Ruskies why Adolf Hitler was such a great chap. We’d never hear from her again.

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    • I don’t understand Facebook’s approach to her anti-Semitic/Nazi views either. How does this not breach their community standards? Similarly, many of us have reported Kane’s evil mutterings, with no result. We’ll see if this new approach makes a difference.


      • Facebook’s approach, which is by no means unique, is fairly simple. It’s similar to the tradition of ‘shock jocks’ that grew out of the old American ‘AM’ broadcasting scene. These platforms and the companies behind them only care about one thing, and that’s traffic. They have ZERO and I do mean ZERO concern for any harm they might cause. – Concern only ‘kicks in’ when it might damage the volume of traffic or cause them to face legal consequences; at which point they’ll cut their losses and block offensive contact.

        These companies hide behind the American constitution and the rights to free speech therein, actually they are the biggest threat to free speech the world has ever seen.

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        • I agree, Joe. The social media platforms–and I include Blogger and WordPress–are essentially all about generating traffic and revenue for the platform owners and their shareholders. They are part of a trend toward online neo-libertarianism that seeks to move past any form of government control, as they exist primarily in an ungoverned space. The question is, can this new Wild West be tamed and made safer, without inhibiting some of the important benefits of online communication? I think Hoaxtead is a potential bellwether, as we test the boundaries of this new frontier.

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          • I would add all the Crowdfunding sites to your list of capatalistic expoiters! Profit is not their bottom line it is their only line.

            I do think with the correct approach though you can disrupt or possibly even dismantle this nasty profiteering gang.

            -Facebook could possibly be persuaded too with sufficient effort.

            BTW! Great job!

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  2. I was laughing by the end of the first line, EC dripping with sarcasm, always at his best….

    The truth is that we see few examples of the nutters colliding with real world people who give them a reality check….this is vindication…the only place they get any attention is within nutters circles.

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    • Thanks, MT. 🙂

      And you’re right, when the Hoaxteaders try to sell this garbage outside their own circle, it tends not to go down well. I’d still like to see this material removed, though, for the sake of those it defames and attacks.


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  4. I shall get onto Facebook and collect some links this afternoon. I have reported quite a few but I am always told they don’t breach community standards.

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  5. To me this just illustrates that self-interest is what motivates most of these hoaxers. That man is basically a drug dealer is he not? And from where I’m sitting he’s trying to bolster/leverage one of the ‘myths’ that are grown around drug culture.

    Secondary to that is the fact that he seems to think the world exists inside the rather sadll little bubble that surrounds him.

    In common with most people I know who actually HAVE a life, I rather pity those who imagine that social media or the internet generally IS the world! – Most of these platforms were created FOR CHILDREN and in some cases BY CHILDREN! And the reality is that intelligent people are turning away from these things in droves. Kane Slater, whoever the hell he THINKS he is, comes across as a small boy crying in the playground because the other kids won’t play with him. – Is that not a truly pitiful state for a grown man to be in? Though it says much that even his fellow idiots are rejecting this nonsense so soundly!

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      • Unsurprising….. As Mark suggests, “the only place they get any attention is within nutters circles.” But for the fact they queer the pitch for those with legitimate grass roots causes and concerns they might be best starved of the oxygen of publicity.

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        • Yes, exactly. We struggle with this question here: is it better to starve them of oxygen and leave them to their own devices, or report on them here and put their criminal lunacy on display? We’ve mostly come down on the side of the latter choice, as we think it’s important to stand firm against this crowd. As several people have pointed out to us, the Hoaxtead mob aren’t used to being thwarted, critiqued, reported, and mocked at every turn. It’s a new experience for them, and they don’t know how to handle it.

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  6. You can start with Kane Slater’s personal page where he posts endless photos of the abused children plus photos of judges, police and journalists who accuses of being murderers.

    Also the child kidnap conspirator Maria McMahon who I believe lives in the UK has breached a High Court order & injunction along with planning to kidnap the child victims. She needs to be reported to police as well as Facebook for using FB to plan a serious crime (hope we still have screenshots)

    Slater’s newest lunacy :

    Canadian law prohibits the publication of child abuse victims (and adults). He needs to be reported to the relevant Canadian child abuse unit.

    ## as these vile creatures are now naming and publishing photos of journalists on mainstream newspapers it would be a good idea to alert them as well. Build allies.

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    • All excellent ideas, Sam. We’ll look into reporting Kane to Canadian authorities for publishing the images and names of child abuse victims. And we’ll forward copies of his tripe to the journalists he mentions. I’m sure they’ll be surprised!


  7. Has anyone read the letter that purports to come from solicitors to the IPCC for the child abuser Ella Draper on L.Lotus’ FB page?

    I believe it is a fabrication and I also believe the IPCC response may be largely fabricated.
    The lawyer’s letter is the oddest I have ever read in my life for several reasons.

    It’s highly defamatory of the father and it’s endlessly wordy (lawyers like to be succinct & to the point) . It actually quotes tabloid TV programs like the Cook Report that were screened decades ago and have since been discredited ( but which is a favourite TV program of the Satanist loony mob).

    It refers the police to Hampsteadresearch.com and in doing so commits further libels by requesting police to view the website. It infers the claims on there are genuine.

    It actually demands police or the IPCC investigate a makers bizarre claims that the father is involved in child porn (without a scintilla of evidence) and that the child abuse victims were victims of child pornographers. This particular aspect is highly defamatory of the father.

    Ir demands the police re-open a concluded case in which a High Court judgement has been issued. Basically this firm of solicitors are mocking the process of law.

    Either they are the most incompetent & unethical firm of solicitors in the UK or the letter is a fabrication of the convicted child abuser Abraham Cristie (the first page may be genuine) . Possibly why the pages are not numbered and there is a scrawl for a signature with a named solicitor.

    The father would have a huge libel case against this firm- highly defamatory for solicitors to write such defamation’s to a government body or there is a conspiracy to fabricate documents to affect police investigations and pervert the course of justice (such a letter would never achieve what it is attempting but pervert course of justice only requires the attempt)


      • I know that Aseem Taj is/was their solicitor—the same person who represented Neelu (though I don’t know whether that’s still the case). Horrifying as the possibility might be, he does seem to have embraced Abrella’s story, though I do see what you mean about the quality of the IPCC letter. More on this to follow soon…


    • Sounds like a forgery that would be very damaging to any professional’s reputation. I think the firm should be made aware.


    • That 23 page letter from Hanson Young to the IPCC dated 15th May 2015?

      It is the weirest letter I have seen.

      They may just be presenting their client’s case though.

      Why they call hampsteadresearch a research organisation I have no idea, decidedly odd.

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    • FWIW Sam I couldn’t access either the Kane Slater link, which seemed to be country-blocked or see anything recent on the Lou Lotus or Ella Draper pages I could find. Mind you I’m only using a ‘token’ FB account used for work purposes which has no content or ‘friends’ of its own. – Don’t know if that matters. We’re actually barred from posting on FaceBook here!

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  8. LOL! 99,700 people and ZERO likes, ZERO shares and ZERO reactions..

    ..spells..HOAX! and everyone knows it. 😀
    Now, that is great news!

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